I bought a 30yr old ITALIAN YACHT and im going to Fix it Up! 

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In today's episode we bought a Riva Tropicana, a 44 foot 30 year old Italian Yacht, and were going to fix it up, repair it, restore it, and upgrade it! Enjoy!
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Jul 5, 2019




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Jacqueline Oldhaver
What you don't know about radar and navigation will cost you your life. Put the radar back on. It doesn't work on obsolete bands. It transmits it's own signal.
Bobby Biship
Bobby Biship 16 days ago
Shopping bag/garbage bag on door nob.... I love it
fakiirification 18 days ago
more like B is for Bankrupted by Boat.
Larry Dunson
Larry Dunson 19 days ago
Just came across your channel...hooked. Looking forward to watching your renovation of this beautiful boat.
Frederick Martin
Frederick Martin 24 days ago
Dumber than a box of rocks
lseul 24 days ago
Should consider side thrusters and a stabilizer
Brandon Pepin
Brandon Pepin 28 days ago
My Ferrari 308 had the exact same alpine cassette deck
Brandon Pepin
Brandon Pepin 28 days ago
My DREAM!!!!
Milian Trimino
Milian Trimino Month ago
any news?!?!?!??! I wanna see what’s going on!!!
ianrkav Month ago
This is awesome. You went and bought your first boat, a 44' Riva, without ever even sailing a rubber duck before? That's jumping in at the deep end. You don't do things by half do you? What was this boat licence you got in rapid time and which authority issued it?
Adam Swartz
Adam Swartz Month ago
your one of the funniest narrators
My boat was originally purchased by bicardi to use at boat show but they had to get rid of it after they served alcohol to minors then the next owners used it for drug smuggling after that a guy from the yacht club I'm a member of bought it from police auction renovated it then my fathers friend bought it then my father off him then finally to me
Mr. Fyer
Mr. Fyer Month ago
Renaming the boat? Better do the boat renaming dance.
Terry Sharp
Terry Sharp Month ago
Congrats! I too have an Italian boat. 38’ Technema, Posillipo. Mine is the smallest of the luxury boats they make. I live in San Diego, CA
Tddnenc Month ago
smoking fuel in ur oil. blowby
MrREDVANS Month ago
is antifa living on your boat now lol
666satan Month ago
here after the ls swap announcement... bruh
TheMattbrownbill 2 months ago
Isn't it bad luck to change a boat's name?
Drunken_Monkey360 2 months ago
Shoulda just put a bluetooth speaker in that radar deal.
Drunken_Monkey360 2 months ago
I bet it's the cool spot to hang out now lol
Brown Eye
Brown Eye 2 months ago
Always B-Jamin In Da Woods
looks like you hit a boat at 7:06.
Andre Hansen
Andre Hansen 2 months ago
How is things in Portland now?
Travis Weaver
Travis Weaver 2 months ago
Radars don't connect to Towers
Zayvid Tillman
Zayvid Tillman 2 months ago
Oh shit you in my city and you bought a yacht? Boy this is oregon 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Rich A
Rich A 2 months ago
Is your boat now in the hands of BLM or Antifa?
keith sudzy
keith sudzy 2 months ago
I hope ur good at fixing Engines.....
Chris Sumka
Chris Sumka 2 months ago
Awesome..whats also funny is this clip is doing better than the said Sandler movie.
Peter Bindig
Peter Bindig 2 months ago
Good thing it's not an Ilver
Steven Vater
Steven Vater 2 months ago
Bet you not living in portland now!!
Mason Yahn
Mason Yahn 2 months ago
Dude you act like a millionaire😂😂
KavaKavana 2 months ago
La dolce vita
Gobble De Gook
Gobble De Gook 2 months ago
This Reva Tropicana Boat was for Sale in 2013 for: U$120,000. Owch ! What a Drop !
61Slughi 2 months ago
Um, dude, you say you're heading out to Seattle @ 2:57 , but you're showing footage of you heading south away from Seattle on I-5. (Tukwila area). Also the place where you had to park to check out the boat is a nightmare if you drive anything bigger than a Smart car and cyclists come out of nowhere at high speed. Don't you F'in dare break their stride! Hate parking there with my 4x4 van.
Hanging Around
Hanging Around 2 months ago
that table... 👎👎👎
jools182 2 months ago
Get's a Riva, calls it the Ferrari of boats, uses wooden furniture , ikea cushions and an old crate
Egor RedstarBJJ
Egor RedstarBJJ 2 months ago
Invention of Coors Light :)))) good video
Povl Rueger
Povl Rueger 2 months ago
I have been waiting for this to continue for over a year. Come on man!
Aashish Idnani
Aashish Idnani 2 months ago
Did you have the boat surveyed? Change or clean turbo air filters and performance may be better.
sirtango1 2 months ago
B.O.A.T. Bring Out Another Thousand
Ronald Reed
Ronald Reed 2 months ago
Those engines are not designed for Horse Power, they crush Torque at really low RPM.
Saeid rock
Saeid rock 2 months ago
niceeeee job
Adam Liddell
Adam Liddell 2 months ago
I bought a boat and 1 year later...............................................
Location Rebel
Location Rebel 2 months ago
I've been waiting for over a year for an update on this....any news??
Ben Bonin
Ben Bonin 2 months ago
Soooo what happened to this boat?
Dave Vaughn
Dave Vaughn 2 months ago
903 Cummings was the worst engine ever built i am a retired truck driver for 55 years i had 19 trucks had ever engine they made nice boat good luck with that engine
TwitchWater YT
TwitchWater YT 2 months ago
we support small and big streamers discord.gg/XfdRfdU
Ross Isaacs
Ross Isaacs 2 months ago
A cell phone replaces a radar? right...
Damion Sweet
Damion Sweet 2 months ago
Finally a vlogger out of Portland Oregon!!
Charles 3 months ago
dont tell me this guys wants to wake surf of this thing
Darryl Martin
Darryl Martin 3 months ago
6:00 "diesel gas" really?
rydog926 3 months ago
Part 2 ever coming!?
Daniel B. O'Dell
Daniel B. O'Dell 3 months ago
James Miliaresis
James Miliaresis 3 months ago
You did great but next time don't leave the cockpit without putting the boat in neutral
Norman Braslow
Norman Braslow 3 months ago
Kraftei 3 months ago
Just took a Google look at his Riverplace Marina in Oregon Downtown and found something strange: The 70 ft Yacht right at the entrance of the Marina; the bow is under water or is it a Google fail? goo.gl/maps/eQUfACRv6vVA9CQL7
nunya binis
nunya binis 3 months ago
Watching again, because a new boat video is coming soon.....
no one
no one 3 months ago
Him: I baught a yacht Me: I almost killed my sister in a rage moment
Raul Montesdeoca
Raul Montesdeoca 3 months ago
Radar is Radar is Radar!!!!! It’s the same signal. Why upgrade it?
steven thompson
steven thompson 3 months ago
the turbo may need a rebuild and also check your oil tube make sure its staying oiled. oil flow is important.
John G.THEGUY 3 months ago
You can still use a brick phone
Mohammed Tamim
Mohammed Tamim 3 months ago
Congratulations but I’m pretty sure this is just a boat and not a yacht 👍🏼
John Edgewood
John Edgewood 3 months ago
Now that Portland has been destroyed...at least you can stay on the boat!
Nicolas Roque
Nicolas Roque 3 months ago
Bro do u breath wow
petri mustamaki
petri mustamaki 3 months ago
Dude, we are waiting for part 2 😀🛥
Leo Luna
Leo Luna 3 months ago
SMOKE is wasted fuel
H-J. K.
H-J. K. 3 months ago
do you ever breathe between sentances?
Jhonny 3 months ago
I like your enthusiasm, but I cant see you doing anything on that boat without giving it a proper clean first
Oh for Godsake
Oh for Godsake 3 months ago
When's the mast going on? Do the sails come with it?
Terry Rutherford
Terry Rutherford 3 months ago
Waiting for the gratuitous Chelsie bikini pics! J/K. My wife and I are looking to get out of our ski boat and into an express cruiser. Thanks for the Vlog. Be well!
troublemakingpups 3 months ago
BOAT....Bust Out Another Thousand. 😄
Cris Poulson
Cris Poulson 3 months ago
A lot of critics. But with five and a half million views he must be doing something right.
Hans Daniels
Hans Daniels 3 months ago
Beautiful boat...Carlo Riva had thé Italian style but passed away in 2017...
DIAMOND SPORT 3 months ago
How’s the boat?? You guys using it?
Rockinbluesron 3 months ago
First part of July is Blues Fest Time!!!
ThorHiney Cucky
ThorHiney Cucky 3 months ago
Nearly 30k a year just to not use your 40k boat.....????
Michael Pray
Michael Pray 3 months ago
Might be a little dangerous to wake surf on
carl dahlström
carl dahlström 3 months ago
part 2?
Freddie Bowers
Freddie Bowers 3 months ago
JONNIE ROCKER 3 months ago
5,4 mil views, I want more boat build.
Mustangsisco Ja
Mustangsisco Ja 3 months ago
It’s boat weather, what’s the update B
Nhan Ha
Nhan Ha 3 months ago
Where is the update ?
luke burns
luke burns 3 months ago
Part 2?
Edouard G.
Edouard G. 3 months ago
Where is part 2
Crypto Man
Crypto Man 3 months ago
This dude literally derailed his entire adventure 😂 I can’t stop laughing at his way he’s awesome I bet his lady never misses around with him he would bash her 😂😂
Larsnl 3 months ago
Stil waiting
TheSwitchUp -
TheSwitchUp - 3 months ago
Portland Maine?
Simon r
Simon r 3 months ago
This is going to turn out just like the mustang build at this rate, any slower we will be in a back to the future film!
outdoor fun
outdoor fun 3 months ago
It might be a injector problem
phartattack 3 months ago
The back of the boat is the STERN! The TRANSOM is the upright wall that keeps the water out. Nice boat! Love the fact that you shop at DOLLAR TREE for your FERRARI boat 😂
natepoole7 3 months ago
mike labadie
mike labadie 3 months ago
every guy that buys a boat goes balls out for a few days then gets bored and the boat sits for the rest of its poor life going to shit cus they really have no clue lol
Mark Salminen
Mark Salminen 3 months ago
They're Cummins 903's. Had one in a big truck once. It smoked a little.. Nature of the beast. Actually they're wanna be Detroit 8V71's. They rev higher than a regular Cummins.
Phillip Sedlon
Phillip Sedlon 3 months ago
Is there an update on the renovation of this boat?
Donald Thomas
Donald Thomas 3 months ago
Has ANTIFA burned everything yet?
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips 3 months ago
I wanna see more of this bitch! I need motivation to start working on mine!
tehserval 3 months ago
Where is part 2 yo
David Gray
David Gray 3 months ago
Part two will stat as sooon as they kill off the protesters!
dahl2101 3 months ago
wheres the boat ???
davidsi1086 3 months ago
Would love to see an update video on your boat
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