Building a 12 Point Roll Cage in the Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan 

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In todays episode we're building a roll cage!
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Jan 25, 2021




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Skulljeep 22 days ago
So they didnt die in a place crash, which means no Chris Fix or Rob Dahm... I would dig that collab though and still keep our crew for B is for Build. lol
1frxns1 23 days ago
Won't you have corrosion problems overtime joining steel to aluminum?...
Andre Wasp
Andre Wasp 24 days ago
What’s going on with the boat?
Brucky Month ago
for the main rear hoop you could have gotten away with putting it in with taking the roof off or cutting the floor like you did. By cutting the uprights shorter and sleeveing the feet with a slightly larger pipe. then slid it to adjust the height and weld it insitu.
420people 2 months ago
Ironic when he mentioned the fact that a straight bar at roof height for the halo was stronger. Hard turns/bends with a miniscule radius are definitely weaker. But an arch with a long radius is one of the strongest shapes in nature. Even the Super Trofeo has an arched halo for this exact reason. Turns out, those Romans were really onto something!
these PA parts
these PA parts 3 months ago
Imagine the world's first desil off road Lamborghini huracan
TPHVICTIMS 3 months ago
Steve Hewitt
Steve Hewitt 3 months ago
Why don't you rase the front of the seat? That will tilt the back of the seat...
Diego Alejandro Guillier Ramirez
after all , can you still get in? jajaj
Jordi lopez
Jordi lopez 3 months ago
Do you have or do you plan to make a video about the direction?
Dann Mohr
Dann Mohr 3 months ago
A Lamborghini off-roadie, hmmmmmmmm👍👍👍👍😎
damascusblade 3 months ago
Please listen to those of us who've been there and done that. You're insane if you don't use the extra time you've been allotted due to the race postponement to figure out a way to lower the floor and make room for a proper suspension seat.
Buildin' Whatever
Buildin' Whatever 3 months ago
Not sure how you plan to weld out those tubes that are right against the roof line.
jose da costa
jose da costa 3 months ago
What about welding the roll cage 360 degrees inside the cabin ? Surely not poss if roof doesn’t come off? What am I missing
Andarilho Black Pill Imortal
Forsaken Ace
Forsaken Ace 3 months ago
I’m glad the mint got delayed. They did great with the burntican but I feel like it was rushed and is more for a statement and eye candy than performance on the track.
harrison256 3 months ago
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 months ago
Engines aren’t in yet
supercar society RatedEX
Broke Dad’s Garage
Could you not lower the floor to allow the space needed for the seat ?
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 3 months ago
For helmet clearance, you need a "Gurney bubble," like the old GT40s. Then maybe there would be more room for a suspension seat.
Anthony Hak
Anthony Hak 3 months ago
you motivated me to do my own project check it out on my channel
Peter Przybyla
Peter Przybyla 3 months ago
Have you considered a gurney bubble in the roof? That would give you the clearance you need and allow a softer riding seat.
Brian Sowers
Brian Sowers 3 months ago
That’s a zagato bubble. Gurney stole the idea.
SFL RC24 3 months ago
Just saw the Burntican in a Road & Track article. Congrats.
daniel jones
daniel jones 3 months ago
Hey have you tried a diamond blade for your chopsaw instead of the resin carbon discs They last longer and have less flex
Rich's Rides
Rich's Rides 3 months ago
Gutted that the Mint got delayed, but now you have all the time you'll ever need to smash this one out of the park, B is For The Win !
MrJy93 3 months ago
just throw some RZR seats in there.
Rcs711 3 months ago
I'm sure someone has already said this, but you shouldn't have any ground clearance issues. Just cut the floorboards and lower the mounting point for the seats.
Craig Dry
Craig Dry 3 months ago
Love this video Great job I was in steel fabrication while serving in the U.S . Navy. One of the first things they showed us is a piece of steel welded to aluminum. This is done with a dielectric strip . They use this to weld the superstructure (made with aluminum) of an aircraft carrier to the deck.
Tyler Weinhagen
Tyler Weinhagen 3 months ago
wheres the boat? :(
A Gavin
A Gavin 3 months ago
Hopefully you wront have to test how secure that role cage is
ABDUL Rehman
ABDUL Rehman 3 months ago
Mustang project ???????????
Sam Cregan
Sam Cregan 3 months ago
Why not chop and raise the roof?
Myke Rayven Villanueva
Chris I'm waiting on repainting Oscar's Mustang
Dom 7
Dom 7 3 months ago
You Must cut out the plate for the right a polar under the plate is the Second vin number from your car ! Later you became problems by the proving of you car and registration by the race/ road registration
Jacob R
Jacob R 3 months ago
From someone who lives in Nevada first, thank you for saying the name right, and second the restrictions suck when it comes to any public events normally we’d have a bunch of motorsports stuff and COVID has stopped it all
Jim H
Jim H 3 months ago
I'm just so amazed this level of work can be done in a small home garage!
Never Give Up
Never Give Up 3 months ago
what happened to the boat ? Is it on another channel ?
Justin Deo
Justin Deo 3 months ago
Go full alex choi
Tyrel Thibault
Tyrel Thibault 3 months ago
I would recommend doing anything to get suspension seats
Coty Ford
Coty Ford 3 months ago
you should put half fenders on the front edge of the door like an rc buggy, protect the 4000 dollar doors lol
Francisco Grullon
Francisco Grullon 3 months ago
Every car youtuber has that one extra guy around the shop!!! Oscar puts them all to shame!!!
Joseph Pressinger
Joseph Pressinger 3 months ago
this needs rgb lighting in the engine bay. that grouped with a whopping sound system and a surfboard rack would seriously make it the world's coolest lamborghini!!
David Lavalle
David Lavalle 3 months ago
The build is pretty cool I would have considered an exocage it would have protected the shell first obstacle you hit or hits you is going to destroy that tub
Mr. Fixit Esq.
Mr. Fixit Esq. 3 months ago
Couldn’t they do a subfloor for the seat to get the clearance? You might need to get a custom seat worst case scenario.
Martinus Strydom
Martinus Strydom 3 months ago
Can we have vids more frequently
anesh Sookhayee
anesh Sookhayee 3 months ago
Hi chris grate work and also can you give us an update on all the cars
Lea Greenway
Lea Greenway 3 months ago
Is there anyway you could drop the floor where the drivers seat will go reinforce it and put suspension in
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 3 months ago
Roll cage looks great!
William Hutchinson
William Hutchinson 3 months ago
Can't wait for the LS boat content 👌👌
SuperTekBoy 3 months ago
That cage looks awesome. :)
Water Lover
Water Lover 3 months ago
I need Oscar so he can build me a roll age for my mini
Censored 1
Censored 1 3 months ago
You're gonna need a Welder and a lot of confidence....Truth Bomb Dropped haha
che astbury
che astbury 3 months ago
I like the lamp haha
David Voinskiy
David Voinskiy 3 months ago
What if you did like a custom double roof scoop so that you can clearance your head and get more space in there ?
Drew Miller
Drew Miller 3 months ago
covid is fake
Billy Gribble
Billy Gribble 3 months ago
Because of covid lol. I'm so sick of that fake shit...that word isn't used in my house.
_car-enthusiasts_ 3 months ago
Bolt the front of the seat to a hinge and weld shocks to the back of the seat🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️not alot of travel but something is better than nothing
futte2303 #shquad
futte2303 #shquad 3 months ago
What abaut The boat
Andrew Mohamed
Andrew Mohamed 3 months ago
Finally !!!!
rien smeets
rien smeets 3 months ago
Imaging doing this with a ferrari
Josh C
Josh C 3 months ago
One more time for the people in the back... "PLEASE GET NEW AND BETTER TIMELAPSE MUSIC" the same damn songs all the time
Jack Mossman
Jack Mossman 3 months ago
Good to see actual progress on things that will be important during tech. Still interested to see how the rear axle will clear the frame at droop
Rowan Emerick
Rowan Emerick 3 months ago
Ryan fritz
Ryan fritz 3 months ago
Just 1 door bar? At the very least x bar it since its a race car. Honestly should have been Nascar style door bar on the driver side.
Don Broach v8sten
Don Broach v8sten 3 months ago
You are going to hate life with those seats. They are going to beat the hell out of you. Look into suspension seats. Those are like sitting in a trampoline
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg 3 months ago
Why don’t you make your roll cage go through the roof and effectively be outside and cut holes in the roof to let the bars through
DANNY R 3 months ago
It's gonna look sick! I think you should paint it yellow n black when you put the Lambo body on it!
Stephen Gutsch
Stephen Gutsch 3 months ago
You guys better pack an inversion table with you when you go to race that thing without suspension seats, it’ll make it so much better for you otherwise you’re just gonna keep compressing your spine and cause injuries.
Richrd Lewis
Richrd Lewis 3 months ago
Covid, what covid?
Car Lover Photography
Could have just bought a urus
armando patane
armando patane 3 months ago
Y’all are quite the fabricaters
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 3 months ago
He goes “we have drawings of the cage” and then proceeds to make mistake after mistake and waste tubes by winging it. H is for Hackjob at best
HvT 3 months ago
Even if I had hair, I would shave it off.
Tom Lauda
Tom Lauda 3 months ago
the most interesting build since... you know, the one who shall not be named.
Tom Y
Tom Y 3 months ago
You should design some sort of removable screen for road driving. Like 20+ bolts holding on some Lexan. Then remove for rally.
Romanus Chukwu
Romanus Chukwu 3 months ago
I was thinking If possible you get a custom seat with the suspension located beside (two side) or behind the seat With extra damper below, that will give you more head room on like the conversational race seat suspension located below the seat
Jan Ivo
Jan Ivo 3 months ago
I think you should cut a hole in the roof and make it like the old 70s racecars with a little bubble cutout above your head so that it fits. Not only is it practical and you can reuse the seats it also makes it look cooler
Twoedged Sword
Twoedged Sword 3 months ago
Need to drop the floor pan a few inches to make room for a suspension seat.
Ahmet Cem TURAN
Ahmet Cem TURAN 3 months ago
Time to create a "Gurney bubble" like in the Daytona Cobra for Dan Gurney.
Filip Johansson
Filip Johansson 3 months ago
what happened with the custom single seat race car? don't get me wrong I love the off-road huracan videos but I was really exited about the single seater
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 3 months ago
Look at Kibbetech YT page on their off road cages/trophy truck tube frame builds for more ideas on the roll cage and tips/tricks.
Black Storm
Black Storm 3 months ago
This is gonna be a stiff boi
Christopher DuBrul
Christopher DuBrul 3 months ago
With the amount of body rigidity you are throwing on this thing, I hope the motor you throw in it is constantly trying to twist this thing into a pretzel.
UncleJoe 3 months ago
Ok...so you're building a Batmobile...love it!
frederic rike
frederic rike 3 months ago
Are you trying to tell us "B is for Butt Bashers"? Just a question; You are thinking the "DOM" isn't very special? Did you see the invoice for the tube you bought? Drawn Over Mandrel tubing, size for size ain't cheap in Dallas , Texas. Having rethought my opening crack and been out boonie bashing a time of three, I thought I'd suggest 1 1/2" thick gel pads for seat bottoms, like the ones for wheelchair bound patients. It might save you and co pilot from becoming chair bound your selves.
Austin_dyer18 3 months ago
The suspension seat is so when you bottom the car out it gives your body a place to go making the strain on your back less
Austin_dyer18 3 months ago
The suspension seat is so when you bottom the car out it gives your body a place to go making the strain on your back less
Austin_dyer18 3 months ago
You better build the rear of that car stronger to take being rear ended cause if you don’t hear the siren they will smash into the back of you to let you know to move out the way
Ontarionorther Boys
Ontarionorther Boys 3 months ago
What happened with the boat or did that project fail too?
Austin_dyer18 3 months ago
Chromoly tubing if your real baller
Austin_dyer18 3 months ago
Chromoly tubing if your real baller
Randy Hurst
Randy Hurst 3 months ago
Anybody else missing the boat vids??
Shawn Wiedner
Shawn Wiedner 3 months ago
I missed you guys...
Ryan Kiroff
Ryan Kiroff 3 months ago
idk if he simply just loves it or what but im really wondering when hes going to update his super pixelated intro
Twisted SxS
Twisted SxS 3 months ago
Should have enough room under car to counter sink a seat into the floor no?? Kinda wish Alex showed how to bend a bit more. I’m building a budget SXS from scratch always like to learn more about bending and notching. As always though great video!
Mason jessey
Mason jessey 3 months ago
Hey what’s stoping you from fabing a pocket for the seat to sit down in? Saying if it follows the rules but it’s not a part of the roll bar system, you could easily make a 1.5 pocket and than have plenty of room and pitch it so you can lean back and than go under and just reinforce the whole area, Gat back with me thanks.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 3 months ago
Please do what you have to do to use the suspension seat! I'd hate to see you guys have permanent injuries. No reason for that.
tim mckinney
tim mckinney 3 months ago
Cut a hole in the floor drop your suspension for seat down in a tub
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 3 months ago
Where are the Texas Speed engines for that boat?
Dawson Jobe
Dawson Jobe 3 months ago
With the problem of tight seating and no room for suspension seating have you considered cutting out the floor more in order to create a new lower floor that could fit a better seat.