Building A Custom Single Seater Supercar Part 4 

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In todays episode its part 2 of the cage build out on the single seater supercar.
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Jul 23, 2020




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Black Army
Black Army 22 days ago
what happend to this project?
Jovani Avila
Jovani Avila 13 days ago
My question exactly
Shmoe Joedesy
Shmoe Joedesy 25 days ago
wonder when the 5thbpart is gonna come oat.
Its ShaBang
Its ShaBang 29 days ago
Please upload more on this series, so awesome.
Anton Robinson
Anton Robinson Month ago
Whered the rest?
Kolin Brown
Kolin Brown Month ago
Wonder what happened to this build?
Sam Neal
Sam Neal Month ago
anyone else want to see this project continue?
Rider Vrzak
Rider Vrzak Month ago
Me for sure
Kane Howl
Kane Howl Month ago
Can you please come back to this
DEATHSTROKE 2 months ago
When will we see more of this?
@A. Bitzer I'm everywhere brother hahaha
A. Bitzer
A. Bitzer Month ago
You watch more then street bandito videos? #nohairs 😂 But ya, i come back looking for an update on this every couple months
the red bearded fox
the red bearded fox 2 months ago
Can’t even watch this channel anymore. Wish you the best of luck, as I’m unsubscribing.
Kevin Walton
Kevin Walton 2 months ago
Hey Chris, I have just come back to watch B4B after not watching a while. A few questions about you. What training have you in what you do. Please don't tell me you have a long line of letters. Great channel love it.
Pavan pavan
Pavan pavan 2 months ago
Guess this build died
Any chance to get an update on it?
AYOxONE 2 months ago
Any update? kind of invested in this series
TeamYuicyZ32 3 months ago
So I guess we all are just going to forget what’s going on here!!?!? What happened???
kekeberg plays
kekeberg plays 3 months ago
i put a 6 month timer for this project and we had no new episode on this man that makes me sad. well see you in another 6 i guess
Matt Condreay
Matt Condreay 3 months ago
What happened to this
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
Who else is waiting for this to be finished Dude moves on to different projects without fully finishing them
stephen hammer
stephen hammer 3 months ago
Did this ever get finished?
Gaming with taco
Gaming with taco 3 months ago
what ever happened to this ??
Abdullah S
Abdullah S 3 months ago
Building a custom show car*
Devin Robinson Media
Whered this build go??
Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri 3 months ago
part 5?
giovanni wijnholds
giovanni wijnholds 3 months ago
part 5????
darren reichelt
darren reichelt 4 months ago
when's the next episode coming out?
Taylor 4 months ago
Guess this project died.
Dante Alghieri
Dante Alghieri 4 months ago
part 5?
Viler Games
Viler Games 4 months ago
Did you stop building
Jacob Vipperman
Jacob Vipperman 4 months ago
I've been waiting 5 months for another part what happened to this project?
spikemonkey411 4 months ago
Who else wants an update 4 months after this video was posted
Tweako 4 months ago
please revisit this
loading _
loading _ 5 months ago
I hope this gets finished at some point
stellingbanjodude 5 months ago
When is this gonna be coming back ? I really enjoyed this build
Harry Kleinberg
Harry Kleinberg 5 months ago
4 months on and still no part 5
James Guy
James Guy 5 months ago
where is the car?
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 5 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/art9im14mJqirIU.html the prophecy is true.
Joey Wightman
Joey Wightman 5 months ago
Would love to see a part 5 to this build.
MartinTheMad 5 months ago
Is this ever going to be finished? Really keen to see more...
MartinTheMad 4 months ago
@Abdullah S seems like it
Abdullah S
Abdullah S 4 months ago
Daniel Li
Daniel Li 5 months ago
When will you resume on this build
JJ STUDIO 5 months ago
What happened to that build?
Charles Merriweather
Get back on this. The boat is cool. But we come to your channel for car builds.
Robert 5 months ago
When will part 5 release? 😍
Abdullah S
Abdullah S 4 months ago
I wonder Who?
I wonder Who? 6 months ago
13:35 that’s what she said
weatheranddarkness 6 months ago
holy crap are those suspension subframes heavy. You REALLY don't need such enormous quantities of aluminium.
Mason 6 months ago
well this build just dropped off the earth huh.............
Yeni Guevara
Yeni Guevara 6 months ago
Im the next episode was a lie 😂
rabbibaby 6 months ago
So...is this project dead?
Apoorv Bajpai
Apoorv Bajpai 6 months ago
is this build canceled? literally no updates for months!
Shane Griffith
Shane Griffith 6 months ago
Any new news on this build?
Radical Filmz
Radical Filmz 6 months ago
So what’s going on with this thing nothings been done to it in two months damn I liked this build was really looking forward to it
Meme-onardo DiCaprio
What happened to this build!???
RolandAshcroft 7 months ago
What happened to this build ?
Jay Davis
Jay Davis 7 months ago
When are we going to see this completed?
JustAnother FNG
JustAnother FNG 7 months ago
What happened to this series??
Mr. Quindazzi
Mr. Quindazzi 7 months ago
No sanctioning body or race track would let this thing run on it. I mean, the whole project is cool, but that main hoop is deficient in the extreme. Also, it would be easy to make that shape as one continous piece.
trey 7 months ago
when is next episode coming out???
tyran melancon
tyran melancon 7 months ago
Patiently waiting for the next part 🤔
Jobe Joseph
Jobe Joseph 7 months ago
I have a 93 corolla atm japan import, can i use USA drive shaft to replace my bad one? the import is right hand drive and USA is left. vin is AE100-003234 or AE100-AEHNK
Ludwig Koppar
Ludwig Koppar 7 months ago
Any update on this build?
Shajeeb Sadat
Shajeeb Sadat 7 months ago
Thats it?
Amar Chahal
Amar Chahal 7 months ago
wheres the next part?
drew baum
drew baum 8 months ago
Where’s part 5?????
David Sears
David Sears 8 months ago
When are u making another video on the supercar
james mcinherney
james mcinherney 8 months ago
What design program did you use?
MÛŠÏÇ Plus 8 months ago
Waitin to see the newer episodes like a 5 yo
Kiefer van den Berg
Kiefer van den Berg 8 months ago
1000th comment
Redbullracing 2.0
Redbullracing 2.0 8 months ago
Will this car be street legal?
I M 8 months ago
Whens part 5??
Jason Parton
Jason Parton 8 months ago
Whats going on with the single seater build its been a month since we seen the last vid
Chris Rios
Chris Rios 8 months ago
You should do something like this for the suspension facebook.com/anylevellift/videos/306094433810072/?vh=e&extid=c9NSMvOYyDXeEbWd&d=n
David Sears
David Sears 8 months ago
When are you going to put out another video on this super car
J W 8 months ago
You do not have a crumble zone in the front vehicle to absorb energy during a crash.
Colin Foley
Colin Foley 8 months ago
Any update on this?
Erik Gee
Erik Gee 8 months ago
This kinda looks like the new Delage D12 :)
xcube sala
xcube sala 8 months ago
Inspiration! us-first.info/player/video/o62emIZ4l41-Z5s.html
drew baum
drew baum 8 months ago
Where’s part 5? It’s been over 3 weeks!
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 9 months ago
Should have bought a chassis. That already is waaay too heavy with zero visibility
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 9 months ago
Get Brent from PFI speed to do Dyno on your project burnt a con he’s a great guy as you will know . Do cal lab to re mote tune it over the web or i am sure you are bound to know someone cheers
Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn 9 months ago
What percentage of gross income goes to charity with Omaze?
Ramon Navarro
Ramon Navarro 9 months ago
This is bad ass, but I dare you to do a DeLorean build and then make it fast you'd get a lot more views from that than this, no one has done it properly everyone else just makes replicas or replicas of the hero car from BTF 1 or have a really short video where they just talk about it or talked about having it done. Everyone will love you for this if you accept. Do it
NoSnap 9 months ago
Would it be difficult to make ground effect? That would be genuenly cool
Zoe Lodai
Zoe Lodai 9 months ago
When are we getting a fifth ep
Axel 9 months ago
this is how an f1 team is born
iNVERT UK 9 months ago
ok i have a few questions 1. why is the wheelbase so long? secondly none of that looks safe
EraPrestigeX 9 months ago
Cant sharper bends be done by relief cutting?
derek grant
derek grant 9 months ago
Man you'll got to shorten this thing cut and mend it please dear god
Wian Nel
Wian Nel 9 months ago
This thing is HUGE
Bloody Soul
Bloody Soul 9 months ago
To everyone saying that it will be to heavy there are a ton of power mods for the LS and you could easily get 600-700 reliably
Pim Prijs
Pim Prijs 9 months ago
This is litterally a dream of mine to make it myself
john milligan
john milligan 9 months ago
I love this. As for Post Apocalypse...no one ever said that the apocalypse couldn't be futuristic..maybe it's post-apocalyptic when we have been rebuilding...almost cyberpunk. I like it.
TR Johnson
TR Johnson 9 months ago
I really believe that you would benefit from a few chalk lines on the ground, and a plumb bob. Then you could check your work. Don’t get me wrong, and I love the build. However I really wish you would have bent that tube, but it’s your ride, so do you! Good luck!
Conrad B Hansen
Conrad B Hansen 9 months ago
hello when is the next vid out
Mr E
Mr E 9 months ago
ha ha .. this reminds me of the time i helped paint my brothers car with a paint roller.. this guy should stick to his office job and leave the mechanical stuff to those who are capable.. its all good though whatever floats your boat my friend \
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar 9 months ago
DEATHSTROKE 9 months ago
I'm not a professional so I have no complaints on your build
Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan 9 months ago
Please reinforce the bottom half a little more!
brian allen
brian allen 9 months ago
@B is for Build Chris, this has been said over and over in the comments. I dig your builds and concepts, but you lost me on this one. Seriously consider a little more research on cage design. All the dead end tubes, miter cut tubes for bends, and lack of triangulation is a huge safety concern. Also, grinding your welds is a no go. It may make it look better, but the weld needs to be completely intact. If you don't like the way it looks, you should practice a little more or let Oscar weld it out for you until you are confident in your ability. This build had the chance to be something amazing, but you are missing the mark on it now. Please take what a lot of people are telling you to heart. Normally, its usually just one or 2 haters in the bunch, but as you can tell we are concerned.
Katjuscha 4
Katjuscha 4 9 months ago
Why is it so huuugggeee
The Viper King
The Viper King 9 months ago
Your not going to be able to drive it anyhow. Because it's going to high side on every little bump. So safety is not a big deal. Should have put a little more thought into the wheelbase and ride height. But it's still going to get some looks at the shows.
11jpmarshall 9 months ago
What happened to the Lambo? Are you going to ever show it making some runs?
Evl SC400
Evl SC400 9 months ago
Make an Escudo Pikes Peak replica...