Cheap Flooded WRX STI Will It Run!? 

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In todays episode we reassemble the STI engine, and try to get it running.
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Dec 28, 2019




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carlos ortega
carlos ortega Month ago
en estos casos es bueno poner unos 4 litros de combustible Diesel y dejarlo un par de dias luego sacarlo y volver a poner Diesel y darle arranque sin prender el motor
You Tube
You Tube Month ago
I love your videos!! but sadly 😔 i can't watch them without getting motion sickness 🤢 fml
Jonny Rochester
Jonny Rochester Month ago
Remove undertray before working on car.
kevin bailey
kevin bailey 2 months ago
Bóbr Bobrowski
Bóbr Bobrowski 5 months ago
would never try to even think about running car on unknown old flooded fuel lolz easy way to kill pump/injectors and some others
Marc-André Chartrand
Boxer engine, not boxster.
Sham 6 months ago
A car with diarrhea?? xD
Don Ruf
Don Ruf 6 months ago
I don't know why they didn't just remove the pan before wasting all that oil
Nina Sosa
Nina Sosa 6 months ago
This gives me so many positive vibes! i just bought an a sub with high hopes it goes like this 🤣
A K 6 months ago
Why you guys didn't flush gair oil and gas tank before first engine start after mobil oil....?
Chris PLACE 7 months ago
DS Rai
DS Rai 7 months ago
You really didn’t have to do a lot to get it back running, just plenty of expected oil changes and a few parts. Could have been a lot worse. Were you using a engine flush or is that for a later stage?
slop sloped
slop sloped 7 months ago
no rust underneath! you didn't mention that! it's super important not-rusted frame
Howard Kim
Howard Kim 8 months ago
Such bullshit
Andrew Beaver
Andrew Beaver 8 months ago
You might say "good thing oil floats... So the top end is coated in oil." I'm paraphrasing there. I see your "oiled" top end, and raise you with "trashed" rods bearings.
banshee315 8 months ago
Whats with the over loud shit music?
Lolly Poppins
Lolly Poppins 8 months ago
Hie was bad at starting the engine
GHOST GAMING 8 months ago
Can’t you flush the oil system with diesel?
soundgarden 88
soundgarden 88 8 months ago
Subaru specialist. Wears hoodies with ropes, yeah feel you!
Ren Arthur Corillo
Ren Arthur Corillo 8 months ago
i liked because of how he explained vpn.. :D kidding aside great project.
Loy Manes
Loy Manes 8 months ago
I want it
Sky Allen
Sky Allen 8 months ago
STI is such an unfortunate name
christian 8 months ago
Oil looked like latte art
Luis vazquez
Luis vazquez 8 months ago
New to the channel! Hella excited for this build
Allen Poe
Allen Poe 8 months ago
As a former Subby tech I was sitting here lmao. I saw that you were doing the intake and hadn't done plugs! May I suggest that you do plugs before intake next time. lol You can do them but with all that extra space it's easier.
Zaps Zapper
Zaps Zapper 8 months ago
Did you check the petrol tank ,
Zaps Zapper
Zaps Zapper 8 months ago
If engine breathing ok, just start it and drive it 100 miles all at once after oil change , the water will leave
Zaps Zapper
Zaps Zapper 8 months ago
Clean de sensors
Sabino Solorzano
Sabino Solorzano 8 months ago
The Fat guy didn't do anything the whole time
Reymond E Aguilar
Reymond E Aguilar 8 months ago
love your work. i'm hoping you could put 'part' names so we can follow which video comes next. but great work anyways!
Rusty Nuckles
Rusty Nuckles 8 months ago
I dig that Lebowski Sweat !
Rusty Nuckles
Rusty Nuckles 8 months ago
eternal 8
eternal 8 8 months ago
Vpn don't work with streaming networks I tried... Did you change your grades?
Ba Ka
Ba Ka 8 months ago
For Clean 50/50 oil diesel , is good idea
luke bowers
luke bowers 8 months ago
@15:20 you accidently said it's not going to be running a closed loop system. But if you have fuel trim sensor inputs unplugged or missing you would be running a open loop fuel trim...
HanCholo 8 months ago
video starts at 2:45
WeGameGrizzly 9 months ago
oil floats on water
Ben Featherstone
Ben Featherstone 9 months ago
i came for the STi i sub'd cuz of the add lol its a fine line, forcing a sponsor monologue on us, it was well done, super cruisy and correct hahahaha VPNs n like...tunnelbear..haha r awesome great vid
νικος γιώργος
US-firstr : Wow, I'm getting Super Excited!!! Me: Oh really?What for? What you're doing? US-firstr: I'm pumping watery engine oil, into a Big oil pan!!!
kristopher silver
kristopher silver 9 months ago
It would have been way cheaper to drop the pan than using all that oil
sam allen
sam allen 9 months ago
Did you drain the gas tank and put new gas in before trying to get it to start?
trainsof Finland
trainsof Finland 9 months ago
You should detail or at least wash the car before doing any work to it to prevent marring and scratcing
Matt Yurcek
Matt Yurcek 9 months ago
Love the video, one thing to note you may not have need to drain the oil that much. With the oil only being put in, run for 60 seconds then shut off. You are " Short tripping" the car. What the is, is when you run the car just long enough to get it warm but not warm enough to remove the moisture that comes form air. The moisture then condensates and appears in your oil as a milkshake.
Cliff1914 9 months ago
is this care worth it?
Juan Valencia
Juan Valencia 9 months ago
the oil would actually be under the water as it is more dense so the water would be touching the parts
MrTentaclesTV 9 months ago
Where do you buy the cars from?
WisamTheDream 9 months ago
Same here am still learning about cars but am 100% technerd
neveragain 9 months ago
Hope you got a good price on engine oil..... lol
Turf Gaming
Turf Gaming 9 months ago
Man explains man in the middle attack perfectly 😂
David Williamson
David Williamson 9 months ago
Love the vids bro. I just subscribed.
Maja Pesrl
Maja Pesrl 9 months ago
Lovely video! The only site that got me results from day 1 and works from any country *Get Pa idHom e .com*
Jennifer Weinzettel
Jennifer Weinzettel 9 months ago
That was a SUPER long commercial bro... I'm paying for youtube premium to NOT have ads
kuiby 9 months ago
anyone else hate super crowded engine bays?
Jeff Cheng
Jeff Cheng 9 months ago
a little bit talking too much,
J 9 months ago
It's a water-boxer now.
Konstantin E
Konstantin E 9 months ago
Why would you not show the crank and start, LOL?
Pwrmic 9 months ago
He probably had aftermarket parts and when the car flooded he took the stock parts through them in the back of the car and took his aftermarket parts
Joerdan M
Joerdan M 9 months ago
Anyone know what kind of lift they're using?
Scott Strickland
Scott Strickland 10 months ago
I cant be the only one annoyed they didnt remove the under engine cover while doing all of this :)
Stephan Esterhuizen
Stephan Esterhuizen 10 months ago
I'd say change your name to B is for Lucky 🍀 😂🤣
dave 10 months ago
Have you some sort of link for them lift ramps, would love a set of them.
Jeremy Hardin
Jeremy Hardin 10 months ago
Oil looked like expresso with the foam 😂
B Povish
B Povish 10 months ago
In my opinion that was not very much water considering it has had enough time to separate it was less than a quart. As long as no one spun it over..............you'll be okay :)
Sherky 10 months ago
FMIC is a must!!! (Front mount intercooler)
John Smith
John Smith 10 months ago
Spark Plugs on that remind me of working on Jets lol
Fauna the Deer
Fauna the Deer 10 months ago
This STi had an STi. Watching you guys drain that oil was Sooooo satisfying 😂👍
Mathew Kendell
Mathew Kendell 10 months ago
How many subscribers until you don't need the videos to be "sponsored"? So many other channels on the Tube that don't have these advertisements. Just curious how much it actually helps the channel?
cmartinez89 10 months ago
Hope you got cheap oil until it all gets out 😆 Makes no sense to buy good oil just to drain it. Nice job man! Impressive! I’ve never seen a flooded car get fixed. Super interesting!
Mecanica CRT
Mecanica CRT 10 months ago
Dont need that many oil changes, water evarporates if you run the engine until you reach working temp, 1 or 2 should be ok
E39Hansen 10 months ago
Tell us the hacking in high school story 😂
Rakesh Ramsundar
Rakesh Ramsundar 10 months ago
you should run a lucas for when u have proper oil change at the next go round.
gameofwar 330
gameofwar 330 10 months ago
If there’s lambo bolts in it doesn’t it make it modified? ‘Technically’
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice 10 months ago
I came back to the channel for this. More >$30K vehicles plz
Jamie Quinn
Jamie Quinn 10 months ago
Change power steering fluid also if you havnt already as it would cause a noise from pump. Great progress and good buy bud
LJ Phoenix
LJ Phoenix 10 months ago
Hey dude, please get in contact with me (@loganjp5) or @pavel_klopov) on Twitter we have an urgent matter we need your help with. It's a business proposal, but quite time sensitive. It would mean the world if you respond. Please man, it would make us extremely happy 💛🙏
trevor morgan
trevor morgan 10 months ago
Just run it the heat Will get rid of the water eventually
Graham harradine
Graham harradine 10 months ago
I cant beleve your siting in a runing car with all 4 wheals moveing and your leg hanging out the door i mean REALY.
iban-iviene s
iban-iviene s 10 months ago
I cant believe that subaru content has more views then the Lamborghini and still you guys treat it like a cheap ass car ur wrong buddy.thats why youtuber r buying subarus now,for more views
B Med
B Med 10 months ago
Lmfaoo dont try that at home 😂😂
IcingOnThe Cake
IcingOnThe Cake 10 months ago
Flip me
William Fair
William Fair 10 months ago
Good name for the channel... B=MC2 --> B is Build M is Mechanical Skill C is Speed of Creativity Squared, or multiplied by itself...
Even Stevens
Even Stevens 10 months ago
Me and my daughter love watching your videos, and now she sees the car I talk about all the time she's a bit more interested! We'll have a wri sti one day! My baby girl is my good luck charm!
Graham Farrelly
Graham Farrelly 10 months ago
Boys! .. never drop fluids on the floor! ... use absorbent spill pads www.absorbentsonline.com/economy_oil_spill_cleanup_absorbent_pads_and_rolls.htm
J J 10 months ago
Glad to see you back with another build! Love these cars.....
SavageP1ckle 10 months ago
That’s a RIP, there’s no turbo cause the owner took it, but it’s still an STI
Jon A
Jon A 10 months ago
Very interested in this... would love to get a (very) low risk project car/truck but am much more of a carpenter/engineer than a mechanic. Any idea how to watch mechanics like ya'll in action other than youtube? Hands-on somehow, like a maker space but for restoration? Not sure where to even look to learn that type of thing.
Nik Coffman
Nik Coffman 10 months ago
How many guys does it take to install an STI intake manifold.......ALL OF THEM!!
Lucas Borborema
Lucas Borborema 10 months ago
Where is the boat?
C2andrade 10 months ago
Can we get daily upload? I want to see the subie 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adam Schaafsma
Adam Schaafsma 10 months ago
Like it so far. Subbed!
Logan Baynes
Logan Baynes 10 months ago
The oil looks like latte from a cafe
Austin Vickers
Austin Vickers 10 months ago
I wish you would do some type of motorcycle build.
Joey Graw
Joey Graw 10 months ago
CRUD VADER 10 months ago
Should have done a compression test when you head the spark plugs out tell you if your rings are good
Hayden Diamond
Hayden Diamond 10 months ago
What happened to the yacht?
Mandk1108 10 months ago
Expert needs showing the door as he dont know shit. Pull the engine and at least do head gasket and flush all fuel lines and tank. It's a boxer engine ffs dont need 4 ppl to sort one
Wilson Soko
Wilson Soko 10 months ago
I think this is part of my life I like car building so much
Justin Duplain
Justin Duplain 10 months ago
GRANNY BASHER420 10 months ago
Come on man taking to long with these videos 😁😁