Final Engine Install & Shaving Carbon Door Handles ( 5 Days Till SEMA ) 

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In today's episode we're installing the engine for the final time, but not before adding some mods to the fuel system like a flex fuel sensor and analog venturi system. After that we fix the accessory drive to stop it from throwing belts off, and then we move onto shaving the door handles on our carbon huracan doors and building carbon fiber vents from our 3d printed parts.
Huge thanks to the guys at Truly for the hookup, we love your support! trulyhardseltzer.com
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Nov 3, 2019




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UnknownEvent Year ago
Oscar did a good job!
Rabek.691 Year ago
saying Europeans drives on the left side of the road because UK does it is like saying North America is communist because Cuba is.
Villmænn'n Year ago
Grait Job Rick Ness! 😊
Josh Gray
Josh Gray Year ago
Less door prep video more engine install clips. Good job guys
Ig000r Year ago
What’s this shitty music in this episode o.O ??
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Year ago
If my calculations are correct, you have already left for SEMA 2019. Good luck and the build looks awesome!
Far Reach Engineering
Really enjoyed this sequence. Lots of work getting done on all parts of the shop. starting at 14:45 with some pizza together and then each splitting to work on the various components during crunch time.
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
The passenger side mirror had me dying 😂😂I wouldn’t have even thought of that🤦🏽‍♂️
Scott Perry
Scott Perry Year ago
I think you should have pumps running from start. If they kick on when the engine is warm and you blast a bunch of cold water through there, it can cause issues maybe. Like a cracked block. With the pumps running from start, the water can neutralize and not cause such a shock through the system. Then again, I am not 100% on this.
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
For those looking for the song at 14:45 here is the name: Far Out - Chains (feat. Alina Renae)
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Year ago
i pray this car is finished in time
Jamison Timberfalling
Lmao, Ordered the driver's side mirror from a county that drives on the other side. That's hilarious! Lol
Leonard Manginelli
That shit had me rolling when he realized he bought the wrong mirror!! 😂😂
Mr. Bluu
Mr. Bluu Year ago
Only in england people drive on the other side dummy!🤬
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Year ago
SEMA is in an hour. What you guys thinking?
illiniboy17 Year ago
Take the mirror from the green huracan and wrap it then sort everything out after sema?
Ask to seduce Miss
Exhaust manifold -b is for build 2019
Zachary Reagan
Cfibre body lol... doors and a kit. Dude i love you but no this isnt a cf body.
Dean o
Dean o Year ago
Just seen the car on texas speed Instagram looks amazing
The LongRanger
Dose Oscar get compensation. All I hear is Oscars name and what he’s doing next lol
Ask to seduce Miss
8:34 NOPE... only Uk my man.. so from more than 27 countries you got the brexit one.
Turbo Foxbody
Turbo Foxbody Year ago
Should of cut out a piece of mirror stainless for the mirror
Rock girl
Rock girl Year ago
For those looking for the song at 14:45 here is the name: Far Out - Chains (feat. Alina Renae)
Josh Maddox
Josh Maddox Year ago
Use the mirror from the green huracan
Tom Pecht
Tom Pecht Year ago
We don't drive on the left side of the road?! England does... The REST of Europe, drives on the same side as you do.. xD
Matthew Year ago
I dig the new acoustic delta blues song :)
Rock girl
Rock girl Year ago
中国人来这里报道 翻一下
hen ko
hen ko Year ago
For those looking for the song at 14:45 here is the name: Far Out - Chains (feat. Alina Renae)
Ian O'Riordan
Ian O'Riordan Year ago
UK and Ireland only have RHD.... it didn't come from Ireland!!
Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook Year ago
Ayee love the theme remix
Addison Wasiuta
SEMA is in an hour. What you guys thinking?
LadydeathhawkXx ::
You don’t know what sleep deprivation is.... talk to me after 20 years of undiagnosed narcolepsy
hen ko
hen ko Year ago
though. With some more time would have been good.
junior riley
junior riley Year ago
Chris someone leaked your build "internal combustion" sema 2019 walkaround. 1:14:00 The cars looks really really good was anticipating to see what's next but now I'm not so much excited
C P Year ago
The only country that drives on the left is the UK …
Robby Haldeman
I forgot, what booth is the Lambo going to be at at SEMA??
XFDADX Year ago
8:34 NOPE... only Uk my man.. so from more than 27 countries you got the brexit one.
Patrício Santos
Wrong! On Europe we drive on the left side of the car except for the UK! Sou you must have bought the mirror on the UK ebay.
Blacklisted Year ago
UK and Australia is RHD ;) Europa is LHD dude ;)
Gasper Erjavec
Yeah whole Europe is RHD, ih i wish it was, we would have all the jdm goodness
henry jansen
henry jansen Year ago
congratulation with your excellent build
happy宁城 Year ago
中国人来这里报道 翻一下
Christopher Leveck
I can build you custom mirrors....I'm in Salem.
Ethan Macheras
Lambo is really getting close to being done and looks great!
No Body
No Body Year ago
We will wait and watch all ads to give u revenue👍
Jake Green
Jake Green Year ago
Seen it at sema looks abit rough but still cool those carbon parts on the rear quarters the most front bumper fitment abit dodgy also quarter windows need a clean. Great effort though. With some more time would have been good.
Lloyd Patel
Lloyd Patel Year ago
C'mon Chris, the car is already at Sema and we still waiting for the next "Daily Episode"
7ETRNL Year ago
I believe only UK in Europe drive on the opposite side of the road. Also Chris, just buy from Germans people when it comes to Europe, they know how to engineer...
Ricardo Garcia
someone posted a video of the car at sema today and it looked great
Miltown 414
Miltown 414 Year ago
#bisforbuild just use the mirror from the other Lamborghini like you said its gonna get wrapped so you won't damage the paint on it just for the mean time 🤷🏻‍♂️
Rocket 815
Rocket 815 Year ago
I accidentally saw the finished car It’s fucking beautiful
Nic Venter
Nic Venter Year ago
Use the Green Huracan mirrors.. wrapped in the same pearl white? They can be unwrapped and re-installed on the Green machine after sema?!?!
Abdullah hafeez
Heyy. I want to 3d print your burntacan. Can anybody help me getting the files?
Michael Frog-Man Bourne
Dream job.
Shannon Hill
Shannon Hill Year ago
UK is the only country in the E.U that drives on the wrong side
Steve rebuilds
Stainless works headers is what you need
JT Sneaky
JT Sneaky Year ago
Sema today, hope you got it done in time 🥴
Live like Free
what happened with the yacht building ?
David Mclendon
how are you planning on pulling a vacuum, under boost, from a pressurized intake manifold when you hit the brakes at 100+ mph on a racetrack? asking for a friend....
Abhijit Malaker Anindya
Doesn't the Lamborghini engine makes a Lamborghini a real Lamborghini. So if you LS it doesn't it make the car a "CHAVY HURACAN" and why the hell any one LS their huracan
Juan Sup
Juan Sup Year ago
Oscar is a legend
It's Jonny
It's Jonny Year ago
was it just more or did the intro glitch for y’all too⁉️
Alred318 Year ago
12:56 you're making it hard for yourself. Just say "behind the scenes"
Cody Year ago
Too bad internal combustion already exposed the build at SEMA
AkshonClips Year ago
Dont forget to put a check valve on the brake booster vacuum line. Unless you want your brake booster turbo charged.
masskilla469 Year ago
if you didn't sleep in 15 weeks you would be in a mental hospital
4 Wheel Builds
Come on Chris. We in mainland Europe don't drive on the other side. Nope that's only the Poms. So yeah record stright. Am starting a Subaru BRZ tS STI rebuild so if you have spare parts send them over i gotta rebuild the frontend after someone i presume colided with a moose over in Canada.
OnyxCobra Year ago
And that is why we sell parts as left and right side lol. Lookin good guys.
stephenpman Year ago
You car looks amazing Chris, Love the paint job too. Unfortunately, it's been leaked :(
Izzat Nadiri
Izzat Nadiri Year ago
Let me guess... A really crazy backup backup plan is using green Lambo's mirrors?
totally an antivaxtard
why is this on trending
Johnnie Ray Shepard
Holy crap it's daytime I always see these videos at night and just assume it's dark when you guys are filming I actually saw an open door with sunshine
Brett Year ago
Does everyone in America have one of those same wooden stools with overspray on it? I know I do and it is never used sitting on. It's just a small table/workbench.
Brad Schott
Brad Schott Year ago
How about using mirrors from the green Lambo in the mean time?
Hoffa Year ago
Borrow the mirror off your other?
Terry Fleming
Terry Fleming Year ago
How bout a shoutout to Kyle! 👍🏼👍🏼
It would be cool to have the back plate of the transmission painted red, like the sesto elemento
Leroy Martinez
That song at 14:45 though!
Nathan8789 Year ago
Why don’t you take the mirrors off the green lambo and wrap them in the meantime?
Adam Hmaidan
Adam Hmaidan Year ago
seeing you do this inspires me to do big things with cars
James Bush
James Bush Year ago
Before I watch, let me guess: Oscar does this.
rick barreraz
rick barreraz Year ago
Using spray adhesive might be a huge problem down the road as your physical bond between the 3d printed parts and the carbon fiber SHOULD be resin BUT you have now put a barrier coat of the way weaker 3m adhesive which is ultimately going to be your bond strength now since you have done this, I hope I am wrong for your sake though.
Henrique Cintra
Ariam Rodriguez
Haha, the mirror problem definitely cracked a laugh out me
LS-swapped the Lamborghini V10, then Chelsea-swapped the LS.
Nate Avery
Nate Avery Year ago
B Is for tease. Lol
William Keywood
I thought it was the bat mobile in the thumb nail
XX-NOLID-XX Year ago
Awsome build guys
7_k Year ago
Who else thought it was the bat mobile form the front
Coming together guys great stuff
Dhruv Pahwa
Dhruv Pahwa Year ago
Yo man this is actually one of the best builds ever. 2 reasons 1. You did it yourself 2. I've always dreamt of building a gated manual huracan inspired by the Gallardo with alot of power on the stock motor though after I'm 16 and can actually afford it.
christophvest Year ago
Ginger’s rule!
Matt Eveans
Matt Eveans Year ago
i have to say, the Garage 54 version is probably more legit
A-Aron jr 89
A-Aron jr 89 Year ago
i hear him talj about a law where you can test drive race cars on the road. anyone know what it is?
Master Discovery
Please do a TOTAL COST for this build. Very interested in knowing.
doug briggman
doug briggman Year ago
Use the green lambo’s mirrors
Jakathera Year ago
Who needs mirrors! they're for looking behind you! You should only care about what's in front! ^_^
187ffkev Year ago
Truely is not a beer
Israel Guzman
Israel Guzman Year ago
The music. Reminds me of the movie holes
Pat Riott
Pat Riott Year ago
Emrah Sinanovic
You bought the mirror probably from the UK, about 80% of Europe drives the same way as the USA.
Giin Year ago
**looks at thumbnail** "hey, it's the Tumbler!"
Chris White
Chris White Year ago
Can there please be a shirt that says Oscar did a great job?
Chris Borns
Chris Borns Year ago
More Chealse on the channel please
treeafodo Year ago
Maybe I missed where you addressed it, but are you planning on removing the intake again purposely leaving the tape on underneath?