Burntacan Goes Full Race Car Interior! Exposed Gated Shifter, Seats, Harnesses, Switch Panels. 

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In today's episode we're prepping our Lamborghini Huracan for drag racing. Building a new center console, electrical and switch panel, and new seats, harnesses, and building a harness bar.
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Feb 3, 2020




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Rogelio Cuen
Rogelio Cuen Month ago
where I can get those switches? are awesome
pectorialis Month ago
Fuck that thing is menacing :)
Davis Goicoechea
Davis Goicoechea 3 months ago
What kind of bag system is on this? I missed that detail
Fabio Amaro
Fabio Amaro 5 months ago
Please can we see all the cars you own again? I've been here since beginning and we see so little of all your builds I've almost forgotten what you have. P.s who cares if they dirty! Let's see em!
Sergei Alekseev
Sergei Alekseev 5 months ago
Oscar did a good job)
Kula Hawaii
Kula Hawaii 6 months ago
Great job but Oscar forgot the cup holders where are your cup holders? They should be in the center console. Add your cup holders bud and a place to store your cellphone.
FEE_lo 7 months ago
I admire your skill so much but I just don’t understand this build. You replaced all the best parts of the car?!? Why? I get to wanting a manual part but you picked the wrong car to do it with. The ergonomics prove it. It’s almost like you took a real Lamborghini and turned it into a Lamborghini kit car.
Lux Lumen
Lux Lumen 7 months ago
Waiting on that Dyno video! Stay safe out there guys!!
Lux Lumen
Lux Lumen 7 months ago
Lol I just found the Dyno video, wasn't in the same playlist! My Bad.
Ed 7 months ago
engine sounds VERY ANGRY
Tiquincio Kasanradji
Why didn't you put a roll cage you need more safety
Edi Boyahchan
Edi Boyahchan 8 months ago
Didnt you say the car should hit around 1500hp?
정민재 9 months ago
abidamn 9 months ago
I don't understand the build. There's a lot of inefficiency in making this supposedly race purpose built car. Drag race cars don't really need race/bucket seats, cause you can only get the benefits of having them when you're going through corners. So why install them especially when they create extra work for them to redesign the gear stick position. As drag race requires to switch gears as fast as you can, dual clutch is the way to go. If they are not available on LS engines, there are other better options than a gated shift manual.
abidamn 9 months ago
Not only this car is not going to be great on drag race track, I'm guessing it would also suck on proper race track. This car has a wider rear end than its front end which probably would be great for aerodynamics on drag races but would be poor for grip on corners on race track. This might be a fun project for him and his viewers, but from racing perspective, this built is rather pointless.
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin 9 months ago
All he needs to meet these event deadlines is to find a second Oscar.
MOTOR HEADZ 9 months ago
Yeah oscar is no joke man i think he builds in his sleep a tru builder man luv to see him work
your mom
your mom 9 months ago
I love that car
Haiden Lear
Haiden Lear 9 months ago
Shifter definitely needs to go another 4-6 inches forward. You gotta have your arm nearly straight when shifting
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 9 months ago
All the updates look great!
Saleh AL-Marri
Saleh AL-Marri 9 months ago
This car will never finish.
B Trusty
B Trusty 9 months ago
Oscar is a bad bad man
S N 9 months ago
Eagles and Spaghetti all in one.
brandon shank
brandon shank 9 months ago
Burntacan vs Leroy what?!? Would be a good drag race
Leroy Martinez
Leroy Martinez 9 months ago
This monster sounds insane!!
garry7263 9 months ago
I think you should move the shifter forward more. You should be able to drop your hand from the wheel to the shifter. As it is now, you still have to drop your hand and pull it back. Hard to tell without measurements, but 2 inches from your knuckles to the switches when the shifter is in the forward gate. I would think the front of the gate should be about 4 inches (maybe a little less) from the switch panel. (forward position of the shifter even with, or just a little back from, the from the line of the steering wheel)
Shinobi Hiriyu - Original Ninja
The only thing I like about it is the manuel transmission. Giving it a LS engine is just so stupid ! The V10 is a masterpiece and now the car is ruined. If I had to modify it I would give it an original Lamborghini 6 speed manuel transmission and maybe Twin Turbo system.
Ext0rti0nist. 9 months ago
imo that interior doesnt look race-y, neither lamborghini. with the black paint chipped to the side and the rivets... it just looks cheap for a car like this.
T Sisco
T Sisco 9 months ago
This is the 3rd or 4th car Chris has claimed he’s going to take to the track/race. Think this one will actually make it that far?
porschecoyote 9 months ago
Sorry boys not being a hater. I love the build love the cars and Oscar is a fabrication machine. But seriously, vinyl wrap and AutoZone switches. That center council looks homemade as hell. Perhaps if you wrapped it with carbon or suede it would look good but as the pinnacle point of the interior that is not worthy of this build and looks like crap.
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 9 months ago
Awesome vlog Congts.
Gabriel Otero
Gabriel Otero 9 months ago
I'm the only one who thinks that have aluminium inside could be very dangerous if there is an accident?
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 9 months ago
Is that the same transmission company that Rob Dahm is using on his 4 rotor?
Mr T
Mr T 9 months ago
B is for BOAT!!!!
Martijn van Dorp
Martijn van Dorp 9 months ago
Dude, Chris, you gotta LS swap a Tesla, that would be hilarious. You would be the first one in that as well!
Adam J
Adam J 9 months ago
Looks awesome
Java Family
Java Family 9 months ago
Go Sema 2021!
Alexander S
Alexander S 9 months ago
Such a massive centre console... no cup holders ??
Johan Cha
Johan Cha 9 months ago
wow... takata seat belts?? What now... flying shrapnel from seatbelt locks?? in a stripped out drag racing lambo....... id love a democrat to ride this in mexico!
Hi can I get my drone back?
Would love to see this at the Woodburn drag strip
Xep Yep
Xep Yep 9 months ago
B is for Boscar did a great job
9 months ago
Anyone else noticed “lambo50”
Tylted 9 months ago
l a m b o 5 0
Avetho Plays
Avetho Plays 9 months ago
Title: _Burntacan Goes Full Race Car Interior!_ Title: Hmmm... nah. Title: _lambo50_ Title: Perfect. I still like the Lambo. Its good work you guys are doing
EwobTheEwok 9 months ago
When are we gonna see the boat again?
Silvio Dante
Silvio Dante 9 months ago
You really wanted to have the gated shifter exposed? If I remember correctly, tons of people were saying leave it exposed and you were the one that insisted on using a boot.
Pete Angelas
Pete Angelas 9 months ago
You guys build cars like my 9 year old cleans his bedroom.
Pete Angelas
Pete Angelas 9 months ago
@Frezzy brilliant
Frezzy 9 months ago
Pete Angelas you should watch your kid more then his vids
joey schultz
joey schultz 9 months ago
Just saying but maybe next build could be an rotary in a lambo or a Ferrari
SNDZ. 9 months ago
u guys need ear protection asap
Tom Busey
Tom Busey 9 months ago
Such a beautiful car.
Fabio Castro
Fabio Castro 9 months ago
lambo50? what?
Brady Kroeker
Brady Kroeker 9 months ago
I mean, you could just rive it out there.
Linojr Films
Linojr Films 9 months ago
RETRO BMW 9 months ago
Please pleas use the soundtrack music that you did in the GTR build for time lapses. Thank yo
Chris white
Chris white 9 months ago
Please come to Cleetus and Cars!!!!!!! Would love to meet you guys on the east coast!
Yost Built
Yost Built 9 months ago
the 11.50 rule applys to pre 2008 cars ! the hellcats and gt500 mustangs run faster then that stock and nhra understands that! you should be able to go run 10.50 legal at any nhra track with proper seat belts and seats !
Revitalized Electronics
This had to be the best update to this MONSTER!!! I enjoyed the whole video, and thanks for keeping your word on showing us the finalization modifications!!!
YourLocalHotboii 9 months ago
The video title says “lambo50” btw
MrJinwright 9 months ago
This should be on Netflix's Fastest Car show
uscjake868 9 months ago
You probably need some of those switch covers on the ECU and lambo power stuff. I imagine those getting bumped while driving would be bad.
Elciro 9 months ago
Title is broken
BO KO 9 months ago
Oscar King👍
PG Scirocco 16v
PG Scirocco 16v 9 months ago
Come on get to Florida I want to see the car in person and hopefully by then I will have my VW back on the road let us the viewers know when and where thanks
DrKarloss 9 months ago
Nice show car 👍
Rentaka Toads
Rentaka Toads 9 months ago
Not a project car that i like, but really love the rework center console.
A Z 9 months ago
Why does total say lambo50?
Andrew Malkin
Andrew Malkin 9 months ago
Those Kirkeys need a rear brace so that the don't break in a crash
talldrummer1991 9 months ago
Can't wait to see this monster on the dyno!
worghal 9 months ago
the seven switches in the middle console aren't centered!!!!!!!!
vwtdis 9 months ago
What is red cable for that is in the drivers footwell? What are you going to do without cup holders?
Hunter Lackey
Hunter Lackey 9 months ago
Markus L
Markus L 9 months ago
Didn't know you renamed Oscar to WE ;)
Aston Cutter
Aston Cutter 9 months ago
B is for BETCH!
Bibin Varkey
Bibin Varkey 9 months ago
Looking forward to see Dino numbers........
dingus153 9 months ago
Bruh Rob is going to DESTROY the burntacan, when the 4 rotor is finally done at least...
Trevaryn Hudson
Trevaryn Hudson 9 months ago
Take it to the Freedom Factory!!!
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 9 months ago
Oscar your a good damn man
Phillip Ferguson
Phillip Ferguson 9 months ago
Name is bugged for me showing lambo50
Finn Brownlow-Ziirsen
Will u guys be adding nos?
stingr9137 9 months ago
Why is the shifter so far back?
Noah Lugo Baseball & Boxing techniques
Oscar is really talented
Some nerd
Some nerd 9 months ago
Lambo 50
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 9 months ago
infinitycrops 9 months ago
I would love to see a full FPV video of it doing a time attack on a track.... or even better, a regular B is for build style vid of a few track runs where you guys tweak it in between to see how adjustments bring the time down.
J R 9 months ago
drive over there for the later date?🤔
Ryan Nunez
Ryan Nunez 9 months ago
Mosab مصعب
Mosab مصعب 9 months ago
dadadadankable 9 months ago
Take it to TX2K in March.
P B 9 months ago
One color pleeease
P B 9 months ago
Amazing work taught props guys
c0wb0yTV 9 months ago
cant he also shift with the paddles ?
factxr 9 months ago
patches. simon
patches. simon 9 months ago
That’s how you edit a build!!!! All you other you tubers need to pay attention. Shows everything and wastes no ones time Thanks guys!
Jacob Schrenk
Jacob Schrenk 9 months ago
So all that for a center console without CUP HOLDERS???? How racecar are we going?
James McIntyre
James McIntyre 9 months ago
You're not going to be able to do much drag racing without a cage in that car. Most drag strips won't even let you near the track without one.
Alejandro Pasillas
Alejandro Pasillas 9 months ago
What does b is for build think about 1320? Ever since that comment that the dude said from 1320 about “haters” on the huracán at sema I’ve been curious. Tbh I didn’t see many haters online. Felt like there was some shade through that comment.
MillerrMedia 9 months ago
You should try to find some FD rx7 seats and have them reupholstered like TJ did, they’re a a small sporty seat that would look great in the Datsun!!
Taktko 9 months ago
Shifter looks likes still need to move forward. Dash panel could be better. Sink in the lambs stuff and use the unused lambo toggle switches for tuning on the other stuff you have wired in. No need for those ugly buttons.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 9 months ago
I never knew about ETS when I got my intercooler for my car, super underrated low key nice ass brand
Dulal G
Dulal G 9 months ago
Erj14 9 months ago
Why do you want it to be a drag car
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 9 months ago
once again Oscar is proving hes MVP also how much do your neighbors hate you?
Todor Andonov
Todor Andonov 9 months ago
Lambo50 !