First Test Drive of the Budget WRX STI! 

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In today's episode we're installing some new headlights, a new bumper, refreshing the front grills, and getting the WRX STI out on the road!
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Jan 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Ian M. Scarlett
Ian M. Scarlett Month ago
I also a 2017 Houston flood damaged car, was a 2016 Ford Edge SE. Was restored by Autoworldofameriica in Miami. Still runs great today
Felipe 2 months ago
i like the good vibes u got goin on, not complaining bout evertng
David Abashidze
David Abashidze 5 months ago
hi, how can I contact you... have you got a VIBER
William Marshall
William Marshall 8 months ago
that noisy pulley is noticeable
mamamia13 9 months ago
"These were really cheap, only $300" *Flexing intensifies*
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 months ago
Why was the bumper off to begin with?
Colton Shanahan
Colton Shanahan 10 months ago
I actually watch built not bought lol
Marc-Andre Chartrand
Marc-Andre Chartrand 11 months ago
TGV delete, not TVG
Eat Sleep Shift
FYI you still need to remove the carpet. There is a foam under it which will not dry no matter what. And over time it will corrode and smell bad.
MTL Chaser
MTL Chaser Year ago
hey bro takeoff the stuffs on the roof. im abit ocd on that things. its ugly sorry to say
Richard Embree
can i buy this after you completely fix it lol
Khoo Yuhao
Khoo Yuhao Year ago
the wrx looks like a happy boi cus it got rescued
Chris PLACE Year ago
Nice job. I had a sti last year
Anthony Quigley
Never understood "We'll do a pull". It's a push.
Mike Year ago
"BS is for Bonus, uh, Stuff..."
What is so special about this car 🚘?u look so excited reviewing it
Rhys McGooch
Rhys McGooch Year ago
B is for Beyond the garage
Lewis Brooker
Lewis Brooker Year ago
Please remove the roof bars. Great vid guys 👍🏻
Bring the build could be fine..
Ahmed Kamel
Ahmed Kamel Year ago
I always thought that when water enters the engine, you have to "rebuilt" the engine?
Did u sell it?
Mr.Blue115 Year ago
21:39 "Ubers here" love it
Ellie von Bergling
I'm paying respect for that BRZ/GT86/FRS at your intro. You just know what's elegance :D
aydenmizen4 Year ago
B is for B-Side
Matthew Plucknett
Take off the roof racks they look awful
DS Rai
DS Rai Year ago
Did you say this is for your girlfriend? If so, great daily driver for a crazy cheap overall cost. London, uk
Mark Lee
Mark Lee Year ago
Hey guys. Great series on this WRX. I have an older Legacy GT myself that I'm having lots of fun with and I've started doing some small mods myself to it. I was wondering where you get your fasteners for all the trim and stuff. I mean the plastic clips and pegs and such that tend to get brittle and break off over time. My car is an '05 and needs a bunch of that kind of thing. Thanks.
Ciara O'Toole
Ciara O'Toole Year ago
Why not number the episodes so we know which one.to watch next??
Esteen Dyon Zhen Lim
man. i love every of your video tho. u r such a creative guy. love you tho. great video ! keep on doing video like this !
Kassim Mwarora
Waching in from keny Diani n am loving it
jbritto Year ago
you forgot the blinker fluid
Adria No
Adria No Year ago
This guy talks too much::::
walao walaoeh
walao walaoeh Year ago
"B is for I gonna get a patent for the name I choose next time''
B is for Blog!!!! B is for Blog
Richy HB
Richy HB Year ago
A decent car wash an wax a doo the trick it’s a budget so everything don’t have to be nice or new looking
Willl Emrys
Willl Emrys Year ago
B is for backstage
Wesley Castleberry
B is for B roll
Felix Guzman
Felix Guzman Year ago
200 on light bulbs ? That’s crazy
Gooner29 Year ago
this guy talks too much, too fast it's angst inducing
Abdirizak Jama
You used your own shop and mechanical skills to get things fixed but for the average joe this car would cost thousands on labor alone. If you monetize your labour input the car costed you more than 3000 definitely. I watched from the beginning when you got it and never looked an easy project. Kudos for making it work though
Aaron Vickers
Aaron Vickers Year ago
Hi what's the lift you use?
Spt Talati
Spt Talati Year ago
hey man it seemed like the sti had a flat tire or low pressure.
You say you got a good deal, but the truth is, you got the same deal as everyone else. You undoubtedly had 5 or 6 skilled friends put in 20-40 hours each. if we get a minimum of 150 hours thats around 7k dollars at an auto shop. So the cost of the car was 3k plus 7k labor. I'm sure it fluctuates a little, but anyone willing to put in the work and try, always saves a buck on parts, but then loses on labor. or vice versa. Granted you did save a few dollars vs a used one in running order. But there are other factors, whats the mileage? Whats the likely hood of failure due to water sitting in there for so long. I'd venture to guess this car has a value of 12-17k and you spent 10-12k, minimum.
Colby VR
Colby VR Year ago
B is for brakes
Raffy Legaspi
Raffy Legaspi Year ago
This is awesome
Noah Lillie
Noah Lillie Year ago
Mr Fixer?
Chris Wilk
Chris Wilk Year ago
B is for BEAST!
Scott Irvine
Scott Irvine Year ago
Does it have a roofrack?
Scott Irvine
Scott Irvine Year ago
Fendor and blinker 😂 good to see he called the beast an engine though
Spexxz Year ago
B is for Bankrupt lol
Gifted Hands
Gifted Hands Year ago
Hey it could be a misaligned pulley. If you have the time, I would say check the valleys for wear in the paint coating. If there is wear to one side then the pulley could need to be realigned
steve smith
steve smith Year ago
b is for bullet
steve smith
steve smith Year ago
its a bumper not a bumper cover. that is the first time i have heard some one call it a cover
alexyd Year ago
B is for break time
American Patriots
$3,000 car, but how much are you in after all the repairs?
Stephen Hughes
With all the sun damage isn't it easy job to cover the car in a cool skin
luke bowers
luke bowers Year ago
3k and how much parts and time
unclejj2 Year ago
B is for badass!
Dylan Gladstone
B is for Bonus!
Tony M.
Tony M. Year ago
It hurt to see you guys use that brush to wash the car!
Ethan Chudy
Ethan Chudy Year ago
Man this series is insane. STIs are my favorite cars and you got this one for stupid cheap and it works fine! Congrats on the steal!
Beta Phazer
Beta Phazer Year ago
B is 4 Boost
Kanekatsu Year ago
B is for boost.
mikkuz Year ago
Where is the supra tho
daily driven race cars
Is that the old el paso interstate? lol
J. K.
J. K. Year ago
I am not really sure... but I got my house-elves to do it right :D
J. K.
J. K. Year ago
I like that they placed a fire extinguisher when they were working with fuel....
I Rod
I Rod Year ago
B for Battle Built cars!
SSGT1968 Year ago
I like how he says "Really Cheap" $300 $3000 is not money I have. cheap is different for different people
tony71bowens Year ago
Maybe it's my TV speakers but , your Subaru doesn't have that distinctive sound wrx's is known for.
jeff Smith
jeff Smith Year ago
B is NOT for Bought.
Salvador Loera
B- For Behind The Scenes
Joshua Gascon
Joshua Gascon Year ago
Have you used the Launch controll yet?
Budget build - "Oh these lights are cheap only "$300.., the lights were also only $200..., and the grill cover was only $200.." Boy, do you know what budget means? I'm talking I got $500, the price is elbow grease not this shit.
Lawless Year ago
B is for BOOST?
Doomzyy Year ago
Things mint now just needs an exhaust.
Raffi Soukiassian
B is for brat brat tsu tsu tsu
Dillon The Otter
It sounds like a tractor lol
Numb Berwan
Numb Berwan Year ago
Behind the back! LOL!
Johnny621 Year ago
looks like a WRX scoop, not an STi scoop.
Michael D'Agostino
Stuff like that
Josh H
Josh H Year ago
I appreciate your desire to get parts quickly while maintaining quality, but you HAVE to stop calling this a "budget build". Call it a budget build when you actually wait for the $20 lamps, the cheaper front grille piece, etc. It's ultimately distracting and I don't think anyone would otherwise care what you do with your money lol
Matt S
Matt S Year ago
V is for Vroom
next big thing
Ok well is it for sale??
Peter Stergos
Peter Stergos Year ago
B is 2 Build
Pluto Gaming
Pluto Gaming Year ago
"Budget build" $200 light bulbs. Okay den
Mclean Clercin
Only have one thing to request
Pedro Cabrera
Pedro Cabrera Year ago
Best wrx ever
Allister Davidson
Yeah Built Not Bought is Sam Eyles here is Australia...does 4WD mods and camping vids.
Yellow Bird
Yellow Bird Year ago
No water in the gearbox?
Eddie Bricks
Eddie Bricks Year ago
" Bought to build"
Seth Year ago
I hope you guys changed out the driveline fluids as well.
Nate Bingham
Nate Bingham Year ago
b is for brokanic
Ako si Don
Ako si Don Year ago
mine got it for 1000$ the cheapest ever
Splurkey Year ago
B for Bob (the builder) lmfao
Nick Year ago
This is a budget build. Goes and buys $200 light bulbs...
Realcity Year ago
Name should war. For warrior cause he came back to life ahaha
Realcity Year ago
I wanna buy your wrx sti
KrazyMelonz Year ago
B is for Plan B
Saul Gonzalez
Saul Gonzalez Year ago
Nice job using the brush ! Lol