Got my Salvaged Raptor All Fixed Up! 

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In today's episode we're finishing repairs on the Roush supercharged Ford Raptor!
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May 13, 2019




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Comments 100   
tiger Z
tiger Z 14 days ago
I really like blue body with red fenders
Brad Jones
Brad Jones Month ago
Great fixer upper! Looks good.
Henrik Scheel
Henrik Scheel 2 months ago
These people are dangerouus. Lets hope their 'builds' will fail MOT tests.
El Compa G
El Compa G 2 months ago
Can someone link me to where I can get a oem hood, grill, front bumper with lower plate..? Pretty much the whole front end ! Please and thank you
Mark Candelario
Mark Candelario 7 months ago
What will happen if you have a bent rod? Not a mechanic here.
Kuanysh Jakuel
Kuanysh Jakuel 7 months ago
When you weld it metall loose its strength and quality. Now its weaker than it was from factory man. It will be better if you modeling this element and mount it to frame with bolts. Or just install new front part of frame just like Wester talking when he is fixing his ford raptor. I m not a professional at welding but I used to fix russian car with frames))
Billy Pendleton
Billy Pendleton 7 months ago
straight? what about toe-in?
Chris Ingram
Chris Ingram 7 months ago
I'm just a enthusiast not a mechanic, but wouldnt it make more sense to just buy new bumper and parts to repair truck back to its original look? If I was going to spend the money to paint the truck then i would go ahead spend the money to do the rest of it right .. just my opinion.
re1600re 8 months ago
I feel bad for who ever bought this truck , that’s some straight Mikey mouse Job ..
vaderracing 8 months ago
Isn't the steering rack bent, where it connects to the tie rod end?
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 9 months ago
This comment section is Funny AF!!!!!! I've never seen the words"Bent tie rod" in my entire life!!! Lmmfao
Brad patterson
Brad patterson 10 months ago
Is thers proof of these sick seats.... i thought so.
David Farley
David Farley 10 months ago
You can also make a mark with a paint pencil in the center of the tire, measure the distance between the marks then rotate marks to the rear and remeasure, then start the adjustment so you have the same measurement front and rear
Justin Duplain
Justin Duplain 11 months ago
the inner tie rod is bent
MMEZA Meza 11 months ago
How much did you pay for the truck
Wyatt Gore
Wyatt Gore Year ago
Casing rides is actually the original owner theres a vid on his channel
Will Clairmont
Hand winch and a floor anchor would have done it
Momo Year ago
Love the gen 1 raptors. You should see if Raptor liners can do a blue tinting... best of both ideas 👍🏼😈👍🏼
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee Year ago
I have those shoes as well bro [Air Max 90's] -- love them!!
FHM Chris
FHM Chris Year ago
should've just ratchet strapped that bumper down to bend it in place and do the weld. RIP endcap
Miguel Estrada
Hello, what did you originally pay for it??
F150 Fanatic
F150 Fanatic Year ago
Headlights? What brand and part number
FSB_Operator _005
Ok so I really need to know who is the red headed girl in the background at 1:11....what's her IG?! Lol
RealDriver Year ago
Thought u guys were gonna heat a lil
Angel De la Cruz
wth,,,,all you spend on money and time,,,you could of had this thing align for about or less than what you spend....stop being to cheap....get a come along to pull out the bumper,,this thing are at good old Harbor F....for about 20-30 bucks
Big Easy
Big Easy Year ago
That’s what I need a big truck I had a couple tundras in my time and love trucks . Sucks now I just had hip surgery and I own a lil Camry but I can’t drive it it’s to small and I can’t bend certain ways sucks . Truck looks great and job well done love the videos
Thor Thunder
Thor Thunder Year ago
i hope you spun the wheels for out of round and hope you put metal on the rim instead of a bulging tire on one side.
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson Year ago
Why not use the winch to pull bumper a lot more control
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Year ago
Less wide, does mean skinnier.. "The opposite of wide is narrow, and your example is correct. If you're talking about the depth of the device, you could say it is thinner or skinnier. You could also say it's less wide if you don't like using narrower.
VINMAD666 Year ago
Ok.. ....... this new sub likes it likes it alot.... Thanks
Ratz8861 Year ago
Maybe a new air filter?
Andrew Phillips
fuckin hacks bud
Boden Effekt
Boden Effekt Year ago
a german mechanic died with a heart attack after watching these "repair" vids
Nexcron Plays
Nexcron Plays Year ago
what is the name of the song at 4:17?
YooTooobJeff Year ago
Alignments are always very slightly toed in...
Victor DA_P
Victor DA_P Year ago
Charles Degener
I think B is actually for blabbermouth!
Todd Justice
Todd Justice Year ago
The dealer is the only one who could certify the repairs done to that vehicle and when someone runs the Vin number they’re going to see the damage that was done to the truck and that u purchased it from copart and you have no certification of repairs
Piotr Krawiecki
Jay Bats
Jay Bats Year ago
Awesome dude!
spanky arse
spanky arse Year ago
Best rebuild vids ever. Sorta like a roadkill but more home style. Love the shaky cam. Don't change as it shows this isn't some scripted production pretending to be a homie.
iLovewood Year ago
I wonder how accurate that wheel alignment was.
Dusty Harris
Dusty Harris Year ago
What was your bid B.at the auction?
Hitesh Rawat
Hitesh Rawat Year ago
Have never seen such huge suv in India, but I love my nimble 800cc Suzuki
Mike. Valdez
Mike. Valdez Year ago
I know I'm months seeing you. But you not being a real body man. But next time use heating trouch. Everything will bend back easier.
Lee Vue
Lee Vue Year ago
N.R. Year ago
Leave the fender red!
Not You
Not You Year ago
So, how much did this thing go for at the auction?
Derek Gulosh
Derek Gulosh Year ago
If u were to put a strap through the rim and then wrap it 1 time around the tire attach other end to bumper an gave it a couple bumps forward it would have helped pull it almost straight down 😉
mike krauss
mike krauss Year ago
That inner tie rod is benttttt
Robert Phipps
Robert Phipps Year ago
What does OEM mean??
420_ GrindersClub
I must repeat the millionth time no Raptor liner lol
Ramon Siqueiros
My husband loves the show! Your doing a great job very inspiring, I watched this one with him and told him that your truck was a Frankenstein Raptor! 😅
DanielJones Jones
You didn't tell people too disconnect the battery . B . Don't forget to measure man children may watch you near enough is not good enough
samntim ramsey
I wanted to hear it running.
r6bunny Year ago
A friggin laser on a friggin sharks head would of been a lot faster than a pice of string
Sam Year ago
U just suck u are such a scrooge
Ryan Lindsay
Ryan Lindsay Year ago
That inner tiered is bent lol
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Year ago
For the frame repair check with a suspension lift installation shop like 4wheel parts on 82nd or any les Schwab tire shop and see if they have factory lower control arm pockets. The factory parts are cut off the frame and new drop crossmember have the new pocket included. Be best way to get it fixed properly
Stoked to see how far your welding skills have come! From only tacking to having some nice stacks. Well done man. Can't wait to see what is next in the build!
f0rumrr Year ago
A blue 6.2l raptor. One of my favorite cars ever.
IK UK Year ago
You just seem to be bodging for the sake of it. Why try and weld the bumper whilst it's attached how can you spray it properly. Also the chassis will need setting on a jig to check its not twisted. This could be a death trap.
Marat Khurumov
Ебаать думал Конор Макгрегор!!!!
paquitos hammer
That red looks amaIng
paquitos hammer
Get rid of the bumper
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Year ago
Famous last words "that's not gonna break. That's not gonna go anywhere."
Metman2J Year ago
I might be interested in those aftermarket headlights when you go to do the face lift....if you still have them.
Pedro Rafael
Pedro Rafael Year ago
Vim pelo beloto 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Yanc0_ Year ago
Am I the only one who likes the old Raptor more than the newer facelift model ??? especially with those widebody fenders ...
Timothy Janting
Make a thailand drag style raptor. Hahah
T Year ago
mcneal fiberglass 1 piece the front
jugernaut shaw
Video is great,prolly cuz I'm high
CrimeVid Year ago
Now get yourself to an alignment shop !!
Franksey180 Year ago
B is for Build painting, true story 15:38 :) Keep going Chris :)
Danny Callihan
Moving your hand in front of the camera makes it constantly try to focus man. Quick way to give viewers a headache.
Oscar B
Oscar B Year ago
I’m also in Portland do you guys have a repair shop I need to fix my 12 sti lol
saieed joshua elijah mohammed
Am. Did Nike sponsor you
Truck is in a collision...Only sets the toe. Guarantee there are caster / camber issues in that corner.
Joe Cangialose
Chris, what do you think about these headlights? Do they perform well? Good coverage at night? I was thinking about ordering a set for mine...
Rozzbourn Year ago
if I play this at .5 speed, you sound like you are drunk....
Todd Schroeder
What the hell happened to this channel? Used to be do it right and the best you can with what you have. Now it’s order whatever, force it to fit, do it wrong, be lazy to do it right, short cut, no content or progress, and crap work. Filled with commercials and sponsor adds. It’s sad. I used to LOVE your channel. Officially unsubscribed after all this time.
Adam Martin
Adam Martin Year ago
Paint newly welded parts? Rust = Bad
Scrapper Year ago
Awe b is for broke key rings sold out sad day
Dave's Custom Junk
I think the hood should be painted white
Jacob Arendt
Jacob Arendt Year ago
We’ll start painting so things will start going poorly 😂
Micheal Smith
Micheal Smith Year ago
I would be curious to know if the total cost was less than buying a raptor used. I really do enjoy these kinds of videos but one thing that these people never talk about is the money.
glenn ridenour
Nice Blazers Tee!
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis Year ago
So far, you've done a straight shitty job on this truck... Over build a 240 Z that never gets driven, but hack together your everyday driver... This thing ways 3X what the 240 does. You didn't even bother to paint the bare steel surfaces...
paulvincent severo
i want to learn that how to drive
nice and easy!
Zachary Newman
What bumper is that?
Nautricity Year ago
Please paint the chassis a bit while the body panels are off, same for the undercarriage, then after painting the undercarriage, undercoat it AND its fender wells!
Milo Man
Milo Man Year ago
Is this truck for yourself or do you buy and flip vehicles?
M Taufiq
M Taufiq Year ago
Ford Nebula
A KB Year ago
Did anyone else see the bent inner tie rod end??
Richard Berry
Richard Berry Year ago
Nice job. Beautiful truck. Never been a Ford fan but I would drive a raptor.
a2cryss Year ago
9:69 nice and straight" uhh, not quite.... Cool project though. Replace that passenger inner tie rod ( and then re align it)
Thankful Gaming
So does this truck have a salvaged title?
Alan Lozano
Alan Lozano Year ago
that red fender gives her some real character 👍
MikMizer Year ago
you dont want your front wheels to be parallel you want them to slightly toe-in that is if you want to go by the book
Disrespected Evo
things had to change