2016 to 1967 Mustang GT Body Swap is complete! Classic Looks with Coyote Power! 

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In todays episode were wrapping up the 1967 body swap mustang, showing you everything from headlights to roll cage to interior!
Thanks to the guys at BQuiet for the noise canceling material.
And thanks to downstar for the hardware
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Aug 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
yeahboyyy123 8 hours ago
Call it the Hoonicorn
Jeano Gato
Jeano Gato Day ago
What?! No paint job at all?!
greg cook
greg cook Day ago
The "LLC" peeps are crazy. What about the General Lee cars. Guys take chargers and do clones of the General, including puttng name on it. Have heard of several "Eleanor" clones.
Abel Y Erika Guerra
Awesome....Just need a paint job....👍
177 Shift
177 Shift 4 days ago
It's probably easy to find donor mustangs
Joni English
Joni English 4 days ago
i thought the car was Confiscated ???
Spencer Gittins
Spencer Gittins 4 days ago
Needs painting. Still a really cool car though
ezde711 4 days ago
this is exactly the car i've always wanted. a modern interior and engine with the 67 classic look
Vetri Selvan
Vetri Selvan 5 days ago
This is a great idea. I always loved the 65,66,67 body. its good to see the body married to a 5.0 L V8
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 6 days ago
Looks wicked but doesn't look stealth like a restomod, needed the fame, axles etc....narrowing. Oscar is they the Yoda of fab 👏👍😉😁
Wolf Nightfire
Wolf Nightfire 7 days ago
Thats a Great Way to completely ruin a classic car...Worst attempted retro fit ever ..EPIC FAIL!!
Chunting Lam
Chunting Lam 7 days ago
You guys are awesome. Don't let anyone tell you guys What you can build and what you can't build.
Ethics Underground
I’d be concerned about mixing dissimilar metals (aluminum and steel). Don’t get it wet.
Rich Headd
Rich Headd 9 days ago
This guy is bad ass
Chu 9 days ago
this thing looks straight out of cyberpunk 2077
pennie schirz
pennie schirz 10 days ago
Oscar used to be the origami kid in middle school
King Arthur
King Arthur 10 days ago
Can Oscar be my mentor? I need guidance and this guy is god.
petr vinopal
petr vinopal 10 days ago
Jernard Davis
Jernard Davis 11 days ago
This is one bad ass build it looks like it came srt8 out need for speed payback i salute to you bro 👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
jose ramos
jose ramos 11 days ago
oscar is a fucking machine holy fuck skills dude
Jesse Dickens
Jesse Dickens 11 days ago
TARZAN like ...
Todd Aulner
Todd Aulner 11 days ago
Ig I left for a couple hours, my shop buddy would have smoked 3 bowls. Good job Oscar!
Purpoala Gaming
Purpoala Gaming 12 days ago
We miss Elean*r
Nahuelche 14 days ago
That rear thingy behind the wheels is awfull.
Ron DeBiasse Jr
Ron DeBiasse Jr 14 days ago
First video I'm watching on this channel and if "the quick and dirty way" is hand stitching the seats then Oscar is a gift to the car world lol.
Steve 15 days ago
Amazing work! Oscar is the man. Thank you for posting. This was almost amazing to watch and I was mesmerized by how things came together.
did you just talk during independent reading time
I’m here from donut media
Deuce 15 days ago
Yo r.i.p the other body swap
ALEX solares
ALEX solares 15 days ago
I mean mechanics doo a great job when they wana show off whut they can doo.. but wen you pay them to doo somthing they eather over charge you or dont doo a good job
Evan M
Evan M 15 days ago
It looks so sick without paint
Fishermanguy44 16 days ago
“Classic look with 5.0 power”. Swaps entire body** y’all ever heard of engine swaps?
Ruthless Gaming
Ruthless Gaming 16 days ago
Who else is mad they got there videos deleted
low drip
low drip 16 days ago
I wanna see this drift
Fernando Chavez
Fernando Chavez 16 days ago
I get the build theme but PLEASE PAINT IT PLEAAASEEEE
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran 17 days ago
I named my daughter Eleanor You can imagine what happened to her.
sikleqt 17 days ago
What you gonna name her?
Dominic Acia
Dominic Acia 18 days ago
Oscar is the man.
Rohn Jambo
Rohn Jambo 18 days ago
For real thou.... paint that lady in dark purple with midnightblack details.
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown 18 days ago
I believe I’d name it Ellie or Elise. Just to stick it to the ass that took the last one.
Баир Баин
Баир Баин 18 days ago
Tyrone Willingham
Tyrone Willingham 19 days ago
It already looks Japanese with the diffuser and flares. Adding ninja stars will not make it look more Japanese fool
Jon Ruehle
Jon Ruehle 19 days ago
.... all that work and it's a notchback.
Wayne VandeKrol
Wayne VandeKrol 19 days ago
That is freaking ugly
nesya evelyn
nesya evelyn 20 days ago
I love it
Cool5380 20 days ago
looks like a mustang suv
Edwin Heredia
Edwin Heredia 20 days ago
It would look so sick painted. Please do!!
zetabola1 20 days ago
So, where can I buy an Oscar? is it upgradeable?
AlphaReturns 21 day ago
Do this with a camaro
oketch clinton
oketch clinton 21 day ago
Man like oscar
Adrian J
Adrian J 21 day ago
Gorilla Cookies
Gorilla Cookies 22 days ago
The 67 body needs to flow into that wider chassis. The box things and flares along with the difuzer just take away from its potential due to looking like lazy attempts to avoid the work of blending it. Oscar is quite capable of doing it correctly I should think. If you do it right the 1st time you dont have to do it right the 2nd time !
Red Curated
Red Curated 22 days ago
How did you guys do the frame repair? Does anyone know if they filed any of that. I need to fix my car :(
Anders Pinslund
Anders Pinslund 23 days ago
Hi. Great channel 👍. FYI. I heard you saying something about KÖNIG in an earlier episode. KÖNIG is the German wort for KING and it's not pronounced KONIG. The Ö are equal to the letter U in the word BURN... German Ö and in Scandinavia Ø. Continue making your good videos..
Jaffethepolice 23 days ago
This vid should’ve gone in 60 seconds
Green Comfort Living
Mariano Ceja
Mariano Ceja 23 days ago
Oscar is a machine he hella good nice work amigo 👏
Mini Trick Shots
Mini Trick Shots 23 days ago
looks like the stang i built on need for speed heat it’s actually fire
peter taylor
peter taylor 24 days ago
You should call it elon0r
Vito’s Fix
Vito’s Fix 24 days ago
Nico Loubser
Nico Loubser 24 days ago
That "Stang" deserves a proper paint makeover
acfreak 24 days ago
this is Eleanouur
Tanks critters and urban homesteading
She's unofficially called Elaine Nora. Lol. Sorry for your issue. Karma is a bitch. They'll get theirs.
Nefaryus Drake
Nefaryus Drake 25 days ago
Name it "Not-Eleanor"
Ivan Morales
Ivan Morales 25 days ago
Didnt this car got taken away by mustang or the person who created Eleanor
Broke Blasian
Broke Blasian 26 days ago
Wait so is this from the one that got taken or is this a new build
Khgaming And life
Khgaming And life 26 days ago
This looks like it should be in tokeyo drift
Bevan Thomson
Bevan Thomson 26 days ago
Oscar deserve oscar 😘
Aluminium. Aussies say aly-min-e-um
Frederick So
Frederick So 26 days ago
What an awesome build!!! can't wait to see the final product with the paint and body works
InvisibleWreck5 26 days ago
This is a very beautiful car for sure. Great job guys!
Harambae TheGorilla
This is that Eleanor build that got claimed by Warner bros right
lightningboyten 25 days ago
no, they had to delete all of the videos with it, and warner bros took the car away and they may have scrapped it
John Guilbert
John Guilbert 27 days ago
Thank goodness for keeping a Ford powered by a Ford powerplant. Next, put a early model Camero on a 2016 GT chassis with Coyote Power LOL!
Mild to Wild RC
Mild to Wild RC 27 days ago
The best of both Ford Mustangs put together is awesome and loved the video.
33 34
33 34 27 days ago
cut out the fast forward and just cut the show if it needs fast forward just delete that part , fast forward makes me dizzy
thotslayer 27 days ago
B For Build special edition MadMaxx fury garage
Donald Pfau
Donald Pfau 27 days ago
Its fugly. Swing and a miss.
Fast-eddy Flat-hed
Fast-eddy Flat-hed 28 days ago
Half-a-Gram Stan
Half-a-Gram Stan 29 days ago
Car on a "budget" my ass haha. Oscar doesn't come cheap.
Half-a-Gram Stan
Half-a-Gram Stan 29 days ago
I need this car.
Jason Luby
Jason Luby 29 days ago
What brand for the rims?
Matt Lundstrom
Matt Lundstrom 29 days ago
Oscar is amazing! 👍👏
SteppaTV Davids
SteppaTV Davids Month ago
Oscar deserves an Oscar award 👏
SteppaTV Davids
SteppaTV Davids Month ago
Its more like 1967-2016
Octavio Dominguez
My wife: so what do you need for your car protect Me: I just need OSCAR My wife: ca we order it from Amazon?
Daniel Huddleston
Paint?! Come on
Eliane Teixeira
Eliane Teixeira Month ago
How to kill two in one
bighappy4201 Month ago
How much does it cost to attend Oscar University? Seriously. I feel like I’m wasting my life doing nothing. Teach me professor Oscar. 😫
Khaled Khashab
Khaled Khashab Month ago
Nolan told us about you
Sal Month ago
Troy Crain
Troy Crain Month ago
I was a little disappointed to see that yall never completely finished painted it. Do it please!!!
Today on the Farm
you should get the oscar build patent
Reminds me of the one rav made at the start of NFS Paybacj
Grub Thomas
Grub Thomas Month ago
Ford needs to hire Oscar now!!!!
m9cky cobbs
m9cky cobbs Month ago
Weldone guys you better v tuned all they did was to butcher the poor old mustang.
LittleFish gaming
I’m interested in knowing more about the forscan, I’m having issues with mykey also
Darrell Wells
Darrell Wells Month ago
The fender flares does not look right for this car and spoiler on the trunk lid don't look good either
Dripp Thelitest
Dripp Thelitest Month ago
Pls paint it
Cat Month ago
Paint it
Cutting up the NSX!