1967 Mustang Front End Installed On Oscars 2016 Mustang GT 

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In today's episode we're installing the 1967 doors, fenders, headlights, front bumper, and hood, on to the 2016 tube frame front end.
Thanks to Astro Pneumatic for all the help over the years, check them out here www.astrotools.com/
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Jul 3, 2020




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Steven A Branstetter Jr
can you put a 67 hood fenders and grill on a 66?
Sam Young
Sam Young 3 months ago
Oscar's Monster
Mike 5 months ago
I own the copyright for the name "Oscars Mustang" please find something else to call this project. 😁
Dakota Skaggs
Dakota Skaggs 5 months ago
Skights 8 months ago
I am glad to find out that she lives in Oregon
J Goody
J Goody 8 months ago
Name this one Ronaele pronounce Rona'ele' please ,
Edward Geiger
Edward Geiger 8 months ago
This is legendary stuff, yall. Just curious; Can the fuse box still be accessed as needed?
Geo AeroRider
Geo AeroRider 8 months ago
The dude talking seems low key shady.
James Napier
James Napier 8 months ago
You guys are pros. I want this car.
VinnyMartello 8 months ago
Loving your amazing work. I am so sorry about the ludicrous and unfair treatment you received from those shitty lawyers. Makes me so mad!!!
Tuner Impala
Tuner Impala 8 months ago
I still think it’s stupid you lost the fastback over a name
Owen Bush
Owen Bush 8 months ago
Not coyote swapped, 2016 gt swapped 😂
Getn Schwifty
Getn Schwifty 8 months ago
This is bad ass
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 9 months ago
good way to trash a Mustang
raine newell
raine newell 9 months ago
yo, fellow oregonian. hope to see this thing ripping around. Brand new subsciber right here boys.
Gears n Graphics
Gears n Graphics 9 months ago
Okay this is badass but the question is. What would you register it under? And selling it what title would you use?
outdoor fun
outdoor fun 9 months ago
I think the apocalypse theme would be cool on other vehicle. The cars you guys are building atm are way to cool to be making apocalypse. I think you should make them cleans and nice I think you guys could have some amazing one of a kind vehicles. Take into consideration the crowd that watches the videos probably mostly adults and more clean a nice builds are so nice to see.
Eli Doss
Eli Doss 9 months ago
Dont paint the car it kinda looks clean
Midwestoutlaw31 9 months ago
This is a really smart build and i was amazed how close the dimensions are between the 2 cars 👍👍
Manny T. Mac 'n chee
Man I am begging you to make this vehicle nice. It has so much potential
Google User
Google User 9 months ago
Too bad AOC is going to crush his car .... You know...All that green new deal nonsense is coming.. Biden already said shes going to be in charge of the environment. Can't have a gasoline car anymore.. Look at the bright side though, He had a nice car at one time, before the democrats enslaved us all and took our freedom away.
Jerry Matthews
Jerry Matthews 9 months ago
You guys did a great job, very good video , enjoyed it.
FranticGuitar88 9 months ago
Sadly, in EU you would be castrated and incarcerated just by thinking about this kind of project.
Wayne Prater
Wayne Prater 9 months ago
You built a water redirection shield for the cowl vents but what about the factory wiper holes? Also how do you plan on modifying the wiper assembly from the new Mustang to function on the old Mustang? By the way I love the fender mounting solution.
Mr. Moseby
Mr. Moseby 9 months ago
I really want to do this but with a 350z and a g35x. there is one person that did the AWD 350z chassis swap and I want to do it myself. problem is g35x's are a bitch to find
iA Lambo
iA Lambo 9 months ago
Why doesn't Ford actually make a modern Mustang with the classic body? It would sell huge, wouldn't it? I think the same thing with Chevy needing to make a new C3 Corvette
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett 9 months ago
Soft apocalypse please
Patrick Ellison
Patrick Ellison 9 months ago
If that makes sense. I seen what I'm trying to say done on gothem garage show. Constance took charge and did a amazing idea. Dropped the biggest engine in that would fit. Black and chrome with red trimming
Jens Jensen
Jens Jensen 9 months ago
Awesome job. Id buy it.
G Bush
G Bush 9 months ago
Awesome! You're not alone, he is doing a rebuilding job for Mustang too. us-first.info/player/video/qMytdoZjeGl0jYE.html
Mariano Molina -Big Moe
You guys are fucking incredible!! You should go work for Ford as engineers!!
Dillon Alexander
Dillon Alexander 9 months ago
Great work.
Georg Falkenhahn
Georg Falkenhahn 9 months ago
Is it going to be street legal?
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez 9 months ago
If ford or Chevy built a modern car with a classic style body from factory they would have so many sales I would buy if it had a warranty
M T 9 months ago
I wonder if they know Coyote Swaps are a thing 😶
Dj Ka
Dj Ka 9 months ago
You should get a metal for being good recyclers. You took junk from many cars and made a good one!
Jim Hiscott
Jim Hiscott 9 months ago
Your in Oregon. That means everything you need for your build your going to have to order! I lived there before. No resources at all. The build looks great. What a massive job!
donny cruz
donny cruz 9 months ago
How much would you sell that car for
Kenny Martin
Kenny Martin 9 months ago
Pretty smart
messy shop videos
messy shop videos 9 months ago
the Mach 1 models had some front valances that may be good inspiration. Yall need some BOSS 302 badges for that rig!
Worst Crew Chief Ever
everything fits...except rear tires. cool build
fokuz02 9 months ago
That thing is a death trap!
Eduardo Landolt
Eduardo Landolt 9 months ago
I dont see many 67's around, had 1in the 90's, 289 coupe sport, a beauty
Timothy Burson
Timothy Burson 9 months ago
Can you transform my 65 mustang
Rusty Stofan
Rusty Stofan 9 months ago
Car is seat on I'm even pavement and they using the level to leveling the fenders😂😂😂
Curtis Thornton
Curtis Thornton 9 months ago
Hey Oscar, some chrome header side pipes would look good on that stang
Creative Space
Creative Space 9 months ago
You guys should have finished that other e build that shall not be named lmao. Just dont call it that. They copyrighted the name an Recognition as a character. So as long as you never mention the movie or name it is legal to still build it.
steve schrader
steve schrader 9 months ago
Oscar is the man !!!!
Troy Adamson
Troy Adamson 9 months ago
Why not just add a modern Mustang engine to an original Mustang?
Victor Silva
Victor Silva 9 months ago
A fastback would have looked better
John Mccabe
John Mccabe 9 months ago
67 body and 68 front fenders. I have a 67 fastback in my backyard
Chris PLACE 9 months ago
Hi, I see people on Ebay trying to sell the Mustang calling them Eleanor. Would hate to see other people getting trouble. Should i say anything to them. Thanks
David Brumfield
David Brumfield 9 months ago
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 9 months ago
looks great!
Sand Pirate Treasure Hunter
You really need a camera person.
Build and Rebuild
Build and Rebuild 9 months ago
It's really a blessing that you get to do a second body swap. Seems like now that you had a "practice car," everything is going together better and much more smoothly on this one! I hope Oscar enjoys it. What great work!
Kaur 10 months ago
Do some boating bro, i really want to see more
christopher smith
christopher smith 10 months ago
Back pressure might be the issue
Mr. Preskit AZ
Mr. Preskit AZ 10 months ago
I would strip the paint and clear coat it.
updaon 10 months ago
Tempo is to quick! Can you slow down a little bit?
Lukas Broniewski
Lukas Broniewski 10 months ago
Welcome back to another episode O is for Oscar😀 Nice build!
immrnoidall 10 months ago
HA HA That is all the way bad ass.
Fatoom M
Fatoom M 10 months ago
Pls don’t more talking just show the work
Jamil Clark
Jamil Clark 10 months ago
This is pretty awesome watching the transformation.
Stephan Meiring
Stephan Meiring 10 months ago
Looks awesome. Get a Eleanor front bumper
IndyHelis 10 months ago
i unsubscribed after the other mustang project.... if you had told them to piss off and built it anyways i wouldve stayed subscribed... i only clicked on this video as i thought it was the other project at first....
UPbuild 10 months ago
Nice job guys 👍👍
lwj w
lwj w 10 months ago
How did you get it registered and insured for driving.
Jamie Round
Jamie Round 10 months ago
being my 1 st time on here watching this today..... really can't wait till u all film a lot more video's of this build............. so u all keeping track of how much in rough time & $$$ that u all have into this build / project here as u all go ........... love to know & see what u all have into it all in the last showing of it money & time wise roughly as possible............
seanissomething 10 months ago
I genuinely saw an advert the other day for Omaze giving away an “Elenor replica”, I kid you not.
drew surber
drew surber 10 months ago
Would the Elinor kit cover side skirts and make lines even across car I'm thinking about doing this project thanks for the video let you haters be your motivators
G A 10 months ago
New vid?
phil haslem
phil haslem 10 months ago
Apocalypse idea is crazy all that fabrication to make i look worse,I would do a really super clean concourse style paint job as a middle finger to the gone in sixty seconds pricks
Brady McIsaac
Brady McIsaac 10 months ago
Where is the next episode?
Selv 10 months ago
Just curious but...why not paint some of the rusty parts as you move along? Rust where the door hinges are, rust where the 'rain vents' are....? Just because you won't see it after it's welded doesn't mean it'll stop rusting.
alexands 1
alexands 1 10 months ago
the time and effort involved are simply tremendous. Might as well make it a proper build and not an apocalypse build
Dexuan Moosman
Dexuan Moosman 10 months ago
That scrap was for the c5 Corvette Gambler
stangbangr 10 months ago
Gone in 60 seconds people should be embarrassed for what they did to you guys. Piss off greedy a-holes
Graigory Gilbert
Graigory Gilbert 10 months ago
It would be absolutely wonderful to you transplant a foxbody mustang on a newer mustang!
Corbey Hehmann
Corbey Hehmann 10 months ago
make fake side pipes with stainless shield
jayaskoo 10 months ago
looks pretty cool for a classic car! dont turn it into apocalypse car!
Makveldz 10 months ago
i get withdrawal symptom s here where is the new vid
G Man73
G Man73 10 months ago
Oscar should start a business doing these conversions. He is making this one look easy.
DrippieYT 10 months ago
What part of Oregon is he in?
thatjokerperson 10 months ago
what a shitty mustang eleanor was
Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer 10 months ago
Please scrap the apocalypse theme and make a really fancy driver Mustang like what the other one would have been. If you must do apocalypse style, do it in such a way that it's temporary like a wrap and easily removable mods.
Cody Donovan
Cody Donovan 10 months ago
Is “Apocalypse” the new “Eleanor”?? Just kidding. Looks pretty sweet so far!
StarFall 10 months ago
3:53 the ghost of chris says cars
Lehlogonolo BALOYI
Lehlogonolo BALOYI 10 months ago
Make it a wide body
James Rogers
James Rogers 10 months ago
I saw b is for build on a pickup truck a couple months ago and had no idea what it meant. Now I know.
midnight savannah
midnight savannah 10 months ago
Sorry but that looks like total shit.
Mike Beggs
Mike Beggs 10 months ago
You guys do some absolute incredible work. Very inspiring.
Mr. Iowegian
Mr. Iowegian 10 months ago
Great job, very cool!
Martin Seredich
Martin Seredich 10 months ago
It looks like those front wheels are sitting way to far back in the wheel well. Is there a plan to move the opening in the fender?
TheMan TheLegend
TheMan TheLegend 10 months ago
Oscar's looses all my respect the second he doesnt fab that intake and overflow. In fact all of it.
John 3:16
John 3:16 10 months ago
This is by far my true dream car!
Steve rebuilds
Steve rebuilds 10 months ago
This car is good for like 4 more episodes DO IT!
Steve rebuilds
Steve rebuilds 10 months ago
Do more episodes on this car! Do a fit and finish body mounting, a body work episode, a paint and interior video and do a video about adding 2015 amenities to the body!
Tomika Walker
Tomika Walker 10 months ago
Question(s), how difficult do you think it would be, if at all, if a 75 Ford Maverick body could be put on a 2011-2015 Mustang body?.....