Building Custom Exhaust, Charge Pipes, & Mounting Heat Exchangers on the LS Huracan 

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In today's episode we're building some crazy custom straight piped exhaust, and mounting the heat exchangers. Go download King of Avalon today! Google play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funplus.kingofavalon&hl=en_US
IOS: apps.apple.com/us/app/king-of-avalon-dragon-warfare/id1084930849
Big thanks to Extreme Turbo Systems extremeturbosystems.com for hooking us up with the stainless exhaust piping and the heat exchangers!
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Oct 3, 2019




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B is for Build
alright x-pipe heros, an x-pipe is to create a suction effect from the opposing banks firing...creating a scavenging effect to increase the exhaust gas velocity, that works great on naturally aspirated(non turbo) cars.. that's why we put one on my V10 Datsun 240z... After you put a turbo in the middle of the exhaust flow, it loses the pulsing, and has ZERO point..
Devin Vanvliet
Devin Vanvliet 3 months ago
It has a huge inprovement in sound though
Does anyone think that an X-pipe setup on twin turbos would some what create a vacuum because of the exhaust moving so quickly out of the X-pipe that it would help them keep spooling between gear shifts like a cheater/discount afterburner?
S Dills
S Dills Year ago
Knowit McKnow italls need to build their own lambo from scratch..
Florentin B-S.
First of all : your build = your choices
VQ30DE A32
VQ30DE A32 Year ago
Definitely think that the clip at 13 min in the video where you had the pipes angled upward. If you kept it like that, make a custom wing with cut outs for the exhaust. Make custom plates on the wing for the pipes to not overheat the wing, dont want any melting lol. But that way the exhaust and wing can work together and not be to unbalanced on look of the build. I figured since you wanted a unique build; that it would be super unique for the build on how that would look. Just an opinion
Charles Seymour
Charles Seymour 19 days ago
The car build is like fusion power plant research, never finished always a few years out. Spin the wrong way.
Charles Seymour
Charles Seymour 19 days ago
B is for butcher.
Archie Speaks
Archie Speaks 3 months ago
Which Miller welder is that?
Archie Speaks
Archie Speaks 3 months ago
Where can I get plans for a chassis?
freshpootube 3 months ago
I was expecting better looking welds with all the money being spent.
Kyle Mcweeny
Kyle Mcweeny 3 months ago
I looked at it from this way and it's awesome! And then I looked at it from this way and it's awesome! Lol do you bro fk these keyboard heroes
MrSANDSHARK 4 months ago
Come on to loud it’s a race/drag car
Coop Duc
Coop Duc 5 months ago
Anyone else notice how many harbor freight tools they use?
Ben Dooley
Ben Dooley 5 months ago
Im digging the star wars music there at about 14:30.
Tim Dodge
Tim Dodge 7 months ago
Go to Home Depot and get some flexible expanding aluminum vent hose to experiment then cut the heavy metal.
David Clawson
David Clawson 7 months ago
Dumb question: isn't that an insane runner length for the intake? Not an expert, but that would hurt the throttle response, wouldn't it?
Black wolf
Black wolf 8 months ago
He 've said many many times oscar ''did agreat job''
neveragain 9 months ago
The question I have/had since video # 1 is that while I "get it" I wonder how much MORE this cost than a stock Huracan? I know it's all cool to make "your own car" but a stock one has a warranty. Lol. I admire everyone's passion on this.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker Year ago
Mommy dearest says “no rubber boots”!!!!!!!!
autotalon Year ago
The silicone couplers make me a little sad on the inside
Tuấn Minh
Tuấn Minh Year ago
to talk so much
German Santos
German Santos Year ago
Oscar is the bomb he knows his shit 💪🏽
JMB Year ago
Love the music at 14:30 Heard it first on a Tavarish video but it's still awesome time lapse music!
Chris Engel
Chris Engel Year ago
Fuck this game on your cell phone
Robert StPierre
You're no worried about water going into the exhaust?
Mathew Kendell
My biggest concern with the exhaust routing would be heat. Have you considered SuperTrapp? It would allow tuning of the exhaust and keep anything from being able to enter the exhaust.
Matt Eveans
Matt Eveans Year ago
Turbo placement is shit. But hey you're the only one who's meant to like it, right?
Doug Dale
Doug Dale Year ago
Last comment I swear, I actually like the way the exhaust came out. But those charge pipes as you called them don't look right to me. They look lumpy and not custom made lol.
Arden Kroesbergen
Ah, good. I was wondering if you guys were going to swap the turbos around so they wouldn't spool backwards. Count that as a sigh of relief.
Kid Columbia96
Why not making it like the Sesto Elemento made it one part with the spoiler 👍🏾
Eliangel Martínez
Yall could also make an actual useable roof scoop to bring air into the turbos without having to flip them around 😅🤷‍♂️
Jesse Keefe
Jesse Keefe Year ago
I hope you guys name this the Oscaghini when it's all said and done. :)
Ricardo Camargo Silva
Canuck Year ago
chris has obviously never seen leroy, for someone who is claiming he wanted to build something similar how could he not notice the mirrored turbos on leroy?
Drew Green
Drew Green Year ago
Totally would have gone big rig straight to the sky with rain flaps!!
Daniel Year ago
After turbo pipes should be as short as possible. Flip turbos and make exhaust pipes short...
Julio Esquivel
Isn’t going to sound like 2 4cyl engines, saw it with tavaris with his lambo straight pipe
Dee Duncker
Dee Duncker Year ago
B is for *Oscar*
Shawn Wiedner
Shawn Wiedner Year ago
Is a 2-4 out of the question?
Dom Year ago
Not sure the term “boring” can really be used to describe an LS Huracan with two massive turbos sticking out 😂
Justiin Year ago
For the exhaust rain can go inside u should do the kind of slits like a McLaren
Filip Lindberg
Probably never gonna see this comment but. Really like B is for Build! I just think it's a little boring from a car builder myself that 80% of the video is explaining the "gameplan" and then time lapse the install or whatever so fast I can't see whats going on. Feels more like a vlog than a build :
Jason S
Jason S Year ago
Looks really good guys, well done. And Oscar might be one of the best aluminium welders I have ever seen.
Corey Matthewson
What's the song at 14:37?
Kris McLeod
Kris McLeod Year ago
Late to the party with this comment but i think the straight shot would look best and then do something funky with the cold side
Daniel Chaves
Daniel Chaves Year ago
Honestly you may want to consider in line cylinder style high flow mufflers because there is loud and then there is instant headache loud. 😅
Mark Hagel
Mark Hagel Year ago
Since Lamborghini started as a tractor company that exhaust needs a some Lamborghini Tractor Flaps.
KrashFinatik Year ago
Just a question... Where are the waste gates?
Jarrid Cambron
I’m really enjoying the build progress. These videos are a constant reminder that I can and will make my dream build come to life. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration 😁👍
Love Yourself
Love Yourself Year ago
🌧 is 👋🏼 at you
JJ Cohrs
JJ Cohrs Year ago
Put on velve caps on the tips off exhaust like a tractor or inside at least
bleepbloop613 Year ago
correct me if im wrong but are the turbos mounted on the wrong sides of the engine. looks like they will blow not suck
garvin centcia
On the far side of crazy qool , make a seconed set face the exhaust pipes face to the front of car in side the air vents on the sides of the car, so it will look like a blast of fire passing the driver and passenger windows.
VaDragon67 Year ago
Oscar definitely needs to be recognized more LOL he is good at what he does for sure. #weldinggod
Jester123ish Year ago
So instead of itself, this is a Lamborghini that burns other passersbys!
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst Year ago
Dope music after the 3&4 times
Zach Kelley
Zach Kelley Year ago
Ets also made a crazy ass rear wheel drive gtr
Dan S
Dan S Year ago
These turbos do look fucking stupid I have to admit. Turn them around.
Dicho Prodanov
This car is going to be very heavy. Just my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Daniel Chaves
Daniel Chaves Year ago
Any concern of melting the body panels when idling or traveling low speeds?
Mees Jansen
Mees Jansen Year ago
us-first.info/player/video/g8qaZoiqnIScfGg.html for your next project please rebuild this wrecked rolls Royce Cullinan
Tom Arthur
Tom Arthur Year ago
Great progress. Maybe we can start my dirty old ski van project next video? 😉
Brent Cabanban
It looks like the exhaust is like the exhaust from the sesto elemento
Matt Belding
Matt Belding Year ago
Oscar's the man!
Kevin Tribelhorn
I would have come thru the center snaked to the outside and then back in to the center to come out
ex6lity Year ago
that’s crazy that you live like 20 minutes away from me good job tho
Joseph Sokol
Joseph Sokol Year ago
@bisforbuild are you going to build exhaust hangers? That is a lot of weight on the headers and turbos
bossy Year ago
This build is taking too long :/
boi zemmy
boi zemmy Year ago
oscar did a great job "
I'm no expert but in my opinion you shit the bed with the exhaust.
Cuclord Peenweenish
Cars are friccin cool
Matt D
Matt D Year ago
I heard Star Wars.........
chargedup hellcat
pls i wanna see a role race with this thing x.x it looks epic im expecting around 1400 to 1600 cause leroy runs on a texas speed ls
Dan Blumel
Dan Blumel Year ago
You better cap those exhausts when it could rain.
Mathias Christensen
Were are the boat build?
Milsolen Year ago
I probably would do gold tape on the charge pipes. Ps that some badass work on that lambo !!
001BIGCHIEF Year ago
CANBUS what you going to do to get the LS and Lamborghini systems talking to each other you will need this to get gauges,ABS, speed sensors all working corectly?
2jzhx60 Year ago
That turbo location is so wrong. Should be lower and rotated 180-degrees. Essentially where the TT lambos put them, inside the rear bumper
Divyesh Sinha
Divyesh Sinha Year ago
who else is waiting to see its startup video
Craig G
Craig G Year ago
Please change out those silicone couplings, it makes it look cheap!!
Chris Shevock
Chris Shevock Year ago
So sick!
Rush 777
Rush 777 Year ago
flip the turbos ya spastic
Matt Koleczko
Matt Koleczko Year ago
Matt Koleczko
Matt Koleczko Year ago
Adam Kennedy
Adam Kennedy Year ago
This thing is going to be soo stupid it’s going to be somewhat cool
QuaranTeam *
QuaranTeam * Year ago
What didn't you just do a titanium pie cut x pipe just before the chassis x brace on the exhaust?
Karson Cox
Karson Cox Year ago
You should cerikote the exhaust and ic piping ,its super thin so you put it on kinda dry like base coat but then it just air drys and works pretty killer on stuff like that, bunch of colors too. Have to sand the pipe w like 120 I think tho
Chasen Cooke
Chasen Cooke Year ago
The way you are piping the exhaust reminds me of the sesto elemento.
Dinos H.
Dinos H. Year ago
The way you are making it you are going to get a terrible sounding car. If you want a V8 sound and not a i4 times 2, those tubes need to meet at some point
ozzy kimble
ozzy kimble Year ago
you will never ever be able to drive this on the street legally. as soon as a cop pulls you over you will have it impounded with no mufflers.
Plant Mora
Plant Mora Year ago
How about make the central exhaust pipes do a spiral
Edward Peter
Edward Peter Year ago
why need this shit on a huracan?
TehMasteh Year ago
I’m concerned the heat that the turbos will produce may distort the body above it. Or break the glass if there is glass there.
luckyboy Year ago
the 's' tubes look shit, make them straight because the curves don't go nicely with the rest of the look
Green Juice Gaming
What about the boat??
Ahmad Abdul Kafi
The car would sound it’s best if there is a X-pipe
SupaBen Year ago
Just imagine, a Ferrari powered GT86, 2JZ powered Nascar and now, an LS powered Huracan...
BUDI ONO Year ago
Nice work
Rehpex Year ago
Imo he should be putting rubber bushings in between all the heat exchangers and reservoirs he is hard mounting to the car
Jeremy Clarke
Jeremy Clarke Year ago
Don't the turbos look too high?
Hustlenatomy Year ago
Where can we find this puppy at Sema?? 🤩
John Suga'r
John Suga'r Year ago
Loving this build mate. Kudos to you and the team.
Germain Year ago
B is for I paid Oscar to build this. That guy should just start his own channel.
Marcus Downs
Marcus Downs Year ago
Ceramic coat your pipes ….