Driving The Supercharged Raptor For The First Time! 

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In today's episode were doing the first round of repairs on the Raptor suspension components and go for a test drive!
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May 8, 2019




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Comments 100   
MuckCanada 2 days ago
That bird lives rent free in my head now:D
Dogekans 28 days ago
I have a hypothetical question, is it possible for oscar to make a long bed (8ft) for this by extending the frame?
HerreJössesDaniel 5 months ago
HAHAHA! im sorry but when you yelled at the bird i just snapped. i laughed so hard!! please continue :)
M Lewis
M Lewis 7 months ago
Westen Champlin is doing a Raptor frame swap. The junk frame that he has is scraped on the drivers side. You may want to contact him for the bottom A-frame knuckle. Just a thought
Jozzloop Jozzloop
Jozzloop Jozzloop 8 months ago
I would've subbed if you would've just pulled your truck gun out of the raptor and killed that damn bird.
Ajiden Jamir
Ajiden Jamir 8 months ago
Ford my FAV ....
Doug Sinden
Doug Sinden 8 months ago
Most useless pointless video I have ever watched
Christopher Dickson
Christopher Dickson 8 months ago
hey pal relax with the Jesus baiting
Max S
Max S 9 months ago
that thing will never drive 100% straight again with that ''fix'' should have heated the mounting point and bend them back. after can reenforce with extra metal plating.
shintot 9 months ago
U should call crixfix
Norbert Kováč
Norbert Kováč 9 months ago
Loving the bird :D :D :D
kage 10 months ago
Does he say how much he bought the truck for?
Christopher Syler
Christopher Syler 10 months ago
Defenbach 10 months ago
A torch is a DIY frame worker's best friend.
Dan Canady
Dan Canady 10 months ago
6:00 you don't need to start the truck. The vacuum line will become active and separate the actuator before you put it into drive.
Mike C
Mike C 11 months ago
For the love of god just put some wood or concrete pad under the jack stands you Neanderthal.
Felipe Reyes
Felipe Reyes 11 months ago
I lost my shit when he yelled at the bird 😂😂😂😂
Bob C
Bob C Year ago
Dam, stop waving your hands in front of the camera. Turn off the sound and you will see that it is annoying and also you are moving the camera way too fast. Stop drinking coffee or doing meth
Ryoka Year ago
2:07 That weld does not pass.
Blade's Toy Shop
Bleep-ing bird... :grin: And, IT'S A TRUCK!!! :grin:
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Year ago
For someone who does extensive fab work and crazy modifications , I’m highly suprised you never replaced a CV boot before.
justin koegler
What an idoit
Steve Montgomery
Once you get accustomed to the Raptor, you'll drive it all the time. They are so much fun in one package.
Ryan Crystal
Ryan Crystal Year ago
That dude is fast as hell, I've never seen anyone move so fast!!!!!
Caleb Barnett
Caleb Barnett Year ago
Angel De la Cruz
such a nice truck for so ugly welds....
Jacob Year ago
Should of checked the oil 1st done a oil change.
Dean o
Dean o Year ago
Is it a bird or a troll who knows!
Matt Eveans
Matt Eveans Year ago
don't feel bad about calling it a car, in Australia you need a special license to drive a "truck" - this to us is at best a utility vehicle(ute), car is also acceptable since you only need a car license to drive it
Vitesh Rampaul
Give the camera to your buddy next time when driving
Spitfia Year ago
aluminum wheel nuts!!! HOLY F**k
I know this is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the current state of this truck, but just for future reference stainless steel more often than not, is non-magnetic.
Martin Hanlin
Martin Hanlin Year ago
Why is that bird so fucking loud😂
GabrielTVG Year ago
0:35- 1:35 song?
Craig N
Craig N Year ago
You should've just gone to a frame shop. Redundancy or not (actually genius on your part), it looks kinda janky...IMHO.
dirtshower250 Year ago
I’m a certified welder, those welds are not product of a certified welder. Fact a certified welder would have probably turned the project down due to liability.
justin burleson
H is for Hack on that "repair" I cut sweet fab like this off trucks all the time. Scary knowing how many trucks/car are on the road with craptacular work like that.
Kristofor Pinkerton
TVS supercharges like the Roush one you have are quiet and dont have much supercharger whine. There is a kit that makes the sound louder in the cabin
Matt France
Matt France Year ago
You bought a truck that was in a small overlap head-on crash and you didn't expect damage to the suspension mounting points? That seems a bit optimistic...
Crippleshot Year ago
Check with the lift kit industry. Too do a 6” lift they cut that section out with a template and the wield there attaching points back in giving the lift . Maybe they have the the right sections for you weld back in.
wil Young
wil Young Year ago
when the ford guys mentioned to pull the vucuum for the axle they were referring the the vacuum line that covers the 2 pins. You have already pulled them. its the connected double hose on the back of the hub.
Craig Manning
Craig Manning Year ago
Tire wheel combo looks badass
Bass Maker 4Real
That fucking bird is mocking him
Ted EnderPalmer
Your repair is stronger than the original structure that you unfortunately sink would've been better just a straight out. Oscar did a good job
lucas porter
lucas porter Year ago
You should see what I have used a tree for I had a 2000 Dodge Grand Voyager where I bet the passenger side front Axl suspension back to the fender and I used to treat to straighten it all out I hook the chain to the front been around the tree and kept on throwing it in reverse until it was straight
hilham 89
hilham 89 Year ago
I was goung to say your will need an alignment but you said it in the video
hilham 89
hilham 89 Year ago
Damn bird. You sure thats not a Honda down the road trying to start? 😂
Keith Rasmussen
Weird four wheel drive clickey thingy.. 🤣🤣👍👍🍻🍻
In this day and age
Pocket from the 2018?
mwell019 Year ago
Cool to see it come together. I would recommend painting the bare metal from the weld.
Kat Wallingfordton
OMG! DEATH TRAP! Go back to welding class. I would not even get in that truck at a stand still. HS! CRAzy! B is for MORON!!
david price
david price Year ago
there is always a critic, even with feathers!
pablo avina
pablo avina Year ago
Lol.... gotta love our NW. Damn, bird.
Studious Realism
The lineup shop se sandy pdx can help with frame repair
300zxdriver Year ago
I didn’t hear any supercharger sounds. No whine !
Engine Collector
If you think that raptor is a big truck dont ever drive a 2000 style quad cab, 8' long bed 7.3, 4x4. You would be LOST! raptor is honestly not a "BIG" truck
Jarred Thompson
Haven't been a fan of the last 2 builds the raptor or the lambo but I've been nothing but faithful to the channel
Tom Shull
Tom Shull Year ago
Holy shit your 4x4 skills and obstacles are freaking embarrassing, bring it to WV for some real fun... LOL restore looks great good job.
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Year ago
Maybe on the Lower control arm pocket check with suspension lift installation shops such as 4wheel parts on 82nd or les Schwab because to install a 6 inch suspension lift the factory lower control arm pockets are cut off the frame and new aftermarket drop crossmember with control arm pockets on them. Maybe they have the original cut of parts at the shop
Jim Sage
Jim Sage Year ago
As a point of reference, the link below will take you to a true and professional rebuild project. us-first.info/player/video/r9iBoq-llpqTqoE.html
Eli Snell
Eli Snell Year ago
I cant keep laughing at him saying its too big. Our farm truck is a crew cab with a 8ft bed f350 it has a horrid turning radius.
lizard2006 Year ago
You do not have to pull vacuum to install that.
Chris Olson
Chris Olson Year ago
I would be more than happy to take the 37s off your hands
atish chandra
atish chandra Year ago
Love the bird 😆 b is for bird F off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pedro Rafael
Pedro Rafael Year ago
Algum Br🇧🇷 ?
plageran Year ago
truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck, truck.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Year ago
I hope this is helpful, old pannel beaters trick here in the uk get or make a bar or block the same shape as the inner control arm mount, shampher the ends lube and hammer into mount then heat once red hammer and or press the waved metal back into shape. Its hoe are accident repair centre does it and works 98% of the time other time we cut that section of the frame, chassis the weld in that whole 10inch section so looks factory 👍 p.s coach builders i work for have been doing it since 1936
Sandra Carter
Sandra Carter Year ago
Tha bird lmao
moeman600 Year ago
I worked for Ford and designed the processes and equipment for building F150's for about a decade. As long as you got a decent weld, I really, really doubt you'll have a problem with the repair on the 1B cross member. And no need to pull vacuum to assemble the knuckle with the 4x4 hub. No vacuum pulled when we assembled them in the plants. Go slow, make sure the teeth are aligned or you'll crack the shift fork when you're tightening the end nut.
justin blackmon
I need you to make an video just yelling at birds, hilarious
Scott Deruyter
Go to a frame shop for god sake.
Kevin Davidson
Jesus 🙈 axle stands with wood on top and laying under a 6300 pound truck in dirt, your high school auto teacher is yelling his head off right now 😂🤷‍♂️
glj100 Year ago
What about the GTR ?
ejla323 Year ago
That truck frame had to be diamond for them to total it.
JeepJeep234 Year ago
Those lugs may just be a steel nut with an aluminum casting over it.
00Raiser1693 Year ago
lol the bird you should rename your channel to B is for Bird
Your camera work for this entire build thus far has been absolutely terrible and practically unwatchable... B is for Bullshit!
Charlie Ennes
Charlie Ennes Year ago
I don't know if anyone has said this, but Ford lugnuts are either two or three piece pressed composites. As a result, they expand over time. Upgrade to solid one piece aftermarket lugnuts for a superior seating to the stock lugs.
Xpert Year ago
The bird part was hilarious😂 his hand when he said let’s kill that bird😂😂
Braxton May
Braxton May Year ago
your reaction to the bird made me laugh my ass off
J. Coder
J. Coder Year ago
Man... that thing sounds like a beast!!
bargey Year ago
Ever since the 240 build finished it seems like we get just 1 video a week?
Tommy Danger
Tommy Danger Year ago
B is for *Truck
Stephen Dee
Stephen Dee Year ago
3:46. You admit that you don't know what you are doing and then suggest that it will work. That makes no sense, take it to someone who knows what they are doing and do not drive it until then. I don't care if you kill yourself with it but if it fails and sends you into a school bus you are going to poss a lot of people off! That repair is unsafe! Stop pretending you have a clue and get professional help!
REBUILT Year ago
Its impressive you got the suspension point as straight as you did. A shop would not have been able to fix it either. The repair plan was likely written to replace the entire frame. Glad to see it back on 4 wheels!
Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray Year ago
This chick needs some subs. us-first.info/more/c0508DmRG72ILIkc4Vr8yg
vipecrx Year ago
Call that welding? There's a hashtag for that...
Tendorak Solo
Tendorak Solo Year ago
It's fun watching your video's but I gotta say you suck big time @ repairing cars. I have been following you for a few months now and there is NOT one car that I would buy from you. Your repairs are sloppy, unprofessional, dangerous and totally illegitimate. You buy aftermarket or secondhand parts which look like crap and frankly, you are ending with spending more time and money trying to fit these bad parts. All your cars look bad or unfinished. I admire your energy though, but it's a pity, you are not putting it to good use. Cars need first to be safe before looking good and it's not just your safety - don't forget you are not alone on the road and one day, one of your cars could kill with repairs like that.
Trey Chitty
Trey Chitty Year ago
I don’t know if this has already been said but next time you encounter a badly bent suspension like this , if you had a body shop pull and measure the frame you would be a whole lot better off. Your new lower control arm would more than likely fit without too much trouble.
Kenzie Cad
Kenzie Cad Year ago
Looks like it was welded with bubblegum
AB Qadeer
AB Qadeer Year ago
Bro, what video editor you use?
JediTim Year ago
Demonitized for white supremacy hand sign. LOL
Kid Jeff
Kid Jeff Year ago
That weld looks like crap
Bro Row
Bro Row Year ago
John B.
John B. Year ago
"Clearly not a racecar" but it is a car and not a truck right?
ipodhacker58 Year ago
Any one know the song playing at 08:00 in background? Plz
Every day life with me
Yo bro you need to stop posting videos daily to get that 1 million if not you're not going to make it
Mark Parker
Mark Parker Year ago
That’s a nice truck sir.
Gil Year ago
It probably has custom tunes programed for performance. So if you get that reprograming recall done you will need to get new tunes with a sct or other tuner.