Building Rock Sliders For The Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan 

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In today episode were building rock sliders!
Shout out to Rogue Fab for helping us with the fab tools, check them out here: www.roguefab.com/

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Mar 5, 2021




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Szilveszter Bányai
It looks nice and strong, but I just spot a small issue with the triangles. On bottom side has a sharp "corner" pointing out which can be a problem on rock sliding. It can get stuck to any sharp rock or surface. It would be great if you can rounded down as the steel bar to follow the shape and than won't cause any problemes.
Cory C.
Cory C. 4 days ago
Please do a build series on the shop. PLEASE.
pangrac1 11 days ago
Music is Evgeny - Diamonds
RuralRoute3 17 days ago
...Oscar built a tubular contour gauge: www.speedwaymotors.com/PipeMaster-P-T150-Contour-Gauge-for-1-1-2-Inch-O-D-Tubing,9697.html. Cool buggy so far!!!
Drew Green
Drew Green 17 days ago
Isn't Oregon tree crazy and make you replace every tree you cut down?
Jose Montano
Jose Montano 27 days ago
Get Texas barndominians like mat from demo lol
Brian Holt
Brian Holt Month ago
If you need help with trees remove and pole barns me and my boy can help you we are in grants pass
Patrick Brice
Patrick Brice Month ago
You oughta do a collab with @rrbuildings for the pole barn. Keep it in the youtube family!
Trashy Ratchet
Trashy Ratchet Month ago
Can you please link or credit all of the music in your videos? It doesn't matter if it's free to use. You should link it.
M C R Month ago
Finnegans garage has just done a tutorial along with their supplier for the tube gauge you’re looking for.
They sell one of those gauges on tv it's 1 of those As Seen on TV things
m60mgman Month ago
Green Beret WoodWorks
Do you have to send in test welds to the Mint 400 for your roll cage?
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Month ago
Freddy "Unfinished" Hernandez...
Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith Month ago
I just figured out what the jumpicon remindes me of....the halo warthog
mangel1026 Month ago
I want to swap a 2.5L I-4 duratec but I don’t know where it would fit. Like cars trucks anything. Originally in a 2018 Ford Fusion and engine is Ford/Mazda made.
Andi Brooke
Andi Brooke Month ago
I’m a tree surgeon I’m in the UK fly me over and I’ll get them down!! 👌🏽👍🏼
Kelli Halliburton
I love Chris's repeated demonstrations of the Dunning-Kruger effect. "How hard could it be?"
Out of Line Garage
Absolutely loving this build, definitely something I would own! Great work so far guys.
Andrew Abustan
Andrew Abustan Month ago
where is the supra?
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Month ago
What happened to the single seater race car, is the project not being built/finished?
Rashad Glover
Rashad Glover Month ago
Please buy a 3D scanner and and use cad tools.
rustle paule
rustle paule Month ago
Where is burntucan?
Mike Crowe
Mike Crowe Month ago
Hey have you guys seen what the EPA is doing to all of us? I hope you guys do a video on it!
deviantvideos Month ago
Ha, tavarish's non stop habit of buying projects he'll never start or finish, eg the manual Merc conversion or the porsche or the Ferrari etc...🤣🤣👌🏻
Scott Schering
Scott Schering Month ago
What ID is needed for the coping gauge?
-TimHoogerhyde- Month ago
B is for Barn.
James Karst
James Karst Month ago
the only thing pulling out an 100 year old tree wiil do is destrying your yard cause the routs are way to tough and long do not mess with it let it be
DC Drift
DC Drift Month ago
make a new yacht video
drew poter
drew poter Month ago
Finnegan's garage I'll give you a lot of helpful tips
A Legend
A Legend Month ago
Would be awesome if someone could answer this question don’t know much about cars but say I buy a 707hp hellcat and i upgrade the engine etc will the car pickup that I changed it to 1000hp and will the track mode and sport mode change!?
Peder Lyngesen Kjærvik
Build this! us-first.info/player/video/aNelh5uic5llbKc.html
Nicolas Daguer
Nicolas Daguer Month ago
I’m I the only one wondering what’s going on with the Yacht?
Skiridr22 Month ago
Oscar is a freakin genius. 👍🏾
Dave Car aka Savage
I forsee this thing breaking alot
Mario Sanchez
Mario Sanchez Month ago
Please mention the RPM act and encourage others to write their representatives in order for our hobby to continue.
m -
m - Month ago
Did the boat sink??? Mabe better...
Adil Khan
Adil Khan Month ago
I CANNOT WAIT to see this thing in action
jimmyjo3 Month ago
Glad you will be doing a shop As others have said, you may need to conform to a ratio of buildings/lot. Any update on the Yacht? Would love to know where you are on that
GroovyDrifter Month ago
Contact Frank Howarth maybe you can do a collaboration :-)
Brian Dolan
Brian Dolan Month ago
I see Oscar inventing a new "coping guage tool thing" in the future!!
James Karst
James Karst Month ago
so this is basicallly a batmobile but without any weapons on it Love how it looks and I want to build one as well
Jason Hoover
Jason Hoover Month ago
You won't be able to build to the fence you legally have to follow the easements and build so many feet away from the property line
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Month ago
oscar's poor coping tool...
Aureliano Rivera
why don't you build a garage including the trees??.. like the "enviromentally friendly" ferrari factory...
Rhino 333
Rhino 333 Month ago
I hope you buy a car lift
Todd Ashley
Todd Ashley Month ago
Any suspension problems and you're going to have tire problems as well with your bump stop locations. Going to look wicked though. 🤙
Etienne Visser
Etienne Visser Month ago
i have been following your show for years, So glad to hear you are expanding (lekker)
michael jordan
michael jordan Month ago
5000sqft pole barn. Bwuahaha you need a metal building
harleycharley Month ago
Hey guys...still got plans for the Yacht with the 2 LS engines? I am really anxious to see that put together.
Aubland Month ago
B is for Brainstorming
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff Month ago
Make sure you video trying to get a permit on a 5K square foot shop. That should be really entertaining. Especially the zoning swap...... Hint, what you really want to tell them you are building is a barn. Talk to some local contractors first, they will tell you the best way to get it past the city without getting hosed.
Jamison Timberfalling
Check out Centurial for tubing fabrication tools.
Jamison Timberfalling
If you were closer, I would help with the trees. Hope everything goes well with the shop is for build.
Ocho Oyta
Ocho Oyta Month ago
My brother do concrete in Nevada but that is expensive jobs and I have two brother-in-law who have land scapin conpanis but getting rid of trees is expensive too bro
Baltazar Sáenz
Baltazar Sáenz Month ago
Keep the trees 🌳🌳🌳
Anybody know what happened to B is for Boat?
kleptomaniac Month ago
why would u get rid of the trees thts so sad, i hope he exposes if there has been mass deforestation
Chris bordelon
Chris bordelon Month ago
Check out @RRBuilders for the pole barn build
Rafal Oberc
Rafal Oberc Month ago
Check out rr buildings they do poll barns, it would be great collaboration, and twinns working..lol
Donnie Johnson
Donnie Johnson Month ago
man please do my rodeo i love your content
Iwant ATurbo
Iwant ATurbo Month ago
what happened to the boat build? its getting close to boating season!
initialSpeed Month ago
Coming a long nicely. And congratulations on the extension.👍🏾
Tubbs_Above Month ago
Have the omish build you a pullbarn
Tommy G
Tommy G Month ago
Burrrrnnnnn. I love it. It's funny because even Freddy has poked at himself glad to see him back at it.
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes Month ago
"I think this was massive waste of time"......If i was Oscar i woulda smacked Chris with the "Feeler gauge" lol
Mike Raiolo
Mike Raiolo Month ago
Hey BIFB guys. I sent you an email about working with you on your new building. It will be from aspectLED. Let me know what you think.
Darth Plaguerism
Check out RR Buildings on US-first. They make some pretty awesome pole style shops. I believe they're in the Midwest but you never know if they might want to do a collaboration!
Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas Month ago
Definitely need a bigger shop
immrnoidall Month ago
James Weaver
James Weaver Month ago
geigertron3000 Month ago
Terry Acker
Terry Acker Month ago
you should talk to the guys at RR buildings. they got a youtube channel as well and they build garages.
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman Month ago
Did you finish your boat? Anthony
Ottienger Month ago
Figure out what kind of tree they are and see if a local mill will buy them. Grandfather for a field and some company purchased a crap load off of it.
mike9657 Month ago
"No problems pulling permits" Didn't you say Portland? I'm sorry you live in Portland.
Tony A
Tony A Month ago
Dude the tool you need is a pipemaster! Sorry Oscar didn’t invent something new 😝
Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle Month ago
Can't wait for your new shop!
rickster k
rickster k Month ago
I still don't hear what happened to the boat , was it said cause that would be a huge bill for storage
Tristan Hendrickson
This is the most bad ass lambo
Ru De
Ru De Month ago
B is for building
Ru De
Ru De Month ago
6:10 just emit that you just watched Finnegans Garage 🤨😅😂
Big Bull
Big Bull Month ago
Make sure the pad is thick enough to handle the bendpak lifts you are getting.
donmarstables Month ago
What happened to your plasma cutter??? You are back to using the angle grinder....
Mickxal Month ago
Been a while since we got a boat video.
FormatDriveC :
FormatDriveC : Month ago
Jumpacan becoming badass man
maru harsh
maru harsh Month ago
this channel is really good and the project you guys do are quite unique as well. but one thing I don't like about this channel is the quality of the content. CAMRA moves a lot try to shoot a stable video
Hein Jansen van Rensburg
Any belly plates to add to the underside?
Mark Withey
Mark Withey Month ago
plz plant some trees if you cut trees down
Peter Norin
Peter Norin Month ago
please not another car channel going housebuilding...
John Coco
John Coco Month ago
I love that these guys build some serious s**t and think...I wish! Then, see them pull out the Harbor Freight grinder and think, dreams can come true with hard work.
Safeer Muhammed
Safeer Muhammed Month ago
jc castelhano
jc castelhano Month ago
They sell 1.75 pipe master on eBay its like 65 bucks for it if I remember
Curt M
Curt M Month ago
I would not do wood/stick building Wood prices$$ about 2-3x cost!!!!
Gerald Arndt
Gerald Arndt Month ago
Pay someone with a chainsaw to remove the trees? Cut down the costs by B-Is-For-Building your own lumber, man. =o)
Levi Allen
Levi Allen Month ago
Coming along nicely gentlemen. Building a shop is the US-first dream! Did they give an update about the race in March? I only heard it mentioned in passing and I’m wondering if I missed something from a different video.
HotRodder47 Month ago
If you'd be interested in it contact mark from barn wood living in virginia and Texas make your shop expansion out of 100 year old logs and maybe they could use your trees to build the shop
skonkfactory Month ago
It has to be called S is for Shop
Pat's Shed
Pat's Shed Month ago
You should cut a ring of bark off the trees that you intend to move now, this will stop their growth before the leaves return and leave them ready to cut without nesting birds preventing you from cutting them down. They'll be easier to handle as they'll be much lighter. Keep the timber for a wood furnace and put in some underfloor heating coils while you're at it or just use some forced air heaters to run off the furnace.
BigEstudios Month ago
Setbacks will reduce size. Have you talked to an architect yet? Or even the city. Lot coverage can be an issue as well.