F150 Raptor Front End Conversion Is Complete! Gen1 ➡ Gen2 

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In todays episode were finishing off the front end conversion on my 2014 supercharged Ford Raptor!
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Nov 2, 2020




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Blue Rocker
Blue Rocker 2 days ago
Hey guys I've been painting since 04' You need a Sealed Motor or Explosion-proof Exhaust Fan CFM at 10,000 Cuz, you may or may not know that the Clear Harder you use has Isocyanates... VERY BAD for YOU... You don't wanna expose yourself to it AT ALL...That Cloud You had going on in your Spray Both is Bad you should Never Have That...Get On It...
BUDZGURA 5 days ago
Make the kit for people that want to do the same. Id love to convert mine
WarriorTC04 11 days ago
so much dust on the finished hood....so sad(
Andrew Travers
Andrew Travers 12 days ago
No jack stands......😔
Rico Jacobs
Rico Jacobs 13 days ago
Would love to do this conversion on my 2014 supercharged Raptor 😬🤓. Y’all should sell this as a service. I’d buy!
Christian Core
Christian Core 14 days ago
21:11 “boat, boat” lol
Mad Mechanix
Mad Mechanix 14 days ago
Did you consider adhesion promoter?
Matt R.
Matt R. 14 days ago
H is for hack.
Chester Morningstar
18:04 Perfect example of why a person has to be smarter than their vehicle. NEVER use auto lights, use the light switch.
cordein black
cordein black 17 days ago
Posted their videos and am nkmot getting views and subscribers hope y'all subscribe to the channel
NICK MANGAS 18 days ago
If I had a sister , I would make her Marry Oscar.. You always "HELP FAMILY"..!!👌🏼😉👍🏻
Jorge 18 days ago
What a nice result, congrats B
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 18 days ago
Any good painter will tell you, any method you use was invented by trial an error.
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 19 days ago
Do a body lift kill the rubbin
Rick Crawford
Rick Crawford 19 days ago
How about a mid engine mustang build?
RyuujiZla Takasu
RyuujiZla Takasu 19 days ago
Get it wrapped if you are set on the grey. Personally I love the blue.
nicolas ortiz
nicolas ortiz 19 days ago
Tom 19 days ago
@20:15 forgot to fix the fender door gap
Chad Andersen
Chad Andersen 20 days ago
G is for Ghetto-Repairs 😂 still love the channel.
Tom R. Aikmus
Tom R. Aikmus 20 days ago
I'm a little late but the light beam was high because those are the high beams. The top ones are the low beams.
Justin Scherrman
Justin Scherrman 20 days ago
B is for get the builds to 85% complete and then never show them again. This looks so hacked together. Ugh
Kendtt 20 days ago
You bought soapy water"" from Chris Fix I think I need some "soapy water" too hahahaha
ollydubhead 20 days ago
Before you compound the bonnet (hood!) you need to sand the dust nibs with something like 2000 grit wet n dry paper. Plenty of warm soapy water, knock the nibs off, then a quick sand all over, then buff, and the results will be awesome.
PR K 20 days ago
Just wrap it!!!!
Mario Risi
Mario Risi 20 days ago
Well if you can't paint the whole truck just wrap it that nardo grey
thebigbozzy 20 days ago
Those are the high beams are they not?
Trinity young
Trinity young 20 days ago
Nicholas Harvey
Nicholas Harvey 21 day ago
who else spotted the lambo just casually sitting in the background
Thiago Albino Santos
The grill amber light isn't working.
John Spanos
John Spanos 21 day ago
Btw. I really dig the blue.
John Spanos
John Spanos 21 day ago
Why does tire look like retread?
maxice01 21 day ago
You could take doors off and the bed off and leave it grey
Anthony Callegari
Nice would love to learn how you did that! I have a 2013 Raptor with a beautiful custom interior and Gen 2 swapping the exterior is the goal 😎
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 21 day ago
Did the blue paint match the existing blue ok with out using primer sealer? Just curious I have never tried without sealing on color changes
shahbaz khan
shahbaz khan 21 day ago
Oscar is just like jinni..
daricus fields
daricus fields 21 day ago
As far as your clear coat, try using a slower activated and reducer to increase your recoat window.
Robert Geier
Robert Geier 21 day ago
Auto lights are a blessing and a curse! Cutos to oscar
Martin Wink
Martin Wink 21 day ago
17:06 Rob Ferretti doesn't like you to jump on the hood
Sidney Osisioma
Sidney Osisioma 21 day ago
Great job guys.. now when is the single seater build resuming ??
Mick S
Mick S 21 day ago
You need a palm orbital sander
That truck needs new wheels. No bling, something like regamasters
SirCrimson 21 day ago
When will we get more single seater videos?
Michael 21 day ago
Whatever happened to the supra build...
hofferjh 22 days ago
OK we see the Mustang mill we see Bobby MW build when are we going to see your car built
Nasheed Jeremiah
Nasheed Jeremiah 22 days ago
is tiger striping from a lack of overlap between strokes?
GearBox 18 days ago
Had doq
Had doq 22 days ago
All i can see is that hole at the front of the door :(
cameron waltets
cameron waltets 22 days ago
Nice job hey can I borrow Oscar for a couple weeks in big old Australia??
Oscar O
Oscar O 21 day ago
I’d love to go to Australia!
braque mathson
braque mathson 22 days ago
Get a denibbing tool
Enesis 22 days ago
update on the single seater....?
Archie Bernardo
Archie Bernardo 22 days ago
Change the channel name to O is for Oscar
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen 22 days ago
Oscar did a good job!
goolgappa5 22 days ago
How much you got this for
junior riley
junior riley 22 days ago
So sad it couldn't be grey 😓😓😓☹
Tim Ditzler
Tim Ditzler 22 days ago
When we gonna get updates about the supra! Thats what I'm waiting on
S. Ritesh
S. Ritesh 22 days ago
You Could Have Put A Before And After...!!!
Power Menneke
Power Menneke 22 days ago
Where is the Yacht?
Ramiro Tarrico Villafañe
Must be so nice to have an "Oscar" on stand-by :D
Matthew Cardy
Matthew Cardy 22 days ago
What happened to that Supra?
Click Tun
Click Tun 22 days ago
U could wrap the raptor in gray color
lildscrew202 22 days ago
Digital dash??
Eduard Porton
Eduard Porton 22 days ago
Don't drink and drive Chris! ;) And for Oscar: Give that man an Oscar! xD
Memo Makes
Memo Makes 22 days ago
Cool results. May i suggest adding connectors for the head lights. Just to make them serviceable. Some delphi waterproof ones
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 22 days ago
I'm not a truck guy normally, but it does look handsome.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 22 days ago
RAPTOR G-R-7 22 days ago
Nice, congrats!!! (That bumper... mmmhm)
Omar Zuniga
Omar Zuniga 22 days ago
B is for buen trabajo (good job) Oscar.
Andrew D
Andrew D 22 days ago
It drives me wild that Chris doesn’t ever clean his cars 😖😂
Mike Falter
Mike Falter 23 days ago
".....pretty dry to the touch" *taps fender, leaves mark* :-) hahaha
mrskaguitar 23 days ago
hmm... seeing the single seater again and talking of the boat motor got me thinking... Combine those two and that would be an apocalyptic build!
AllThingsBoost 23 days ago
That truck came out great!!! Awesome job! Nothing cooler than a supercharged ford raptor!
Joshua Linton
Joshua Linton 23 days ago
Front grill lights
Cesar Cabrera
Cesar Cabrera 23 days ago
All we need oscar
Alperen Tunçeli
Alperen Tunçeli 23 days ago
Oscar-ing should be added to the Chris' dictionary. Oscar is just keep Oscar-ing basically.
r4dius 23 days ago
Nice truck, looks mean
Chris Gomez
Chris Gomez 23 days ago
There a shop called Evil manufacturing in California. You should check it out www.evilmanufacturing.com/if you do ask him any questions his name is doug and he makes these trucks in his sleep
alexei van Ingen
alexei van Ingen 23 days ago
"soapy wooterrrr" LOL Love that
ScrubLordKyle 18
ScrubLordKyle 18 23 days ago
You should make conversion kit for the old Raptors
Michael Ford
Michael Ford 23 days ago
Great Job love it Michael U.K. 😀👍👌😎
Heartbreak Radio
Heartbreak Radio 23 days ago
10.7 mpg average. Good lord
Daniel Impson
Daniel Impson 23 days ago
You need a hole in that hood for the airbox
WTnetworks 23 days ago
Rent a BIG paint booth? Grey was the jam
Hassan Aurangzeb
Hassan Aurangzeb 23 days ago
What about frontier Grill lights
Justin Mah
Justin Mah 23 days ago
Am I the only one bothered by the dirty air filter?
N0st4lg1a 23 days ago
You should color match the fender trim!
Mindyo Biscuits
Mindyo Biscuits 23 days ago
wet the floor before painting or no ?
Ronald Schawo
Ronald Schawo 23 days ago
Grill lights? Anyone? He don't need any grill lights... Always have to leave one thing broken so nothing else breaks..... Lol
Jay James
Jay James 23 days ago
What about the 3 lights in the grille
travis woods
travis woods 23 days ago
Yall need some ergo kneeing pads. Save them knees.
iBash Gaming
iBash Gaming 23 days ago
Are the frame horns swayed over? Or is that just a bad thumbnail picture, but that bumper is not even on both sides its swayed to one side.
LEIF HOFFMAN 23 days ago
Raptor looks great. Really like the Blue............
Cuan Ham
Cuan Ham 23 days ago
Yeah sorry. The lines don't work and the door gaps look bad. A for effort thou
no oneherre
no oneherre 23 days ago
Why would you go for a drive without finishing the headlight install first?
Hammer Down Entertainment
Doing a bed swap also?
guido heeling
guido heeling 23 days ago
when is the datsun coming back?
SkyBlaZer168 23 days ago
coat your paint booth floor it will help keep the dust down.
4Runner4life98 23 days ago
I think the top bulb is the low beam. You wired the high beam on.
Magonza 23 days ago
You should connect those raptor lights (grille) for the complete 2017 look
Clemence pain
Clemence pain 23 days ago
What's the point of BIFB if there is no BIFBing paint jobs. I disappointed that we not getting a grey truck but it's his decision to make and this being the internet, my opinion doesn't really matter.
Laba Su
Laba Su 23 days ago
20:15 The door?
guido heeling
guido heeling 23 days ago
beam lever kind of high? Man i could drive in front of you and you might not even see it so high they are! hahah