Got New Transmissions for the Yacht! How will they work with an LS? 

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In todays episode were mounting marine transmission and accessories to an LS engine.
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Nov 6, 2020




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Benjamin Crabtree
Benjamin Crabtree 18 minutes ago
Next video sponsored by Lawson bolts maybe.
Frank Lake
Frank Lake 10 hours ago
As i watched this how you are mounting all of the accessories, did you give any thought to engine mounting? it is very specific how the shaft aligns to the transmission and stringer location and engine mounts to location of acessories
Brian Dirou
Brian Dirou Day ago
I don't know a lot about boats but rather than one gearbox in reverse, one in forward, do they have opposite pitch screws ? Not sure I know if they counter rotate or what ?
Rein Ciarfella
Rein Ciarfella 2 days ago
Sorry, Dude, but I’m done watching boat videos. I subscribed for automotive videos and that’s all I’m watching in the future.I’ll stay subbed but I’m ignoring the off-topic videos.
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips 2 days ago
This is insane. If you include the man hours these things are going to have to have cost a couple hundred thousand dollars each. It’s just crazy
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 2 days ago
This IS pretty cool stuff. I’ll say it for you.
lexXx1005 2 days ago
Loud and slow just how I like it I’m not a boat guy and I can tell how bad an idea this is😂
Prototheria 3 days ago
I'm going to ignore the dumbass idea of replacing diesels with gassers because everyone else has covered that and I'm just going to assume you've already done the stability calcs on removing over half the engines weight and will be locating the required ballast in the appropriate locations. Seriously, broh... just stick with cars. You don't know fuckall about what you're doing here.
John Obiro
John Obiro 3 days ago
Soz. Can’t go no further with this. You are just a fun boy. I like traditional, not kids stuff. Thought you would get something sensible. Good luck.
Luke Andrew
Luke Andrew 3 days ago
how much are you selling the cummins for and where?????
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 3 days ago
I am so seasick, after watching this video.
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman 4 days ago
Using C.A.D - Cardboard Aided Design
Speeddemon3 4 days ago
Can you hire that surfing chipmunk for the boats debut? That's the only thing you be able to keep afloat cause this things gonna be slow...
DundaBluebone 4 days ago
for the life of me i'll never understand why so many of these automotive channels always seem to have a good supply of dead batteries.
Mr Tee
Mr Tee 4 days ago
Old folks have a saying for this. Its called throwing good money after bad. I guess since there is almost zero value in an old Italian boat then devaluing it farther with gas motors wont be too much of a noticeable loss. Never mind those engineers who know that if you choose a gas motor in a big boat you use a big block motor. Those ls will definitely not appreciate running 5 grand all day long just to get half the performance of a diesel at 2 grand. Reminds me of what I often tell my 20 something son. When you encounter a problem because of a bad decision and start trying to fix it with multiple bad decisions at some point decide to put the brakes on and just fix the original bad decision instead of the ten bad decisions because of the first one. Just set your expectations low and everything will be grand.
Nissan Slut
Nissan Slut 4 days ago
Don’t throw the battery away, most O’reillys batteries have a 3 yr warranty
Randall Rose
Randall Rose 4 days ago
Geez.....this guy has got to have $ 100,000 in this thing
Tristyn Orien
Tristyn Orien 5 days ago
“This isn’t B is for smart, it’s B is for build” lol accurate
Tristyn Orien
Tristyn Orien 5 days ago
I think everyone including me is losing interest in the channel, because this is a boat... not a car... it’s still pretty cool but not as interesting as a car build. Need more car content
Steve Greenaway
Steve Greenaway 5 days ago
B is for bang......those engines won't last for 5 minutes......
Bill Moran
Bill Moran 6 days ago
Ridiculous idea, but it’s entertainment. Might be fun to start a pool on how long these engines last in that boat. 200 hours? Maybe. That raw water pump looks way too small for this application. A standard Jabsco 1-1/2” or 2” would be much better.
Brasos Mason
Brasos Mason 6 days ago
You can have a tree in the land of the liberals ?????? LoL makes me like your channel more still think you should have put a set of series 60 Detroit's in it we'll see how it goes
Ryan Werner
Ryan Werner 6 days ago
I don’t understand why there using a clutch in a boat let alone ls motors lol
Anthoney King
Anthoney King 6 days ago
OMG well figured out even looks good too that Plasma Cutter is a nice tool great Vlog thanks
It seems absurd ls swap this but remember he is running a channel this is good content it's more like a TV show so what would make sense kind of doesn't makes sense this brings views regardless of the lack of efficiency this is exciting
preston Baes
preston Baes 6 days ago
"Cuz its good" freaking laughed haha
Dwight Lampkin
Dwight Lampkin 7 days ago
Gas is gonna kill you
EldarKinSlayer 7 days ago
Weight, balance, trim???? That boat was designed to balance and trim with about 5,000 lbs more in the back.
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker 7 days ago
1 week, get your ____ together boys
Xd mcluke
Xd mcluke 7 days ago
What happened to the supercar build
Bill Ward
Bill Ward 7 days ago
ImZoid 7 days ago
Where is the supercar build?
john smith
john smith 7 days ago
You better start a second channel of you tube cause your sword fighting with a tooth pick, I see a layoff in the future or a new name for this channel .
adiofile 7 days ago
That's a lot of money to spend on a mistake.
Travis Wilkinson
Travis Wilkinson 7 days ago
Where the videos at lately went from uploading all the time to once a month... was my favorite channel at one point
Steve Skingle
Steve Skingle 7 days ago
Whats going on with ya videos lately? Builds not getting finished and videos getting further and further apart?
GRANNY BASHER420 8 days ago
Wheres there new videos at my guy miss watching these
eloyex 8 days ago
this has been tested before with bad results ... what a way to waste money .. well, when you have money can do whatever shit you want ...
renn koop
renn koop 8 days ago
totally off, moronic, clueless, from the guy who put a tacky 'lambo' table on the boat . btw..the value of the boat is in the mud.
Jorge Pinho
Jorge Pinho 8 days ago
Still waiting for a new episode!!! Why Chris? Just why? 😃😃😃
Steve C
Steve C 8 days ago
This thing is going to use 40 to 60 gallons per hour. At $4 to $5 per gallon on the water, that's a couple grand to use the boat for the weekend. Chris seems like an intelligent enough dude, so the only reason I can see for doing this work (spending tons of money on new gassers when you have perfectly serviceable diesels) is that he's getting paid for the videos. It's a "watch how many bad choices I can make" subscription plan. Mash that subscribe button!
CKW 8 days ago
Yo what the fuck happened to built not bought?????
Jon Persinger
Jon Persinger 8 days ago
I'm working on a truck 5.3 engine swap into my first gen Camaro. I've been dreading paying so much money for some simple brackets to mount the accessories in a manner that makes sense in my engine bay. Seeing that you used the ICT Billet brackets here as a "test" fit got me to look into them. I was planning on spending 300-500 for new brackets, but I'm in for far less than half of that! Thanks man!
Frankenstein2245 8 days ago
Hi what's the update on the silver supra
Robert raft
Robert raft 8 days ago
sorry b, should have stuck with the diesels.
Robert Polk
Robert Polk 9 days ago
I'm all about the boat build don't get me wrong. But any updates on the mk4 supra?
Tom Schuette
Tom Schuette 9 days ago
I don’t see a fuel cooler for n your plans for bolting to the engine.
David Deam
David Deam 9 days ago
Chris, smart move, behind you 100%. I have a Yacht w/2 Diesels - I like what you are doing, makes a lot of sense. I have a 1985 Monte Fino 55 with Two 3208TA Cats. The vessel gross weight is 52 tons. I went thru the same process of costing out Diesel Engine replacements - a whopping $180K. The cost difference can buy a lot of gas. Some Insights: What makes diesels unreliable is that a defective water pump or cheap Sea Strainers can can lead to engine breakdowns. As you so noted, one can’t easily get access to Critical Engine assemblies to maintain them. This is exactly what I have been finding and have realized that past engine failures on the part of prior owners were a direct result of lack of maintenance of inexpensive accessories. I’ll be following your success, David.
sean weissinger
sean weissinger 9 days ago
just wondering, but couldnt you just only run the 24v alternator since you will be charging most likely two batteries, and then just pull 12v from the battery, that way you dont need an extra part? or run a 24v on one and a 12v on the other is you really want to have both. just no reason for the added parts unless you really want to have them. ( I am a marine mechanic not just an arm chair keyboard warrior lol ) also most stuff that Mercury or other marine brands are really just the same as GM parts, they can be had at autoparts stores for much cheaper, I also previously worked at autozone in Texas on the coast so I delt with lots of yachts/sport fishing boats
ryan meeker
ryan meeker 9 days ago
So are you guys only doing videos every 2 weeks now?
Kris Mcnugget
Kris Mcnugget 9 days ago
That's gonna be a long ass serpentine belt.
JYRD85 9 days ago
ZF is from Germany not Italy
John Seipel
John Seipel 9 days ago
Ruining a really cool boat
oceanjockey100 9 days ago
I'm really surprised that a guy who appears to be pretty smart with mechanical items could be so naive. He's taking a really stupid move going with gas and all the related work. Not to mention the cost. Wasted money. If he really wants to re-power...and I think he should, 3408 Cats would be perfect for that boat. They are available although hard to find. A rebuilt pair of those and that boat will be still running with his great-grandkids at the helm.
Stryker1 10 days ago
When are you gonna finish your apocalypse build?
juniinc40 10 days ago
Johnson makes a crank driven raw water pump that will work on a SBC, it will be much easier to service the impeller than that Mercruiser raw water pump you trying to install.
Ernie Sparks
Ernie Sparks 10 days ago
I would suggest rerunning the torque vs speed [RPM] calculations. Based on the gearbox shaft size it seems too small for the HP. What is the HP of the New engines? what will the Peak Torque RPM be? I would guess a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 Gearbox would make more sense.
Lee Boell
Lee Boell 10 days ago
Yep, I made the same comment a week ago. It's simple maths, as you say. Also suggested checking if there are thrust bearings and adding flexible couplings. The engine build should also be for marine application - i.e. cam for low end torque, constant revs, etc.
GrindhousePE 10 days ago
Love how you guys just attack challenges like the accessory drive, awesome to see it.
The Count of Toulouse
As an old school marine engineer, I would never recommend this for a boat that size. The VT 903M's that were in there are bulky and I totally understand the reasoning for replacing them but in the long run, its going to be something of a Pyrrhic win. I still say the VT's could have been brought back to like new for cheaper. Your gas mileage and range will be cut way down but I'm still loving watching it all.
beforebefore 11 days ago
I hope that idler pulley by the small alternator will have the belt riding UNDER it... to get enough wrap on the alternator pulley... otherwise you may get belt slippage on that alternator. Be sure to get as much wrap on that BIG alternator as physically possible!!!!
Adam Foster
Adam Foster 11 days ago
Bummer they went the LS route. There is a pair of their exact diesels on CL right now in Aberdeen, wa for 20k. Would have been a nice fix to the problem.
Edward Cassel
Edward Cassel 12 days ago
Just a thought. You guys did double check the rotation of the water pump didn't you? Or is that going to matter? I am enjoying the build so far.
Classic Stang brn
Classic Stang brn 12 days ago
Don't forget the obvious, block off plate for the other starter location.
DKY Shop
DKY Shop 12 days ago
Shoulda swapped 2 6.7 cummins engines into the boat
Tom Y
Tom Y 12 days ago
God, I hope these engines are built for low end and some sort of economy. or I will just this the Hummer Yacht.
SitAndSmileNow 12 days ago
Other than the thousand reasons to keep diesel instead of gas already mentioned. I haven’t seen a comment about stability, reducing the weight by a few thousand pounds is going to make it horrible and unstable in bad sea conditions surely??
William Douglas
William Douglas 12 days ago
tricky21a 12 days ago
Build it because you can. love it.
Maxima 12 days ago
Hes stuck on an LS engine. Cant change his mind. Gonna have to let him fail. Makes more content
Cam Hoffman
Cam Hoffman 12 days ago
His old Italian yacht from here on out, "I think I can, I think I can!" Ever read "The Little Engine That Couldn't"?
Ann Trautwein
Ann Trautwein 12 days ago
You did make sure the water pump will clear the motor mounts, boat mounting rails drip pan etc and you have access to replace the empellar.
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer 12 days ago
12:20 - If you bought all that stuff from Amazon, you could return any parts that didn't work!
Kevin Sellsit
Kevin Sellsit 13 days ago
Interesting that "B is for Build", and while you seem to have an unlimited budget for the Italian Yacht, your builder shop is missing a lathe, mill, oscillating spindle sander, etc..., and a full assortment of hardware like so many homeowners have (Ok, I don't have a plasma cutter, you got me there). If you were a couple states lower I'd lend a hand with some fab work. Just don't name the boat "Merry LS Queen" someone might already have that one. ;)
RanWhenParked 13 days ago
I started an automotive projects based channel recently and I get some seriously snarky comments...after watching this video I cant even imagine the comments below hahaha. You really couldn't find another jumper cable? Lol Keep after it guys!
Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor 13 days ago
Apocalypse build is still sitting there doing nothing... Guess you can make it into a nice trailer for that yacht build....
pangrac1 13 days ago
You need plasma CNC table.
pangrac1 13 days ago
Wow, this is interesting! Im all in. 👌👍
pangrac1 13 days ago
Now selling snake oil for bald man? Geeeez. 🙈😒
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas 13 days ago
Get a tormach
Josh Laird
Josh Laird 14 days ago
Leaving a car battery sit on concrete isn't good for the battery. It will actually kill it.
Justin Gould
Justin Gould 14 days ago
Wow are you a f’n idiot! Of course when a person calls a cabin cruiser a yacht that a telltale sign the kind of “boater” they are... 🙄
Matej 14 days ago
if this works im throwing my marine engineer diploma through the window.
Ineke Lassooij
Ineke Lassooij 14 days ago
Groetjes uit Holland 👋🏼 Mooi gedaan 🤩👍
João Ferreira
João Ferreira 14 days ago
making brackets? @BadObsessionMotorsport wants to know your location
Galaxies 14 days ago
top it top it ls swap it bop it
roscoe jones
roscoe jones 14 days ago
If the boat doesn't burn to the waterline on the first outing, no matter how many other isssues it has, it will be deemed a "success". Then, we'll never see it again.☺
Christopher Lamb
Christopher Lamb 14 days ago
This is going to be awful. Diesel power plants are on that boat for a reason. You're going to kill those motors. I'll be along for the ride but I feel like a ton of subscribers are going to have an 'I told you so' moment.
lawrence beeler
lawrence beeler 14 days ago
Shouldn't set a battery on a concrete floor put wood under it
aaron wood
aaron wood 14 days ago
Welding hood bro, welding hood
Michael Alexander E38
Wow the size differences between the gas and diesel is HUGE! Thats like dropping a big block in a semi truck.
JOE DIRT 14 days ago
Cody Cannon
Cody Cannon 14 days ago
Insane, this man has no background in boats .. It's going to drink fuel ..You could have rebuilt & done some performance upgrades, and been way ahead on this project. LOL, goodluck ....
Stubby631 15 days ago
Following. But questioning going from diesel to gas. I’ve spent my life on the water, USCG and commercial fishing. I dream of converting my Chris-Craft to diesel..
K P 15 days ago
All I’ll say is hang on to the diesel’s.
David Merullo
David Merullo 15 days ago
He’s right he does have a dummy, himself. Shoulda went diesel dummy
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan 15 days ago
This is probably going to get confusing but, if u run the starboard motor in reverse or even the port motor in reverse but it’s actually going to be going forward, that means ur props are both going to be spinning the same direction and they are supposed to spin in opposite directions while going forward and opposite directions while going in reverse. So the motor that spins counterclockwise will have to have the same directional prop as the motor that runs clockwise to push water instead of pull the water and that’s going to put sooooooo much load on the boat itself and the stringer system and all that, unless u have a prop specially made and I don’t even know if u can get a prop made that spins clockwise but acts like it’s not spinning clockwise with the way the blades are made on the prop!!! Boats with twin engines are made specifically for the props to spin in opposite directions to keep the boat balanced! I can’t wait to see how this is going to work out.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 15 days ago
I have 6.0 Crusaders in my boat and this is a total hack job those plastic housing mercruiser seawater pumps are delicate junk there are so many better pumps on the market this is a hot mess in action
Tddnenc 15 days ago
so hot man bear cub yumminess woof
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson 15 days ago
What's happening with the single seater?
kj 15 days ago
concrete will suck the power right out of a battery
Disrespected Evo