Fixing MAJOR Mistakes I Made on the Fuel System and SELLING MY M5! 

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In todays episode we're testing out a tavarish approved title, jumping into the Huracan to fix fuel issues and our accessory belt flying off at redline. And letting you know how you can buy my M5.
Also im too lazy to un-do the sale prices on everything, so head to our shop at bisforbuild.com and get discounts before they're gone!!
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Dec 6, 2019




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floyd loonie
floyd loonie Month ago
@ like a chicken with it's head cut offB is for Build- Everything is as it should be! You are staying awake days at a time trying to get a beat to hell Lambo to actually start and idle for 5 seconds without catching fire, and I'm relaxing in my nice house watching you run around like a headless chicken. If you ever have time to read this, ask yourself if it is actually worth it to be so stessed out over a worn out supercar just to avoid getting a real job with a steady paycheck. One of these days your ulcer will have you puking blood and that car will still be worn out and not running. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!
David mememee
David mememee 2 months ago
Awesome B uild. Pro tip wet your paint booth floor to help with DUST.
Ryan MacEwen
Ryan MacEwen 8 months ago
Finally subscribed! lol. BTW, you can test with less flammable mineral spirits. Please make sure you are using the ultra expensive fuel line meant for submersion into tank. Normal line gets soft a gooey. Congratulations guys. You built your vision!
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 9 months ago
do you REALLY have to use gasoline for testing; why not water for testing? just asking.
Scott Forney
Scott Forney 10 months ago
You shouldn't allow Chelsea to drive anymore
TheOneManOpinion 11 months ago
Anyone know what 3d design software that is?
lainnorcal 11 months ago
get it to the dmv get it registered.... *cries in Californian*.
Black Storm
Black Storm 11 months ago
b is for baby on the way
Edmundo Cunha
Edmundo Cunha 11 months ago
I wonder why Lamborghini system was not a venturi. Also, car do corners, and there this thing called gravity
fire surfer
fire surfer 11 months ago
Keep the car, lose the ****. Just kidding. (a little bit)
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 11 months ago
Show cars are just that built for the show not wkend use. Hopefully this one will buck the trend
Wren Gooding
Wren Gooding 11 months ago
Bro, you need solidworks desperately over that cut-rate CAD software
darcy hall
darcy hall 11 months ago
Disassembled rear end looks like the bat mobile
Mantas V
Mantas V 11 months ago
What laptop you are using 5:38 ??
Ryan O'Sullivan
Ryan O'Sullivan 11 months ago
holy crap! a 2 part commercial every 2-3 mins is too much. Cant even watch the video
Tuomas Markkula
Tuomas Markkula 11 months ago
Where is the yacht?
Anthony Soprano
Anthony Soprano 11 months ago
I guess I don't get it. SEMA build that went to SEMA and it still has issues? I thought the whole point of SEMA was to bring a finished project?
Erol Fox
Erol Fox 11 months ago
Remember: It's gas vapors that burn not the liquid + touching (2 red) wires to a battery creates sparks.= We don't want to see our boys on fire. Be safe!
William Boyle
William Boyle 11 months ago
Wheres the membership content?? 4 months and nothing
Hyru Sinirku
Hyru Sinirku 11 months ago
Do a tiburon build
Anthony Horn
Anthony Horn 11 months ago
I would fix the rear end as well
110V8 11 months ago
Why are you doin this work in your paint shop and not in the work shop where you have more room?
MavicMarc 11 months ago
Surely testing the fuel system with water would be safer...
M owler
M owler 11 months ago
must get a bit tiring pulling an engine out so many times
Jaden Wibecan
Jaden Wibecan 11 months ago
Wheres The Yacht Videos!!!????
GOT BASS 11 months ago
time to bypass that fuel pump and get you one from an Apache helicopter or some kind of aeronautical fuel pump
Atmosphere2 11 months ago
Oscar did a great job
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate 11 months ago
Why make that humungus mess in the paint booth? Why on earth would you need 2 - 300 amp relays? What could pull that kind of amperage?
Michael Culhane
Michael Culhane 11 months ago
How have you not started a fire yet? Love the channel!
Rob Pitney
Rob Pitney 11 months ago
Oscar did a great job.
test 11 months ago
next car - 87 Lotus for electric conversion
Vujos Bulatovic
Vujos Bulatovic 11 months ago
Sounds like Chelsea needs Cybertruck.
Joost Hendriksen
Joost Hendriksen 11 months ago
What 3d modelling software do you use? Thanks! Ps) i really like the video's!
Diagnostic Haus
Diagnostic Haus 11 months ago
Center console inspo - Zyrus LP1200
Steven West
Steven West 11 months ago
Getting rid of an M5, with your skills? Doubt you could get a better car for the price of fixing it yourself.
genxer39 11 months ago
Don't fix it. Just let her keep crashing it, till you have another project car.
John-Murray Hofmeyr
John-Murray Hofmeyr 11 months ago
Crumple zones on the front frame? Can you move the gear lever forward? Looks very awkward to drive.
Freddie Zack
Freddie Zack 11 months ago
Should do entries via merch for cars ya selllll
Robert Dean
Robert Dean 11 months ago
Channeling Rob... Why? His car will never make it to the race my dude lolol
Garagem do Buda
Garagem do Buda 11 months ago
It would be great if you could to do a quick episode on the Venturi with some illustration....
Garagem do Buda
Garagem do Buda 11 months ago
It would be great if you could to do a quick episode on the Venturi with some illustration....
Darragh B
Darragh B 11 months ago
Where is B is for boat come in it’s been five months
Tim Arellanes
Tim Arellanes 11 months ago
Please buy 2 more belts. For your pants!
Garage Noise
Garage Noise 11 months ago
Great build so far! Can't wait to see this beast on the dyno!!
DrewBoyFTW 11 months ago
Is it comfortable to drive with the shifter back by your waist?
CreamThePie 11 months ago
For the next project you should make a Slav Lada with a T20 Swap
mr powers
mr powers 11 months ago
5:30 What kind of Laptop is he/are you using?
Toothfairy 11 months ago
Buying a car from you is better than buying a new one. I wish I lived in the US.. Love the vids
Petenice 11 months ago
i would love to purchase one of these builds but everything seems so jimmy rigged ;(
APEX INDUSTRYS 11 months ago
Dude that exhaust needs a x pipe your loosing power
recongeek 11 months ago
Chris, I sent a message on Instagram as well, but am kinda local and interested in the M5, depending on price that is... after seeing this video last night i went back and watched the whole playlist of the M5.
Martyn Turner
Martyn Turner 11 months ago
Any body else think, gas spray and battery sparks are a good idea 🤪
Eatongee 11 months ago
At 4:40 why did you hang the poster on the wall?
WolfX 11 months ago
The M5 is the reason why I started watching you.
DRIVE ventures
DRIVE ventures 11 months ago
She's going to want the hurican....lol
DRIVE ventures
DRIVE ventures 11 months ago
That extension should've been hard piped,that's going to be a problem soon,knowing from a past experience
Damogan g
Damogan g 11 months ago
IDK Chris, Rob Dahm's 4 rotor is a monster..
Accordbro19 11 months ago
I feel like most of these mistakes was because you guys were rushed to finish for sema
5ociopathic 11 months ago
Just strap a damn fuel cell to the roof and be done with it! It'll match those turbos sticking out
EZOPERATOR 11 months ago
This week's sponsor is REALTE Mens Underwear
1fastg8gt 11 months ago
I saw the accident on 213. Sorry about the car.
Tom B
Tom B 11 months ago
Bring back boat content
Kaitlin McCall
Kaitlin McCall 11 months ago
Why are you in the painting booth, and not the actuall building space?
kogul ragavan
kogul ragavan 11 months ago
Wow 1.16 million subs. TBH I haven’t been paying attention to the subs since the 240z build.
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken 11 months ago
get her a 1985 ford escort you can't get those things going fast enough to get in much of a crash
jesse kimanj
jesse kimanj 11 months ago
Where's the z4 though
James Torrey
James Torrey 11 months ago
10:25 oh god all that fuel and that battery.....
Danny Gal
Danny Gal 11 months ago
How is the GTR doing? Does it have all the 3 piece wheels already?
GUSTAVO LOPEZ 11 months ago
I was nervous and on the edge of my seat watching them work around extremely volatile materials and so so close to a car battery. All it takes is one good spark ⚡️ and Kaboom!!!
rjulrich1 11 months ago
Love you guys...please use water instead of gas in the testing of fuel cells
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 11 months ago
Kool vlog love it..
TheMK 11 months ago
The adds got you tube could not finish watching this.
TrAvy_K_Malllo 11 months ago
What happened to the other shop? Another project or something?
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward 11 months ago
Soooo many timelapse sections :( I get why you do it but, anything over 20 seconds of timelapse just makes me fast forward and not care about what you're actually doing.
Carl Warnett
Carl Warnett 11 months ago
What's the song called at 1:00?
Carl Warnett
Carl Warnett 11 months ago
Nevermind, found it. Still Broke - Oomiee
Benny 11 months ago
When are you going to do the amphibious car ou truck?
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston 11 months ago
chelsea gotta stop hooning around haha
78jroll 11 months ago
Short hoes are usually fun, not in this application!
Cris Moctezuma
Cris Moctezuma 11 months ago
DonQuixote DeLaMancha
DonQuixote DeLaMancha 11 months ago
B is for botched.
Wesley B
Wesley B 11 months ago
I don’t watch this channel too often. Will there ever be a part 2 of B is for boat?
Aled Griffiths
Aled Griffiths 11 months ago
I've watched you for such a long time now, very impressed on the whole, but this last build was a little bit shite to be honest. I know its really difficult to better an already amazing car, but does all the expense warrant what you've just done? When push comes to shove...its still a lambo!!!! Get more creative, you've got plenty of sponsors ffs. TBH, I've seen better kit cars.
Bob Repola
Bob Repola 11 months ago
B is for... Bumper car
P Miller
P Miller 11 months ago
Kinda looks like the bat mobile from the back with the white fenders off of it.
P Miller
P Miller 11 months ago
He just needs to make the end of the transmission look like a jet engine exhaust shoot thingy.
Ty Tucc
Ty Tucc 11 months ago
B is for buy a new shop
Imad B
Imad B 11 months ago
Chris, i followed you on the M5 project, i feel so sad 😞 it’s a legendary car... i hope u will get a nice bimmer on the future 😊
teamidris 11 months ago
Sticking with the thin wall exhaust manifold?
theoriginalvalen 11 months ago
I WISH you showed Chelsea's reaction as she walked in lol !!!
nacoma98 11 months ago
Seriously interested in the M5
keith shaw
keith shaw 11 months ago
Who else was waiting for the ball of flames when the were testing the fuel pump right next to the battery?
Made.at.the.boneyard 11 months ago
Please b is for build, pimp my ride!
Siim Saare
Siim Saare 11 months ago
Hey Chris i bought a key tag from your shop
Jesse Saarinen
Jesse Saarinen 11 months ago
Plz dont start to add this many adds 😬
MOSK Productions
MOSK Productions 11 months ago
i mean just give it to me ill export it to holland
Automotive Enthusiast Lifestyle
How much for the m5 I don't have Instagram
Robert 11 months ago
Day 1 / 31 of Remembering Chris he needs to cut holes in the back panels of the car where the exchangers are mounted, otherwise the holes he did for the vents on the widebody are useless PLS guys make him see this it is silly how he didn.t notice that
baha jarrar
baha jarrar 11 months ago
you know man,, your work is more than admirable,, why don't you try to show you cars over some US-first channels like Jay Leno`s?
E Whit
E Whit 11 months ago
Ev swap an NA Miata.. not like the weak EV stuff like Tesla ludicrous speed swap
E Whit
E Whit 11 months ago
^i want him to use the Tesla not weak stuffs sorry bad wording
DavGo 11 months ago
The way that LSX looks when it’s out the engine bay: 💪
Randy Finlay
Randy Finlay 11 months ago
Great Job Guys! You tend to take on some pretty crazy projects and we definitely enjoy watching them come together. Just wanted to comment on the relay/solenoids that you are using in front. These are intermittent use only and they pull upwards of 5 to 6 amps when in use. If its a continuous circuit you need to use continuous duty Relay. I Recommend a 880086 Terra power, Power relay, this will handle the continuous 300 amp load. Also, might think about removing the clutch pulley off the alternator if you continue having belt issues. Keep the great content coming!!