Building A Custom Single Seater Supercar Part 2 

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In today's episode we're finishing our frame and installing our suspension so we have a rolling chassis! Download the eBay Motors app now! ebayvehicle.com/app/BisforBuild
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Jun 19, 2020




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T2Tabb 3 months ago
Compare this wheelbase to current F1 cars...I bet its close!
GrayRaceCat 7 months ago
Chris, @19:41 leave out the coil-overs until final assembly, use adjustable spacer rods instead to mockup the desired ride height. Also, you've done it again! No one uses a flat frame! Frames are always notched to accommodate the additional height of the subframe mounts. That said you could leave the frame rails where they are and drop the driver capsule floor and frame to the clearance you want, it may even add rigidity to the chassis. By the way, you do this type of work often enough to justify having a Frame Jig or Frame Table now.
Mr. Quindazzi
Mr. Quindazzi 7 months ago
Just starting this series. Can't wait to see when he relaizes the frame is mounted to the subframes completely wrong. I mean, unless the framerail is meant to be at the beltline.
O . K
O . K 7 months ago
........3 months later
Evloftis 7 months ago
what you doin building a truck with that long of a wheel base
Dean Scott
Dean Scott 8 months ago
Your not a professional?? I'd let you weld my tank 🤣🤣
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker 8 months ago
I think we have a totally different idea of what a "post-apocalyptic" world will be like! Lol
Tyler Baca
Tyler Baca 8 months ago
“You don’t need that much clearance in the front of a car” *laughs in steep driveway*
Nathanael 8 months ago
Basically McLaren MP4-X. So cool though!
TuViejaProductions JB
It is high dude
Juan Mata
Juan Mata 9 months ago
Man your a beast
drew baum
drew baum 9 months ago
F*ck it just build your own suspension, IndyCar style! drop that front end to the ground!!!
Awesomeali Music
Awesomeali Music 9 months ago
How about a 6x6 that would be mad 🔥🔥
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 9 months ago
You're so close to building a Batmobile...just sayin!
Matthew Mazzella
Matthew Mazzella 9 months ago
Might wanna maybe put 4 wheel steering on that 🤔 😀🤣🤣
Matthew Mazzella
Matthew Mazzella 9 months ago
Not much of an Apocalypse vehicle 🤔 Just say hey guys I'm building something for Sema bc that's all I do now. And the other guys are building Apocalypse cars...lmfao 🤣🤣
Matthew Mazzella
Matthew Mazzella 9 months ago
You just happened to have those parts laying around....lmfao Right!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
George Allen
George Allen 9 months ago
less talk more work
Bobcdn 9 months ago
Watching you lay these things out makes me think you would benefit from a construction laser (you mentioned lasers). Would be good for you to measure off to get parallel also gives you a right angle to use and show that your cement floor is only level-ish. Lots of other uses as well!
Juha 9 months ago
the music is so heckin loud its annoying
Darrell Baker
Darrell Baker 9 months ago
B is for build ....let me say, you are doing an amazing job and I watch all of your videos. But, coming from a guy that cars has been his passion and has built many. You definitely have the brains on the designs. You have the biggest potential of becoming one of the greatest..like Boyds Coddington, Chip Fosse, or my favorite..Jesse James. I see all of this in you, if you would gain the knowledge of hands on tools, Old School Car lingo, sheet metal working, welding, and so on. I do appreciate your content, and think you are doing an amazing job. I only express this because sometimes I feel like you are only technically smart but sometimes you prove otherwise. I know that once you master the other skills, you will become one of the greatest! Looking forward to more videos from you. I am definitely one of your fans😎
The Suck
The Suck 9 months ago
no pushrods?
Frank Abbott
Frank Abbott 9 months ago
single seater custom secret sema build?🤔
c k
c k 10 months ago
Fuuuck this channels builds have gone down hill since Eleanor was repo'd
77777Carlo 10 months ago
No updates?
Shinigami Lee
Shinigami Lee 10 months ago
It's the poor craftsman that blames the tools. Nah, I'm just kidding. The better the tools the better the job. 🤫
GRG AUTOMOTIVE 10 months ago
Whens the next video im dying to see an update. You have an amazing eye for the unique and i cant wait to see this thing take shape so we can start to see the real world look of it
Tc Womack
Tc Womack 10 months ago
Every car would be named after the one that was stolen.
KillSpawn47 10 months ago
Damn can’t wait to see the rest
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 10 months ago
Do the other 2 guys have their own channels?
Craig Caggiano
Craig Caggiano 10 months ago
Very cool single seater frame with Corvette suspension. Way to go with all the builds ..
FRANK L 10 months ago
First finish oscars car dude
Fothermucker! 10 months ago
He had ride an Indy car but have no idea how low the frame is? cringeworthy
cheyenne 10 months ago
I knew I'd heard your voice before on a Jimmy John's commercial
Eric Huff
Eric Huff 10 months ago
Watch at 2X speed, you're welcome
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 10 months ago
Holy O_O that wheel base is so long
Jordan Mewhorter
Jordan Mewhorter 10 months ago
I was just gonna compliment your welds, but looks like you did it for me
jake stewart
jake stewart 10 months ago
best boat trailer ever
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot 10 months ago
Dang, he will be needing an steering angle kit, or he won't be able to take a tight turn ! 😁
Dorifto_z31 10 months ago
I feel like those subframes are way to low
Shawn Hasenbalg
Shawn Hasenbalg 10 months ago
So I'm picturing like a hot rod style F1 car, please put a fighter jet dome on it, if it works with your plans at all
Apoapsis Gaming
Apoapsis Gaming 10 months ago
It looks to me like the front and rear sections need to be raised several inches. somewhat reminiscent of the 240 z chassis.
Bradley Stephens
Bradley Stephens 10 months ago
All wheel steering would be helpful...
Ahmed AG
Ahmed AG 10 months ago
how about you put a boat on top of it and make it road boat 🤔 I know it's crazy but in my head it works 😂😂
Jamie Powers
Jamie Powers 10 months ago
Will this actually get driven or just another yt stunt
Randy Le
Randy Le 10 months ago
Top speed over 305mph plz break the record
Luke Frampton
Luke Frampton 10 months ago
It it a limousine
fakeshemp44 10 months ago
*Wants to build concept car. **BUILDS TRUCK FRAME.
James Harcourt-Flynn
James Harcourt-Flynn 10 months ago
"We probably wont need it"....famous last words chris!
Colin Temporal
Colin Temporal 10 months ago
It's not available in the uk ... why not
Alf 10 months ago
How come the chassis is so high ?
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon 10 months ago
I would put sleeves through the tube for the bolts in the front to prevent crushing the tube
Diego Vazquez
Diego Vazquez 10 months ago
Why the car needs to be so long? It gives you more stability or something?
HotRodder47 10 months ago
Rendering looks like a futuristic f1 meets Le Mans race car really cool
Victor Alexander
Victor Alexander 10 months ago
Hey Chris I think you should consider the placement of the engine..... Because with the single seater and the engine in the front, the tunnel will interfere with the driving position.
Tony montana
Tony montana 10 months ago
would'nt it be much more lower if you did a cantilever suspension setup?
Holieocorneious Gerhart
B is for bus, or short bus maybe. The frame should fit a bus.
Tyler Benjamin
Tyler Benjamin 10 months ago
Air suspension? Cause I’m struggling to figure out how you’re going to have enough clearance to get anywhere
Max Derinskiy
Max Derinskiy 10 months ago
Chris, shorten the wheelbase. It’s way too long.
Max Derinskiy
Max Derinskiy 10 months ago
Doohickey: a name for something that you don’t know the name for.
Cody Schoonover
Cody Schoonover 10 months ago
There also them thingamajigs
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 months ago
What about drop down spindles?
Richard Pugh
Richard Pugh 10 months ago
B is for Billinor 😁
Jeremy Sutton
Jeremy Sutton 10 months ago
*dont flame me, haven’t watched the full video yet, only at you showing the suspension mounts* please tell me you’re ditching the leaf springs. EDIT: thank god you’re ditching them archaic things lol
Piotr N
Piotr N 10 months ago
Naprawdę jesteście pozytywnie zwariowani.Co tydzień z niecierpliwością czekam na nowy materiał.Pozdrowienia z Polski.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rusted Bolts & Buckets
I have a 2018 mustang gt rear and front suspension. The rear is fine as it just a subframe that bolts on but the front need one of these front alignment brackets to get the geometry correct. Do they make these for mustang?
Lawrence Powell
Lawrence Powell 10 months ago
So... You're off the height of the suspension brackets!
internet person
internet person 10 months ago
Diego Garcia Guzman
Diego Garcia Guzman 10 months ago
You should build an EVO X
Clayton White
Clayton White 10 months ago
Me again. If you could move your front mounting rails above the frame rails that will set your roll centre lower for handling and overall height. your rear end also needs to be higher than the front for straight line stability. Rear also needs to be wider than the front. It looks less right about now. I have loved watching so much of your stuff. Too many regs in Oz that stop us from doing similar projects
Cocina fácil En casa
Cocina fácil En casa 10 months ago
Better yet, the piece that you welded on the sides need to be in a 30 degree angle or so that way it will drop a little bit.
GermanTopGameTV 10 months ago
May I ask: WHYYYY?? It's huge! Have you ever seen a race car? They are tiny. Every little bit of space that can be saved is saved, because it makes the car lighter. This looks like someone is building a U-Haul truck. Stop it. Get some help.
Zebpro 10 months ago
The purple design is a win for me! Just saying... :-p
Asyr0n Gaming
Asyr0n Gaming 10 months ago
I would build a Frickin C5 Towtruck with crazy long frame... Would look sick. Imagine C5 front with a Towtruck rearend 😅
Steven Koby
Steven Koby 10 months ago
Just subscribed.
Dean Cavander
Dean Cavander 10 months ago
I am wondering if it's street legal when done.
Anthony Baldino
Anthony Baldino 10 months ago
Why didn't you Z the frame to get it even lower?
-Buddy 10 months ago
I love that you didnt sell out like do it with dan or whatever the fuck that lime sticks name is
Pearce The Hood Hippie
Man you really needed a jig to clamp that frame in place.
Opxchild 10 months ago
Make it shorter cuz that shit to long
Tom Adkins
Tom Adkins 10 months ago
Eleanor is a bitch, not a unicorn. Prolly only referred to as unicorn in remake bc...it’s copyright?? Amazing you can copyright a concept with name and anything relative to mustang named Eleanor is infringement. Keep on keeping on!
ascco-automotive 10 months ago
How can a car dealer sell elenor cars , (desert private collection) .com. www.desertprivatecollection.com/?showall=true I have 2 cars that I now call elenor, what.... Are they gonna come take them? :actually one had become a piece crap lately , so I been calling it Denise . so I can build the car but name it Dave and everything is all good .
Sergeantgrunt 10 months ago
Do me a favor and do not make the Ampliforms popular. I'd rather not have a bunch of people running them.
Kyle Hunsaker
Kyle Hunsaker 10 months ago
What ever happened to the mustang gt body swap? I know Chris said he was going to give a video update but I still haven't seen anything.
Teshire 10 months ago
Would be good to invest in drop knuckles for the front, Also help get some more angle to turn that behemoth of a thing. maybe Taylor ray could help out, He knows a thing or 2 about c5 suspension 😅
Maxwell Haywood
Maxwell Haywood 10 months ago
So... A ladder frame "supercar..." We'll see how that goes...
TJ's Channel
TJ's Channel 10 months ago
Cool car for sure. Not sure how it this is an Armageddon build. Same For the others. Just call it road racers or fast and fur.... wait. Don’t call it that. For heavens sake. Don’t say that.
Diane Price
Diane Price 10 months ago
cool ! im like this build hope see Moore of the build
TheRealThrowed101 10 months ago
Time for another channel D is for Drive where you drive all these monsters you build
Mohanned albeik
Mohanned albeik 10 months ago
Name this car CSSS GT and anyone, anyone who comes any close to this name take his build and all his savings.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 10 months ago
This build ia awesome and rendering you showed at the end is amazing looking!
爱 Lee Moo Eez
爱 Lee Moo Eez 10 months ago
The frame need complete reworked design to make everything fit😂
Lance Ladewig
Lance Ladewig 10 months ago
Crush sleeves through the frame might be a good idea
bgurtek 10 months ago
With such a spacious wheelbase, how about a jacuzzi amidships?
SopelXL 10 months ago
OMG i cant even say how cool is this project! i wish to do such mobile some day...
Mauricio González
Mauricio González 10 months ago
Jaroslav Richters
Jaroslav Richters 10 months ago
Just make sure you accidentally don't build something copyrighted 😂
jredmon86 10 months ago
If you can't get a shorter coilover setup you can always get drop knuckles.
zoom ev
zoom ev 10 months ago
b is for botched
Daniel Muldowney
Daniel Muldowney 10 months ago
Put it on bags so u can lift it a little of needed but can still slam it
bloubloura 27
bloubloura 27 10 months ago
So exited to see the final resalt