First Ever Clutch Install In a Huracan & We Rebuilt the Front End! 

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In today's episode were installing our clutch pedal and master cylinder, and rebuilding the front end of the Huracan.
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❱ Shop - bisforbuild.com/
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Jul 23, 2019




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Viktor bæk
Viktor bæk 7 months ago
2020 gang
ChuckTay23 8 months ago
And the Oscar goes to... 😂😂
Caleb Rivera
Caleb Rivera 8 months ago
This channel is one interesting channel to watch if your into cars I definitely recommend B is for Build if you're interested in cars.
An eegit With a spanner
Oscar sure knows his onions!
FGIALC Gorge 10 months ago
Oscar is a beast. I'm just across the river in Washington, I need to buy him a beer or 60.
Per Sandgren
Per Sandgren 11 months ago
Jag åker till Söderström skrot det är 1/2 priset amatörer
Mohamed.R Ford
Oscar is an awesome fabricator 👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼
Loral Kinney
Loral Kinney Year ago
Those pedals looks stupid.....both should look same
Tobi Hall
Tobi Hall Year ago
I've just started watching this build off the back of you 67 build.... I hope you delete the lambo brake and replace it with a matching willwood pedal... that pedal setup is horrific! Otherwise a cool build
Rajiv P
Rajiv P Year ago
All the people yellling he should start his own channel, obviously have no idea how video's are made and what the back office work requires.
Check'n Games
Check'n Games Year ago
Did Oscar seriously build that whole front end in a day? Why is it called "B" is for build, Oscar starts with an "O" -- I need an Oscar for my projects.
Tom Kitchen
Tom Kitchen Year ago
Oscar sure knows his stuff.
Klayton White
Klayton White Year ago
"Oscar and I built a" = Oscar built it lol
Klayton White
Klayton White Year ago
I tell you what, I know all of your guys are essential to your builds, but Oscar is the man lol
Wahn Burnskill
Why not mount the master cyl. outside the firewall so it can be filled & checked. Extend pedel inside if needed?
Wahn Burnskill
Disregard my previous comment
Volare Alto
Volare Alto Year ago
Oscar is awsome..
Wrya syamand
Wrya syamand Year ago
Osscar is a real pro, good job bro
Arda Karaoglanyan
When i wathc this episode, only thing that i can think of is "I hope you are paying well to your fabricator" :)
Haiden Lear
Haiden Lear Year ago
Oscar is the GOAT!
Clutch pedal looks dodgy guys, all that effort in the build and you stick that in, it’s not even straight 😞
Edward Traxler
I have no idea what Oscar is getting paid .... but damn ... whatever it is .. he deserves it
opie7afe Year ago
Should have snipped the fitting that all audi/vw brake reservoirs have(left side on the bottom on that reservoir) and ran a tube from brake to clutch using the adapters included with the clutch master. Thats how they do the manuals in nearly all modern audi/vw cars
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett Year ago
can we please just get Oscar to do all the commentary?
Carlos Delgado
did no one see the black air forces?
Robert Ybarra
Robert Ybarra Year ago
Couldn't you use some sort of a button for a clutch instead of a clutch pedal
bigmunny waltdaddyice
I’m here in the Oscar comments section, which used to be known as just “the comments section”
احمد علي
C Kush
C Kush Year ago
Oscar needs his own enterprise!!
Lee Hewitt
Lee Hewitt Year ago
Oscar 👌
Rich Stone
Rich Stone Year ago
Yeah Oscar is a very talented guy, Chris has equal talents in alcohol consumption ;-)
test Year ago
How thick are those aluminium tubing parts for the front end? 1/8 or 1/4?
Nippon Nostalgic TV
An elbow out of the MC would have been neater
pusherfull Year ago
Incredible Oscar work!
Man I wish i had a fraction of Oscars skills! Mans a wizard with a welder!
denn bark
denn bark Year ago
Hope you're paying Oscar good
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Year ago
It's a Huracon.
Kiko Torres
Kiko Torres Year ago
Oscar’s the real MVP 👍🏻
Scisense Year ago
Oscar is the BOSS. Don't know where you found him, but treat him good!
James McKelvie
B is for Oscar
madmax2069 Year ago
Definitely not a fan of that clutch pedal placement. It would have been best to put in a smaller brake pedal in and put the clutch pedal in the proper place. Vehicles with only two pedals the brake pedal is larger, on a 3 pedal vehicles the brake pedal is not as wide and oriented just a little different.
Gilbert Franklin
Oscar, yeah... but Bill Gates does not write the software for Microsoft Windows either!
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith Year ago
B is for Bet we are gonna watch Oscar build the car
lucius jones
lucius jones Year ago
Oscar is a bad dude!
Daren Burnett
Daren Burnett Year ago
Oscar is the boss here, serious kudos on the fab work. Absolutely insane
Paul Stables
Paul Stables Year ago
Remote clutch reservoir? www.gridsport.net/Wilwood-Compact-Remote-Reservoir-Master-Cylinders
munawar hussain
the guy is brilliant what skilled person ...............
Garth Muir
Garth Muir Year ago
Oscar is the real mvp
Eric Vanderslice
Oscar for president 2020 TShirts need to happen
Sigbjørn Year ago
Why not modify the brake pedal. It should be narrow on a manual. That will give you more room. The pedal plates should be changed anyways so they match.
Howard Johnson
I agree, that brake pedal looks too big
madmax2069 Year ago
Exactly my thought.
Jamie.Conayne Year ago
Oscar is a bloody wizard!! What a good mate to have
Matthew Kvilvang
my question is who the hell dislikes this content...
Brendan Murphy
Brent Davis
Brent Davis Year ago
It makes me giggle when I see people disliking...you are doing amazing work and motivating so many of us to chase our dreams. Keep building!
Richard Stuckey
Oscar, what a legend
Will Harris
Will Harris Year ago
Glauco Dreyer
Glauco Dreyer Year ago
Trim the left part of the brake pedal and after that reinforce the pedal.
sinnexz Year ago
Hey guys! Give some love to Oscar, hes the real G... smash like for Oscar!
blinker k
blinker k Year ago
Oscar the GOAT ......💯
skeelo69 Year ago
B is For Build , E is for Engineering, O is for Oscar.
biro24 Year ago
Oscar is incredible 😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ethan Macheras
Clutch install looks great and front end came out beautiful!
Altan Dardan
Altan Dardan Year ago
4:41 so does your mom
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker Year ago
I would Subscribe again, but you take to long between video's... yawn....
Realoony Year ago
You can change the reservoir to a remote reservoir
Chris otf
Chris otf Year ago
Oscar should have the car after it’s done because he basically rebuilt it
João Mântua
João Mântua Year ago
Oscar is THA MAN!
Oscar is a beast fabricator he made that look easy your lucky to have him part of your crew nice work
Scott C.
Scott C. Year ago
Music at 15:47?
jamewakk Year ago
I thougt that you were a guy that bought wrecked cars and fixed them with parts, boy was I wrong.
Mr_Landis Year ago
Been subd for years. Best builder on youtube. Fucking genius!
Dean Scott
Dean Scott Year ago
Ladies and gentlemen, special appreciation for oscar. 👊
Gerry Finegan
Gerry Finegan Year ago
Is there anything Oscar can’t weld.......
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane Year ago
Didn't knew that frontend of the newer Lambos are like that...
Automotive Revival
Oscar wow fantastic work
Xander Archuleta
Were de yat
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson Year ago
I bet you could use an Audi or VW clutch pedal pad to better match the oem gas and brake pedals.
Ru De
Ru De Year ago
You should trim the brake pedal. It's the size of an automatic car not a manual.
Jonathan Grigg
"First manual huracan!" Random UAE guy "Hold my turban."
Giovanni Dohogusto
B Ruth
B Ruth Year ago
Clutch out way farther than the brake. Like a gen 2 viper!
Some Mad Random Person
Oscar has some serious knowledge and skills 😎👌🏻
StealthESW Year ago
Don't forget to add crumple zones in case of a crash.
Λ N G Ξ L Year ago
Please give Oscar some camera time, his work is super impressive, would love to hear it from him!
sparkplug1018 Year ago
I kind of get the feeling that Oscar is like a, I don't mind you filming, but just stay out of my way, kind of guy. I couldn't imagine him telling him no, he cant get some camera time.
75montes Year ago
B is for OSCAR
drazman9 Year ago
Dude, I was like, holy frick, look at the front end Oscar built - this man is a magician with metal! Really nice job!!
096Landon Year ago
I got the new shirt, but i was disappointed that there were NO BEER KOOZIES
stpaulirocker Year ago
Hoping you pay Oscar well.
Dez&Ani Cleaver
Is news on b is for boat build? Been excitedly waiting lol
XxmauraxxX Year ago
U should use the pedals from an audi R8 (manual) or just de audi TT
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Year ago
I believe that this American Flavoured Lambo will not only outperform the Italiano ones, but will also be more reliable.
Charles FarmerCDPG
nice werk Oscar
scorpionrs70 Year ago
us-first.info/player/video/qL-Bh4iFiWaInmg.html check this vid out. Maybe you can get in touch with this guy for pointers on making the body for the lambo.
Qasim Ali
Qasim Ali Year ago
B is for bring Oscar to sema auto show
GamingDad Year ago
Cudos to Oscar
Comfortably Numb
I know this car is a concept build. what about crush points in thr new stricture i.e convolutions to fold if wrecked.(See Samcrackc video about his wrevked supercar) are those structrural parts solid on the oem.
sparkplug1018 Year ago
I believe that the original design was built to basically break away from the car in a crash. Looking at pictures of the original chassis as Lamborghini built it, this is basically an exact copy. If I'm correct it would also explain why someone was so eager to buy what was on this car for 10K.
Geoff Bradley
Geoff Bradley Year ago
Love the work and the videos, I would like to learn how to weld, which welder would you advise for a newbie, I do not have a workshop, so Gasless would be a must, should the first one be Mig or Tig...thinking of using for bodywork and structural repairs...I have zero knowledge of this at the moment.
sparkplug1018 Year ago
@Geoff Bradley Glad I could help.
Geoff Bradley
Geoff Bradley Year ago
@sparkplug1018 Many thanks for this, very helpful.
sparkplug1018 Year ago
If gas-less is a must, flux core MIG is your only option. Everlast, Lincoln and Miller have some decent entry level units to learn on. TIG requires that you have the shielding gas, and is honestly the harder of the 3 processes to get right. Lots of practice and lots of mistakes to get it nailed down. Id suggest having a look at Welding Tips and Tricks channel, Jody is like Oscar with a welder.
Wet Noodle Nate
B is B-Oscar
DropD Year ago
Let's be honest here, this is Oscar's build. The least you can do is give him some camera time. Just sayin'. It's his channel now.
Dumitru Gulipe
Why not replace the brake pedal with one from a manual Audi R8?
Rodney Odgaard
B is for BEAUTIFUL♡♡♡♡♡
Blazing Fire Gaming
Or past that?