First Ocean Trip Ends In DISASTER 

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In today's episode were heading from Portland OR to the Pacific Ocean 110 miles down river!
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Sep 16, 2020




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Matthew Throup
Matthew Throup 7 hours ago
Stick with boating and ditch the hair transplants wtf 🤬 I like your boat btw 👍
Austin Jordan
Austin Jordan 10 hours ago
I’m In the Navy and yeah they are cool to see but they suck to work on lol! I’m a GSM which is a Gas turbine mechanic.
Dave McInerney
Dave McInerney 4 days ago
I used to watch B is for build every episode.... Now this is terrible .... clueless
David Bar
David Bar 6 days ago
DDG 85 the USS Campbell
Vinsons 9 days ago
No one talking about the pretty red head. ❤️
Wes 12 days ago
"...a body of water the size of France..." In order for that to have any meaning whatsoever, I'd need to know France's depth.
Jerry Anstey
Jerry Anstey 13 days ago
Allways check your oil every time you fuel !
fakiirification 14 days ago
B is for Bankrupted by Boat.
Carl C
Carl C 15 days ago
Convert it to an electric motor drive.
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 16 days ago
If you were to stay diesel I would turn crank replace bearing waterpum p and rings and full gdkt set rebuild heads not bad but I'd do it myself because the cheapest rought
Mark M Jones
Mark M Jones 17 days ago
Brandon 19 days ago
Its so bad ass im a commercial shrimper out of Astoria an we use the same dry dock an shit as you guys did
Skipper Richman
Skipper Richman 20 days ago
maybe you should rename the boat Minno?
Chris Barr
Chris Barr 21 day ago
Do a diesel electric swap. Electric charged from diesel power. You already have one engine
eloyex 21 day ago
ok ... let me unsubscribe from this thing ... i like boats, and this is a lost of time and energy ... I though i was to see and learn something here, as I am an old mariner having all kind of boats along 40 years ... but this stupidity this dork is doing to a riva is similar to see am engine swap on a Bugatti with a chevy .... totally damaging a wonderful boat ... " i am feeling better working with a gas engine". ...... what a lame comment ......
dbc105 22 days ago
That's what happens when your turbo seal is sucking oil and you have a disabled oil level alarm or shut down.
Spiro 23 days ago
Did you guys say hi to Antifa and take a shit in public while in Portland?? Heard its the thing to do out there.
Jim Mitchell
Jim Mitchell 24 days ago
I had to quit watching these videos!!! My dog and my girlfriend got worried about me!!! I was constantly screaming at the TV!!! I was screaming bull shit and OH MY GOD and “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT !!!! My first thoughts were that the channel owner did this to draw viewers but I could not believe anyone would blow a great diesel motor to get a US-first audience???? Maybe I was wrong????
We don't need no stinking oil pressure 😳
JD2020 26 days ago
That’s so cool!!
jieff lerenard
jieff lerenard 26 days ago
Gas was like free in Lanbo days.
Al Melling
Al Melling 26 days ago
The engine ate is own oil, if you carry on it will do it again.
Richard Hybels
Richard Hybels 26 days ago
$40-50 grand and you should be in business.
Brian Ko
Brian Ko 27 days ago
You keep saying YACHT, when will we see it??
what.i.see.photography Mike
You cant make a boat go faster by changing motor, speed is the relationship between length in water simple formula: hull speed in knots equals 1.34 times the square root of the waterline length in feet (HS = 1.34 x √LWL) Your boat will become very unstable if you force the speed.
jieff lerenard
jieff lerenard 26 days ago
It is hull speed ! Totally irrelevant in a speed boat. beside your formula is not the right one for this shape of boat (wide transom assume the rest of the boat is still there ,aka modern Maxi sailboats.
Sweet Bush Studio Channel
Which Garmin model are you using?
David D
David D 27 days ago
Boats don't park, they dock.
clear lake
clear lake 27 days ago
Do not disregard basic multiple mechanical critical common sense items. To kill a Cummins takes effort and simple neglect. Like run it without oil. Fix your oil pressure gauge problem before you blast off like someone from the city of Portland that is used to driving their inherited parents Prius. Also it pays to check your oil level in the engine before use, accurately. Confirm the engine has the correct volume of oil, do not trust the dip stick unless you calibrated it. Stop and check the oil level during the work day. Run a oil temp gauge as well. Especially if you have an oil pressure gauge that is not working, and you are not familiar with those particular motors. We have those 903 series cummins motors that run like new, do not smoke or burn oil, and have 23400 hours on them.
Bill Allen
Bill Allen 27 days ago
us-first.info/player/video/qZJ-aH2TY6ujmmQ.html Gas dose not last! If you have more more $$$$$ then you should have then go gas and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild! 50mph 65 footer Diesel " www.yachtworld.com/boats/2001/fountain--65-3643950/" Rebuild the F***king Cummins!
Frank Heuvelman
Frank Heuvelman 28 days ago
You make me think about president Trump.
Daddy FIX IT
Daddy FIX IT 28 days ago
Bars are like the Bermuda Triangle it always goes wrong on or near them. Take a tender with a good engine always handy to tow the big boat or to manoeuvre it. Always have a a b c d e plan 👍👍👍
Bill Callahan
Bill Callahan 29 days ago
I rarely give anyone a thumbs down but this wa all talk.
Frank Heuvelman
Frank Heuvelman 28 days ago
He is very sensitive for negative comments, you know. You'll hurt him with that. Never learned how to handle positive criticism, you see? He just doesn't get it. Yeah, I know. It's sad. Matter of upbringing. So please, go a little easy on the spoiled brad.
Cold Beer
Cold Beer 29 days ago
"My ice cream has no oil pressure" - Joe Biden
Hoot Owl
Hoot Owl 18 days ago
'My economy was built on massive debt coming from the gift of tax cuts to the super rich.' - Donald Trump
Adrian Sowden
Adrian Sowden Month ago
Hi the boat is capable to drive ,dock,and steer with one engine.when a engine is that bad it should not be started at all,a cummins engine will do 5,000 hours with oil and 5 mins with out oil at least you got to dry land thank god, mess with the sea and it will one day kill you,all the best and happy boating adrian uk .
Charles Marik
Charles Marik Month ago
Are those 903's ??? Turbo blowing the oil out exhaust.....Bad turbo
Steve Month ago
I am so sick of guys wearing their hats backward.
John Hampson
John Hampson Month ago
Skipped through this video in about ten steps. Didn't see a disaster anywhere.
William Markle
William Markle Month ago
wow,,, there is a Ka- knonk
networkbits Month ago
What a complete and utter moron....I'm out!
Allen Inks
Allen Inks Month ago
Am I the only one who was reminded of Mr Toad? Sorry, but...running engine with pressure gauge that doesn't work?
Toniche Cavalari
Thumbnail has nothing to do with this video
Likeitornotbut Month ago
Bafunary 101
Max Month ago
This guy is a f ing idiot and a clown. Insert your knee pad wearing comments here >>>
Max Month ago
That’s a yacht? What? Lol.
irgski Month ago
oil pressure guage? Coolant temp guage?
Michael Wise
Michael Wise Month ago
really nice !
Ke Cronin
Ke Cronin Month ago
Dan Kreager
Dan Kreager Month ago
USS McCampbell
Not My Real Name
Lucky you hit an ebbing tide at the bar so you didn’t have to deal with the huge waves.
Chris Kibb
Chris Kibb Month ago
How many dollars per mile so far?
James R
James R Month ago
The ocean is a very different environment and you can get into a lot of trouble. Think about reliability when you next go out and make sure it is in A1 condition. As for new motors....make sure you get something marine rated.
Travis Benson
Travis Benson Month ago
You can absolutely dock that boat on one engine, its by no means easy but it is possible. I rocked one engine on my 36' Sundancer for an entire summer. Docking in the wind SUCKED but its something you'll learn.
Mike383HK Month ago
i would only go out there at at outgoing tide!! That place is hell on earth.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Month ago
You give us boaters bad names
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle Month ago
Stick each foot in a bucket of cement and when it sets, have a final bourbon and slip your feet off the pier ? Save us all the headache of listening to your bullshit about changing a good thing into a basket . NOW don't do that ! Keep It Simple Stupid . Repair reinstall recreation . Have some fun or sell ? Riva Tropicana is a project of Arch Barilani and was produced from 1989 to 1997 in only 50 units . The Cummins V903M is the predominant power unit. With your experience which is obviously limited ; 1200 litres of petrol would be suicidal. Stick to deisle ! Your yacht will be the laughing stock of the community as will the owner if you put car motors in it. The wet sleeve liner kit is all that is required . The hull is engineered for maximum 35 knots . Travel it at 50 knots and you may discover what that really means given that you travel for 100's of miles hour by hour. The boat is your destination with your selected company , not Davey Jones locker. Good luck Captain
ianrkav Month ago
Why can't you drive or steer the boat on one engine? Isn't that the point of two engines, if one fails you still have another to get to your destination or safe port?
Eric McDonald
Eric McDonald Month ago
My first view of this channel and i am kind of at a loss for words. Douchebag and amateur come to mind. The ocean does not forgive - you better take it seriously. He is like a new motorcycle rider buying a used 1000 cc bike for his first trip....
Dave M
Dave M Month ago
Sounds like turbo bushings. Either on the compressor or turbine side or both. Oil is getting sucked into the combustion chambers or out the exhaust.
2mogar Month ago
If you vote for the fair tax You are an idiot.
Lee Tingler
Lee Tingler Month ago
Cat power great power to weight ratio 😎
J Oyler
J Oyler Month ago
An old fuel pump
Geoffo O
Geoffo O Month ago
This is like watching a car crash
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr Month ago
Check the oil level in the twin disc.
Riley 1955
Riley 1955 Month ago
Boat life....Yep the old hole in the water you throw money into......Just telling it like it is......I've had three boats myself.
Harold Smith
Harold Smith Month ago
Just get that one rebuilt by Cummins you will not be sorry. Plus they will stand behind it completely.
Bow Hunter
Bow Hunter Month ago
Just found your vids. This is my 3rd episode of watching...I'm betting you're going for th Lambo chg out. Veteran here...always bumpin' into Marines LOL. Yeah, ur going Lambo... 🤙
brian jure
brian jure Month ago
I would have watched the whole video but you had to start talking about hair implants! I'M OUT!
Rozenant Month ago
Is the engine trouble "bad luck" relating to the boat's renaming 🤔
George Griffith
George Griffith Month ago
I think I saw this boat for sale while back
Dean Stout
Dean Stout Month ago
Cummins swap
yanli zhang
yanli zhang Month ago
5:08 fuel price is so cheap
Randy Harritan
Randy Harritan Month ago
Why put it on the hard? Drive home on the one good engine then use both engines to dock. It’s evident you guys don’t know crap about boats.
Josh D
Josh D Month ago
This is why you saw the destroyer www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/defence-news/2020/july/8698-vigor-marine-wins-contract-to-repair-us-navy-uss-mccampbell-ddg-85-arleigh-burke-class-guided-missile-destroyer.html
USS McCampbell DDG-85
tough bones
tough bones Month ago
THe destroyer is the USS McCampbell
deiseldummy Month ago
sounds like a turbo went bad sent the oil into the intake....
Lister Motorsports
Knock Knock.. who's there ? Diesel , Diesel who ? Diesel needs to be rebuilt... sorry, that was bad.. yeah, No SEMA really sucked..
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota Month ago
Glade you took it out of the watter its like rebuilding a car wile driving it its hard
dj Jeff cee
dj Jeff cee Month ago
Thats the main reason why they selll this boat because they know it was going to be a problem in the further why people just can't be honest.
Eric Udell
Eric Udell Month ago
Marine engines have two oil pressure and two water temp gauges, one set runs the gauges, the others are a separate system and run the alarm horn. While I'm not excusing these folks for running without an oil gauge, checking the oil before each start (standard in a boat ) or inspecting the bilge for extra oil/water/whatever, the fact is that secondary alarm system sounds like it was working. So even if the oil gauge or the sensor that drove it didn't work, that second system sounds like it was working. Since they had alarms when the motor went bang they had oil pressure until the level in the sump got too low.
Benjamin Hogervorst
I typed 'Lamborghini' into the search bar after you mentioned the v10 swapped boat. Well wouldn't you know it but US-first suggested 'Lamborghini boat' and 'lamborghini riva' as the first two suggestions. Creepy!
ajett 50
ajett 50 Month ago
This team needs to find another engine needing hobby. Maybe an electric motor powered boat if they can keep the volt meter working.
Thomas Moridi
Thomas Moridi Month ago
Who's here after he announced the full lsx swap? B is now for brain dead.
William Lagasse
William Lagasse Month ago
USS McCampbell DDG-85 was the destroyer
David k
David k Month ago
Get ride. Of the Cummins and put a Cat in.
Kyle Month ago
The intro had me worried
Kevin Longbrake
Kevin Longbrake Month ago
Doesn’t appear that you are 500 yards away from the naval vessel? You should definitely go with a gasoline engine. 😂
John Curtis Piano
suposta check that oil every time ya stop!
Caleb Lamley
Caleb Lamley Month ago
Keep it diesel, that's a massive hull that requires huge torque, while remaining fuel efficient.
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 Month ago
Seriously get some basic day skipper license or something, you’re not only a liability to yourselves but to the others who need to rescue you
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 Month ago
B is build incorrectly regurgitates widely disputed claims about the Columbia river.
Jim Mitchell
Jim Mitchell Month ago
If he was as worried about that boat as he was about that go pro he might still have an engine!!!! I hope his girlfriend does not expect to live in luxury or have a happy retirement!!!
Hitech Month ago
How about the turbo seal? The oil would blow thru the exhaust and into the water. You would never see it blow out.
bob bob
bob bob Month ago
Another 903. Anything else would be a big step toward being more broke and broken down. 903 is bomb proof, well it is if you keep an eye on the guages that dont work. Perhaps the next upgrades could be some sort of oil alert.
Hocky Month ago
Never buy 30yo old boat never.
Bill Blast
Bill Blast Month ago
Bill Blast
Bill Blast Month ago
*That oil press gauge was bouncing back & forth every time you showed the gauges, I bet you didn't have a gauge/sending unit issue, you had an oil pressure issue....I'm speaking from being an educated/trained mechanical/technical person, not an online know it all....sorry for your issues guys!!!*
CAOH Month ago
Weight = ballast!
M W Month ago
When you have a piece of s boat its even more important to check your oil.
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle Month ago
Petrol leaks in the bilge are lethal . Deisle leaks in the bilge are . . . . . smelly .
Starlink Mission
Starlink Mission