Budget E92 3 Series BMW Gets INSANE Wide Body Kit!! 

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In todays episode were installing 10 piece wide body kit on Kyles e92 BMW.
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Jul 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
JN CNSTN Day ago
We in Germany Dream from this Kit but we don't can Drive it.. The Police make to much Problems.
Bittersweetbrawl 16 days ago
Tony Naghmouchi
Tony Naghmouchi 27 days ago
Man you just distroyed a good car with no way to revert back. If it doesn't fit you must quite!...
Ruff Riffing
Ruff Riffing 28 days ago
Bash bar=Bumper Reinforcement
David Lively
David Lively 29 days ago
CAD: Cardboard-Aided Design. :)
iMaveTube Month ago
Buy on wish.com ?
Abe baker
Abe baker Month ago
I guess you got scammed at this body kit it should not come with this nasty material and finish , next time you buy from China look at the company manufacture and their certificates because a lot of them work at the backyard some where
micheal rucker
micheal rucker Month ago
Would love to have a body kit like this for my 2007 335i sedan!!!
Max C
Max C Month ago
Amazing skills to fibrecate, I would of put petrol on it and burnt it already
Pimf Month ago
look nice but have fun with the next front crash xD
Thunderdome Month ago
how to destroy a good car facepalm......... B is for Bullshit.
Michael Minton
Michael Minton Month ago
$229.00 for the speakers. Thats a hell no,they can keep it. Pay list money for a better brand and sounding speaker.
Internet Marketing Maps
*_Sorry guys, but it's a total abortion... Where did the body kit come from, China?_* 👀😩👎
Leeter Leetersson
video starts at 2:13, you're welcome
ghibo xzx
ghibo xzx Month ago
Ajdin Salkanovic
Im new fan here, and actuqlly im biggest fan now 🤣
George Angelo
George Angelo Month ago
That is the worst body kit ever
StBMW Month ago
I prefer it as it was before.
Murda Muzik
Murda Muzik Month ago
This dude look like Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson
Pet peeve: when people pass off “fender flares” as a “wide body kit” 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
DirtyGarage Month ago
Nothing about this realllly says. I’d get build last few builds haven no budget build good content tho but personally don’t see this been the budget build for the typical guy
Study Gift
Study Gift 2 months ago
That body kit isn’t worth £3500 lol
Whyman1993 2 months ago
Stop mad maxing everything it just looks trash man your better than this ❤️
Jack Sokol
Jack Sokol 2 months ago
this is like the bmw version of the amg c black series
mills 2 months ago
I was paying attention, during the instal, too much material was removed from the bumper, nose grille install, and it botched the fender and hood alignment, basically the bumper was designed as a splitter, splitters protrude more near the road surface, so by chopping off all the material you rolled the bumper downward, which pulls the splitter bottom inward, flexing the light openings further downward, like stretching your face downward beneath your eyes, when the design geometry and physics are compromised, proper fit traded off and more unnecessary corrections to compensate for the initial unnecessary part and body alterations are needed. However, if you were to only install one component at a time, in the optimal order (sometimes this can’t be possible) starting with the hood, and it’s aligned properly, it’s a solid reference point. Then install and align the fenders, and skirts, lastly the bumper cover, which can be nudged for proper fitment before hacking away at the car, and kit.
Teo 2 months ago
Only one question - Why?!!!
Jun Chen
Jun Chen 2 months ago
i want!
Ian King
Ian King 2 months ago
UnknownEvent 2 months ago
Just use some zip tieds and self tapping screws!
Red Badger
Red Badger 2 months ago
it sucks.
Arthur Noelll
Arthur Noelll 2 months ago
That shits hot af
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 2 months ago
the rivets look awesome!
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 2 months ago
Une fois que t aura finis le massacre d une super voiture bmw m3 e92 ta pas envie de me la donner vue que t aura fait largement asser d argent pour acheter autre choses a charcuter je reve de cette voiture a 55 ans et j ai toujours pas les moyent dans avoir une alors dans un élan de bonté tu veux pas me l offrir dieu tant remercira croix moi
Mark Adey
Mark Adey 2 months ago
Kyle cuts away! Oscar fabricates and welds back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Adey
Mark Adey 2 months ago
If Kyle hadn't cut away half the f%$king car, maybe it would have fitted in the first place???
Lucas Jensen
Lucas Jensen 2 months ago
Bruh ik I didn’t just like watch a ad about a magic bracket that will make u ritch💀😂
Kenny Dellinger
Kenny Dellinger 2 months ago
You guys need to share with your subscribers, the link to the widebody kit. I remember it being bought on ebay, but this kit fit like shit for what you guys say you payed. Would be nice for subscribers know who not to buy from, I would hate to see anybody spend that kind of money and get this garbage.
Javier Alomar
Javier Alomar 2 months ago
This guy is always building bullshit cars how in hell does this guy have a US-first channel
josh k
josh k 3 months ago
youtube didnt send me notifications and didnt put the last 7 videos in my recommended :(
adrianreyno1 3 months ago
Always doing awesome work. I love watching your channel.
jonsxd 777
jonsxd 777 3 months ago
Type: „thing“ 15:39
3oHe1 3 months ago
imagine cutting something that can save you life if you crash for 1 garbage bumper
Malaki Fauo’o
Malaki Fauo’o 3 months ago
It’s been a long time since I’ve watched you three go-at-it. I just came back to watching your channel, “B is for Build”, and watched parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of your apocalypse series, single-seater supercar build. I came back after hearing the 1967 name copyright problem- I still feel bad for even though it happened quite some time ago, but not too long ago.
Malaki Fauo’o
Malaki Fauo’o 3 months ago
Woah woah woah... where did you throw that half-speaker the first time you threw it lol. (In my head, he threw it at the ground.)
Alton881 3 months ago
Wygląda jak gówno.
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar 3 months ago
GLI MK7 3 months ago
bro you guys are fuckn nuts this dope
Anton Floor
Anton Floor 3 months ago
Do not paint it grey with blue or your gets ripped of by NFS.
Payton Christopher
Payton Christopher 3 months ago
If someone side swipes him and takes a finder will its gonna rip all three front end body panels off
Babar Abid
Babar Abid 3 months ago
That s honestly the worst looking kit ever, on top of it the entire thing was rushed, could have just gotten a new body kit
Bert Weir
Bert Weir 3 months ago
Couldn't agree more.Looks terrible with all those rivets.Paint is also rubbish.Can't understand all the positive comments.
Playtime Picasso
Playtime Picasso 3 months ago
The E92 looks very unique and very cool, I would definitely love to own that one!
dewayne williams
dewayne williams 3 months ago
I got unsubed?
Kyle McIntyre
Kyle McIntyre 3 months ago
You should look into a hydraulic riveter for upcoming builds. I know it sounds unnecessary but it is totally worth it!!
Scott Wigham
Scott Wigham 3 months ago
Do me a favour, Stop calling a "Wheel Arch" an "Over Fender"
Bruce Pierson
Bruce Pierson 3 months ago
That body kit was absolute junk. Amazing that you could even make it fit with all the work involved.
Jake Brann
Jake Brann 3 months ago
Good thing you guys have a shop because I hope he's ready to put 3 times the amount of that kit into the motor on those stupid cars! Speaking as an owner...
Braedon Shick
Braedon Shick 3 months ago
what about the boattttttt
Terry Weston
Terry Weston 3 months ago
What's going on above the headlights with the bonnet to front wing line?
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez 3 months ago
what a cramped garage. id never be able to work in such a small space, it would drive me nuts. completely removed the entire front impact bar to fit a silly bumper on? come onnnnn
Arthur Louis AMV
Arthur Louis AMV 3 months ago
Why not habe the riveted plates on the inside of the panel??
GT King
GT King 3 months ago
When will u post again 😭
ededdynova 3 months ago
omg trim the inside of the body kit dont keep taking away matal from the impact bar you making the car very less safe in a crash
Jimmy Engdahl
Jimmy Engdahl 3 months ago
Cheap kit with a high price. For that price you should get a lot better kit.
Swamper 3 months ago
Should do a crazy boat build for next spring.
yarkie1 3 months ago
I'm liking it!
Nitr0vr KnightRider
Nitr0vr KnightRider 3 months ago
I'm ready to see some new videos posted, I can't wait to see what's next for all the builds
Christian Ferloni
Christian Ferloni 3 months ago
Can we get some clean builds? I'm tired of seeing cars get ruined in the name of a dumb aesthetic fad.
gio ir
gio ir 3 months ago
u ordered half a car bodykit and 3600 is pretty expensive ?! this is a replica of a 12000$ vorsteiner bodykit
gio ir
gio ir 3 months ago
and btw looks like they sold you m3 sized fenders and non M hood which explains why the fenders are like half an inch taller than the hood
WebbTV 3 months ago
thank youy for changing the theme of the build. im not driving a slammed supercar around during an apocalypse. im getting my hands on a g wagen and bossing around
Dirt bike king
Dirt bike king 3 months ago
When are we going to see the Riva Yacht again???
Tmuns 3 months ago
You can buy the m3 mirror caps on eBay for like $70
SteelBlueBody 3 months ago
The body kit looks amazing on the BMW
sillyXD 3 months ago
The only thing that comes to my mind is seeing a exhaust in those side skirts so basically like a viper exhaust look
Austin Woolery
Austin Woolery 3 months ago
I love the idea of using scrap parts and parts you had laying around to make future builds. As for the apocalypse thing I think you guys should just develop these into your own personal styles and then use the 3 cars to kind of compete somehow?
Creese 3 months ago
Having problems with the body kit because it’s for a E92 M3 which has some different parts to the E92 coupe as some parts are different on the M3
Will Frazier
Will Frazier 3 months ago
Hey can we get an update on B is for Boat?
Aezelll 3 months ago
Boy, there is this huge market out there of people that want body kits. Imagine if a company actually made body kits that fit how many they could sell....
Michael Motors
Michael Motors 3 months ago
Billis 3 months ago
Gotta stop with these apocalypse builds, it's just not worth watching
Hoods kr
Hoods kr 3 months ago
Where can I get a front fender from for a 08’ e92 coupe?
radradroadbot 3 months ago
Track at 12:31 is strait fire. Anyone know what it is.
Reptar 3 months ago
Normalize ricing cars with tasteful mods again.
Products 4Less
Products 4Less 3 months ago
MrMeldarionx 3 months ago
Looks like a $300 kit bought off AliXpress
R G 3 months ago
Go build cars for the next mad max movie, or learn to fiberglass and bodywork you kooks...absolute embarrassment to the industry
R G 3 months ago
1.3m subscribers and you work out of the messiest most disorganized excuse for a workshop, I wouldn’t even put chickens in that shithole. Pull your heads in and get a real shop, organize the place and start doing quality work instead destroying vehicles in this crap hole.
ssantos010287 3 months ago
Point blank you guys are geniuses
Asad Tousif
Asad Tousif 3 months ago
Do another garage tour of your cars. And where you park them
FutureWormfood 3 months ago
Change the channel name NOW. J is for Janky.....This is horrible.....Its going to be horrible.
Midwest Tool Review
Midwest Tool Review 3 months ago
What are the plans for the stock rims and tires? I'd love to get them from you if you're willing to part ways!!!
Kc English
Kc English 3 months ago
Sergeantgrunt 3 months ago
Those headlight pieces look badass. I love how you had to make it work from a POS kit and you get this!
Владимир Макаренко
Nice project, bro, where you buy body kit?
James Baxter
James Baxter 3 months ago
Gotta be one of the shittiest kits I've ever seen!
Tschambes 3 months ago
In Germany fitting a bodykit like this is called "Gebastel" or "Pfusch"
LFA’S Groovepad Remixes
What happened to his FJ Cruiser? Did he sell it?
Kurtis Curtis
Kurtis Curtis 3 months ago
What year and model is the car
Jordan 3 months ago
What’s happening with that supra u said ya got
Ek Seng Ng
Ek Seng Ng 3 months ago
i saw one wide body m3 in my country with a shitty kit..looked worse than stock..
Dayton M
Dayton M 3 months ago
I would be livid if I bought such a poorly designed bodykit. Who makes that so I can trash em?
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I'm a Mobile Game