Final Assembly on Kyles E92 BMW 3 Series 

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Its final assembly time! Lets get it all together before tuning!
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Aug 10, 2020




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B is for Build
B is for Build 6 months ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/IENFIA ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/h5HfUh ✅ PC: clcr.me/SBQoad and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days
Jack Disley
Jack Disley 6 months ago
Did not get the starter pack from your link
Kryan Doyle
Kryan Doyle 6 months ago
Where did you get Kyle's BMW wide body kit from
vmwindustries 6 months ago
Came from Dount, love the channel!
CIA 6 months ago
@Incognito they had the eleanor taken away, and didn't get money back
Joshu 6 months ago
This bimmer is lit!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
YtZ IoNuT 2 months ago
OMG did u just painted the M sign on the wheel
O Kanenas
O Kanenas 2 months ago
this body kit is a crap you pay that kind of money need to get the crash bar of and do so many moddifiction to fit it and its still look so crap and leave so many gaps.. i will not fit that on my car even if some one pay me for it!!!!
Иван Алексиков
Крис , привет из России .
Syntec 3 months ago
Drive around with that shitbox in germany and everybody will laugh at you. Even some 60+ y/o. This is hillarious. You’ve destroyed a wonderful car and a future all time classic but hey you got "cyberpunk" plates on it now😂😂 Sad to see this as a german who had multiple E92.
Sajad Hosseini
Sajad Hosseini 3 months ago
This is not professionally designed.sorry to say that 🤷🏻‍♂️
Stev A
Stev A 3 months ago
I will never understand those who think they can engineer better than the German engineers at BMW. The wide wheel wells look HORRIBLE!!! They completely ruin the lines of the car. The rivets everywhere look terrible. It's like a 1950's airplane. Nothing about this car looks smooth anymore. It looks like a totally over-done toy. I'm sorry to be so unagreeable, but it's really, really NOT a good looking car now. I'd take a stock 335i over this one any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. You guys seem like very cool guys, but you've taken a beautifully designed car, and turned it into a circus act...
Stefano Amsterdam
Stefano Amsterdam 3 months ago
smoked tail lights.. missed opportunity :P
JoSe PoLaNcO
JoSe PoLaNcO 4 months ago
I have a 2008 335 i convertible - and I would like to do a similar job for it - how much would it cost? $$
gimpme 4 months ago
What a terrible fitting of the single parts including "Spaltmaße" (idk the engl word for this) for a german car. Sorry guys, just terrible.
Bright World
Bright World 4 months ago
knight in armor)
jt atl
jt atl 4 months ago
I want ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max 4 months ago
dat orange peel, ugh
Thunderdome 4 months ago
prfrrfrffffffffffffffffffffffff muaaaaaajajajajajajjajajajajajajaajjaajajajajajaj oh my god, is a joke???? jajajajajajajjajaja
Jeff G
Jeff G 4 months ago
Note to self: Don't spend $3,500 on a knockoff Vorsteiner GTRS3 body kit.
オゼルメルト 5 months ago
B is for Bullshit, just shitty work everything they do..
Shekhar Singh
Shekhar Singh 5 months ago
This guy... actually spoiled Kyle's car for making a US-first video....
anthony picado
anthony picado 5 months ago
Love the color
Juan Jacobs
Juan Jacobs 5 months ago
Paint the emblems wet sand and polish new rear lights bigger tire and rims
megas04 5 months ago
Jose Mario Jiménez Alfaro
Those metal pieces look horrible and the wheels don't fit at all.
777 5 months ago
Hot mess.
Chase 5 months ago
Man this kit is hideous. RIP BMW. Before you were just a mechanical turd with a a nice body. Now you are a rolling turd in every way.
Khudoyor Yogbekov
Khudoyor Yogbekov 5 months ago
Ugly paint job
Joost Vlot
Joost Vlot 5 months ago
the car looks like shit sorry but realy! I still wonder why they charged you 3500$ for this garbage bodykit........
TITAN OF GIANTS 5 months ago
Spray the clear on the trim then scuff with super fine steel wool, wallau matt finish with clear coat protection.
Moh Adnan
Moh Adnan 5 months ago
I guess rims with lip it’s gonna fit more with those huge fenders
Prados 5 months ago
16:30 How badly finished. orange peel all over. Cheap front grilles that a German car does not deserve. A good fudge overall. In the end you have to take it to a good workshop for a good ending.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 5 months ago
car looks great and colors are awesome!
Samer Qirreh
Samer Qirreh 5 months ago
Did you put hub spacers on there?
boese200 5 months ago
E30-M4 Swop by JP-Performance us-first.info/player/video/h6x9iH93mGqDdWg.html
richiem11 5 months ago
Worst build for sure! Idea was OK but execution was poor, the paint job is shocking.
Young Beaner
Young Beaner 6 months ago
I’m just tryna figure out which 3 series it is 😂
bird dude
bird dude 6 months ago
How much for an e92 ? Cuz I want one now
kwaaahhh 6 months ago
Looks like 🗑
Jed Leary
Jed Leary 6 months ago
Rear guards are horrendous
lil hotdog
lil hotdog 6 months ago
Damn not gonna lie, that paint job is gross.
D4ngeresque 6 months ago
21:05 Those panel gaps.... Ooof
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 6 months ago
Great video btw, a question will the tracking geometry be out as different wheels?
Balleknack 6 months ago
I have to admit I was a bit sceptical to this build to start with. It turned out really awesome!!!
JBTYpr 6 months ago
I think the only step you guys are missing for great paint jobs is wet sanding the primer. But this is a apocalypse build so i dont blame you guys
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 6 months ago
This channel is heaven for ricers.
vibalite 6 months ago
Spoilt it
Enrique Senior
Enrique Senior 6 months ago
NEROJAN Ravichandran
Chris, you should get some smoked rear lights to go with the dark theme!
shane higgins
shane higgins 6 months ago
the bmw reminds me of the one off need for speed most wanted game cover :) love it but also cant wait to see the single seater car once done
Markus Bishop
Markus Bishop 6 months ago
Damn I thought I would hate that car but it actually looks really good
piet zandloper
piet zandloper 6 months ago
verry bad paintjob
Mohmad Yousef
Mohmad Yousef 6 months ago
You need to wet sand the paint and polish it the clear coat doesn’t have a glass finish
cindy-tron 6 months ago
You guuuuys, come on! Measure 15 times, cut once. No one did a final fit of everything before the paint? Argh. Y'all setting us detail freaks off! Zip ties on the grille? The bodypanel gappage at 21:07? You're killing me, Chris!
Andrej Prevolnik
Andrej Prevolnik 6 months ago
Very good in fabricating, but very bad in painting......Guys you have good content but details are very important!
Slider 6 months ago
We need a garage update. You have been very busy. Lol
Dave Lively
Dave Lively 6 months ago
I wonder how the flexing of the wheel as it heats & cools is going to affect the body filler. ?
FutureWormfood 6 months ago
J is for Janky.
Great video my friend. Keep it goin.. Big LIKE ...us-first.info/player/video/bJqOepClZ6Vjjmg.html
Enigmatic Alchemist
Enigmatic Alchemist 6 months ago
Car looks amazing guys, great job! 20:47 Looking at the back wheel arch the riveted piece looks so off in the video, Im not sure why?
Enigmatic Alchemist
Enigmatic Alchemist 6 months ago
Look at the edge in 21:09 as well.. why??
Sterk Racing
Sterk Racing 6 months ago
God it looks so bad. You've hit some home runs in the past but this....Is it supposed to be janky? If so I guess you nailed it
Darren Butland
Darren Butland 6 months ago
Blackout the headlights?
Nadia Aouane
Nadia Aouane 6 months ago
Hello everybody. I am Nadia. I hope you will visit me #nadiaaouane. Thanks a lot.
Reece R Packman
Reece R Packman 6 months ago
Please blackout the tail light
Aaron O’Brien
Aaron O’Brien 6 months ago
You should try angel eye headlights for this car I think it would go well with the cyber theme
James Allen
James Allen 6 months ago
it looks like 12 year old built it. The rear wheel arches look terrible, tire and wheel package too small for wide body kit, paint is orange peel city and body panel gaps all over the show
Zach Renzo
Zach Renzo 6 months ago
You need to make black headlight covers!
Every day life with me
You need to have a professional air brush gun person come from US-first and air brush the car to really make it stand out.
Harman Sokhi
Harman Sokhi 6 months ago
19:08 subtle jab at bmw driver that deny existence of indicator blinkers 😂🤣
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes 6 months ago
Car looks awesome, tires look super thin. Go with a wee bit taller sidewall
David Pedder
David Pedder 6 months ago
Those rear wheel arches are Abit to much
Driftz Makerz
Driftz Makerz 6 months ago
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller 6 months ago
Ewwwwwww, the fender gap in the rear
Mini Schmit
Mini Schmit 6 months ago
What happened to the yacht!!
NaqoyqatZ 6 months ago
Here from Donut Media and subscribing. Total BS about the Eleanor debacle. Rename it LOLeanor.
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
heck yeah it looks good
Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen 6 months ago
Shoulda bought the double slates
PK 6 months ago
Wow! B is for bullshit body work and paint job. Attention to detail is nowhere to be found. Take pride in your work!!! Don't be like these hacks.
GeekyTechyCool 6 months ago
I can't even...the wheels don't match...you guys are killing me! (love the build btw)
Vaidas Evo
Vaidas Evo 6 months ago
bad wheel preparation for painting, as usual... seriously b for build
105fernando105 6 months ago
I have a 328i e92 that i toasted the engine, should I rebuild it or junk it?
Jon 6 months ago
As long as it's not a hovercraft!
david miranda
david miranda 6 months ago
Burn it!
Joe Pelanconi
Joe Pelanconi 6 months ago
The kidney grills are put on from the back ........and the trim rings go on through the front!
Chad Spradlin
Chad Spradlin 6 months ago
5:52 pretty scuffed content
rossiuk2009 6 months ago
Hey Chris, love the car mate, but those wheels, they need to be matte black.
Nathan Summers
Nathan Summers 6 months ago
I don't know if you guys are going to cut and buff that paint or not sure if it's a tri-coat and you can do that since it's got metallic in it but I ain't never seen Orange Peel on a paint project job like that.
Huakfy 6 months ago
I feel like the wheels are almost too dark, it might be better in bronze or something
You didn’t make the body wider you just put wheel spacers and ridiculous bigger fenders
Jaybruhh 6 months ago
Anyone here from *_Donut Garage?_* Car copyrighting is such BS
indycog 6 months ago
looks amazing, can't wait to hear it and see what you guys bought. Dyno?
Minsu Park
Minsu Park 6 months ago
What size spacers are you running?
Patrick Ibison
Patrick Ibison 6 months ago
Scotchloks and spade connectors. Why does my electrical system act like a crackhead?
Segze 6 months ago
Who else trinna find the Boat build
Captain Galactus
Captain Galactus 6 months ago
"adheeshiv" (14:41)
Thomas Heuermann
Thomas Heuermann 6 months ago
As a German I have to say, very bad work 🙈
Austin Volkert
Austin Volkert 6 months ago
This thing is going to rattle all of its trim off. It's kind of a "just for looking at car"-ish.
Scalawag 6 months ago
Whoever cleared that driver side suuuuucks. -no- offence
James Harcourt-Flynn
Can i have the Coors light sign?
El Gingero
El Gingero 6 months ago
As an owner of a e92 335i, this is embarrassing...
Peter Cabrera
Peter Cabrera 6 months ago
Hubert Chan 2610
Hubert Chan 2610 6 months ago
Is it just me or the clear coat of the paint on the car is trash
Andrew Anker
Andrew Anker 6 months ago
The door gap is horrendous. Clean the freaking windows too!
Belaze S
Belaze S 6 months ago
Just wanna say a big F U to the rights holder of Eleanor.
J. Balvin - Ma' G
J. Balvin - Ma' G