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Welcome to B is for Build. A place where Chris and his friends document their life with cars. We fix cars, we break cars, we buy, sell, and trade cars all with the ultimate goal of having fun. Check it out!
rednecknation270 11 hours ago
Doesnt steal and aluminum not mix
Janis Rocans
Janis Rocans 11 hours ago
Hi, @B is for Build I thought you were building outer build cage/skeleton! Is it even possible? Would it be against the rules? What about cutting a hole in the floor to accommodate seat suspension? Is there space for it? I am also worried about visibility if you're so low in car. If anything, it will be a great show car, I just hope it will race good too.
Janis Rocans
Janis Rocans 11 hours ago
I just am not sure if cutting a hole in floor pan would not impact safety. And clearance will be impacted too - the seat is right in the middle and set mounts can impact the ground directly. I would like to hear what Chris has to say about these options. I think I am not the only one here.
Riyaan Moosa
Riyaan Moosa 11 hours ago
When's the Boatacan going to be created to battle the texas speed boat?
nicman35 11 hours ago
Fix ur bumpstops!
Zach Cail
Zach Cail 11 hours ago
No extrusion bars ?
Ken J
Ken J 11 hours ago
is there anything in the rules that prevents you from cutting the floor and make it lower than the stock location? Making a seat tub and floor would allow you more room and maybe even a suspension seat.
Tclans 12 hours ago
I am really looking forward to these episodes each week. Such a cool build and I am loving the build speed. 💪🏼
Anom Amos
Anom Amos 12 hours ago
The car is trashed as a Lamborghini so it doesn’t matter what they do to it as long as it is within the rules of the race organisation. So cutting the floor out and lowering it by a few inches would solve a few problems without loosing much ground clearance.
RobBrumby 12 hours ago
'A' pillar is the whole pillar. 'B' pillar is behind the front door
Steve Gayler
Steve Gayler 12 hours ago
I'm pretty sure harbor freight has a better work light than that table lamp
michael jordan
michael jordan 12 hours ago
Just do a set of Mastercraft or PRP seats. You're good a making stuff fit!!!
Dan 12 hours ago
B is for busted back...
Atharva champs
Atharva champs 12 hours ago
Chris aren't you going to powder coat those bar ?
John Johnson
John Johnson 12 hours ago
So Oscar here is going to be creating a fuel pump, fuel tank, new type of fuel, discovering dark matter and building a time machine I’ll seal and mail this here envelope
Robert Albano
Robert Albano 12 hours ago
Can you pocket the seating area to make room for a suspension seat ???
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 12 hours ago
Are ya'll really using a desk lamp in a car. Ha thought that was funny
michael jordan
michael jordan 12 hours ago
You really should look into a suspension seat being as how you wanna "jump/offroad" the build. The other drivers are right,, your back will definitely thank you.
Mow 12 hours ago
Where's the boat thought ? Have i mossed something ?
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash 12 hours ago
Chinese : Chris!!! Just copy, don't acknowledge who you're copying from... Aija, remember mustang?
Moe Tarded
Moe Tarded 13 hours ago
Please let us know your local race schedule. Ty
ALAN H 13 hours ago
that table looks like shit.
Daniel Higley
Daniel Higley 13 hours ago
Me personally, going to this much to build a racecar, I would remove the entire floor and drop it 3 inches..... it shouldn't effect ground clearance, and it would make a huge difference in head room..... you know, like three inches!
Adrian Jimenez
Adrian Jimenez 13 hours ago
Racerx 13 hours ago
Kinda answered my seat question with about 3 more mins of watching, duh. Lol
Heel Toe Automotive
Heel Toe Automotive 13 hours ago
Why didn’t you guys just copy the roll cages in the Super Trofeo cars and GT3 cars?
Francois Viviers
Francois Viviers 13 hours ago
2000 years later , only some pipe have been built.
Racerx 13 hours ago
V tune has a Mclaren tub that would be perfect for a second exotic off roader
Racerx 13 hours ago
Don’t the off-road vehicles have suspension seats? Also, could you have done an exo skeleton style role cage? Is that legal in the racing rules?
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff 13 hours ago
So how do you plan on getting the fuel cell in and out after you finish the X brace and seat belt bar?
Roger Albans
Roger Albans 13 hours ago
Why couldn't you mount the suspension part of the seat to the road side of the floor and have it ride on pins through the floor?
Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds 13 hours ago
If you are running bars under the car, run two under cut the floor out to drop seat hight and mount seat from that will give you chance to get some more padding
Andrew Quigley
Andrew Quigley 13 hours ago
Get this rig ready for the VORRA races in Northern Nevada!
Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee 13 hours ago
I’ve watched for a long time and y’all make sun cool stuff and y’all are good at what y’all do
Grigori Rasputin
Grigori Rasputin 13 hours ago
Those fender flares should have been swooped into the other fairing pieces
Greg Novo
Greg Novo 14 hours ago
Hey Chris are you going gambler 500 in June 25-27
Greg A
Greg A 14 hours ago
Look into low profile shock isolator mounts for the seats
andre wallace
andre wallace 14 hours ago
Sew memory foam inside your race suit
Nima Mansouri
Nima Mansouri 14 hours ago
only good things happening on youtube: B is for Build's off-road Lambo RyanTuerck's formula supra
Hecht Speed
Hecht Speed 14 hours ago
PetermusPrime 14 hours ago
Couldn't you drop the floor a bit to accommodate a suitable seat?
Ian Snyder
Ian Snyder 14 hours ago
People here from the start; \/
Paul Queen
Paul Queen 14 hours ago
Did you consider raising the roof a few inches to help the headroom? I mean it's all apart already so why not
Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long 14 hours ago
Am I the only one wondering where the rest of the points are in the 12 point cage? I only saw maybe 8....
Norm D
Norm D 14 hours ago
I agree with Grand Hit, use drop floor pans that have been used for years in kitcars for extra headroom in car like a Countach kitcar. Plus if made from steel it could add strength to the chassis.
Euro Shane
Euro Shane 14 hours ago
Are you guys gonna be allowed to put the fuel cell in the cabin with you without a rear firewall in as well?
nathan ross
nathan ross 14 hours ago
Could you cut the floor pan out and fab a deeper one to fit a suspended seat?
Ed 14 hours ago
I think that carbon tube will start cracking after a few jumps
Gaurav Bawane
Gaurav Bawane 14 hours ago
Wait. He said "stole seats from old Huracan" does that mean first manual Huracan is torn to pieces or something?
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 14 hours ago
Really want to see the boat mate, what is happening with that??
Trevor Fielding
Trevor Fielding 14 hours ago
Have you decided on a colour yet?
D G 14 hours ago
Talk less, work more, Oscar is carrying the load and it shows, also putting his smaller frame in the driver seat will help with your headroom.
BlueDually4x4 15 hours ago
You'll want suspension seats or ratchet strap your ass in like monster truck drivers so you don't move at all.
Joseph Chambers
Joseph Chambers 15 hours ago
If the rules allow I would lower the seat pans and reinforce it incase you bottom out. Or punch the roll cage through the roof and have the halo bar above the roof.
Furka 15 hours ago
You could always channel the roof to make room for the roof bars, it could look cool and be extremely different while giving you all the room you need for your helmet and seat
Chris Watson
Chris Watson 15 hours ago
As far as the seat go, don't you have enough real-estate to be able to notch the floor. That way to make kind of a tray or pocket for the seat to set into, inorder to give yourself more room?
drewbuckets 15 hours ago
Chris: “we gotta hope..” Oscar: “it will” I don’t think I’ve ever been more confident in anything in my life
Forsaken Ace
Forsaken Ace 15 hours ago
I really don’t see this thin ass sheet steel able to take a lot of punishment. I can see it being cost effective and easier to custom build, but not as durable in the long run
Dallas Marlow
Dallas Marlow 15 hours ago
Any rule on relocation the stock seat mount location? If you are running under bars can't you put in an alternative seat mount structure? Could give you the depth you need to mount a suspended seat setup.
Erik Renner
Erik Renner 15 hours ago
If you think CONVID is going to end before December 2021 you have lost your mind. Not happening. It will never end unless people start fighting back. Keep going along with the PLANDEMIC.
Blaine Gourneau
Blaine Gourneau 15 hours ago
Not really into this build. I hope the next is more interesting.
Building Games
Building Games 15 hours ago
Why don't you cut some of the unused space off of the tunnel in order to create more space/comfort?
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 15 hours ago
Curious to see how the boat does with ls power plants. It will drop a ton of weight so may ride higher in the water. Jumpacon coming along nicely. Would be funny to see that out at a Baja race.
Cap'n Jay Greybeard
Cap'n Jay Greybeard 15 hours ago
Time to lower the floorboards to fit that suspended seat, lol
rods907 15 hours ago
Remember what aluminum and steel does when they touch each other for a long period of time? I am sure you know about it !
Alistair Aldridge
Alistair Aldridge 15 hours ago
Thin rubber membrane between Steel and Aluminium.
lawless 306
lawless 306 15 hours ago
Scrap tradition and do a centered seat a bit more fab work but it will make seen a little easier plus not as much gravel in the face .
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins 15 hours ago
This lambo is looking sweet as and I can't wait till its rolling/driving around
Austin H
Austin H 16 hours ago
I feel like most people would cut the floor instead of the pulling the roof off for the main hoop
Dylan Klemm
Dylan Klemm 16 hours ago
Hahah at the rate America is going y’all will be dead by December ahahaha
Rylan Hydamacka
Rylan Hydamacka 16 hours ago
Remember that one time before you turned into a complete tool when you use to do cool backyard builds that people could relate to and not high end over priced shit just to brag about how famous you got?? Yea I remember that and wish the channel could go back to those kind builds 👌
Off the Wagon Slots
Off the Wagon Slots 16 hours ago
Give yourselves a pat on the back boys. It’s guys like us that think outside the box who will save the earth..... Or at least our ass with a suspension seat!
j Walster
j Walster 16 hours ago
You should V10 swap a corvette.
Rick 16 hours ago
To add to Grand's suggestion, just add a skid plate under the tub,, and you're golden!
Ford Mustang Club
Ford Mustang Club 16 hours ago
You are doing a great job guys 👍👌👏
Tyler Trimsale
Tyler Trimsale 16 hours ago
dom pipe but it’s still not DOM-spec haha
Max Peck
Max Peck 16 hours ago
“We will be able to have fans in December”...hopefully
Dev 8153
Dev 8153 16 hours ago
You should change name to L is for LS Swap
Jason Wishart
Jason Wishart 16 hours ago
Lower the floor. You will want armoured protection under there anyhow.
Randy Mackintosh
Randy Mackintosh 16 hours ago
Have a C6 Corvette race car with same headroom issues...basically removed the floor and replaced it with square tubing as low as possible under the car without causing a snagging point to get the seat as low as possible and replaced the floor under the seat with sheet metal...dash bar should weld to the main cage.
aadancel 16 hours ago
Damn!!! I was hoping to see you guys in March!! Well there’s SEMA and the December!!🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
FishNFoolLures 16 hours ago
Make each part 10 times, what is this vTuned garage? LOLOLOLOL
FishNFoolLures 16 hours ago
Yup lots of bars that are poorly planned and make no sense. It is v Tuned.