1500HP of Boat Engines Have Arrived! 

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In todays episode were unboxing our Texas Speed 454 LSX engines for my italian yacht.
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Apr 30, 2021




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asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hour ago
In today's episode, Oscar builds a jig to hold the Earth while we repair it.
Khom T. Long
Khom T. Long 7 hours ago
Oscar should teach a masterclass on welding and fabrication. Amazing work.
Dave M
Dave M 8 hours ago
Never mentioned weight. I want to know:How much did those contraptions cost?
Marty Martian
Marty Martian 11 hours ago
What about sustained speed like boats do at cruise?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hour ago
So awesome, can’t wait to the next episode.
Matt Clary
Matt Clary 15 hours ago
Ahh Shiite! that thumb nail was click bate for car guys. 😎
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 22 hours ago
In today's episode, Oscar builds a jig to hold the Earth while we repair it.
Compeer 22 hours ago
Should have put a couple PPRE 26b rotaries in there...this thing isnt going to use nearly enough gas.
Josh Day ago
So what props are you gonna run. You aren't gonna be able to run the previous ones. This setup is gonna burn a gallon a minute on the open water.
John Catania
John Catania Day ago
One turns clockwise... One turns counter clockwise.... Right?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 22 hours ago
I like the boat episodes!
J K Day ago
Oh yes i cant wait to watch this fail.
Rebel Performance motors
so this might not be an issue due to the size of your boat, but would a regular oil pan work? your not worried about the boat being in rough sea's and the oil sloshing to the front or back of the pan, possibly allowing the oil pickup to suck air?
Eclipezz Day ago
So many people still don't realize the real reason he went with these LS engines is VIEWS, his vehicles are a big part of this, and going with something radical for the boat, is far more interesting than something regular, doesn't matter if the end result is good or bad
Damn I been waiting for this re build forever!! 💪🏾
jerry kroskie
boat abuse
kolim jone
kolim jone Day ago
You should take your boat to LS fest next year it would be a epic story...👍🤯
theother Ed
theother Ed Day ago
Whether this is a good idea or not isn’t really my business but watching this build is. Nice work!
NICK Day ago
For the cost of two LS engines + two transmission + months of labor + all new plumbing + questionable engine mounts - you could have bought a pair of brand new Cummins turbo-diesels and installed them in a week - and motored away with a big chunk of change in your pocket
Robin Szemeti
Torque counts for nothing in boats ... it's all about the horsepower. You'll blow these within the first couple of hours of running at 40 knots. Enjoy looking at them now, as you'll be picking the bits out of the hull soon enough. Way, way over-stressed.
kolim jone
kolim jone Day ago
DON'T forget to drain and clean the fuel cells!
Nhan Ha
Nhan Ha Day ago
So awesome, can’t wait to the next episode.
Ken Gendron
Ken Gendron Day ago
Thank you for calling it a boat.
ajdahun Day ago
do like Deboss n others, run it til you blow it if you cannot find it a good home.
steven eades
steven eades 2 days ago
yay! 5600rpv V 1900RPM!
terry fonz
terry fonz 2 days ago
Yeah with 800 torque and the motors your replacing had 3800 torque at low rpm! Good luck with that!
RobesEleven 2 days ago
I like the boat episodes!
Andrew Whalley
Andrew Whalley 2 days ago
Next project, buy a semi truck, find it has a blown engine and decide to install a LS because a big Diesel engine is obviously not the right choice
Ian Lockwood
Ian Lockwood 2 days ago
Loving the boat content. Can’t wait to see the outcome.
Stephen Simpson
Stephen Simpson 2 days ago
About time! Bring it on.
Bread996 2 days ago
I personally would have rebuilt those diesels. HOWEVER, plenty of boats are equipped with twin gas engines for cruising. They’re cheaper to replace, and cleaner running when putting around on a booze cruise, which is the primary purpose of an express cruiser like this. They don’t handle extended range cruising as well as diesel, but this ain’t a trawler. Good luck Chris.
J Ram
J Ram 2 days ago
B is for boat , bring back the boat episodes
Spencer 2 days ago
"We wanted the torquiest engines" *Doesn't use diesel engines*
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 2 days ago
If anyone wants to see a diesel engine in the boat again buy them and give it to chris for free
Tommy Coyle
Tommy Coyle 2 days ago
Can’t wait love this series
Brent Richardson
Brent Richardson 2 days ago
DON'T forget to drain and clean the fuel cells!
dustbull70 2 days ago
I like the fabrication and all but you even said that you’re only gaining back the mph that the diesels lost over time...that’s a lot of work and loss in mpg just to be back in the 80’s. Pretty confident you could’ve marinized some Cummins 6.7’s quicker and cheaper (without a sponsor plug)
bear crane
bear crane 2 days ago
I would have gone bbc 632 carbed and converted to surface drives for that boat.
rf project
rf project 2 days ago
Finally, boat content! I don't even watch the videos on here any more, instant pause, just enjoy the comments. 😜
Ryan Partlow
Ryan Partlow 2 days ago
Finally, boat update. Been waiting for this! Cant wait to hear it run!!
Robert stanley
Robert stanley 2 days ago
Derek Kolb
Derek Kolb 2 days ago
Finally. I couldn't careless about the Lambo I want to see what you do with the boat.
kapten awesome
kapten awesome 2 days ago
The Only reason I can make out on why he chose a petrol engine is that Texas speed gave him the engies for free as a sponsor so he didn't have to pay anything for engines. I can not figure out any other reason why not to pick a diesel.
Juan Morillo
Juan Morillo 2 days ago
Please make sure to update the engine room automatic fire suppression system. Also and in the comment below, the ER ventilation is critical.
Darttoyou1 2 days ago
Did he mention how much weight saving approximately?
lee Van Dyke
lee Van Dyke 2 days ago
Good to see your Motors are in the house.
Richard Dortch
Richard Dortch 2 days ago
The MOPAR Marine 440 was a very robust engine with heavier water jackets. Gas engines DO have a history in marine applications. You Do You Chris!
ozzyatfrbrich 2 days ago
this is the one I been waiting for!!!!!!!!!
Blair 2 days ago
Really interested to see how this turns out! As I'm sure everybody else is. Engineering over concensus? 🤓
Javern Leonard
Javern Leonard 2 days ago
I want the engine
David Higdon
David Higdon 2 days ago
Will there be enough clearance to do general maintenance like oil changes?
dirtyrider098 2 days ago
what are you going to do about the weight difference and balance of the boat having less weight in the rear?
Pierre-Luc Cyr
Pierre-Luc Cyr 3 days ago
Nice to see you back cant wait to see the progress of that project!
Graeme Glen
Graeme Glen 3 days ago
You're going to stuff those in that weird Italian boat you bought?? I will not offer to pitch in for gas, but it'll be fun. If you get the gearing right....
Nicksvlogs ✌🏻
Do a Barra build
Zacery Hammond
Zacery Hammond 3 days ago
A gas yacht omg bring out another hundred thousand to fill the fucking thing
CrazyDutchBloke 3 days ago
Make sure to add about the same wait in the back of the boat. Those boats dont sail that well on low speed when there bow heavy. And i know there will be comments like it will only go full speed.... well good luck in tight harbors or in current XD Ooo and offcours you dont want your beer to slight of the table to.
cp cp
cp cp 3 days ago
Have you thought about how you can change the oil when it is installed? When the oil filter is changed, oil can still run into the boat hull at the Moment.
Richard Huff
Richard Huff 3 days ago
What happened to the one seater supercar
AM2prunejuice 3 days ago
I'm wondering how big is the fuel tank? What was the range with the diesel engines? And what will be the range with the Texas Speed engines? (will they be able to make adjustments to the old tank and use the old tank?)
Brandon 1
Brandon 1 3 days ago
Imagine being so ignorant to think that gasoline motors can’t power a boat😆 the stupidity of the commenters on these boat episodes is staggering 🥴
BanquoX 3 days ago
fuck i forgot about the boat...
Anthony M
Anthony M 3 days ago
I'd be willing to bet that just one of those diesel engines you removed produced more torque than both of those lsx's combined. This should be an interesting experiment to watch unfold.
Ford Goudey
Ford Goudey 3 days ago
why not 502's or 572?
chinchilla149 3 days ago
Wow this guy is getting really fat
dirt rider
dirt rider 3 days ago
Horsepower is a calculation of torque and rpm.... hp = torque x rpm/ 5,252. Torque isn't hp and rpm. Do a little research.
fchapp 3 days ago
My Cummins .8.9 liter makes 450 HP, and 1200 ftlbs of torque. That’s from ONE engine.
Badger Canyon Motorsports
Torque is not a calculation of hp and rpm. Torque is actually what is being measured on an engine dyno. Horsepower is the calculation of F x d / t or force multiplied by distance divided by time.
The_ Sword
The_ Sword 3 days ago
Great to finally have you back with some boat episodes. Seeing those engines, I'm getting a chubby. This Riva is gonna fly.
PRTYOF4 3 days ago
Realizing they built the front accessory drive setup and parts of the exhaust, off a standard deck height 5.3 junkyard block...
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 days ago
remember when the reason to go ls was to save time since the replacement diesels wouldve taken till january/february... you know, like 2 to 3 months ago?
404marc 3 days ago
this guy.... those cummins he's throwing away produced twice as much torque as one gas engine. Torque is the process of converting horsepower into motion that’s useful not to mention the props.
Bobefetts's 3 days ago
Actually kind slick; Can't wait to see how they do.
Next Adventure
Next Adventure 3 days ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 days ago
Ventera A floating BOMB ?! There is a whole lot of bombs on the water then. JUST A STUPID STATEMENT
John Elias
John Elias 3 days ago
You have done a nice job sourcing marine stuff, but make sure the alternators and starter as well as all other elwcteonics are approved for use in a marine application. They make special electrical parts that are shielded to minimize the risk of sparks specifically for marine application.
I'm just here for the boat.
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 3 days ago
I cant wait for them to scrap the boat and put those motors in a truck/car...
M K2
M K2 3 days ago
mistake....Diesel was better option!!! you will never get this boat to plain lol
K3nfloww 3 days ago
Only 720p?
David Blalock
David Blalock 3 days ago
12:20 Did he just say something completely dumbass? Yep. Yes he did. You have your facts completely ass backwards.
Gabriel Marbacher
Is one of the engine's turning clocks wise and the other one counter? Or is the Transmission doing this somehow?
James Lewis
James Lewis 3 days ago
Wait... the sacrificial anodes are not supposed to be "protected", they are, "sacrificial"...... if they are protected from the water (or the boat) they don't work!.
David Elliott
David Elliott 3 days ago
Diesels are more efficient than gasoline engines because they do not use a throttle valve. But at full throttle they are much the same. Use the power and these two will burn similar fuel tonnage to the diesels.
David Blalock
David Blalock 3 days ago
Best of luck to you. Hope you don’t explode!
prodoubt 3 days ago
Any sound deadening plans for the boat?
Ryan Martinage
Ryan Martinage 3 days ago
This is still a dumb decision in every way. Fuel economy, operation cost, safety, retaining value, just.... nothing.
Matt Heffelfinger
Gas engines are such a bad idea.
Matt McCarthy
Matt McCarthy 3 days ago
9:04 headphone warning
ted roccie
ted roccie 3 days ago
Ventera A floating BOMB ?! There is a whole lot of bombs on the water then. JUST A STUPID STATEMENT
d Drac
d Drac 3 days ago
Chris, brother, my eyes my man! 720p and the Oscar manufacturing process is way too fast man. I understand time limits and all, and I am a long time viewer and all, but God man that has harsh to watch. I do mean all these as a positive feedback for the future and that as they say is all :)
Joe Pelanconi
Joe Pelanconi 3 days ago
Oscar is a hell of a fabricator! He should talk more on camera though!
SuperTj003 3 days ago
Oscar needs his own shirt just saying
Kchad917 3 days ago
you said coolant through the exhaust, normally on a closed loop cooling system the raw water escapes through the exhaust. how are you gonna get the raw water out? also be sure to replace the anoides in the heat exchanger and trans cooler
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 3 days ago
Cool engines, can't wait to see them in your boat!
Focused Hands
Focused Hands 3 days ago
Oscar is a beast!
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 3 days ago
dont forget to pump your diesel into barrels and sell to a fellow boater.
Jay Lopiccolo
Jay Lopiccolo 4 days ago
Are you using counter-rotation on one engine? Or is one transmission reverse geared? Just curious.
boosted saleen
boosted saleen 4 days ago
That fuel bill is going to be insane
Kelly Ho
Kelly Ho 4 days ago
Those rectangular metal tube you use to fabricate the engine mounting bracket don't look thick enough and not stainless steel to me, it will corrode in no time.
Teddy Kipkemboi
Teddy Kipkemboi 4 days ago
Oscar deserves an oscar
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Dutton 4 days ago
More fuel consumption bro
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Dutton 4 days ago
Yea, if you wanted to add more power , you should have gone for bigger blocks.
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Dutton 4 days ago
You needed twin turbos
Botella Tras Botella
Botella Tras Botella