First Start of our 1500WHP Texas Speed LS V8 In a Huracan! 

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In today's episode we're starting this damn thing up! Huge thanks to www.texas-speed.com/ for sponsoring us with such a bitchin engine, and haltech.com for the ECU and help operating the ECU to get us over the final hump.
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Oct 17, 2019




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Matthew Childress
Matthew Childress 2 months ago
i love what you guy are building and it looks great, but how do you forget to find TDC on the motor before putting it in the car and installing the turbos etc.?
Sergei Alekseev
Sergei Alekseev 5 months ago
Oscar did a grate job! )))
Roberto Divenuto
Roberto Divenuto 7 months ago
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism
Nobody: Absolutely no one: B is for Build fans: Where's ny video?! Y'all need patience or Odin or something.
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 9 months ago
doing initial work with the wrong engine was probably a mistake, even though it may have been convenient.
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 10 months ago
Awesome sponsor today! (Coming from someone who complained about your choice of filters while bingewatching, so yeah a few minutes ago...)
Alouicious Jackson
Alouicious Jackson 11 months ago
Don't you have EGT sensors installed?
We are not livestock
We are not livestock 11 months ago
Video starts at 6:23
Sucipto Cipto
Sucipto Cipto 11 months ago
I love you B is for build .from indonesia
zack helton
zack helton Year ago
Use wix filters
revrend2 Year ago
Abraham Abud
Abraham Abud Year ago
Shon Fields
Shon Fields Year ago
The ads on your show have become so frustrating!!!
jer bo
jer bo Year ago
Jacques B
Jacques B Year ago
that first no smoke started so sweet
David Everett
David Everett Year ago
In my Mercedes see why they say never use a Fram filter they will fall apart in your hand. Mine are the cartage type So went to a Mann filter in my case it's a fleece filter with a fiberglass cage inside I always ran Fram on my drag engines. It might be just because the canister ones are tougher?
James Gause
James Gause Year ago
This is Leroy 9.0
The Luke And Gabi Show
Anything but Fram!!!! The Napa premium filters are good. Those Fram filters are trash though lol
Max J
Max J Year ago
I had similar issues on my Ls swap build. my glowing exhaust was due to a cracked intake and bad tune. coolant overflowed on the first drive
Edward Clark
Edward Clark Year ago
Napa gold oil filters.
banga8080 Year ago
The Lambo ppl gonna hate you for this But I this its cool af keep wrenchn
Steve Zanatta
Steve Zanatta Year ago
Look into HUBB reusable oil filter
Jacob Juneau
Jacob Juneau Year ago
WIX filters! Or use the AC Delco factory filter for the block!
Sicotic Puppy
Sicotic Puppy Year ago
Purilator oil filters
Did I hear you say you have to vari the RPM so you don't flat spot your cam? You aren't running a roller cam in that engine? Because roller cams don't need break in like flat tappet cams do.
jess griffin
jess griffin Year ago
ac delco or amsoil filter only please lol
olip20 Year ago
WIX filter is the way to go !
Corey Cripps
Corey Cripps Year ago
It doesnt matter the thickness of the exhaust material those should not be red. Your gonna melt a fuckin piston if you keep running it like that. Your combustion is pretty much happening in the manifold. Get someone to straiten out that tune.
Chowder Da Menace
Talk to Cleetus and see how leroy’s manifolds were made
Jorge 503
Jorge 503 Year ago
sopadre77 Year ago
Haven't watched this particular build in a while. Is it just a fitment issue as the why the rt turbo is slightly higher than the left?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Year ago
Fram is the best! That's why Walmart sells them. Duh
Houtaro Oreki
Houtaro Oreki Year ago
Davie504: This is illegal, B is for BASS!!!
hu flung dung
hu flung dung Year ago
If it was a material thickness problem, all primaries would be glowing. Seems like either a fuel tune problem on no. 2 or a faulty/clogged injector.
Trip Cip
Trip Cip Year ago
Are you building the most insane lamborghini in the world? Congrats
Martin Ranger
Martin Ranger Year ago
New Subscriber 👍🏼👨🏼‍🔧🇺🇸
kevin auman
kevin auman Year ago
Hey bro here is a set of twin turbo LS headers that will work alot better for you! The site is "lsxeverything" here is a link stores.lsxeverything.com/twin-turbo-manifold-kit-for-lsx/
Brian Mazz
Brian Mazz Year ago
sounds lean to me
fcmacken Year ago
Thomas Marshall
Believe it or not NAPA filters are one of the best out there. Much better than Mobile1 and leaps better than Fram. The shittiest filter on the market by the way.
Bruce Da boss
Bruce Da boss Year ago
Who would do this to a huracan
Bruce Da boss
Bruce Da boss Year ago
@Ron Lax ok now i get why
Ron Lax
Ron Lax Year ago
@Bruce Da boss i bet a LS SWAP cost a tenth of a re-do on Lambo motor fire??? But i see what u r saying. Who knows...maybe we will get an undeserved explanation from the builder🤔🤔 😎
Bruce Da boss
Bruce Da boss Year ago
@Ron Lax 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ron Lax
Ron Lax Year ago
@Bruce Da boss look at roof panel in video.....appears it had an engine fire previously. Since car would never have any appeal for resale-or salvage titled, it makes sense to REPURPOSE the car for a project just like this😎 Imho
Bruce Da boss
Bruce Da boss Year ago
@Ron Lax or wreaked badly
mitch500 Year ago
How come we never get to see you rip these car beyond belief afterwards? wheres the smoke show, donuts or 1/4 times at the strip. you need more content then just building the cars and moving onto the next. more like what cleetus mcfarland does.
Austin George
Austin George Year ago
Need a progress update! Aka vid upload!!!
Andress Ma
Andress Ma Year ago
Where are those 2 episode every week????
TheRealEddBoi Year ago
Start 6:45
Man All Day M.A.D.
Soooooo when's the next episode coming out.......? Ur killing me here I'm dying to see some carbon fiber already!!!!!!
Jānis Grāvītis
Hei! When the next video is out?
naastyWS6 Year ago
what a surprise it makes more power and it’s more reliable than a normal huracan
Jeffery Bauduin
B is for bitch, just like my ex wife.. she fucked my neighbor and ruined my life
N2OEQIP Year ago
Um , real time. SEMA is like days away. Where are the updates? Am I gonna see this at SEMA? Do you need more help? Does Oscar have like 3 more brothers? We need updates!
Crypst0fer _
Crypst0fer _ Year ago
Omg six days since this video was posted and I've been craving for the next one. Hurrryyyy!!
Adam Facundo
Adam Facundo Year ago
Come on brotha, we want more videos!!
Must be really stuck with the exhaust system its not like you to not upload a video within six days, maybe you are just trying to get this Sema build done in time.
Geoff Hobster
Geoff Hobster Year ago
will the build be completed Chris on time
dive popo
dive popo Year ago
1 video every 6 days.....this in not more videos than before ! dissapointed :( You lied to your fans, B is for Bullshit...
Zippy TheChicken
its been 6 days since the last video... he was saying more videos as they get closer... hmmmm
rockbottom Year ago
You promise everyday videos😭
4 Wheel Builds
Come on cannot wait for the next episode!!!! Bring it on !!! :)
norberto silva
Wouter639 Year ago
2 episodes a week? Naah. B for no Bvideo
kloudedmind Year ago
Theres a company called strictly modified that does exhaust for lancer evolutions and they are really thick wall and heavy duty.
pfally Year ago
Where are these episodes you said we where getting? 😩
Obd1andDown Year ago
Mobile 1 oil filter has a nice drain back valve.
Obd1andDown Year ago
@Ron Lax I use a WIX on my BMW. Mostly cause it's the only one that seems to fit right.
Ron Lax
Ron Lax Year ago
I compared RoyalPurple filter to Mobil1....1348 - could be a m102....anyway, every piece/part looks identical. Looks like another machine rolls purple paint onto a M1 filter. I think they are overpriced. Wix filters are just done Right. Priced Right....!!! Napa
m 2
m 2 Year ago
Love the way once you tubers start making money the videos become irregular unsubscribe time
David P Edwards III
I seriously recommend Evans waterless coolant. A bit pricey, but it works.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis Year ago
Seems like you could pay someone to film and edit a video once you get enough viewership. Viewers aren't as important i guess once you get sponsorship/merch.
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism
If you don't like it don't watch. US-first in of itself doesn't pay much and he's already paying a couple of people. It seems like most of the viewers on this channel are dicks. Every other comment is 'where's the next video' or something equally asinine.
David P Edwards III
The Decepticon Lives............What have you done Chris.
Stephen M
Stephen M Year ago
Run battery negative direct to alternator mount and to starter ground then you dont need to worry about grounding straps. Thin walls not your problem with the exhaust, its lean or timing (also contributing excessive heat to the cooling system). Put a cross-pipe between the turbos (before or after) to give them a bit more structural strength. Or just some kind of pipe, doesnt have to be a crosspipe or even a "working" crosspipe. Just a dummy pipe.
Richard Tillery
So where are these twice a week videos?
Dillon Hensel
Dillon Hensel Year ago
Use wix filters, metal construction on inside and a check valve.
Lamborghini gave mad max from Red Bull a car to build and they loved it. I can hear them finding out how to sue you for this never before swap.
Gabriel Hernandez
From 10k subs to 1.2 mil subs is a very very satisfying thing to see. Im happy to see the progress as a channel and progress as a content creator. Keep it goin B
Low Boost Films
This thing is awesome! I have a turbo LS BMW and i love it! Check the build out us-first.info
kbugay Year ago
5 days no video bro.... Where is my B is for daily dose????!!!!
John Johnson
John Johnson Year ago
Wix oil filter
100 Bands
100 Bands Year ago
What's happened to the frequent videos? It's not an ideal time to be taking a holiday break
Martin Allen
Martin Allen Year ago
Meanwhile - You're contributing fuck all to mankind.
Popular Man
Popular Man Year ago
Troubleshoot for lean in your fuel/air mixture. That’s what everyone is saying.
Muqeem Khan
Muqeem Khan Year ago
This mothfkin hurracan hasnt been done yet?
muhammad younus
Bro u said its gonna be daily uplods its been 5 day's
Brad Daley
Brad Daley Year ago
Thin wall is fine.. but you should be using a proper high heat tolerant material. 321ss or inconel. My turbo manifold is .063 wall, but I made it from 321ss. Don't say its too thin. You picked the wrong material.
Andrew Honn
Andrew Honn Year ago
Pellouard Kévin
Fuel pressure isn’t the issue? Engine shut down like it’s running lean
Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis Year ago
You guys must be really busy I'm guessing the fact that there is no new vidio is due to y'all being super busy! Sema coming so quickly and all! I was hoping for a new vidio but I understand!
Quinley -
Quinley - Year ago
Did he just build a C8??? 🤣😂 Jk
Ethan Key
Ethan Key Year ago
that starter is fucking nuts😂
Anthony Casti
Anthony Casti Year ago
Are they taking the lambo to sema in Vegas??
Jeremy Leverette
Couldn't you run a factory truck manifold
Jeremy Leverette
What's deal with hating fram. It's all I ever use
Thean Theron
Thean Theron Year ago
When is the next 1 coming? Suspense is killing me!
Micheal Williams
Imagine when the check clears for this build 😩
Rune Soelberg
Rune Soelberg Year ago
You sir. You are cool, 🤙
Tanner M
Tanner M Year ago
Also get cleetus to tune it that would be awesome
Tanner M
Tanner M Year ago
I think Leroy wants some of this .
Iain Gay
Iain Gay Year ago
Max WILSON Year ago
The gearbox swap was a great idea but why the fuck putting an ls engine.... would be so much better with the genuine v10 with turbos
shawn hatt
shawn hatt Year ago
I mainly use wix oil filters.
david elmsly
david elmsly Year ago
just chuck on an off the shelf manifold on for the dyne run in. Your turbos won't be quite in the right place but you can rebuild them while the car is on the dyno
Junior Hollis
Junior Hollis Year ago
Car starts at 13:50 for anyone wanting to skip through the chatter
Chris Poindexter
Only filters I run are wix and valvoline conventional, got 94 f150 with 342 thousand miles runs like a top