Heavily Modifying Kyles E92 BMW And Dyno Testing Each Mod 

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We're modifying Kyles e92 BMW and dyno testing each mod along the way.
Huge thanks to Burger Tuning for hooking us up with the tuner and dual cone intakes, find them here: burgertuning.com/
And thanks to Extreme Turbo Systems for the charge pipe and intercooler find them here: www.extremeturbosystems.com/
And if youd like to use our electrical connectors and heat shrink connectors find them here: www.amazon.com/TICONN-Connectors-Waterproof-Automotive-Electrical/dp/B07ZPF1TTX?ref_=ast_sto_dp
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Aug 20, 2020




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skyler brown
skyler brown Month ago
whats the weights tho?
NYC Bronx
NYC Bronx 2 months ago
Definitely a new favorite episode! I love this kinds of episodes! Performance mods over looks
23 Broadwayy
23 Broadwayy 2 months ago
Add inlets n i bet it will hit 500 horsepower
R MCD 2 months ago
Is map 3 not for meth?
Kieran Jones
Kieran Jones 3 months ago
need to lower that ramp rate!
Nathan Myers
Nathan Myers 3 months ago
Keep a close eye on that serpentine belt on N54. Had one come off and get sucked into motor. Ouch.
Shandiz S
Shandiz S 3 months ago
I miss my N54 135
Marius Ciornei
Marius Ciornei 3 months ago
Dummheit . Luftfilter im Motorraum . Der Motor brauch kalter Luft nicht heiß aus dem Motorraum
Stephen Wilshire
Stephen Wilshire 3 months ago
I had the same mods on mine. I think I had 500+ at the wheels with the JB4 on race mode and race gas.
Hushane Henclewood
Hushane Henclewood 3 months ago
9:10 which song is that I love it
Stev A
Stev A 3 months ago
Why didn't you just install a bucketless Stage 3 LPFP???? Adding a fuel pump booster onto a stock fuel pump is NOT a good solution.
Kevin Figueroa
Kevin Figueroa 3 months ago
literally obsessed with these 335 videos
RS1600i-Rebuild & Other Stuff
Being a Auto...Get that remapped also..!
Diy type of guy
Diy type of guy 4 months ago
Change the spring in the blow off valve
IMNOTA 4 months ago
Intakes don't do much on na engines, but they can be a big deal on turbo cars, I think you underestimated it because you've heard it wouldn't do much from people that are used to na engines.
Dante Dante
Dante Dante 4 months ago
Do you upgrade cooling, brakes, transmission as well? Do you have the upgraded 0-60 mph time for the build as well?
Carlos Barragan
Carlos Barragan 4 months ago
I don't like rushed projects the paint job is rough
Mauro Giambruno
Mauro Giambruno 4 months ago
Why Map 3 ??? It is for progressive meth ... no mention on supplemental meth injection
Logan Nelson
Logan Nelson 4 months ago
Yo I really hope you see this but can you send the link to the BOV you got?
StBMW 5 months ago
You did it monster come to make also mine.Tell me please the type of spark plugs please.
مغامرات محمد الزواوي Adventures
👏👏👏👏😊👍 👹☠️👺👻🔞💯
AYOxONE 5 months ago
This needs catless dps
Grzegorz Greg Lecewicz
A lot of effort with careless install and really bad workmanship. Very puzzling to me why !? I did a better job on my lawnmower. I hate to sound negative but I've watched all your episodes hoping for an attractive final product. Frankly I'd be afraid to drive it never mind the workmanship on the outside. It can fall apart at high speed and you've added the horsepower to facilitate it. As to the entertainment - I've enjoyed it way more to watch it than you guys will ever enjoy driving this clunker. Overall I had fun so thank you very much !
Andrei 5 months ago
you should also paint the back of the hood grey
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 5 months ago
the bmw sounds really good, but that mustang is so loud!
G-MA's MOD GARAGE 5 months ago
Hello everyone. I'm wanting to do more videos and make one or maybe two of my dreams come true. I want to do a US-first series of my dream car build. In my older videos I had a 2012 Ford Fiesta I'd like the help of my subscribers and new viewers to help me with this dream. every little bit helps. www.gofundme.com/f/j4jqx-my-dream-project-car?+share-flow-1 If I am able to reach my goal and start this series I will be regularly uploading and keeping everyone in the loop. Keep in mind that I am doing this on my own (no sponsors) I'd like the people to help me in this journey to success. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read this and even helping. Have an awesome day Cheers
Brandon B
Brandon B 5 months ago
I've watched hundreds of N54 vids the last few years and YOURS SIR....... Is the BEST one yet. Awesome process explanation with each mod along with cause and effect. So perfect dude. Number 1 in my book.
UnknownEvent 5 months ago
If u like it tight... buy a 2000+ BMW... there is literally no room any were in the engine bay, these guys have CGI the engine bay hahah
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne 5 months ago
Xavier G
Xavier G 5 months ago
DO MHD stage 2+
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 5 months ago
Et ta mustang c est un v8 coyote qui as deja plus de chevaux avec sont v8 mais ca tient pas la route c est mustang vous pouvez sortir autant de chevaux que vous voulait de cette mustang je préfère la bmw question de gout
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 5 months ago
Vous etes habituer a préparer des v8 mais les 6 cylindres bmw c est tout autres choses deja vue ton moteur c est pas un M3 mais peut être une 330 i ou 328 i peut etre le 335 i c est moteur adore d origine les compresseur se que vous appelez superchager et si la boite et automatique change vite c est le defaut des bmw leur boites automatique monte lui une boite séquentiel aux levier tirait pousser elle adore cette boite et vous pouver toujours essayé de lui sortir des chevaux cher bmw tout et retenu par ordinateur il faut baisser l ordinateur et un superchagers tu va pas être decu pour un premier temps dommages que vous liser pas les commentaires français on les connais par coeur c est voitures quant en aura mare donne la moi merci gars dieu te le rendra au sans tup bye gars gazzźz
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 5 months ago
Hello maintenant que ta fait plaint de vue tu veux toujours pas offrir ta bmw a un pauvres français qui en reve depuis toujours 55 ans et toujours pas les moyent de me la payer mais si tu me l offre tu feras tellement de vue que tu pourra te payer la mustang de tes reves je parie sur une 500 schelby gt cobra dieu tant remercira je m appelle Jean charles rabaux
tunga markal
tunga markal 5 months ago
it seems like the tune you have has retained the overboost function
Average Floridian
Average Floridian 5 months ago
Did Chris go full Rick Grimes there for a second? CORAL!
Andy 01
Andy 01 5 months ago
I would kill to bring my MR2 to you guys and work on it along side you all
Nicolas Walton
Nicolas Walton 5 months ago
Dyno it in 3rd gear not first. 1:1 ratio. The inconsistent boost is because you’re in first gear aswell. First gear is way too short to let the turbo eat
C_Eazy209 5 months ago
Looks like the car already had upgraded silicone inlets on it cuz they SURE as hell ain't stock lol the stock inlets r plastic with accordion looking sections where the DCI's go on
peter m
peter m 6 months ago
The car already had silicone turbo inlets?
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 6 months ago
My mind is blown that that air intake added that much power. Never seen an aftermarket air intake add that much. Especially one that just sucks in hot engine air. Crazy
J_ Spool
J_ Spool 6 months ago
You should’ve just gone MHD 😐
jessman1004 6 months ago
bird dude
bird dude 6 months ago
Alex Clark
Alex Clark 6 months ago
Well done intercooler - you flattened the curve.
George Nakhla
George Nakhla 6 months ago
I feel like you should’ve done the tune last
tequileros559 6 months ago
What’s the song at 14:00 ??
Shaun Bharrat
Shaun Bharrat 6 months ago
Looks like it already has upgraded inlets.
Big Paco
Big Paco 6 months ago
This BMW’s base run made just about the same HP and TQ as my daily driver 2005 Chevy Malibu 3.5l V6 Naturally Aspirated+Pedal Commander and drop in K&N Filter.... That’s insane I would never have thought my old ass N/A daily driver makes the same power and torque as a stock N54 turbo
Edward Rae
Edward Rae 6 months ago
manual swap!!!
JerainJezza 6 months ago
Add catless downpipes...
JerainJezza 6 months ago
Sponsored by BMS DCI, yeah ok. :D I've tested it myself, IRL on the road with hood closed you lose power.
Balleknack 6 months ago
Never thought of exhaust tubes to get rid of the exhausts from the garage?
Hans Mo
Hans Mo 6 months ago
"Stay Tuned!" Heh.
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 6 months ago
Man when the box opened and that charge pipe came out it was like porn. The mrs like boiiiiii you crazy 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 6 months ago
I'm doing a similar engine build next year. I like what you are doing with the fuel pump. Not sure what year this car is but my tunning company insisted on pre tune maintenance. This is a must do list below people. Full engine out service: • All the Gaskets -Oil Pan Gasket -Valve Cover Gasket -Oil fiter housing Gasket •Lines •Seals • Ignition Coils Delphi or Bosch • Walnut blast to reduce carbon depsosits on Intake Valve •Spark Plug •New Belt + pully • Electric Oil Pump (Very weak point of N54) • Water Coolant pump •Injectors Index 12 (need to be coded) •Alternator if not been changed •Vanos •Upgraded high highpressure fuel pump •Updated low pressure fuel sensor Peace and respect 😀👍
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 6 months ago
Not a mega expert but MHD would be a much, muvh cheaper and effective way to go all you need is an android and a lead. Or if you changing the turbos JB4 is the best piggy back tuner. 🐷
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 6 months ago
Wow lost 56bhp stock this should ve 300BHP. Must have a fee issues. Walnut blast and index 12 injectors. Maybe a compression issue too??? 🤔
mosconi0359 6 months ago
You are right to be trolling for a Supercharger sponsor for Oscar's Coyote. If you can find a wrecked 5.0 that has a Rousch on it, maybe you could score one that way. Save a few thousand dollars and cannibalize one off a wreck. Otherwise, your looking at almost $10,000 to put one in yourself. It'll add about 235 HP depending on which stage you get. You don't want Oscar running around with that weak ass HP. He's your boy!
03 nike
03 nike 6 months ago
these guys need to dyno in a higher gear. in the lower gear they are using its not going to load the motor as much and wont build its max boost and make less power. the pulls are way too short, and not enough load. i dunno if its because they are new dyno owners and are concerned about the wheel speeds they would see running into redline in a 1:1 gear.
Max Gould
Max Gould 6 months ago
Gotta run dyno pulls in at least 1:1 ratio, it significantly changed the numbers
Broken.Bimmer 6 months ago
also use MHD for data logs/flashes/ and monitoring all the systems such as temps and clearing codes.
[DJ NADJIB - Beatz]
[DJ NADJIB - Beatz] 6 months ago
#SUPERCHARGED_MUSTANG gonna be a lot of fun.
Broken.Bimmer 6 months ago
what gear were yall in on the dyno? should be 3rd if im not mistaken
Broken.Bimmer 6 months ago
Get MHD and upgrade the turbos if he wants to push mo powah! im going to be pushing high 600s pretty soon in my 335, stock motor and trans and will be raffled off soon 😳
Dima Gurevich
Dima Gurevich 6 months ago
All those power upgrades, but will the gearbox hold it? What power is the E92 3 series gearbox rated at?
KGTV Entertainment
KGTV Entertainment 6 months ago
Yo Chris is the mustang omaze is giving away the car that got taken from you ?
Zackery Boldon
Zackery Boldon 6 months ago
When is the boat going to come back on the channel
sally the v6
sally the v6 6 months ago
Seems about right get the 5.0 on e85 fuel pump and e85 it will make upwards of 500🤩🤩
Aleksej Duma
Aleksej Duma 6 months ago
Do a boat video
Aleksej Duma
Aleksej Duma 6 months ago
Do a boat video
Aleksej Duma
Aleksej Duma 6 months ago
Do a boat video
Aleksej Duma
Aleksej Duma 6 months ago
Do a boat video
Aleksej Duma
Aleksej Duma 6 months ago
Do a boat video
4 Wheel Builds
4 Wheel Builds 6 months ago
Awesome work guys, u do some real interestin sh!te ... hope my channel will grow to your size and capability one day
D0DGER D 6 months ago
Just an observation. Obviously it’s been mentioned many times in the comments that your in the wrong gear as the runs are way too short. But also the boost variation could easily be down to a leaky blow off valve so may be worth checking. But mainly more worryingly the runs just after the intercooler was installed sounded like there is det/knock. It would make sense if the maps were meant to run with ethanol. This also may have been why the boost was inconsistent. The ecu would have been pulling timing and boost to prevent engine damage.
D0DGER D 6 months ago
Just an observation. Obviously it’s been mentioned many times in the comments that your in the wrong gear as the runs are way too short. But also the boost variation could easily be down to a leaky blow off valve so may be worth checking. But mainly more worryingly the runs just after the intercooler was installed sounded like there is det/knock. It would make sense if the maps were meant to run with ethanol. This also may have been why the boost was inconsistent. The ecu would have been pulling timing and boost to prevent engine damage.
E92 Garrett
E92 Garrett 6 months ago
You forgot about the catless downpipe they add about 20-30whp more.
Mike Power
Mike Power 6 months ago
Like the video
Censored 1
Censored 1 6 months ago
We are trying to plan a National Event @ like the boat rally's for us w/o boats. Could you pass the word its on the social sites. We can show our Forces and scare the soy out of them lol @ Sep 5th Nationwide Started by a Veteran in Texas
Spencer Wood
Spencer Wood 6 months ago
A series of videos where Kyle and Oscar compete for higher horsepower would be freaking awesome.
qxANGELxp 6 months ago
Good to see you again since the GTR. I'm only here because I own an n54 now.
MOMO Car repair
MOMO Car repair 6 months ago
Thanks for all your hard work and love And to thank you as Physiotherpist for your headache 🤕 I will suggest for you to check a chiropractitioner We need you in good health and shape With all the love and support Mehdi ✌🏻
Charles Rewha-Lobo
Charles Rewha-Lobo 6 months ago
has anyone seen the new omaze mustang giveaway..?
noboostnolife 6 months ago
Can you used a blk marker please. I can’t really see what your writing on the white board. Thank 👍
AintPC 6 months ago
You mentioned "straight pipe" exhaust in the video. Does that mean totally catless as well?
Kaine Gunn
Kaine Gunn 6 months ago
Why not use a true flash tune like MHD instead of an old piggyback like JB4?
Twan Unkown
Twan Unkown 6 months ago
Your neightbours must be very happy with you owning a dyno :D
Neil E
Neil E 6 months ago
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 6 months ago
channel got even better with the Dyno on the shop! 👍
Chris Thistle
Chris Thistle 6 months ago
Great video! What fuel pump and booster did you use? Looking to do the same!
Justinas Zvirblis
Justinas Zvirblis 6 months ago
Looks like they went back 10 years 😂
Mohamed Hallani
Mohamed Hallani 6 months ago
You guys definitely a set of catless DP's to make the most of these mods guys.
latinpimp27 6 months ago
That surprise, nonchalant, ending, lol
daniel o'hara
daniel o'hara 6 months ago
You should name your car Eleanor
Angel Quijas
Angel Quijas 6 months ago
+1 on the xhp tune
Angel Quijas
Angel Quijas 6 months ago
Throw some downpipes on it and put mhd bef with the jb4 and you should be good
Angel Quijas
Angel Quijas 6 months ago
You guys should be on map 5 on that jb4 for best results as well.
Angel Quijas
Angel Quijas 6 months ago
You also got aftermarket inlets
jlehm 1982
jlehm 1982 6 months ago
are those amazon heat shrink connectors gas/e85 compatible?
Mr. G
Mr. G 6 months ago
what is prince Harry doing playing with a dyno??...