3D Printing Our First Car Parts! 

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In today's episode we are 3d printing a custom designed vent for the wide body Huracan.
If you're in the market for a printer head to www.creality3donline.com
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Sep 30, 2019




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Jekuys 12 days ago
can i ask how did you make your models parts
Dante Diaz
Dante Diaz 18 days ago
I will build my 3d print luxury house 😁😁😁😁
Josh Weaver RC
Josh Weaver RC 19 days ago
By now you may have figured out that you can essentially print in a dove tail to assist in the mating.
Austin 20 days ago
Lima Bravo
Lima Bravo 27 days ago
Porsche did a test between traditional and 3D printed pistons and it was amazing
Tony Greenall
Tony Greenall Month ago
great example of how not to use a 3d printer when ur cock sure of your self, and not made sure the printer is reliable in the first place big minus 10 for me
TaiRone Wassup
TaiRone Wassup Month ago
That’s an awesome printer!
Herbert Leggieri
What type of filament did you use for the car parts
Stevenrds Month ago
Friki Bouijs
Friki Bouijs 2 months ago
A month ago I was introduced to Austin .a professional expert who have been in charge of my trade.i have earn multiple profit for months now!
Paul Navarro
Paul Navarro 2 months ago
Could u recycle the extra material to reuse it?
Zaphods2ndhead 2 months ago
Scott Cook
Scott Cook 3 months ago
Was cool until you told us you're adults with disney passes...
curious youtuber
curious youtuber 3 months ago
what a piece of garbage... seriously what company sends such a failure for a 1.5mil sub channel to "test"?
craftcentric 3 months ago
also please for the love of god flip your prints over your using like an insane amount of support material
Sidney Milhous
Sidney Milhous 3 months ago
Yous glue on your bed
Mr Math
Mr Math 3 months ago
DUDE I DID THE SAME i hit my finger with it 2 weeks later i still saw it.
Merc8869 3 months ago
This video should be labeled how not to use your 3d printer.
tictacturkey 3 months ago
holy shit this is resident sleeper
andrew montgomery
andrew montgomery 4 months ago
what printer and soft ware are you using thinking about buying one and making some stuff for my car
Matas 3D Creations
Matas 3D Creations 4 months ago
that limit switch is a common problem you should see my review of the Creality CR6-SE, let me know if you guys ever need help with a future project, Also if you ever need parts, Microcenter has most of the replacement parts from Creality
Άγγελος Φαμελος
since you are a begginer,here is a tip from me a begginer how sterted 6 months ago.i have an ender3 pro which is basicly the smaller version of your machine,and what i want to tell you is that these machines are incredibly stable if you tighten their Y and X axis belts,meaning that since you basicly cut the model in half creating a superflat surfase you could have printed both parts verticly with no supports whatsoever. also you can use a bit of gluestick to help the prints stick better.On top f that yoy can also increase the base layer thickness in the slicing software or ad a "raft" to ensure perfection in your print's base.i know it sounds complicated but once you get understanding it it reallly is basic...
Kool-Aids Phuckery
Kool-Aids Phuckery 4 months ago
Also what was the Poly filament you used? I’ve been wanting to make An ITB intake adapter that will sit right against the engine
Kool-Aids Phuckery
Kool-Aids Phuckery 4 months ago
That Poly will be good for engine parts
Saurav Kumar
Saurav Kumar 4 months ago
One day Your channel will touch centillion
Coco 4 months ago
cr-30 is for you
Cody Maasen
Cody Maasen 4 months ago
what printer model is that?
MEI_PALADIN 4 months ago
Michael Hayward
Michael Hayward 4 months ago
Does that 3d printer allow you to use aluminium? or make maybe car rotors ? ..reply is appreciated
ishwar siriram
ishwar siriram 4 months ago
THANK YOU FOR SHARING. My 2c tip for the adjoining parts. You can create a feature to allow the 2 halves to interlock simply by pushing the together with some moderate force depending on the fit you want (options are endless). So you can control the alignment of the parts relative to each other. There after you can glue, weld, surface prep etc. I know its a year old...but anyway. ISH - South Africa
Mage Etherios
Mage Etherios 5 months ago
Oh no, it's 3D printing noob mistake number 1... leaving a new printer overnight. It can sometimes take years to get a printer dailed into 100% reliability, until then you have to remember to come check on it.
John 5 months ago
Limit switches tend to break a lot in shipping. I had to replace the switch and the entire bracket holding it on the Y axis. Now I have a poker chip bracket holding my fixed limit switch...
Metal Detecting Perth WA
What was the filament called you used please
ke Frank
ke Frank 6 months ago
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UnboundGodz 6 months ago
Love the project, a thought. Couldnt you like bondo the part to fill the gaps, sand it down, prime it, and then wrap it?
ZebraArma Armael
ZebraArma Armael 6 months ago
How do you print a front bumper? That’s my question lol
Wolfman Rebel
Wolfman Rebel Month ago
Right...I need door panels for a 74 ford
webslingercj 6 months ago
Nice job B for Build Check out this Whole car.... 💪😆🤘 Dad n son printed lambo us-first.info
heng taing
heng taing 6 months ago
What kind of filament did you guys use?
Phillip Bekkevold
Phillip Bekkevold 6 months ago
Just print the spoon upside down without support
Nathan Pew
Nathan Pew 6 months ago
A year late, but octoprint can help prevent that massive failure. There is AI that can identify bird nesting, and notify you so you can stop the print from home.
TorZ ZUPAC 6 months ago
i want your laptop 😇
Nuh Ali
Nuh Ali 6 months ago
Just a thought but I think coating them in Bondi would make them alot stronger and more rigid and usable altogether
iCafe Sweden
iCafe Sweden 6 months ago
Can you recommend any 3d softwer an slicer to use for such project, please?
Prestige World-wide
Prestige World-wide 6 months ago
This was hard to watch. Lol
crosson347 7 months ago
Beautiful video.
马斌 7 months ago
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ben escarlan
ben escarlan 7 months ago
tom segura
Falling Vibes
Falling Vibes 7 months ago
*C Is For Carbon*
ObsessionPC 7 months ago
This is a little late, but you certainly would have had a huge advantage with a chamber around the printer, to protect the print from drafts, as well as adding another stiffening frame for the printer itself. As for you sanding plastic without a mask...good luck with your health in the near future!
Wildman georges rc Channel
would it have been better to glue those two together?
tman46544 7 months ago
OK, where are finding a roll of PLA for $13?
J J 7 months ago
Hi 3D printing fans. Do you have little experience or time for 3D modeling? Send me a sketch and I'll draw it for you for free. E-mail: 3d-printing@centrum.cz
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee 8 months ago
Supports infill set too high, 5% will be enough
How not to fall
How not to fall 8 months ago
I know this was a year ago but I had the same thing happen repeatedly and making sure the temp in the room is warm and you have a clean print surface is important but MOST OF ALL, raise your print bed temp AND filament, the filament quality is SOOO important I settlers on poly maker, it goes down so smooth and nicely. It needs to be warm enough to keep the first layer sticky. The z axis will autocorrect itself but as it calibrates it will slowly get farther away from where it should (I don’t know why, it has to be an auto calibration system) I know this was a long time ago just couldn’t resist
Initial _D
Initial _D 8 months ago
Can it print a car dashboard size
Rithvik Vohra
Rithvik Vohra 8 months ago
10:25 could pass that off to the Chernobyl souvenirs department
Cory Jeffreys
Cory Jeffreys 8 months ago
Wow, I can’t believe you did not show the completed part wrapped in carbon fiber bum rip
Jan Petersen
Jan Petersen 8 months ago
Im gonna cry right here, please clean your fucking print bed 😭
Boards Topia
Boards Topia 8 months ago
How did you make the curves perfect in CAD? With a scanner or something or just a template
Dennis Moore
Dennis Moore 8 months ago
How do you like the cr-10 max I'm interested in buying one I bought the Ender 3 V2 but was told the wrong information so now that's just a stand until they can figure out their software so I am looking at purchasing one of these and would like an out ciders point of view that has already used this machine so I'd like to know it's you think about the printer before I purchased on another one from them which I would hate to do but it seems like they're the only ones that have a printer with a big platform like that thank you and I appreciate it
PandaTerminator 8 months ago
I have a lot of problems with cura slicer at about 50% of printing...
raphrose raph
raphrose raph 8 months ago
Car part in PLA ? Its gonna melt in spring XD
jarke eefsting
jarke eefsting 9 months ago
SiliquaeSid 9 months ago
"Someday, all cars, will be made this way" - 1980's Audi advert.
Dima Glazkov
Dima Glazkov 9 months ago
Hans-Jørgen Pedersen
next time you are using petg/asa/abs or literally ANY printer filament that you need to remove supports i suggest you spend the time to use the slicer. I for one use a free one called Cura. In cura there are settings to change for the support material. I suggest using as little support density as possible and use a larger spacing between support and model. Also consider splitting the parts into two by just lowering the part until its below the printsurface and take note of the -z value. Save the gcode file. Then flip the model 180 in z axis to turn it upsidedown. continue to lower the z axis until you hit the same value as on the previous part. This makes your part into 2 models with a 100% straigt and smooth surface to glue together. There are many different types of glue suitable for each type of filament. Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help with printers :) Best wishes from a norwegian filamentfanboy
tom hastler
tom hastler 10 months ago
How come 🇨🇳 has so many population and nobody come out with something that last over a week 🤔
UYC 10 months ago
Jie Gong
Jie Gong 10 months ago
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Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan 10 months ago
If you print any more that I would recommend you try to print them vertically as it would save on filament and would not need to know support and is far stronger print overall.
Jayden Wayne Smith
Jayden Wayne Smith 10 months ago
Ons sini is skeef
phamcamtam nguyentantam Blogs
Ferli 10 months ago
can you make a cross motor body with that printer?
JSpencer89 11 months ago
Glass bed will save you alot of these problems
Zac HK
Zac HK 11 months ago
laptop acer predator helio 300? just looks like it because i have the white version XD
Peter Anttu
Peter Anttu 11 months ago
Have you done any more 3D printing after this?
Jamie Moorcroft
Jamie Moorcroft 11 months ago
nice to see someone else getting into the hobby but i think you need to have a look at your slicing setting a little haha anyway liked the video and reminds me when i first started with printers
Kansas Country
Kansas Country 11 months ago
Very cool! I just ordered my first printer last week, a Creality Ender 3 Pro. Where are you buying PLA for 14 bucks?! Lowest I’ve seen is about $23. I’m thinking about buying Hatchbox for $28, seems like it comes well reviewed
Boanerges57 Year ago
I think you mean "generic caricature mouse" ears... CYA
Regular Guy Mountain Biking
Any chance I can get a link to the filament you used please?
Keanu Ken
Keanu Ken Year ago
Not to be a nag, but you gotta wear a mask while sanding this stuff. You do you- just words from a concerned fan
RamjetX Year ago
Hang on a sec... if you hit HT PE material for 2 mins at 500C... how on earth did you print it at
Gargon the Imperator
Should have printed in Carbon Fiber Nylon
Sir Retsnom
Sir Retsnom Year ago
Sadly, in this case, that part could have been made so much faster by bending aluminum or even ABS plastic sheets but I applaud the attempt.
Joshua Mitchell
super glue works better to join parts
My Tester
My Tester Year ago
hey @b is for build: check this one? watch?v=VzjJFon4c8E you can actually print the entire piece at one go, and maybe even better and stronger!
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy Year ago
Building a 3d printer with my friend this summer
preston griffin
great video need to slow down talking hard time following you and what you were saying not putting you down just was very interested in your video I make aluminium mining peices
Tim Dodge
Tim Dodge Year ago
When you split a model add registration tabs and indents to lock it together when you reassemble the pieces. Especially for longer flat surfaces. Printing the screw holes in your parts would be another great time saver. Then print a thin template to tape on the car for drilling your screw holes for perfect alignment. Best of luck.
Bennie Kahler-Venter
You should look at the idustrial 3d printers - they now do carbon fibre printing... us-first.info/player/video/bpePjY17nGxkrXU.html
rev headz
rev headz Year ago
if you print it thinner and carbon skin it, you'll get a much lighter part with the same structural rigidity
direwolf1972 Year ago
Oh hell, here we go. This brings back the old anti-mp3 campaign "you wouldn't download a car would you?" My answer is same now as it was then. Yep I sure would.
I don't currently own a 3D printer but I would find it very dumb to leave a 3D printer unattended. After all you are dealing with plastic also a device that get's hot so why take the risk by leaving it unattended for hours. Least have someone in the same building so they can check on it now and then to make sure everything is fine. If that is not possible I would least find out if you could use a Raspberry Pi4 with Octoprint on the 3D printer with a camera. Then use the Octoprint plugin called "Octoprint Anywhere" so you could remote access the 3D printer any where no matter where you are. Least that way you could check to see what is happening once in a while. If something starts to go wrong with the print you could remote stop the print.
Robin Yilmaz
Robin Yilmaz Year ago
tip: when printing a part with support (like that vent you made), try to get the support material to touch the part you aren't going to see. In this case the inside of the vent, rather than the outside.
Austin Darga
Austin Darga Year ago
By the way, it's a nozzle,!
Edgar Cardoso
Edgar Cardoso Year ago
good job and welcome to 3d printing world, but i know the lungs are yours but use a mask when sanding... have fun
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan Year ago
Get a glass bed and you'll be much happier.
.4mm nozzle is standard, i have 7 years into 3d printing
Black hole
Black hole Year ago
It's fun.
merim123 Year ago
which 3d pen are you using?