Building A Custom Single Seater Supercar!! 

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In todays episode were kicking off my 2020 SEMA build, a custom single seater supercar, built out of spare parts we had laying around the shop.

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Jun 9, 2020




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Eshan Divecha
Eshan Divecha 2 months ago
can we have an update on this
Jason Cousins
Jason Cousins 2 months ago
Where's 'building a custom single seater supercar part 5' episode? Please someone help, I was really enjoying this series???
The Weekend Warrior
The Weekend Warrior 2 months ago
This is outrageous. They may own the copyright for the name and the look even, but then they would ask for the name to be changed and the look to be altered, but what's the nonsense about "owning the car"??????? I REALLY hope this gets corrected some way. This is not rightful or fair by any means. There should be something to be done here to get the car back!!!!!!
Shine Automotive
Shine Automotive 3 months ago
update please buddy
Lukas Nus
Lukas Nus 4 months ago
Where is it? Hmmmm...
Shlanga 4 months ago
Tbh to me the car looks more like formula 1 older brother 🤷‍♂️
Simon Buttle
Simon Buttle 5 months ago
It looks like a Caparo T1, good luck with the build though.
henry diehard
henry diehard 5 months ago
Know what would be world breaking if you made the frs brz or 86 rear engine rear drive
henry diehard
henry diehard 5 months ago
Hey what if we make the next 2022 brz or the next 86 type R I have some ideas but don't know how to do it maybe you can do it im talking about taking headlights taillights from other car and complete put it in the brz
caleb foley
caleb foley 5 months ago
Ever gonna finish this one?
Bobby Broone
Bobby Broone 4 months ago
Hell no
A.J.R 5 months ago
When you building at IT again
Fernando Canchola
Fernando Canchola 5 months ago
Is this build still going on? Haven’t seen any update on it
David Sears
David Sears 5 months ago
When is the next supercar video coming out
KenPenny Penz
KenPenny Penz 5 months ago
Im kinda annoyed soo much talking dum b dpnt like vid stupid
weatheranddarkness 6 months ago
that corvette basically has two chassis
KARTHIK M S 6 months ago
Very nice plan. I suggest you to not color damaged. Make it elegant and streak
Kudahuncho 6 months ago
which software did you use to design your car?
tyler dunn
tyler dunn 7 months ago
what software was used to build this
Brand 7 months ago
this is clearly and blatantly the Mclaren MP4-X 2025 concept car cause I remember the front wheel fenders and enclosed canopy and rear wing which later was repainted to be the Mclaren F1 X2 concept car which was re-liveried in 2018 though I applaud your CAD skills for making a Fan-created 3D model. Though I'm afraid you missed something. it's this one part that you stick on the CAD work that every creator needs if they do it right. it's just this HUGE sticker called "I LIKE PLAGIARISM".
SgtBradleySean 7 months ago
What happened to this car?!?!?!?!? Over 3 months and no update :(
Abdullah Asif
Abdullah Asif 8 months ago
Can someone please help me !!! I love designing cars on pencil paper but I want to try using a software, very confused how and where to begin with ... Please help me out i love suggestions 💓
Sir Metwurst
Sir Metwurst 8 months ago
Anyone can tell me what software he uses for the design?
Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis 8 months ago
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 9 months ago
The visibility will be awful. Guy does LS swap, thinks “I can build an F1”.
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 9 months ago
Chassis design is important.
蟻Beru 9 months ago
11:06 Looks like a giant crutch.
mad jeniny
mad jeniny 9 months ago
im here from high low :D
Roblox Crashes
Roblox Crashes 9 months ago
Chris: Casually says its gonna have Lazers Me: ... WAIT WHAT
Trinh T
Trinh T 9 months ago
How do the wheels turn? 🤔🤔🤔
Pim Prijs
Pim Prijs 9 months ago
Can it be street legal if you make it with open wheels?
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Mega OOF
Mega OOF 9 months ago
Bruh thats a modified MP4-X or whatever the McLaren concept is called.
Sherod Griffin
Sherod Griffin 9 months ago
It looks like a formula e car
A Russian Beast
A Russian Beast 9 months ago
Call it Eleanor
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 9 months ago
This is the coolest build yet (not to say your other builds weren't, cause they were all awesome)
Kepler 9 months ago
New to cars and these project styles and checked a few things for recommended channels, got pointed here a lot, I now see why. Edit: typo
Lanford Gabriel Murillo
The front view of the driver holding the steering wheel looks like a ninja turtle
drew baum
drew baum 9 months ago
Where does he get his frame rails?
drew baum
drew baum 9 months ago
An LMP1 and an IndyCar had a baby then that baby did it with a B51 and this is the result 👌🏼
drew baum
drew baum 9 months ago
Never mind it’s an MP4-X
고등 지능 Tony
고등 지능 Tony 9 months ago
Blatant copy of the McLaren MPX-4
BisonUltime 9 months ago
Whats your cad software?
hayden young
hayden young 9 months ago
Shouldn’t the rail be one with pie sections cut out, bent then welded back together instead of having the frame made from 3 lengths of metal welded togeather?
Ken Baker
Ken Baker 9 months ago
Cool ideas Chris!
אבי מוזיקה
אבי מוזיקה 10 months ago
Looks like the batmobile from the old movie 😃😃
Joni English
Joni English 10 months ago
Good Video Make it a 2-3 Seater like Mclaren f1 or Plethora hht - us-first.info/player/video/fd52d4mMcYWmdXU.html
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 10 months ago
I'm glad to see the enthusiasm, but your personal build sounds more like a race car thats painted to look like an apocalypse car, rather than something more like the g35 which was closer to something that would be built after the end of the world.
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 10 months ago
LMFAO Lasers?? Awesome!
CinKeAzer 10 months ago
I have a bad feeling about this... Mp4-X
turk 182
turk 182 10 months ago
That car looks SICK. Love to see this project.
Jayzem 10 months ago
The rendering looks sick! Almost looks like something that would’ve been seen in Akira
Andres Arencibia
Andres Arencibia 10 months ago
All of his videos are bangers no cap
Timothy Dockery
Timothy Dockery 10 months ago
Call it apocalore
Chris Beverly
Chris Beverly 10 months ago
I love it!!!!! This is awesome..👍
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 10 months ago
You want to sell the c5 frame???
obligatedfool19 10 months ago
Are you allowed to have lazers on a car? I feel like there's probably a law about that somewhere
Peter C
Peter C 10 months ago
with a drag of 10.90 is getting 60mph in 50 seconds
Ext0rti0nist. 10 months ago
this thing is basically an f1 car.
Fencingboy101 10 months ago
i love the build idea but i personally think it'd be better with a clean look instead of the apocalypse style you're going for. not my car though, good luck with it.
FrankypankyV8 10 months ago
Sad story about that E.... But I hope the engine and box were removed before the confiscation since the complain only was about the bodywork
Cole VanOphem
Cole VanOphem 10 months ago
Looks way too much like the McLaren MP4-X concept
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet 10 months ago
alternate tittle, making a c8 out of a c7
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet 10 months ago
please don't call it a batmobile thing.
shane haws
shane haws 10 months ago
Maybe woodburn is closed! Lol... walla walla was running yesterday!
RAMWAX 10 months ago
bro is it mclaren MP4-X replica ?
TheJosesilva69 10 months ago
what about "stealt racer" for a name?
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 10 months ago
definitely looking forward to this build, but dang that frame is skinny!
Franksey180 10 months ago
6:35 "Unique"... I do enjoy this channel but you'll actually be unique when you build a car and resist putting a crappy wide arch body kit / arch extensions on it ;)
harleycharley 10 months ago
I dont have a problem with ads...thanks for taking care of your sponsors...that is very important....I get US-first free if I watch the ads....one ad I wont watch and that is for Wacky Joe Biden...there, I said it...and I meant it!
kevin usmc
kevin usmc 11 months ago
Call the car Lanore
Mark G
Mark G 11 months ago
Dude, don’t mention the bat mobile, you might be back in the same boat as the Mustang. Shhhhhh🤦‍♂️
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 11 months ago
I think you should keep this the build with no name. Kind of like an homage to Prince when he was told he didn't own his own name so he became that unpronounceable symbol and the artist formerly known as.
globenstine 1
globenstine 1 11 months ago
oh here we go, now chris is gonna get bullied because he vaguely copied the batmobile.
Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
2:40 oh another Leroy hahahah
Sweeny T.V.
Sweeny T.V. 11 months ago
Wheelbase of a semi truck...8 point turns to Park
Mark Kipngetich
Mark Kipngetich 11 months ago
Which app do you use?
Mark Kipngetich
Mark Kipngetich 11 months ago
I wish we could relate...i have interests in cars but my parents dont
Kevin Roa
Kevin Roa 11 months ago
1:45 **Glosses over the poor Mercedes**
William Grant
William Grant 11 months ago
Jaime Marquez
Jaime Marquez 11 months ago
He go the black Air Force 1 after the whole situation of the mustang
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore 11 months ago
this only a small taste of what entertainment lawyers will do to get money from movie properties. and also merch attached to the movies
suravian666 11 months ago
why does if feel like he's building a F1 car at home with an Apocalypse theme
Brian Martin
Brian Martin 11 months ago
Kinda dumb for a survival car. U wouldn’t make it out of your neighborhood
Nathan James
Nathan James 11 months ago
Wow, the roads are going to be as smooth as race tracks in the apocalypse?
Jack Schmollmann
Jack Schmollmann 11 months ago
Yes mate! Love this one, really really great idea. Best video/project for ages 👍
J A 11 months ago
Dude, utterly shocking what happened on the last project, this World man sometimes takes the piss rotten. Congrats on the new project! Fuck those assholes! Peace.
Shreyansh 11 months ago
This look just like mclaren concept F1.....
Ravikant Sharma 881
Ravikant Sharma 881 11 months ago
Saying everything and not saying the thing that's the closest formula 1 cars
kevin auman
kevin auman 11 months ago
Ohhh man, be careful saying that it had inspiration from the bat mobile smfh they might come and take possession of the car
Jed Fry
Jed Fry 11 months ago
He should've just said the stuff he didn't take inspiration from
a Johnson
a Johnson 11 months ago
I will never watch gone in 60 seconds again...ever. And I will actively try to stop people from watching it
Michael Swart
Michael Swart 11 months ago
Thank you for continuing creating content, and thank you to the sponsors for being cool and continuing their help
Wayne Guess
Wayne Guess 11 months ago
Are you located in Florida? I think I saw that Corvette here!
LEIF HOFFMAN 11 months ago
All I can say is "Wow"!!!!!!!!!!
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 11 months ago
Could this future car be street legal?
bakhteria 11 months ago
it looks great as u have it. don't change a thing
Seb Abril
Seb Abril 11 months ago
that looks super sick
TheNamDaBomb 11 months ago
Definitely F1 Buildmobile
fakeshemp44 11 months ago
Could anyone else totally hear Charlie Day's voice coming out of Chris' mouth at times. . . ?