Exocage Body Is Complete on the Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan 

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In todays episode were finishing up the metal work on the exocage body and starting on a DIY sheet metal hood.
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Mar 24, 2021




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B is for Build
B is for Build 21 day ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/Mar_BisforBuild​ and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days.
mark im
mark im 17 days ago
Can I buy it
Corey The Laser
Corey The Laser 17 days ago
Lift it please
Chosen Idea
Chosen Idea 19 days ago
I'm a recovering video game addict and have been clean for several years, after becoming a US-first addict. What's going on here?
TheSmreeder 19 days ago
Also ... PLEASE use CC for those of us who are Hearing Impaired... Many Blessings , SMR
TheSmreeder 19 days ago
After what happened w/ Ford Motor Corp I don't Blame you one bit for not saying BATMAN... I am so Sorry for what THEY did to your channel... Many Blessings , SMR PS Great Vids and Stay Strong
Fred Marsian
Fred Marsian 4 days ago
What’s the beat in the first time lapse called???
BM Prado Adventures
hi, very nice build mate. I do have one question for you. If the bump stops are hydraulic, then it has a shock that will compress on impact. Whats the distance that the bump stock will travel and then do you have enough clearance between the wheel and the arch?? or does it not travel much?? thank you
Corey Gilbert
Corey Gilbert 13 days ago
I love the look of the exocage but I can’t help but to think that’s adding a lot of extra unnecessary weight maybe, I don’t know if it could’ve been made with a different alloy. Cost wise the steel route is Understandably the way to go.. I may just be an idiot though 😂
Daisoreanu Laurentiu
that looks extremely heavy
hokage sasoriza
hokage sasoriza 14 days ago
Blake Davis
Blake Davis 14 days ago
Do you still have your GTR, I would like to purchase it
Yinglan Xu
Yinglan Xu 14 days ago
I think you need to reweigh this bad boy.
plumbandsquare1 15 days ago
Looks awesome, but no wheel travel in the back.
Kevin Lengerhuis
Kevin Lengerhuis 15 days ago
I need boat content NOW 😭
Richard Huff
Richard Huff 15 days ago
What happened to the one seater super car
Michael Cabral
Michael Cabral 15 days ago
Anyone know if his friends help for free or do they get paid by him?
Ariam Rodriguez
Ariam Rodriguez 15 days ago
All that steel, oh yeah, she's gonna be heavy
Andy 16 days ago
any idea when we will see some more of the boat.
Raúl ignacio
Raúl ignacio 16 days ago
is this even street legal ?
Killergrip Offgrip
Killergrip Offgrip 16 days ago
Great job all of you....
Mick Holden
Mick Holden 16 days ago
Boat boat boat
Beau Frentheway
Beau Frentheway 16 days ago
You should get a plasma cutter for the cutting it would save a lot of time like this so he can see
bmxgazza power
bmxgazza power 16 days ago
oscar seems to do everythink its really ent b is for build anymore it more like oscar builds evrythink lol
ALFA FAMILY 16 days ago
Similar Russian project us-first.info/player/video/aKmMpKdfYq-Tmp8.html
Loki DogOfMischief
Loki DogOfMischief 16 days ago
I subscribed solely based on the title on this video. I must see this beast complete!!
Toby Briggs
Toby Briggs 16 days ago
Can we have an update on the boat?
Mal P
Mal P 16 days ago
uknow this is looking more like a future bat-mobile as the build progresses
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate 16 days ago
Doesn't appear to have enough wheel travel clearance. Won't that big ass tire hit that frame work when you land a jump or hit a good size hole?
Wolf Party
Wolf Party 17 days ago
Now a video I was happy to watch 💪🏼🤣
Korgon2013 17 days ago
Looks great, congrats on the house, the real estate market is nuts right now!
andrew hari
andrew hari 17 days ago
not sure if anyones said this or not but every time i see this build i think of Christian bales bat mobile
mark im
mark im 17 days ago
Ok when it’s finished can I buy it pls..it would be put to good use by a DVET!just image it with a wheelchair holder on it!:) and a huge American flag and eagle..
Detail Corps Media
Detail Corps Media 17 days ago
B is for Batmobile
mark im
mark im 17 days ago
I’m subbed
Nezioo Araujoo
Nezioo Araujoo 17 days ago
3:11 that frame is way too close to the tyres , theres no room for tire travel there!!
Robert Maupin
Robert Maupin 17 days ago
Here in Michigan you do the inspection first then the offer.
Joe Dingman
Joe Dingman 17 days ago
Current location of rear body panels could be problematic with wheel travel on impact of a jump just sayin.....
Sebz 17 days ago
diggler420 17 days ago
whats the plan for when you hit a bump and that tire gets buried in that cage? looks more like B is for broke
dzopik 17 days ago
How much does it weight? Looks great btw.
Corey The Laser
Corey The Laser 17 days ago
When are you gonna lift jt
anmadrid2003 17 days ago
I was replacing my driver door handle on my hummer h3, the bolt fell down the door jam and I about panicked 😂
Skiridr22 17 days ago
The new Bat Mobile, that’s some great fabrication 👍🏾👍🏾
Law Office Of Lowell J. Kuvin, LLC
Why is the backend frame almost touching the tires?
Bosanac Soprano
Bosanac Soprano 18 days ago
We want a update on the BOAT!! Please!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Raverick 18 days ago
Origami hood, I like it!
curtis newton
curtis newton 18 days ago
this is how the thumbler should have looked like
screamitinstead 18 days ago
Oscar is such a beast
Jason Rathbone
Jason Rathbone 18 days ago
Bro ! Where’s the boat 🚣‍♀️!!
harrison256 18 days ago
Hey if you're abandoning the boat let me know so I can go ahead and unsub. Not even an update in months
LLAMAxRIDER 18 days ago
Off road lambroghini
Travis S
Travis S 18 days ago
Buttholes r kool
hanzo935 18 days ago
Song at 7:46 ?
azharsyarawi 18 days ago
The hood is gorgeous and the rear is super aggressive. Well done guys 💪
okeycokey2000 18 days ago
Fucken steel... ??? Jesus
Sean Michel
Sean Michel 18 days ago
What's going on w the boat?
Cesar Mejía
Cesar Mejía 18 days ago
So now it comes in silver, right @bisforbuild ? 🥲 🦇
matthew stephens
matthew stephens 18 days ago
Oscar is a badass on a cutting wheel, and a welder. I’m convinced, after watching this man work over the last year, that he can build anything. 👌🏼💪🏼
rEnY z
rEnY z 18 days ago
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Houston Brown
Houston Brown 18 days ago
I can’t wait to see an electric Lamborghini from your page.
William Whitman
William Whitman 18 days ago
What's the point of adding all this weight to the car? This is not a competitive vehicle. And never will be. I mean, a STEEL exoskeleton and hood? "This is a carbon fiber hood. We are going to make this out of steel -- for competitive reasons..." Should have stuck to plastic bags and PVC.
epic peppy
epic peppy 18 days ago
This is officially the coolest car on the internet now.
Dee Snuts
Dee Snuts 18 days ago
No offense but that looks nothing like a Lamborghini
mrmadmike427 18 days ago
O is for Oscar !!
sparrow 18 days ago
Is this a lambo that looks cool and not ugly like every lambo in exsistance
Wasabiflo 18 days ago
How much does the car already coasts?
James Allen
James Allen 19 days ago
bonnet is nice, rear subframe looks like arse
Jonathon Cook
Jonathon Cook 19 days ago
I would quit copy and pasting movie cars.. that’s why they keep getting seized. Rich billionaires get jealous because you did it better. The one thing you don’t mess with is money. Sucks but I hope they don’t come for this one too.
c soul
c soul 19 days ago
Mad max tumbler
Progression Car Club
James Thompson
James Thompson 19 days ago
Really enjoying watching this series on building this car, great knowledge and craftmanship, nice one.
what if you weld on the inside of t he hood and then just use body filler to hide the lines
Willy Snake
Willy Snake 19 days ago
How much the cost to build the super car like this ? I love it so much !😍
bro what happpened with the wrecked supra?
Omer Ali
Omer Ali 19 days ago
If you did a hurucan bopper that would be amazing bro
irisheyes 19 days ago
This is cool and all, just waiting for more of the boat updates?
Stewart Mckinna
Stewart Mckinna 19 days ago
this is turning out to be crazier every episode
Jacksblack31 Ortodoncia
Oscar is the boss!!!
Live Free Moto
Live Free Moto 19 days ago
from a movie im not gonna say. lawyer fees are great learning points
Prodriver33 19 days ago
Does your suspension not move? Those bars are like two inches from the tyre.
Joderin 19 days ago
Thats pretty cool! Btw, whats going on with the boat?
Matthew Holm
Matthew Holm 19 days ago
Bye bye earnest money
Douglas Blair
Douglas Blair 19 days ago
Oscar is a clear miracle maker/worker.
Mike Hilton
Mike Hilton 19 days ago
I just randomly found this channel and holy crap look at this!! How awesome.
Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton 19 days ago
Dude please list all the songs in your description music choice on your chan is great
Mark 19 days ago
Do you ever do any work ?
iban-iviene s
iban-iviene s 19 days ago
Destroyd super car
Douglas Jotblad
Douglas Jotblad 19 days ago
Could you have gone tubular with the hood in maybe a smaller diameter tube for those shapes and skin that or would that be more complicated than the way you are doing it?
Nick 19 days ago
Surely make the hood out of aluminium? Steel’s going to be so heavy
Joey Gambino
Joey Gambino 19 days ago
Awesome! That hood and the rear angles are amazing.
jack sexton
jack sexton 19 days ago
Sutton Griffin
Sutton Griffin 19 days ago
In a way... this reminds me of the Batman Tumbler. This is gonna look SO SIIIIIICK!!!!
jujurawks 19 days ago
You guys look like you made the Tumbler from Batman: Dark Knight
packkets 19 days ago
Oscar is a fab genius, seriously with his skills he could basically name his price. I am in awe of what he can do. I would love to hear more from him.
Sam Galloway
Sam Galloway 19 days ago
Can't wait to see the end result of this proyect!
Mother Trucker
Mother Trucker 19 days ago
im not a fan of the new music during the videos.
Agnar Áskelsson
Agnar Áskelsson 19 days ago
Where is the english wheel?
Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay 19 days ago
When people see this, does anyone else think of “Mod Max” from MCM?
Robert Swanson
Robert Swanson 19 days ago
You can change everything on a house, except for its location. So when you buy a house, your buying its location/land.
COME_AND TAKE_IT 19 days ago
guys raid is back on their game
Ann Divine
Ann Divine 19 days ago
Oscar seems to be doing all the work while you sat in the back playing on your phone, he should start his own you tube chanel or maybe you should pay him more.
Viktor Larsson
Viktor Larsson 19 days ago
I'm just wondering about the massive amount of weight you seem to be adding to it.
MW 19 days ago
Give this thing to Oscar when it's finished.
joe blow
joe blow 19 days ago
Do you do anything on these newer builds or does Oscar do all the work now? I see you on the videos just sitting back on your phone. I liked the channel when you were doing everything yourself including painting. Then you got gifted/sponsored a nice paint booth with equipment and never use it. B is for Bye because you changed to B is for Buying someone to do my work for me.