First Test Drive And Then Body Removal On Oscar's Mustang! 

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In today's episode we're doing our first shakedown then chopping the roof off Oscars mustang!
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Jun 27, 2020




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Vherok 6 months ago
Ogres are like Mustangs, layers
Jeronimo Duenez
Jeronimo Duenez 8 months ago
Arriba Oaxaca
Bluegunner24 9 months ago
What is the song during the old mustang tear down?
13stile 9 months ago
Guys why don't you name car Elanor :D it's not like yt wouldn't find it. I will get a car and name it Eleanor and have plates saying same. I dare them to try to even fart
Houuboii 9 months ago
Call this one hellen😂😂
Houuboii 9 hours ago
@Arthur Morgan all the builds named after or really similar to the gone in 60 seconds car got taken to court hence the reason I left the “or” out
Arthur Morgan
Brad W
Brad W 9 months ago
legendary coverage w/o too much bs. TY!
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Tyler Owens
Tyler Owens 9 months ago
The Mustang Mutilation channel
WarPony Auto
WarPony Auto 9 months ago
I’ll be doing something similar. 65 Mustang and a newer wrecked Mustang GT. There are several other builders that have done this. Awesome build, guys! 👍🏽🙌🏽💯
ground keeper
ground keeper 10 months ago
you guys can just remove the body from chase and edit the chase
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 10 months ago
tearin' them apart!
Caden N.
Caden N. 10 months ago
What song is this 18:15?
Just Tinkering
Just Tinkering 10 months ago
14:29 ABSOLUTELY! I was devaststed when you removed all the other videos. I have been enamored with the idea of body swapping a mustang for a long time. I'd love to be able to do this one day and these videos are extremely helpful to see what I would be getting myself into.
Shona 10 months ago
What if you used the rear glass from the 2015 Mustang and tried to make it fit the '67 Mustang for a fastback?
Marlene Sanchez
Marlene Sanchez 10 months ago
Nice video
Tomlin19 10 months ago
Could be the exhaust and no O2 sensor
Gray Bear's Garage
Gray Bear's Garage 10 months ago
Looking good! I can tell you've done this before! Lol. It seems to be going way faster than last time!
Thesupra996 10 months ago
Build drift car with 2jz motor 🤔🤔😝
Jackson Fei
Jackson Fei 10 months ago
glad to see it happens again!
J hark
J hark 10 months ago
Love the videos but every time I see so much cutting I always wonder when you are going to invest in a plasma cutter or at least a set of oxy torches???
Sascha Fuchs
Sascha Fuchs 10 months ago
Can't believe they drive all the way down to guacamole just to test the car. That's some dedication!
Peter Day
Peter Day 10 months ago
Good to see Kyle in on the mechanations.
Artem Gorbunov
Artem Gorbunov 10 months ago
Hello, I didn't understand well, what happened with previous Mustang rebuild? It was exempt ? Or what? Thank you!
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot 10 months ago
02:42 - that is a Familiar sight...
Alan Strathern
Alan Strathern 10 months ago
When will we get a "cleaning and tidying of the shop and yard" episode. I cringe when I see the mess.
James Harcourt-Flynn
James Harcourt-Flynn 10 months ago
There's a guy watching this who's been looking for mustang rear side widows for ages who's crying right now!
Craig Marvin
Craig Marvin 10 months ago
Glad to see this happen. What are you going to call it, Miss Rigby?
venjin 10 months ago
Song @18:20 when moving over to Oscar?
ShrtKtz1 10 months ago
I'll take the motor and trans!!!
EXATO 10 months ago
Hey guys, I recently started a youtube channel about cars. If you could come check it out it would mean a lot.
ماجد ال على
ماجد ال على 10 months ago
Nice car for Oscar's
Trevor Hunter
Trevor Hunter 10 months ago
Just realized I've seen just about every B is for Build video and I know Kyle and Oscar but have no idea the name of the main dude. Am i the only one? lol
Jay Crew
Jay Crew 10 months ago
Name it hellenore
RODZILLA 10 months ago
The "Osctang" coming soon.
Mike Claridge
Mike Claridge 10 months ago
You need o2 sensors to make it all work together
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker 10 months ago
Great stuff Chris, I’m preferring the slightly faster pace of these new videos, pretty exciting with an upbeat tempo. More power to you bud, looking forward to the next episode already
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 10 months ago
Ford are wankers...how may people have built gt40 kit cars etc & they pick on a youtuber for copyright! Totally shit imo. Especially considering the re-invigoration (by you) of an ageing model of theirs...
Bryan Boucher
Bryan Boucher 10 months ago
Can we all just secretly call Oscar’s Apocalypse Mustang the Helleanor? Screw those guys, this is the antihero car now
Rocky Porter
Rocky Porter 10 months ago
Hot rod a old Rolls Royce Please
sylvainster30 10 months ago
Funny how truly one man trash is another man treasure 🤪 great work guys! ✌🏼😎👍🏼
Jared Hamelin
Jared Hamelin 10 months ago
I love these builds. Maybe my favourites yet, just because of the frequency of the videos. This is deadly and you killed it with cutting that old body off
Kevin Lengerhuis
Kevin Lengerhuis 10 months ago
Any video updates on the Italian boat ?
Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer 10 months ago
Deja Vu
Dylan Galvez
Dylan Galvez 10 months ago
Can we get a boat video
Dylan Galvez
Dylan Galvez 10 months ago
What happened to the boat
Alex Ritz
Alex Ritz 10 months ago
Doomsday Drift Stang
toxaq 10 months ago
The Eleanot?
Dilyan Dimov
Dilyan Dimov 10 months ago
All those videos are now gone (but I still have them and I'm using them as a reference) :D
RobBrumby 10 months ago
Couldn't you have taken the other series down and renamed it and beeped out the key words?
Max Casado
Max Casado 10 months ago
I saw an ad the other day for an Eleanor giveaway.. Kind of looked like the one you were building. Oh and the giveaway was by omaze. Just found it kind of convenient that the happen to have an Eleanor to giveaway after they seized yours.
ramil yawin
ramil yawin 10 months ago
U're working in Mexico or near the border (US-Mex)? or its legal in US to drive smashed cars from one country to another? sorry if my question is stupid)
brenden shaw
brenden shaw 10 months ago
What happened to b is for boat
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 10 months ago
iridium coated blades work really well saves you loads of time 👍 it what we use on half cuts
Mr2Swift 10 months ago
B is for Build should 10000% take a Tesla model 3 or X and gut out a classic muscle car and turn it into a EV muscle car. I petition that we should bring back the classics and make it emissions friendly so u don't have to deal with all the BS paperwork for owning a classic. 1960-1990 are some of the most beautiful classic muscle cars
John Paul Garrido
John Paul Garrido 10 months ago
AMT99100 10 months ago
Trailerpark Supersports
weld a nut on the driveshaft of the old body axle section and get a electric impact and make the old back end do some burnouts!
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson 10 months ago
Great to see the new project coming along, you guys are moving really fast with this one too. Check out vehcor for another Mustang build it's also great
Wayne Giroux
Wayne Giroux 10 months ago
Next time cover the glass in duct tape. Then it won't make such a big mess. Just sayin'... The first car was the practice car, this one will be easier. Taking away your first car I thought was just downright insulting though. Corporate thieves of the worst kind. Bullies through law. Although they don't know it or maybe they don't care... They've done themselves a disservice and have damaged the franchise (she who must not be named) by their greed. I can't do much but subscribing, watching, liking and passing along your story I can do. I do enjoy the content too! I've been a car guy and a builder all my life, I skipped out of classes in high school to scour through wrecking yards looking for gems for my cars. It's good to see other people passionate about fabricating and making things better or unique.
go or blow racing
go or blow racing 10 months ago
We need to name it hellanor
Nick Reid
Nick Reid 10 months ago
Oscar looks like a young George Costanza
Zachary Chapman
Zachary Chapman 10 months ago
You could make a video of you going drifting
Al9955 10 months ago
Surely you’ve got to weld the rear and front of the old mustang together to make a shorty mustang go kart?! 😂
josh Burkhead
josh Burkhead 10 months ago
Awesome man glad yall are doing it again but different great job
anime edits
anime edits 10 months ago
So is he gonna do anything with the supra he bought?
Kenny Boone
Kenny Boone 10 months ago
Chris, this may have been asked before, not sure, but are you guys fighting for the other mustang or are you just cutting your losses and moving on and trying to forget about the other one? Not sure if you are even able to say anything about it.
Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker 10 months ago
Chris, instead of using the tinted rear glass as an engine hatch. You should try and incorporate it as a panoramic roof. Just a suggestion.
James G
James G 10 months ago
You should call this car "Denice".
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 10 months ago
love the modern/old mustang build sad you couldn't finish the last
George 10 months ago
Put the car in track mode and t/c auto turns off
SnakeRoad 1989
SnakeRoad 1989 10 months ago
ELANOT #FightThePower
G_Force 10 months ago
Better off with one of these on it www.justparts.com.au/parts-for-sale/ford-mustang-eleanor-body-kit/JPW4100610 oh that’s right.....
Eduard Porton
Eduard Porton 10 months ago
I really like this subtile F**K Y** to youknowwho about younowwhat (we do not speak it"s name...)
S. Thomas K
S. Thomas K 10 months ago
I was disappointed when I first heard 'another apocalypse build' but this has turned into a triple scrap bin special and I can't wait to see where it goes.
Joshua Buss
Joshua Buss 10 months ago
Thank you Oscar for making and new Frankenstang.
ELEANOR 10 months ago
316371eric 10 months ago
If you build a drift car please dont let it be a mustang I wanna see something crazy! Lol
phineas614 10 months ago
This build should be called the B-leanor... In all honesty though, what Chris and the team are doing is super cool and very mature. Instead of getting super sad or pissed off, (which I’m sure they probably are off camera) they are just starting over and doing it again. And I can’t wait to see the finished product. I hope all the bullsh*t with the legal situation only brought more attention and more viewers to this channel. Another silver lining is that they’ve already done most of this stuff once so they have the experience and have already learned a lot so this version will turn out even better than the first one would have 👍
Xavier Xi
Xavier Xi 10 months ago
Call this one Cleo.
uilsonRJ 10 months ago
Why dont you just cut the old body in half (from front to back), and add a strip of metal to compensate the new width?? Doing the same wrong thing again is just butchering something that could be good once again..
Kaye Jaye
Kaye Jaye 10 months ago
Hey cant u do wide body since u have supports to keep it straight. Look good for apocalyptic vehiclw. Oscar knock it out of park.
Blake A
Blake A 10 months ago
I remember this part of Mexico from the Eleanor build. I was so excited about that car when that video came out.
Jacob Arendt
Jacob Arendt 10 months ago
They keep throwing shade and I love it 😂
carboncitizens 10 months ago
We release Copyright Free Music twice a week for content creators like you!!
Skyler’s Petty
Skyler’s Petty 10 months ago
Chris man, ur honestly so funny! I love watching your videos, I’m glad you guys are getting some what of redemption on the stang. looking forward to all the videos !
66 Rustang
66 Rustang 10 months ago
Anyone surprised that the not so nice woman who took the car is part of Kardashian family?
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 10 months ago
The modern tail lights might look cool in the 67 body. Like a small nod as to what's underneath
Cnoevo Adventures
Cnoevo Adventures 10 months ago
hell yeah lets get this , this time around should fit better
chris hodgo
chris hodgo 10 months ago
Were is the lambo?
JmBStudio68 10 months ago
Tube chassis, tube chassis!
Dm Details
Dm Details 10 months ago
Great work as always!!
Lisann Ros
Lisann Ros 10 months ago
I dont know but i would also liked to see this build with the eco boost 4banger and the old mustang body and i think a wrecked eco boost would be so much cheaper and when you tune it it would make a decent number of horses🙈😁
TomSucksAt Finance
TomSucksAt Finance 10 months ago
Dude always want to drink haram
Keith Spencer Sr.
Keith Spencer Sr. 10 months ago
Such a group of talented guys, great work, I wish this was making the classic over
C Sanchez
C Sanchez 10 months ago
Okay Chris, you want to drift? I saw this by chance the day before I watched your video. us-first.info/player/video/oL18fpudZpaihp8.html I’m seriously considering buying one, unless I can find a decent F150 platinum or a Raptor. Do you know anyone who can get into the Manheim Auto Auctions? I have more than enough $ I just don’t have a contact anymore. Stay safe,
devil6spawn 10 months ago
Can't watch this you destroyed the last one and it was a death trap and you want to go do it again everyone was like that was the best thing they have seen like iv just seen in the comments iv built cars and that is not building a car that's a cut and shut I'm not being funny but do it with Dan and vtuned are what you call builders they take the right car I know they have cut most of it away but what you can see its mostly rust the thing is you just had one taken what's stopping them from doing it again to you this time you mite just not get away with a tell off I'm not going to lie I love my old cars look all I ask as your doing it again do a better job this time that's funny did you just say 1960s crape looks like someone needs a 1960s slap when I first started watching you it wasn't so bad but now not so much sorry but I couldn't drive any of your cars but hey it's your life as long as it's only your life and no one else's
Morrito vlogs
Morrito vlogs 10 months ago
The mustang is probably my favorite apocalypse build 😂
Robert Ferri
Robert Ferri 10 months ago
There's a mustang fastback roof on Facebook market place for $800.00.
Robert Ferri
Robert Ferri 10 months ago
Cr8rC ChoppsItOff
Cr8rC ChoppsItOff 10 months ago
You should name it "El Honor" translates to The honor 🤗🤗