2019 BIFB Garage Tour! 240z, GTR, Huracan, Evora & More! 

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In today's episode im giving you a update on all our builds!
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Apr 29, 2019




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Scandal929 6 days ago
I'm guessing CoPart squared everything away with the GTR title?
lux Evergreen
lux Evergreen 2 months ago
Aww vary pretty car’s UwU!!
TheIcegunz 4 months ago
Need to Bisforbuild a shed.
Binkleyme 4 months ago
You know you can put foam on roll cage, right, how is it less safe than not having it at all that makes zero sense
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed 4 months ago
basically everything is still broken lmao
Dannell Blake
Dannell Blake 5 months ago
Love that v8 vantage
automotive addiction
Build a custom poor mans car....
Jax Light
Jax Light 6 months ago
where is the rx7
Andy Khar
Andy Khar 7 months ago
7:10 and the BMW e60 m5 never got rebuilt :( I know who owns it now and offered to sell it to me. It's alive again. It been rebuilt once again. Reach out to me if you're interested. @Andykhar @ facebook or Instagram I also own a local wrecking yard so i sold him some of the parts.
Jacob Sharp
Jacob Sharp 7 months ago
Damn I’ve watched you for a long time 😂😂 just realized how long it’s been
Landon Lacey
Landon Lacey 7 months ago
How the hell does he afford all this? He hasn’t even sold any of the cars
YizTheGreat 8 months ago
My question is how do you get in one of them... lol
Brendan Koester
Brendan Koester 8 months ago
Has only touched the lambo 🤣
Mr.Omg 8 months ago
on the 68 camaro you gotta step out of the comfort zone and go with a 70's style drag look build.
shay lee
shay lee 8 months ago
i mean you could use the GT-R as a track car, that would mean you can drive it
Ragnar R1
Ragnar R1 8 months ago
Bro I freaking love your videos man, so awesome you can do stuff like that...
Pedro Pinto
Pedro Pinto 8 months ago
The gaps on the GTR's hood look a bit higher on the left side.Could be an optical illusion. congrats for these awesome builds!
James Duffen
James Duffen 8 months ago
Yes, the backwards playlists are soo annoying! Lol 🤦🏼‍♂️😩 Love the content, frustrating trying to watch it in order.
CAD Jewellery
CAD Jewellery 9 months ago
interesting point i never thought about, roll cage is more dangerous without a helmet than not having one.. as you said that, It was soo obvious! cant believe I never thought about that!
Don Barzini
Don Barzini 9 months ago
You cant awd donut a gtr?!
BerkFamily54Comics 9 months ago
Did you ever take the GTR to the track? I don’t see a video.
Scrub Nation
Scrub Nation 9 months ago
I didn't realize I had CC on and saw that is biscuit bill instead of B Is For Build
Ali Ertogrul
Ali Ertogrul 9 months ago
Fantastic show. I've been watching you from the start. Total respect for quitting your job and going on this path. I love cars. Ali from Brighton England. Please give me a shout out in your next episode gb ✌
Shiven Sangar
Shiven Sangar 10 months ago
Ummm.....vantage still has wrong winshield?? Lol...all good.
Craig Anthony
Craig Anthony 10 months ago
Almost a puzzle how he parked them all inches away from each other lmao. Almost I said people haha
carnage6ar 10 months ago
no more donuts
Bobby Brummett
Bobby Brummett 11 months ago
Be careful remember when you order a driver side window try not to order it from Europe you'll get the left one
ton123 11 months ago
dude is you got those cars outside the garage it makes me wonder what's inside of it for real!
Joel Martines
Joel Martines 11 months ago
This how you become broke you started the show to build stuff and sell them now you buy car build them ,then you fall in love whit them then you wanna keep them,build and sell fast....look at fast and loud..
reese neville
reese neville 11 months ago
F is for fix shit
morphman21 11 months ago
Surprised to see you still have the vette kart.
VISHAK MN 11 months ago
B is for Build: 👍 M is for Maintain:👎 W is for Wash:👎
07_mustang gt/cs
What happened to the twin turbo mustang???
Biggs4Life 530
My Family and I are desperate for a car. I watch all of these cars and cry a little lol.
Zach Herron
Zach Herron Year ago
im looking for BURNTACAN
Hellspijker Year ago
hihi, oh no i crashed my M5, guess i'll take the Lotus. sigh... hard live....
Joseph Morse
Joseph Morse Year ago
At this point there's no denying the future is electric. Do a super torquey electric conversion. Maybe a BRZ sleeper. Racing between stop lights you'd be unbeatable.
Your Eschatology‡
You couldn't park those cars any closer
ghost racing
ghost racing Year ago
please rb swap the camaro
CJ Fray
CJ Fray Year ago
Did he sell the tt mustang
JAWS2K Year ago
Wanna sell your Aston?
Eugene Baker
Eugene Baker Year ago
SEMA build that camaro, you know it make sense
D3X1M3REMIXED Year ago
This dude is on crack. Too much money causes cancer. Cars are all stacked on top of one another and they look like shit.
J Bankzy
J Bankzy Year ago
I've been watching I think for about a year now...and always thought that chris must have money but damn!! Got loads of money I wished I had that money to build.cool cars like that lucky guy or hard working guy!!! Love the channel!!😊👌🔥
KM92 Year ago
Loved the Evora build
cdogg580 Year ago
2JZ in a Prelude
jacob williams
wish i had just one of those cars lol too poor to afford cool cars like that
Roumen Iordanov
шменти капели
Ryan Cooper's Helmet
10:13, Devil Z's American Cousin
Robert Ridgeway
What happened to the twin turbo Mustang GT ??
Zwingfilms Year ago
Kaore Year ago
well at least hoarders is starting to put out good content.
Remember USS Liberty
Im Gloria Borger and this is Build News
Ja Tiyo
Ja Tiyo Year ago
I followed when I saw the Huracan build. Then seen your other cars and okay we like the same cars. Then you also like beer and you are close to my age. So I am inspired by your page. Subscribed.
Shannon Hamilton
Off-road Leroy
Ricks 937
Ricks 937 Year ago
Take Otis to your slip at the yacht?
Bobbyjoe Haskins
You can always take the GTR to PIR lol
Amos Divine
Amos Divine Year ago
He should make the 68 Camaro a batmobile build
Fernando Cisneros
What happeng to the s2000
That86guy Patrick
Man I still hate the fact he out an ls in a huracan
Bandit Year ago
Wheres the g35
Charles Hoffer
Love all the cars you have built so far but I'm just a old country boy and I would love to see you build a Jeep.
Matias Forsman
who had it first (the vet kart)? roadkill or bifb?
Bearded Adventurer
that 240z is my dream car. love what you did with it
nick39691 Year ago
3rd gen 4Runner spotted at 1.52
Nicholas Watson
Do not take the wing off of the Aston Martin
Justin K
Justin K Year ago
M1911Mike Year ago
That opening though hahahahaha
Paula Davies
Paula Davies Year ago
Gounzsquad is better
Chris Year ago
Put a toyota camry 6 speed in the evora
Edwin Baez
Edwin Baez Year ago
Pls stop breathing in the mic
Jordan B
Jordan B Year ago
just wanted to say I been here a little before the lotus build, your my fav. tuber for sure. awesome work.
SirBubby Year ago
Yeah don't expect any help from CoPart. They do not care about you or the car you bought. Even if it was listed incorrectly. I've had title issues with them as well.
Emmanuel Gomez
Looks like a sketchy Russian dealership
HEJI Year ago
I wish he had done something cool with the s2000
Didtok Nan
Didtok Nan Year ago
Remember the last Mustang ?
aiden davies
aiden davies Year ago
man i remember when you got that camaro i never knew you still had it
Adil Ahmad
Adil Ahmad Year ago
What happened to the bmw z4
HashizuneX Year ago
That Fairlady tho.
NeCkBrEaKER 6 Year ago
Brz limbo engine swap to go against the brz with the Ferrari engine
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
BRZ is one of the worst cars ever but I guess with the 2JZ it'll be alright well I should say a Subaru BRZ is more for fun not for speed
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
You can make it a manual just keep your paddle shifters and the stick shift don't they have the eager or whatever so you don't need a clutch
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
It's not a motor it's an engine and you should take it to cleetus McFarland shop they will tune it for you you can get at least 700 horsepower out of a V10 naturally aspirated
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
You can do donuts in all-wheel drive we just better be ready for the damage or had it built to be able to do said donuts or just do them on snowy conditions to where you're not going to damage anything
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
You already gave them your money so he'll know they don't care if you get a title or not you need to put a mechanic's lien on it
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
Lotuses are very slow
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
Cancer isn't a joke
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Year ago
Skillshare is cool but it won't get you a job that won't get you certified or a degree a matter of fact if you go to any job and say well I've learned a lot on skillshare they'll laugh at you
Zechariah Year ago
Hey can I have just like one of those cars, tired of driving this old Kia 😅
Nathan Yost
Nathan Yost Year ago
I don't think I'd enjoy having this many cars.
Donald Ganzer
Donald Ganzer Year ago
then you sir are a fool
Phil Gillespie
What is the use is building and keeping these cars at all ,if you don't at least sell one to me...lol
Geopou Year ago
Whatever happened to the mustang?
ninjabiomech Year ago
the rx7 is gone?
Tea Year ago
that gtr diffuser is kinda ugly
Audiguy Year ago
what ever happened to the S2k?
Iria Year ago
He sold it over a year ago.
Garret Keith
Garret Keith Year ago
What part of Oregon are you in?
Aneek294 Year ago
Tavarish might get jealous once he sees your completed projects😂😂
Ck Vlogers
Ck Vlogers Year ago
ST6 GHOST Year ago
What does he do for a living damn lol
SKURRWA 22 Year ago
video starts at 1:44 thank me with a like
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Views 1.8M