Building & Installing A Racing Fuel Cell In The Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan 

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In today's episode we're installing an FIA approved fuel cell and bladder!
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Mar 2, 2021




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Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 16 days ago
Fuel cell looks awesome!
thatfg 24 days ago
Legit an entire 5th of the video is dedicated to a Carly ad. I really hope that you're getting paid very well for that.
pangrac1 Month ago
Is that back carbon fiber wall considered as firewall? 🤔
Kelli Halliburton
Wherever you see or hear Chris talking about "Lamborghini" or "Huracan" or "Jumpacan," substitute the phrase, "custom-built off-road racer that happens to have some remaining pieces of a Lamborghini cabin, and fewer of those every day." 🤣
Shuaib Month ago
Video starts in 3:55 thanks
David Klein
David Klein Month ago
"Cost me basically a thousand bucks a month, which is almost the price of my mortgage.." Cries in Vancouver, Canada house prices. I WISH my mortgage was that low.
Blaxk Vs Black
Blaxk Vs Black Month ago
You don’t do shit bt film an talk THIS OSCAR CHANNEL .!!!!!!!
4LitreJeeper Month ago
Nearly 4 minutes in just to start seeing content. Smh
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell Month ago
Did I miss something? Are they going to do the Mint 400 in a RWD car?
Danies Alex
Danies Alex Month ago
Is the car going to be super charged or turbo charged
tomas palha
tomas palha Month ago
Is this gonna have an actual lambo motor in, or it's just the frame ?
Luis Renteria
Luis Renteria Month ago
Add a piece of metal on the inside of the of the car to a create a sandwich in between the bent plate and carbon fiber. This way the hardware doesn't blow out the carbon fiber chaise.
Allenncrystal King
I'm looking into a Carly so please keep us informed about long term use
jesse west
jesse west Month ago
You guys should invest in a large metal brake. You do enough fab work to justify one.
Jamie Tubby
Jamie Tubby Month ago
I see you use CAD cardboard added design
Jonathan Mintern
Always sunny intro....amazing! I recommend making that a thing 👍👍
What happened with the boat???
Yoav Traeger
Yoav Traeger Month ago
This rig would look so much better with a set of BFGoodrich KDR2+ tires on black rims
Malmo Shagrass
Malmo Shagrass Month ago
Did the boat project die?
Coby Thomson
Coby Thomson Month ago
why not run clear or tinted perspex so you can still see all the tubular structure and still have something that looks like body panels
tyler samoska
tyler samoska Month ago
are you going to use using bladder hangers? I work with fuel bladders quite often being in Aircraft maintenance and I didn't notice any way to hang the actual bladder for the fuel unless it is rigid enough
Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller Month ago
Anyone else order a Carly OBD scanner and have fraud on their credit card after the order?
Matthew's Motorsports
Man I love this build
Daniel M
Daniel M Month ago
Question: what hapoened to the one-seater you were building a while back? I saw the first video, but nothing more. I thought that was an awesome idea.
Sparkystacoma Month ago
For years on my work trucks and vans there is no visiblility out the rear. I mount a camera and a monitor rear view mirror. Turns on with key power and let's me see behind me. Makes a huge difference. Try it maybe
Deimos Phob
Deimos Phob Month ago
keep the fuel cell away from the front, the techs would appreciate you not going into a fireball on impact
MrDreamer3000 Month ago
I came to see a "fuel cell" an HHO electrical fuel cell. it turns out to be a gas tank.
Shawn Flanagan
Shawn Flanagan Month ago
Rear facing camera mounted to the roof, display in dash.
Brandon Young
Brandon Young Month ago
#OBDOD 1:00 how many obd2 readers does one shop need? Neat! Can this make my 98 Maxima tape deck stop running when turning the key
Jacket_1985 Month ago
If you want to watch adds, DO NOT SKIP TO @3:50
Raul Gil
Raul Gil Month ago
¡Peace/Peazze/Piss! ¡B is for Build! ~ yahoo
Justen b
Justen b Month ago
digital rearview mirror
Mike Lindenfelser
Need to rename this "O is for Oscar built"
Alfred Wendler
Alfred Wendler Month ago
How much of the original car do you need to keep for it to still be considered that vehicle?
Adrian Narine
Adrian Narine Month ago
Were is d race car
Nick Spagnoletti
Why dont u run a rear view mirror with a camera ?
John hobbs
John hobbs Month ago
What about the new shop that you’re looking for? Any updates?
Robert Shortley
Robert Shortley Month ago
For the BMW seatbelt, iron and starch them and the little arms should push them out again.
Chris Hilyer
Chris Hilyer Month ago
To get around the back window being blocked, can you mount a live feed camera facing backwards synced to a phone or tablet mounted in the cab? Off road guys relocate backup cameras all the time due to tire swing outs and stuff, seems like you could do the same thing but with a live feed to the driver.
Chris Hilyer
Chris Hilyer Month ago
I clearly didn't read the rest of the comments before posting lol
Tony Mckenzie
Tony Mckenzie Month ago
Oscar is a bad ass. Just sayin...
francisco ovejero
its getting realy bad asss! and the spare tires? where do they will go?! they are realy big!
Harvey Jay David
Dude try adding a roof scoop for cooling the engine might look cool and functional
Stand Up Merica
Stand Up Merica Month ago
No one cares about the boat stuff we are car guys
tavish dozier
tavish dozier Month ago
Both my tail light for the bmw nissan and plate idea got use thats so awesome
Chaz Ferrell
Chaz Ferrell Month ago
just put a rear camera somewhere on it with a all time monitor in the cab who needs a to see out the back window then?!
Thomas Campione
Thomas Campione Month ago
You're very similar to rob dahm but rather than building rotary engines you just build huracans
harrison256 Month ago
Did you just throw that boat away or what?
Ed AL-Barram
Ed AL-Barram Month ago
just a question ... why you won't able to use the small rear window as a part of your filling nick
worghal Month ago
carly is cool and all, but its super limited in its range of vehicles, if it wasnt sold in the US, it can only read basic codes, hardly worked on 2009 suzuki swift diesel and 2006 hyundai santafe
David Mackey
David Mackey Month ago
O is for build
Jay Tea
Jay Tea Month ago
why not have a rear view camera connected to one of those rearview mirrors that a screen? just a thought... seen as you have to have one why not something functional?
Bob Dilly
Bob Dilly Month ago
Oscar is the Heart and blood to the channel the work skill
Ghost Ryder FPV
Ghost Ryder FPV Month ago
Texas Speed doing well is great news - they've been so supportive (and cool) on the scene these days, it's hard to watch an auto-related channel without seeing one of their masterpieces.
Jacob D
Jacob D Month ago
No 🧢 Carly looks pretty fucking dope 👀
Daniele R
Daniele R Month ago
Hate to say this but I’m very doubtful your gonna pass tech . I’ll be there for Spec tt classing number 11 I’ll hope to see u out there tho.
Dalton Month ago
Chris, where are you rerouting the engine coolant lines? or we just gonna mount that radiator on the roof
Dalton Month ago
anyone else notice, he completely covered the coolant/water lines with the new tank? are they mounting the radiator somewhere else, other than the front?
Kevin Rojas
Kevin Rojas Month ago
What happened to the mustang coupe
You Nit
You Nit Month ago
waiting for this to run! whoooo!
-Burak.k -
-Burak.k - Month ago
oscar did an amazing job on that cell!!!
Brian Hickerson
Brian Hickerson Month ago
Need more updates
Amogha M
Amogha M Month ago
15:20 Cardboard Aided Drafting, ahh that what CAD refers to 😂😂
James Weaver
James Weaver Month ago
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman Month ago
Mclovin it!
Vasiliy Kotovich
Skiridr22 Month ago
Oscar is freakin amazing
Matt Waller
Matt Waller Month ago
You should put some backwards writing on your firewall so when you look in the rear view mirror that you can’t see out of it’s at least encouraging you to send it or something 😎
lgull1 Month ago
boat build is great but this is awesome as well. love the fab work. Oscar is a beast
Godspower builds
Haven't heard news about the single sitter race car. Have you dash it out??
Connor Hynes
Connor Hynes Month ago
always sunny is a great show
Peter Horwood
Peter Horwood Month ago
What ever happened to the yacht you were working on? Did I miss it?
TenHeadLife Month ago
The “gang” forgets.... lol. You mean you forgot. But never forget the immediate ad.
Harsh Pandey
Harsh Pandey Month ago
That thing is a chewing gum now
Five miles per gallon
Richie Price
Richie Price Month ago
Oscar is the Man!
Zane Rasmussen
Zane Rasmussen Month ago
Plus Texas hasn't had power to make your engine as well.
scorpius31 Month ago
Hey guys great build ... always looking foward for the new ep. Here's a note for the rear view; since you guys love tec. Can you put like a camera rearview monitor kind of a thing. Don't know if is race leagal. Give it a thought.
Namelessfoz Month ago
For the rear view mirror issue. Think about those newer style digital ones. It will be usable and adjustable by how you mount the camera. And u can have a dash cam for those events you don't bring a camera or it dies while using.
Firstname Lastname
The race series I run with (Lucky Dog, Road Endurance Racing on the West Coast) has a number of mid-engine and otherwise rear view obstructed cars that have solved this problem with cameras and screens. Literally cheap Chinese backup cameras. They are more effective than you would have guessed. That's what I would do to get some rear visibility in this project.
Iberica Overland
Did they just cut the last part of the original lambo?
Jeremy Cornelle
Jeremy Cornelle Month ago
Put a rear cam rear view mirror.
nazariah2010 Month ago
Chris just get a rear view camera and screen rear view mirror.
Henry Sever
Henry Sever Month ago
I may be wrong but shouldn't the aluminium part of the fuel cell be fully welded (not have a door to put the bladder in) and then the bladder gets inserted through the flanged fill port hole? It should form a double bunded tank, so there is a level of redundancy
mitzano deparetzack
The most high tech channel building special cars, very Impressive !!!!!
matt hubbard
matt hubbard Month ago
So where is the B is for boat build at these days?
Firstname Lastname
Addressed in the video at the end.
MaNNeRz Laguna
MaNNeRz Laguna Month ago
Can't you use a camera rear view? So the rear view is there for tech but its functional too?
Wasabiflo Month ago
are you preparing for a specific race ?
Hayden Rosenboom
Are you allowed to do some sort of camera rearview mirror? Then you maintain the functionality of it and its an extra view of vehicles trying to chase you down when you're gapping them.
Is it possible that you bring back the single seater supercar??? I would really like it. Like if you want it too🙂
Leon Millson
Leon Millson Month ago
Why not build a periscope like the countach periscopio had...
El Heffe
El Heffe Month ago
Mount a rear view mirror camera combo a la C8
DirtStyle Month ago
Dude. Rear view cameras. Seriously. 2 of them so you have a primary and backup. That’s what we run on our race truck, and as a bonus if you lost all forward gears you could use the cameras to drive in reverse for 37 miles at King of the Hammers like we did!! 😂😂👊
Bob Green
Bob Green Month ago
Get a remote cam review mirror. Some of the new cars even have them now.
Iordaniss Googlis
naa don't put firewall, put eject seats
YRT Racing Team
YRT Racing Team Month ago
Order in! a jump’a-can 2 Oscars 1 Huracán Do you have french fries..? 🙄
Griffith Month ago
Hi any update on the yacht 🛥
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Month ago
Golden Oscar
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Month ago
Great Intro
Stanley Routh
Stanley Routh Month ago
Love B is for Build. Glad to see someone from Oregon
Ghefra 93
Ghefra 93 Month ago
GAZ 24 Restoration