Happily Ever After! The BIFB Engagement 

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In todays episode, I bring you along for the story of how Chelsea and I FINALLY got engaged :)
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Nov 14, 2019




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Rocket Surgeon
Rocket Surgeon 5 months ago
About time you make an honest woman of her!
Charles Yecla
Charles Yecla 9 months ago
Danilo Carvalho
Danilo Carvalho 10 months ago
Chris: "Hey honey, how about we make a baby?" Chris: "Oscar, Come here!!"
Chasing Happiness
Chasing Happiness 11 months ago
B is Bankrupt. Make her sign that Prenup my guy🤙🏽
jamir Year ago
I unsubed and stopped watching you 2 years ago, but good for you man
james pitts
james pitts Year ago
Been married for 54 yr., GOD'S BLESSINGS ON YOU BOTH, many, many years of HAPPINESS.
BeGood America
It's nice to see someone put that much effort into asking her to marry. B is for Blessed
Max Year ago
Gives pat on the back like “good job”
mike eger
mike eger Year ago
My ex wife of 18 years our marriage date was September 26 and my ex is a teacher as well!!!! Thanks 🙏
Bradley B
Bradley B Year ago
B is for Ball and chain! Congrats!
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas Year ago
congrats on your success and marriage.
Shiven Sangar
Shiven Sangar Year ago
First comment. So happy for you and Chelsea. You found true love my friend. Congrats from Canada!
TheDLZ72 Year ago
Wow!!! Congratulations 🎉🎈 B is for uBetcha !! Thanks for sharing. Yah I'm slow nobody ever accused me of being ahead of the game lol
KR Kalson
KR Kalson Year ago
This video wouldn't have gotten 340k views if it wasn't on a heavily followed/monetized channel....in reference to starting a new channel.
Legend17 Year ago
Mabroooooooook bro (congrats)
katoasian Year ago
Congrats!!! Man
Patrick Clemens
korebrent1234 Year ago
MindSET Year ago
That was corny. Cookie cutter nonsense. A special proposal needs tension. Noncommittal, noncommittal, distant, and then when she's about to end it you propose during dreadful walk on the beach. She will never forget it, and it's going to screw with her so much you will then and there for the rest of her life become the man of her dreams. It will signal that you are willing to fight for her. Otherwise keep making that paper if she's that kind of girl.
Tackhammer Jr
Tackhammer Jr Year ago
2 things - Congrats on the engagement news. Awesome times ahead. 2nd, not that I'm an Eagles fan but when I see Wentz, I think B is for Build. LOL. I did a google image search and found this pic. Maybe you or others don't see it, but I think ya'll look alike in some photos. www.profootballrumors.com/files/2018/12/Carson-Wentz.jpg
Danameless Year ago
I wish the both of you the best
jonathan murray
kristopher herbst
congrats , good choice !
apz39 Year ago
congrats Chris and Chelsea
Master Exploder
After the divorce: B is for Broke
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Year ago
Awesome news Congratulations..
Congratulations man ,🎉🤩✌🏼 B is for bride 👰🏻
Garrett Tomasek
dam that ring is big
Albert Wong
Albert Wong Year ago
Jack Hodgson
Jack Hodgson Year ago
Let me be the 3,622nd person to say, Congratulations and Good Luck!
jshumphress13 Year ago
Well done. I had a plan, nearly had a panic attack executing said plan, and barely mumbled "will you marry me?" You were much more prepared.
Drew Shepard
Drew Shepard Year ago
Yoooo what a man🤘
Thiago Albino Santos
jose batista
jose batista Year ago
congrats sir god bless.
LukeAndLaura Year ago
Yayyyyy! Congrats guys! Disney engagements are the best!
bryce f
bryce f Year ago
Congrats dude! Best wishes to the both of you!
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell Year ago
Ryan Sherbun
Ryan Sherbun Year ago
Crongrats, its about time.
Anyone can do whatever they want. If you buy a 3.6 carat engagement ring you've put yourself in a pretty deep corner for the next one. Good thing no sales tax in Oregon. We had to choose between a ring or down payment on a house. We are older and decided on the latter. We are still together and live on a boat...
mwint1982 Year ago
B is for Blowing the poolboy
Aarush Sawhney
Holy shit that ring is worth more than I am
Tim Garrison
Tim Garrison Year ago
Congrats you two...
J B Year ago
B is for buying blood diamonds.
The Mongrel maag
Tear! Too cute!
Mercury Year ago
Has a yacht and 2 lambos Im not rich anyways congratulations dude
Niklas H
Niklas H Year ago
Congratulations man. She is beautiful!
Family Email
Family Email Year ago
Congratulations!!! Love to see more on the boat!
Awesomeness well done and congrats 👍👊
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke Year ago
CONGRATULATIONS to you both, Chris your such an awesome lad, so down to earth. I love the way you did it, great work and happily ever after bud!
Angela Oakes
Angela Oakes Year ago
This is by far the BEST B is for build episode"s ever. I love your plan to get everyone in place. Man I enjoyed your Simi build. This was so refreshing. Best of blessings to the both of you guys!!!!
Tyler Tinsley
Tyler Tinsley Year ago
soooo rad!! congrats!!!
Steve L.
Steve L. Year ago
congrats man
Krisztian Somodi
Congratulations. B is for Happy :)
R3d Rocket
R3d Rocket Year ago
"Oscar did a great job" hahahahahahaha
R3d Rocket
R3d Rocket Year ago
hell yeah good job bro!!!!!
Mark Span
Mark Span Year ago
My wife and I are also big Disneyland fans, and when I decided to purpose to her I bought a $25 Pirates of the Caribbean ring on Main St and asked her in Blue Bayou. We upgraded the ring later.. unfortunately I could have totally helped you out with a Plaid at DL. Your proposal was just about as awkward as mine!
HaasGrotesk Year ago
Bro! Where the fuck is the boat!?
Barwa Hakem
Barwa Hakem Year ago
McRonald Year ago
"I have 2 Lamborghinis but I'm not a rich guy".????? That's like " I have a 100 million $, but I'm not a billionaire.
Alonso Gonzalez
Congratz from Europe! :)
Norick Chan
Norick Chan Year ago
Congrats man....
4LitreJeeper Year ago
Congratulations Chris and Chelsea!
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Year ago
i wanna be your friend too
Danny I
Danny I Year ago
Jay Hensley
Jay Hensley Year ago
B is for Building Babies now! Honestly though, I had to rewind the video because I missed the proposal. The chainsaw waterfall tricked me
maurader .five5six
Omg congrats
logan vang
logan vang Year ago
Bongrats bro!
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis Year ago
Congrats brother!!
Tyler Mosley
Tyler Mosley Year ago
Beautiful, dude! So happy for you both. Best wishes to a very happy life
Paulo Akai
Paulo Akai Year ago
film the wedding
Milsolen Year ago
Rob Waz
Rob Waz Year ago
Congratulations and all the best for a happy ever after
Jonathan McDill
Congratulations Chris and Chelsea!
Dylan Dippel
Dylan Dippel Year ago
Congrats guys awsome way to do that
Mario Martinez
John Ryan's Corner
Congratulations to the both of you.
loonattica Year ago
Next project: Build a Baby. Or not. No pressure. Best wishes to both of you!
Mark Roost
Mark Roost Year ago
Congratulations to both of you.
Bill Sudhoff
Bill Sudhoff Year ago
Congrats to the two of you, I couldn't be happier to see you guys together!
Simply Joker 00
Im gonna give contructive feedback and say not responding to comments will kill you start doing it
Thomas Brasse
Thomas Brasse Year ago
I watched all the ads for Chelsea. B is for big ass ring. Good job (been here since the beginning!)
Sinan Alhamdani
Brendan Carter
I cant imagine the stress this man dealt with the past few months. With the lambo build taking until literally the last second possible all while having to prepare to ask the biggest question of his life. Unbelievable man and i'm so happy right now just thinking about it all working out great in the end! Congratulations man!
Jeff Fenn
Jeff Fenn Year ago
Congrats Chris and Chelsea!
Kevil Lyttle
Kevil Lyttle Year ago
Born Stigman
Born Stigman Year ago
Actually I've heard Oscar did make that ring out of nothing! He is a master..
lucian531 Year ago
Congratulations you guys ❤🥰
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans Year ago
Congratulations to you both.
humphnor Year ago
Congratulations. That is great news. You guys are great together.
Lee Myers
Lee Myers Year ago
Congratulations, B is for Bride
Braggenrites Year ago
Congratulations guys. Salud!
Derick WRX
Derick WRX Year ago
begal brew
begal brew Year ago
Congrats, you two are very lucky to have each other! I hope you have a wonderful life together, and may there one day be a B is for BABY episode. LoL 😁
Nick Daly
Nick Daly Year ago
Congrats mate, I got engaged in September this year, really enjoyed this video as I could relate!
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Year ago
Congratulations Chris and Chelsea. So happy for y'all.
Dee Zet
Dee Zet Year ago
Congratulations Chris, you really jumped her with the ring. But he, how many people can say they proposed with people watching all over the world?
Mfundo Radebe
Mfundo Radebe Year ago
Big rocks is for build🔥🔥🔥
Deadstreak Year ago
It’d be cool if you used your most special and closest build you have and make that the “just married” mobile
Turbo S-chassis
Congratulations on the engagement love the videos and the builds but can we see a raptor update maybe a nice offroading video soon? Would love to see that!! I love the truck and am planning on getting a 1st gen blue one here soon and am so excited would love a video on your thoughts of the truck kinda like a review maybe?
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