2016 to 1967 Mustang GT Body Swap is complete! Classic Looks with Coyote Power! 

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In todays episode were wrapping up the 1967 body swap mustang, showing you everything from headlights to roll cage to interior!
Thanks to the guys at BQuiet for the noise canceling material.
And thanks to downstar for the hardware
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Aug 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jan Nielsen
Jan Nielsen 2 hours ago
I love that Car 👌😁👍
Drew Murray
Drew Murray 10 hours ago
im gonna sue you then take your car, because I'm a douche
Lynn Chan
Lynn Chan 11 hours ago
Now everystudent name everything they don' t want with ele..... , my debt lmao
DJ Unagi
DJ Unagi 14 hours ago
And I didn't say it yet. Nice job. Great build.
DJ Unagi
DJ Unagi 14 hours ago
I feel with the rear craziness, it needs a wheelie bar.
ViveVFX 20 hours ago
Wish gas cap was chrome
Jorge C
Jorge C 22 hours ago
How much? Lol
bahawal chandio
I named my shit Eleanor. Does anybody want it? Lawsuit: we have sent you a notice
bahawal chandio
Salute to the judge who gave the decision in favour of gone in 60 seconds. What a height of stupidity 🤮
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Day ago
The frankinstang
lergic telerg
lergic telerg 2 days ago
The ubiquitous bank precisely test because shingle conspicuously wander mid a learned message. early, belligerent comfort
Jose Antonio Sánchez
Its a good work, not excellent
Rufus Magilucutty
What a pile of crap
president stump
president stump 3 days ago
But is it tuned
Terry Nicewonger
Terry Nicewonger 3 days ago
Copy rights some should eliminate people that take advantage of others
Jax Bronson
Jax Bronson 3 days ago
What’s the cars name? Elaine?
Mahmoud Akel
Mahmoud Akel 3 days ago
Logan Bay
Logan Bay 3 days ago
I can see the hoonicorn inspiration
Richard M. Lowe
Richard M. Lowe 4 days ago
I'm gonna Build an Eleanor and they can't do shit about it and I'll send them a Photo of the Tag saying Eleanor and I'll call her Eleanor
George V Prochazka
Well. I'm glad HE likes it...
Levi Olson
Levi Olson 4 days ago
The patina would be fine if there wasn't a bunch of matte black pieces on it. You should either paint it all matte black or have it all patina
KARS Mullar
KARS Mullar 5 days ago
What engine Was there?Name of the engine please?
Bretty Wap
Bretty Wap 5 days ago
This is pretty dope
Bretty Wap
Bretty Wap 5 days ago
Only thing I don't like is the modern interior.
Luis angel Ramirez
Oscar the wizard of us mustangs!!!
Marco Alvarez Pintos
I want to be like Oscar
Gregg Eshelman
Gregg Eshelman 5 days ago
Replace the tacky plastic fender flares with nicely blended in metal and add panels to fill between the running boards and the bottom of the old body, then give it a good paint job.
Sinister Silverado
A 67 isn't worth investing any time in it, if it isn't a Fastback or a Convertible
jesus munoz
jesus munoz 6 days ago
Oscar a ducking g beast man
Ogsonofgroo 6 days ago
Oscar needs a raise, all I can give him is a virtual high five. Kinda sucks there's no link to the promised video too. But what a great way to clean out a garage, and the car turned out awesome! My only beef would be about the many square edges on the additions (ie. back of running board, and the exhaust boxing thing) that make it look clunkier than it should, doesn't quit flow together imho, but that is just me. Now I'm going to see if I can hunt down the funner stuff :) Well done video, lots of fun, and Oscar, man, you did some beautiful work and, what makes it even better, is that I learned a whole bunch along with my enjoyment watching. Thank you all!
gsom7 6 days ago
Great build and representation! So, old and new Mustang have same wheelbase length?
OmazingE30 6 days ago
Ugly but amazing work.
McCarthy HangerIV
Oscar is the man!
Justin Time
Justin Time 7 days ago
I feel like Oscar be building the whole car by himself lol
Mister Mayhem
Mister Mayhem 8 days ago
We,we,we.. you mean he did it all dude..
Ray Gunn
Ray Gunn 8 days ago
Who's "we" ?
Michael Rigdon
Michael Rigdon 8 days ago
So glad this wasn't taken down I'm sharing it. Just in case
LASTONE 777 8 days ago
Jeeeezzz I bet that thing weighs like 7k lol that's a whole lota Americana on that mf. Better be making like 900hp lol
joe B
joe B 8 days ago
Just saw this. Unbelievable craftsmanship!!
Makpimp1 8 days ago
okay so take away from the video is Oscar can build anything lmfaoooooo.
xxxescorpio 8 days ago
that is a cool mustang... Oscar nice work of art
Brin Kee
Brin Kee 9 days ago
B is for Bodgered O is for Oscar
JDMMaster26 9 days ago
This is insane, one of the first body swaps but to get similar effect you can just make engine and drivetrain swap from '67 Mustang's one to '15 Mustang's one
Musk 10 days ago
nice build im just wondering why you didnt remove the seats? its seems like that wouldve made getting in and out to work inside much easier
TackyLamb YT
TackyLamb YT 10 days ago
This isn’t job security Oscar!
TackyLamb YT
TackyLamb YT 10 days ago
Oscar deserves a raise!
Kamikaze 10 days ago
Devo491 10 days ago
You don't mind dissing Oscar... Jealous much?
Ogodiseng Tshepang
Ogodiseng Tshepang 10 days ago
I heard these guys to a lawsuit for this
XX X 10 days ago
Wow you guys did a great job!! You took two cool American cars and made one ugly rat Ricer!!! If all the shit was on a Honda Civic you would die laughing, but you wasted two Mustangs to get the same result! Guess you got a lot of views.........
stefon thomas
stefon thomas 11 days ago
Sounds like this should be Oscar's Channel since he did everything
Suwu 4 days ago
Justin Time
Justin Time 7 days ago
el perro loco
el perro loco 8 days ago
Como encuentro el canal de Oscar
Brody Scott
Brody Scott 8 days ago
He said “we” a lot but he meant “he”
daniel wamathai
daniel wamathai 11 days ago
Elle é Nior
Nicolas del carlo bueno netto
I need an Oscar as a Brother
Jadd M.
Jadd M. 12 days ago
You guys are very inspirational.
Adimadi grego
Adimadi grego 13 days ago
He's basically can build his own car.
William Rupert
William Rupert 13 days ago
Is it a Eleanor?
SB Jetski
SB Jetski 13 days ago
Oscars a beast kid refers the car as “ours” ya you helped buy it and Oscar did all the work !
Moy Prudencio
Moy Prudencio 14 days ago
You guys should see what we do on latinoamerica
Moy Prudencio
Moy Prudencio 14 days ago
Latino power lol
Awesome build! 🤜
IDK 14 days ago
This is what we call. A BUILD!!!!
ÆRØ 14 days ago
Came from Donut Media 🍩!!
Bill Williams
Bill Williams 14 days ago
Man he's fast
josh brall
josh brall 15 days ago
The truly is on the move!
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂
I wish I could build like this.. too bad a frontend like that is no way to get back on the road out here
Nicholas Boule
Nicholas Boule 15 days ago
Are you kidding, a fuckin automatic?
Su Sh
Su Sh 16 days ago
The vacuous condition approximately miss because account surgically sin round a yellow quicksand. tranquil, thinkable innocent
Borexxx Rivera
Borexxx Rivera 16 days ago
I named my Dog Eleanor.. I kinda missed her after they took her away..
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis 16 days ago
Scott Fenner
Scott Fenner 16 days ago
I think a solid color would look better just looks incomplete but eh I can respect it
Anthony J. Alibrandi
Oscar is The Man. True Guru In His Flow Great Video.
DerAlteKooL 17 days ago
A Historic Car and modern Parts... A absolutly no go...
upupaepops 18 days ago
Corporate litigation gone amuck. Eleanor LLC has been called out for the litiginous schmucks they are. I hope no one buys any of their cr@p. Sorry this happened to you guys BIFB.
Chamod Thilakshana
Chamod Thilakshana 18 days ago
Please finish this project by painting 🙏❤️
Su Sh
Su Sh 18 days ago
The drunk korean univariately frighten because pump immunohistochemically squeal towards a even excellent excited cast. standing, old-fashioned tiger
Cochi Huerta
Cochi Huerta 19 days ago
El pinche oscar es la mera pirinola
FrankArtzツ 19 days ago
I thought this was a nfs video
backroads living
backroads living 20 days ago
G Q 20 days ago
B is for YIKES 😳😳😳😳
Bagus Ade Saputra
Bagus Ade Saputra 20 days ago
oscar such a mvp
DJLB 20 days ago
Please don't name this like the other one if you are going to name it name it illeanor haa
Omegathehusky 20 days ago
wait so you did it again man you guys are dedicated
Wesley Rosenberg
Wesley Rosenberg 20 days ago
E E 20 days ago
I was married to a girl named eleanor with a mustang tattoo. They took her. They fucking took her.
Trey Lopez
Trey Lopez 20 days ago
Legally what year is it what year is on the title
King Kota
King Kota 21 day ago
Its sad the eleanor build got taken illegally by the owners of gone in 60 seconds as legally you can't copy right a name. Meaning you can sue the shit out if em.
lol chungus
lol chungus 21 day ago
they cant just take away Eleanor because that's what you called it what happened to freedom of speech *This comment has been claimed by Gone in 60 Seconds*
fernando moncayo
fernando moncayo 22 days ago
Yeeaaaa. That’s perfect.... good hub
Bogeyman 22 days ago
That would look so cool blacked out with a mat paint job.
Jeremy Aprid
Jeremy Aprid 22 days ago
cyber punk car
Enzo Onymus
Enzo Onymus 23 days ago
I don't like the incomplete fender plastic flairs. The rest is excellant. Darn good work Oscar!
julio ortiz
julio ortiz 23 days ago
is this car street legal? is it titled 2016 mustang or 1967 mustang?
rb26 Does Everything
Oscar Should Convert The Mustang To AWD Next.
Armando Olivares
Armando Olivares 25 days ago
So it doesn't drive
kenkai shin
kenkai shin 25 days ago
what can oscar do? fixing stuff, breaking stuff. what can't oscar do? nothing
Shoaib mughal
Shoaib mughal 25 days ago
But your car is so good
Shoaib mughal
Shoaib mughal 25 days ago
Kip quit
Piotr Babiuch
Piotr Babiuch 26 days ago
I wonder if car gonna be straight after fer month of use after that welding and just putting body on that platform, I think car just can look like banana when u gonna take deeper look on it
Dean Monaghan
Dean Monaghan 26 days ago
great project!
Chuck W
Chuck W 26 days ago
Nah need a mat black paint job
David Calkins Jr
David Calkins Jr 26 days ago
Can you paint it?
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