Building A Custom Single Seater Supercar Part 3 

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In today's episode its part 1 of building out the full cage.
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Jul 21, 2020




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B is for Build
B is for Build 9 months ago
Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/bisforbuild. SimpliSafe is award -winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.
Notorious Z
Notorious Z 9 months ago
Hey Chris I think you should call the one seater wasabi it sounds dope and also what type of engine are you gonna put in it it would be cool if it was a Japanese engine🤷🏻‍♂️
Go electric powerplant.
Terp Tv
Terp Tv 9 months ago
Yea it's too low and too long
andrew gillis
andrew gillis 9 months ago
would you clean, air-blast, or Por-15 the inside of these tubes - while still open-ended? two open ends, obviously?
L B 9 months ago
Would be great to see an update episode on all the old cars and where they are at.
jose gontijo
jose gontijo 14 days ago
is this project still on?
Thaddeus Love
Thaddeus Love 25 days ago
How come you went with tubing for the bottom portion rather than using the Rectangle/same frame you built the top with? It would of been easier and stronger
Brent Anderson
Brent Anderson 5 months ago
Any chance you would sell some of the printed pipe guides?
Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper 5 months ago
2022 Laguna Seca track day with this thing?
dchase20 6 months ago
Its a B22. B is for build and its 22' long!
Yeni Guevara
Yeni Guevara 6 months ago
We’re is the gas tank gonna go?😂
KARTHIK M S 6 months ago
You have welded the uprights. How will you insert the inbetween upright with the notch later on? Won't it block when you try to insert?
Pip Grace
Pip Grace 6 months ago
I have the same vice, that the versa notcher is held with... its ffn great!
GrayRaceCat 7 months ago
Does anyone know what CAD program Chris is using? Thanks
Mr. Quindazzi
Mr. Quindazzi 7 months ago
Simutaneously very cool and very horrifying.
Fariha Sajjad
Fariha Sajjad 7 months ago
codename formula B
Average Floridian
Average Floridian 8 months ago
Watching Chris build a tube frame car is... something else.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 8 months ago
so excited for the progression of this build!
samdeli 8 months ago
B is for Model
Chris Durant
Chris Durant 8 months ago
If this has a 8.4l V10 I will lose it
APEX INDUSTRYS 8 months ago
Please can you use more earphones friendly background tracks please. Lol😂🤙🏾
Ivan Boychuk
Ivan Boychuk 8 months ago
Beautiful video! Shows your amazing 3d skills!
Webbyyy 9 months ago
Butt cage
Zachary Stoll
Zachary Stoll 9 months ago
what software are you using to design all of this?
Jerome Taylor
Jerome Taylor 9 months ago
Heavy brick
Kyle Hunsaker
Kyle Hunsaker 9 months ago
The lack of peripheral vision with the headbar where it is may turn into an issue.
Kamolzaaliite 9 months ago
F for Eleanor
Pim Prijs
Pim Prijs 9 months ago
What does a full project like this cost?
Dylan Descoteaux
Dylan Descoteaux 9 months ago
Well to some the bank is the lawyer 😂
BRS RC 9 months ago
I am so fucking amped on this thing!! I wanna join you guys building some crazy shit! I'm in Oregon as well
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
let's go and max Tamiya racing memories lol btw is that 3d model made from scratch by your team or is it available for download somewhere, because i liked it
Shawn Pavlik
Shawn Pavlik 9 months ago
Lol at your views since the incident
Pepe Puto
Pepe Puto 9 months ago
I love the name 🤣
Suvodeep 9 months ago
please stop talking ... you talk too much.. instead of talking show some work.
NutsandGuts 9 months ago
3:00 is that Maya 3D?
The Viper King
The Viper King 9 months ago
Why no gussets? This is a very small thing you can do to add strength. I built roll cages back in the day. And i put gussets in just about every 90 i could. You might want to add some. And it will help keep some weigth down.
drew baum
drew baum 9 months ago
Where do you get your frame rail?
Bill Greenfield
Bill Greenfield 9 months ago
pt 4 is back to pt 2. where is pt 4
dazzelboy 9 months ago
What design software does he use?
vmoutsop 9 months ago
You do realize the 3 inch clearance is the final clearance after floor boards, body panels, etc. are installed, not the tubes.
chevy and ford
chevy and ford 9 months ago
What app do you use to design you car
William Verdoorn
William Verdoorn 9 months ago
Have you considered learning a different CAD software such as SolidWorks or Fusion 360 that is intended for mechanical engineering? I think that would help going from a computer design to parts in the shop more easily.
Garrett Beck
Garrett Beck 9 months ago
Bro put a cover on that sub panel behind the air compressor
Go electric motor!!
Dillon Thornock
Dillon Thornock 9 months ago
should have made it a 3 seater like the P1 that would be sick.
Edwin H.
Edwin H. 9 months ago
What 3-d rendering program did you use to create this?
M4D_MARK_XTr3Me 9 months ago
I'm just a curious George, but why make your frame and chassis out of heavy steel when you could use lighter carbonfibre or fibreglass or even alloy tubes? Use a tube that's crossweaved for best strength. I mean damn get some pvc piping and make your own fibreglass chassis that way 👍 Don't know why the nose is sailing so high though, looks like it maybe bowed in the middle... Yup 10:30 confirms that synopsis. In an accident that thing is gonna split like the titanic right at the V line. You need to turn those upside down like this 🔼 not this 🔽 As a larger base gives greater support and stability than a narrower one.
John Doe
John Doe 9 months ago
I guess this will be on FailArmy at some point.
Cnoevo Adventures
Cnoevo Adventures 9 months ago
cant wait to see this thing done
Kel Ho
Kel Ho 9 months ago
What s the front/back weigh distribution ratio you are aiming for?
ΛΝDΗΣΣ 9 months ago
with all that high precision cutting tools, and the final cut adjustment were using angle grinder..... the grinder rules!!
indycog 9 months ago
StumblingSTEMPS !
StumblingSTEMPS ! 9 months ago
That thing s going to get high centered so much lol
The Northern-light
The Northern-light 9 months ago
My only question: Where is the fuel going?
Mike Spenser
Mike Spenser 9 months ago
Why is it sooo long???
Ola Skogseth
Ola Skogseth 9 months ago
U deserve way more subs
Car Lover Photography
This build is sick
Ben Robson
Ben Robson 9 months ago
Probably going to drive like a boat unless you increase the track width by like three feet
David Lunny
David Lunny 9 months ago
What is the Cad software you are using?
RacingfortheSon 9 months ago
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 9 months ago
Still so long, but i see it coming together now. Awesome work! 👍
Mark 8 Lifestyle
Mark 8 Lifestyle 9 months ago
Air Bag it!!!
nbwatki 9 months ago
Only took 20 seconds to throw shade love it
Szilveszter Bányai
Szilveszter Bányai 9 months ago
Hi Chris! Next time when you make some frame mirroring and you use 3D printed template use a different shape for holding the tube. If you need I have a bare sample in .stl format and I can send it to you.
James Harcourt-Flynn
No KFC drive through for you bro!
Kenneth Vindas
Kenneth Vindas 9 months ago
All I can think is how the hell is he getting the car out of there 😅
George Cramer
George Cramer 9 months ago
i would have capped the end of the tubes and notched the rear uprights to get the most strength and weld contact surface.
Lionel Moodley
Lionel Moodley 9 months ago
Oscars mustang should be called the Eleanwho
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 9 months ago
LOL, crunchy crunchy point. I love it.
It Sucks To Be You
It Sucks To Be You 9 months ago
Name suggestions?!? Formula B Inline 1B Sinister B 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
Dumpling King
Dumpling King 9 months ago
speed racer
lautaro garcia
lautaro garcia 9 months ago
What program is he using to design the roll cage?
R&D Productions UNLIMITED
Should def talk with a race car or f1 designer cause your head is getting crushed
Ben Dooley
Ben Dooley 9 months ago
Funny, "single seater futuristic cyber rod" is also the name for my... car...
Maaz Patel
Maaz Patel 9 months ago
Reminds me of the bat mobile
E46Kyle 9 months ago
Chris flat out saying don’t even try to steal my shit😂
Jb Breig
Jb Breig 9 months ago
Take a look at triangulating the top cage like you did the bottom
legendmusic 9 months ago
Stunning shots great effort! Does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?
NEROJAN Ravichandran
I love how you can just 3D print the parts you need - pure B is for Build!
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross 9 months ago
Part 4 literally dropped as i was watching the part saying "it was too long, there is a another one tomorrow"
MIguel Faro
MIguel Faro 9 months ago
Conrad B Hansen
Conrad B Hansen 9 months ago
when is part 4 coming out guys im so exited
Robban Sv
Robban Sv 9 months ago
That car looks to have a REALLY long wheelbase.
The Swap Shop
The Swap Shop 9 months ago
Where is the next video??
browncobra33 9 months ago
Where is part 2 lol?? I checked back....and nothing 😂
Tom van der Laan
Tom van der Laan 9 months ago
It’s been more than a day. Where is part 4? 😈
Steve Cleaver
Steve Cleaver 9 months ago
OK ............... So this video came out on 21st July & you said the 2nd part would be out "tomorrow" ie 22nd .......... well, here I am on 23rd & no sign of it .................. Don't tell me that bitch has screwed you AGAIN somehow, even though you're not making anything to do with a Mustang ???????
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 9 months ago
I'm still waiting to see the oscar's mustang completed
Blake Lang
Blake Lang 9 months ago
i still say that you could have made it shorter but yeah
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 9 months ago
Enjoying this build Chris, just wondering if the chassis is too long for a single seater, may be able to get 2 seats on the chassis?
Trevor Mitchell
Trevor Mitchell 9 months ago
This entire video was... tubular!
John Hurst
John Hurst 9 months ago
100% here for this build
Arrow Racing Products
70mm ground clearance for a track car is pretty standard. Cornering though with such a long wheel base..I'm not so sure about that !
andrew gillis
andrew gillis 9 months ago
its not upholstery - not a custom exhaust - it's a car frame & I have never seen something made easier or smarter - Can Am race cars weren't as safe as this will be
Jiří Hradil
Jiří Hradil 9 months ago
Are you sure that you want to have front tyres this wide?
no one
no one 9 months ago
Since it looks like a formula (f1) Name it apocalypse (A1)
Premier Perimeter Mobile Detailing
Is he building a boat trailer?
FUNNYZONE BOY 9 months ago
Is it not to low it is just to long
teamidris 9 months ago
It will be cool, but I can’t get past the square frame rails and their position. It just looks wrong, as though they make the best jig ever and at the end they need cutting out ?
Carl J Morgan
Carl J Morgan 9 months ago
I'm sorry but the wheel base just seems way to long, is this going to be a land speed car or what? I see it high centering alot!
Möebius 2k
Möebius 2k 9 months ago
3.5” of ground clearance at the lowest point is the least I’m comfortable with on a car with half the wheel base of this one but I’m sure you’ll surprise me with the result.
sylatex 9 months ago
You may find this useful for your seat. Formula 1 seat us-first.info/player/video/r6efjGyXeG2ke58.html
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 9 months ago
love B is for Build, but I'm just not feeling this car at all, found it hard to watch this series, I'm more excited for Oscars and Kyles builds
Pocket Change Investments
That thing will get stuck going over a speed bump.