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Welcome to B is for Build. A place where Chris and his friends document their life with cars. We fix cars, we break cars, we buy, sell, and trade cars all with the ultimate goal of having fun. Check it out!
José Martins
José Martins 22 hours ago
damon riddle
damon riddle 22 hours ago
Have fun with the Portland permitting office- they're not going to let you do anything. I mean, they'll let you rebuild the garage, but they won't let you make it any bigger & have fun trying to modify the driveway/sidewalk ($$$$$). You should've bought out in the 'burbs.
Laith 22 hours ago
relevel the driveway when you widen it also epoxy the basement floor and let the fluid do the leveling for you
Allergic To Liberalism
Congrats on your new home purchase!
Dirk Moseley
Dirk Moseley 22 hours ago
What about ramping the driveway from the road all the way to the garage? One big gradual ramp
TheMattbrownbill 22 hours ago
B is for 'bagging all your low cars.
Hamza El Yahyaoui
Hamza El Yahyaoui 22 hours ago
Make a tree house in your backyard
DFLN # 23 hours ago
Remodel the whole house, easier said than done I know....
Overdrive Media
Overdrive Media 23 hours ago
Amateur moves with trying to come into the driveway head on, you need to approach it from an angle.
Rodi Kaya
Rodi Kaya 23 hours ago
Park it backwards?!
Navi 23 hours ago
Epoxy your basement!
MSTR-RPTR 23 hours ago
"I need a permit to lower the sidewalk so it would be more wheelchair friendly. Definitely not for my Lambo, nonono!"
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood 23 hours ago
Bag everything. Done.
Carlos Braziel Jr
Carlos Braziel Jr 23 hours ago
B is for Build House series count down!!! Congrats Chris!!
LifeOfMohd 23 hours ago
deeiks12 23 hours ago
Radon shadow legends
Daniel Hannagan
Daniel Hannagan 23 hours ago
Air ride every car...
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken 23 hours ago
i don't know how much you spent for that but i think you chose poorly... also on top of all that crap its in AntiFa Land... i am just looking on zillow .. what did you pay for that? I hope you didn't pay over 400k because you can get 10 acres and a huge pole barn garage for $600k outside of town.. with no radon... gees
Fa Ma
Fa Ma 23 hours ago
Did you try backing it in
jeremy palu
jeremy palu 23 hours ago
Lots of good info on here about the setbacks for that garage...definitely check the setbacks and DO NOT tear the garage down until these are understood. In some of these instances the garages are "grandfathered in" and are allowed to be in their current location setbacks aside. This being said normally you can add on as long as you go no further over the setback if that makes sense? But by tearing down the existing structure now you are obligated to bring everything to code meaning you can no longer build the garage back in its current location if the setbacks have increased.
news 23 hours ago
How does she hate the rock backing in the kitchen??? Like whaattt
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 23 hours ago
In today's episode, Oscar builds a jig to hold the Earth while we repair it.
Faze Jones
Faze Jones 23 hours ago
Lemme get this right. So you're building a house now and the goonz are building a Raptor. Yeah yall definitely ping pong ideas
Jeff Kimmey
Jeff Kimmey 23 hours ago
Plaster and lath, multiply the work to replace by 4.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 23 hours ago
When in and out came to Colorado my ex from California took me so many times that I’m over the hype now😂
Eric Gregory
Eric Gregory 23 hours ago
You've got to approach the driveway at an angle. Surely you've had to do that before.
colin g
colin g 23 hours ago
Dual shower in a house that was Air BnB'ed. I wonder how many people have had sex in your shower 🤔
Compeer 23 hours ago
Should have put a couple PPRE 26b rotaries in there...this thing isnt going to use nearly enough gas.
NoYouAreNotDreaming 23 hours ago
B is for Build..sure bro..do a house renovation...would love to see those series :)
Boris Fett
Boris Fett 23 hours ago
Cool place, so many projects. It's going to be soo hot in the top floor in the summer.
Robert Gallardo
Robert Gallardo 23 hours ago
I hope you moved over to the other side of the bridge. Access to I5 and 205 no traffic jams on this side, also no income tax
suomiman100 23 hours ago
I just have one question after this video, why did u buy this house?
Evan Welbanks
I'm trying to wrap my head around why you even bought this house. It seems like it's not at all what you were looking for.
Dan Matz
Dan Matz Day ago
You seem like way too smart of a guide to be living in that Democratic stronghold woke community. Just wait till you go to get permits to build things, it is damn near impossible to get anything done but yet they allow people to take over city blocks for months. They arrest people going to work do not arrest people for burning buildings down. You should have gotten the hell out of a Dodge and went to Florida or Texas.
Artius Day ago
I had to double check this wasn't April fools lol. Shit I am excited to see the projects you do in this house!
Der Pate
Der Pate Day ago
Chris I sent you two emails with renderings of your garage to throw some ideas your way...
Jake Buttrick
Buying a house with out testing if your car can fit first.. The egg before the chicken 😂😁😎
Chris Borns
Chris Borns Day ago
Has multiple Lambos rents a shitty town home in a bad area... Nailing the priorities!
dmnted Day ago
pick a goddamn project and finish it man!
That sidewalk portion can be repoured but for that low a car it's going to be a re pour and a street ramps
Joe Z
Joe Z Day ago
there are things call setback and easement
Mick Holden
Mick Holden Day ago
You should have built nice fresh home
Der Pate
Der Pate Day ago
Maybe he doesn't want to be a debt slave, or he simply likes older houses with a bit of history behind them...
branjtate Day ago
I think my lawyers will agree :)
David Axe
David Axe Day ago
Great house. Thanks for showing it. I hope you have very happy years together there.
3.0 Colorado
3.0 Colorado Day ago
Congrats dude.
Busters Garage
The sidewalk you will likely have to do a lil "ramp", but when you widen the driveway and reduce the angle, you could do two birds with one stone, as you're removing dirt, drop the over-all height of the height of the driveway side of the lot 2 feet. That will reduce the severity and length of the ramp post-sidewalk and lengthen the flat surface you can park on in the driveway. This is something common in places like here in Ireland. Mine was the opposite, I had to increase the height where my new garage is going, so my slab actually sits ABOVE the old garden level by 7 inches at one point. I made a little ramp to keep the water running away and did a mow-able driveway to the garage, so it absorbs water and looks pretty. And Just get a big roll-off skip and use a machine to remove that soil all in one go (you could fix the sewer at the same time - so bonus!) And if you want to have something very James Bond, while you have the ground open, you can make a tunnel from the house to the garage that enters into a sub-level/pit in the garage.
Basement self leveling float
Jeremy Wood
Jeremy Wood Day ago
Got to think about property setbacks when rebuilding the garage.
William Schmidt
Angle of approach...come at it angled
mrmckie Day ago
Ahhh c'mon man....you gotta hit that driveway at a sharper angle.
M&J Lockhart
M&J Lockhart Day ago
That house is like a "barn find" car it doesn't look bad and is complete but in reality it needs everything redone
Richard Farmer
Congrats on the house,
Adrian Day ago
8:22 Why does the basement look like the one from braking bad?
Jeremy Wood
Jeremy Wood Day ago
Lower ceilings mean, mess room to heat and cool the house. Makes for a cheaper power bill. But I would rather have taller ceilings.
Reggie N
Reggie N Day ago
Weird drop ceiling in room equals leaky roof or bathroom above
ya33a Day ago
Get a concrete contractor.... Cheaper than buying another house....
Hatchetman0 Day ago
Move to the country NOT the city rofl
You might not be able to extend your shop as foundations need to be a certain length from a property line, dealing with that currently.......
Der Pate
Der Pate 23 hours ago
oh yes he can, when you can't build out too far you go lower and higher, he can have a three story garage by going down into the ground leveling out the driveway giving him the first floor, then the second is ground level (back yard ground)with a catwalk in an "L" shape with a first floor staircase access, then the third could be either half the garage or less depending on how high two car lifts can raise giving him room for four cars. The third floor can be the ultimate hidden man cave...All he'll need is to move it back about six foot to extend it and then go out 2-3 foot on each side. The garage or a garage usually gives you extra space for a car, if not he can use one lift to have his two car garage, but four sounds twice as nice...
psycalotus Day ago
I'd move to a state that my money gets me more value. But congrats on the new house
Der Pate
Der Pate 23 hours ago
Yeah he couldn't do that, Oscar and the other crew are family to Chris, he wouldn't/couldn't leave them behind.
Brian Dolan
Brian Dolan Day ago
This could possibly solve your driveway problem! www.amazon.com/Driveway-Curb-Ramps/s?k=Driveway+Curb+Ramps
Anders Thun
Anders Thun Day ago
Only reasonable thing to do is to daily drive the jumpacan instead.
Daniel Segewitz
i hope Oscar gets a house aswell, as he does most of the work ;-)
jake miller
jake miller Day ago
I own basically the same house and had the same kind of plaster issues to address get ready for a good time when you replace with dry wall
Ged Byrne
Ged Byrne Day ago
Did you try reversing into the drive?
Matt Hood
Matt Hood Day ago
Congrats to your new home I’m sure you guys can make it fantastic seems like he already got a bunch of ideas can’t wait to see it👍🏻
Glen Nelson
Glen Nelson Day ago
Could you put air suspension on all your low cars?
Vesa Lampinen
Keep the house and buy a car with a higher ground clearance. 😉
Moto & Pedelec
Omg this house is so ugly. I would never bought it. Especially in a city.
Erick San Juan
Buying a house is great but 50k over asking price for a project is way too Much. He should’ve just built his own house and would’ve been a better neighborhood. His lambo looks so out of place lol
Dreamscape Day ago
Chris, at 15:02, u can even get rid of both "side curbs" along the driveway, & extend sqft of ur garage forward/sideways, provided there's enough remaining slope to be reworked, so ur Lambo can enter. Edit: I've read some comments, check if there's required easement between the fence & the garage 1st.
18000rpm Day ago
You need to approach the ramp at a very steep angle.
Purple Booger64
Run from that house man. Ruuuuunnnn
Portable Two
Portable Two Day ago
Kyles place is nicer!
Mc- Dev
Mc- Dev Day ago
B is for House...?
Dieter Manero
with all the money to rack in, this is the best you can do???
Steeve Van Renterghem
Cheaper to put a lift kit on your Lambo...
Chris Hendrix
Man! That green!!! Awesome!! Also, grats on the house.
Chris Hendrix
Come on… “Art” is in the eye of the beholder. That stuff looks terrible tho. But maybe that’s what the artist was trying to evoke?
Dreamscape Day ago
12:39 ah yes, lots of room for the *"activities."*