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Welcome to B is for Build. A place where Chris and his friends document their life with cars. We fix cars, we break cars, we buy, sell, and trade cars all with the ultimate goal of having fun. Check it out!
Spencer Gittins
Spencer Gittins 23 hours ago
Needs painting. Still a really cool car though
Leo V.
Leo V. 23 hours ago
Really skeptical about the single seater. Looks like the most difficult project you’ve ever done, harder than the burntacan. Give yourself more time if you need! At least its great we’ll have plenty of BIFB content for the forseeable future :)
Milo Aho
Milo Aho 23 hours ago
Good luck with the boat but I'm not watching boats or Kubota commercials. I've been watching vtuned rip that McClaren apart. Bring back cars please
Franco Mariano
Franco Mariano 23 hours ago
it looks like Gallardo
John 23 hours ago
Limit switches tend to break a lot in shipping. I had to replace the switch and the entire bracket holding it on the Y axis. Now I have a poker chip bracket holding my fixed limit switch...
Justin Hancock
Justin Hancock 23 hours ago
Of course, your mom is gonna watch the reveal on Thanksgiving, she is your number one fan.
itsXRB Day ago
Could that be a wrecked c8?
chacaraman Day ago
It's a gallardo
Raul Zambrano
Christian Madera
Looks like a c8 🤔?
ezde711 Day ago
this is exactly the car i've always wanted. a modern interior and engine with the 67 classic look
Justin Scherrman
Oooo something for the Mint 400?????
James Wood
James Wood Day ago
At first glance I thought it looked like a gallardo
I think the car might be a lambo gallardo
Brian Kolbrek
Old school flopper. 1970s top fuel funny car!
garrick matarazzo
Is it a drift car? C7, c8, s15 like LZ's?
nilton ciciliano
I'm more ready for a new shop !!
Aaron Stahlke
it kinda looks like a Vector W8
BrokenMember Day ago
Hahaha Caravan of cars, have to finish one first
K.HAWLEY Day ago
Lamborghini engine swapping a muscle car?
Jan V
Jan V Day ago
Its a murci
German Vergara Jr
Whats the purpose of making us wait.....oh yeah just to have a reason for another video to make money from...smh
Davidii_ Boss
Deadstreak _tK
I like the fact that people state their reason for disliking the video just cus he didn’t remove the car cover 😂😂 Not once did the thumbnail say that he’s revealing what the car is so “clickbait” is invalid in this case.
JN CNSTN Day ago
We in Germany Dream from this Kit but we don't can Drive it.. The Police make to much Problems.
Thankswhatnow? You basically have a practice Christmas.... That's one thing that hasn't made it to the UK, yet. You can have Halloween back, btw. 😁
Andrew Hirnerisen
It could be a I8 BMW
Tommy White
Tommy White Day ago
Incase you guys didn’t know it’s a Lamborghini
Andrew Hirnerisen
It's either a C8 or a Ferrari
Vetri Selvan
Vetri Selvan Day ago
This is a great idea. I always loved the 65,66,67 body. its good to see the body married to a 5.0 L V8
Barney Gumbs
Barney Gumbs Day ago
Don't sell those Cummins...rebuild and restore them...trust me ...you will put them back in
Ford gt??
Marius Ciornei
Dummheit . Luftfilter im Motorraum . Der Motor brauch kalter Luft nicht heiß aus dem Motorraum
Sasha Fabish
Sasha Fabish Day ago
I swear if that's a ferrari and they're building a new-age stratos for rally... I'd just be ecstatic. Or I could see them building a drift car, and I'd be equally as excited about that. Those are my two favorite forms of motorsport
Rspec Nick
Rspec Nick Day ago
You should do a throwback build to build a subaru svx for sema no body messes with them anymore
Kaji No King
Kaji No King Day ago
it looks like a c8 kinda
Dante Cielo
Dante Cielo Day ago
Ok but what happened to the single seater EDIT: ok thank god you didn’t dump that project I’m a Vegas local and I can’t wait for SEMA2021 and hopefully I see you guys there
Anthony Gentili
Hey bro do you know any company s that might help out a empty wallet kid like me to do something to my ride and ill make a video idk ahhhh money sucks man
Rob Rotondo
Rob Rotondo Day ago
Hmmm Nissan 240?
Mr1600000 Day ago
Lotus Esprit or Ferrari Testarossa
Dangerous Fandango
Didnt this car had problem with the rocket bunny rear flare? Hope they see this and know their product is a pos lol
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Day ago
I think it's a Cadillac 2 door CTS
Jay Mistry
Jay Mistry Day ago
Hey Chris when will you be starting again on the Apocalypse car build?
Glendon Woodside
He’s making that Lotus Submarine from James Bond and entering boat races with it... 🤷🏼‍♂️
AJ Hartman Aero
I've been working on cars almost 20 years and also never had a lift. No Lift Crew!
Looks like a gallardo
That's so lame Im a Ford guy now I hate this Eleanor Company hope they go down the drain for being punks!!
Mikhail Coates
It a Lamborghini Gallardo
Syntec Day ago
Drive around with that shitbox in germany and everybody will laugh at you. Even some 60+ y/o. This is hillarious. You’ve destroyed a wonderful car and a future all time classic but hey you got "cyberpunk" plates on it now😂😂 Sad to see this as a german who had multiple E92.
Mclean Clercin
U should build a shop
Kris Johnson
Kris Johnson Day ago
Brian Dirou
Brian Dirou Day ago
I don't know a lot about boats but rather than one gearbox in reverse, one in forward, do they have opposite pitch screws ? Not sure I know if they counter rotate or what ?
James Williams
What happened with the single seater I’m dying to see it done
0Johnboi0 Day ago
Pagani Zonda/huayra?!?
Matthew Stagner
Id like to see your driving lessons.
William Juarez
I'm gonna throw this out there... new garage out of used shipping containers...
Dan Stray
Dan Stray Day ago
C8 4x4
ichi thekiller
My "vette" is a C8
It looks like a Lamborghini Countach
Antonio Mao
Antonio Mao Day ago
1970 Mustang Mach 1?
bigboost king 24
It’s one of the newer Acura NSX
Where is the damn Single seater!?!?!?!?
Joe Gioia
Joe Gioia Day ago
It's a drift car
gnrrpreacher Day ago
I think Lotus. B, B is for Bond.
etyres Day ago
this looks great! 👍
André Day ago
Congrats on your new pres. We from europe learn that oregon is a Dem state. That covid will be handeled the right way. ✌️
Chris Beerens
Tesla powered Lamborghini Countach.
KhingKloud Day ago
B is for build new shop! I'm digging it! Happy for you my guy! Looking forward to the single seater!
Jayryia Day ago
Has a 458 look to it
Alan Salinas
Alan Salinas Day ago
BMW ⚡️
zac h
zac h Day ago
I'm thinking either; Lotus esprit, 89 Pantera, or a vector.
Paul Day ago
He should stick a boat diesel engine in this new one, maybe two.
Golfnut Bruce
LS engines! Bahahahhahahha... Uhmmm nope! It'll probably still float but you better add ballast. Don't count on cruising around in it. It won't happen. It's clear that you know zero about boats
Randy Diets
Randy Diets Day ago
Where's the LAMBO content
Ityger Day ago
Alfredo Vazquez
Terrible episode
Aaron Pillay
Aaron Pillay Day ago
I think it is a Lamborghini Lamborghini Gallardo
York Knight
York Knight Day ago
Im thinking its a Lambo miura? Or 60s ford gt40
Shabula Mwaanga
Yes finally news on the supra
Justin Day ago
What did he say? I didnt pay attention to anything the entire video except that single hair popping out of his hat. Doing some kind of exotic dance like a cobra.