I bought a 30yr old ITALIAN YACHT and im going to Fix it Up! 

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In today's episode we bought a Riva Tropicana, a 44 foot 30 year old Italian Yacht, and were going to fix it up, repair it, restore it, and upgrade it! Enjoy!
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Jul 5, 2019




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MotorBoat Tech
Nice job 👍
tredogzs 2 days ago
I guess we know why the boat was such a deal, ... Ferrari of boats is right' rip.
Strohdog 3 days ago
Sorry, you lost me at Portland.
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 days ago
The name is horrible. But it's not my boat. Font looks bad hopefully you change that name. My friend named his boat "42Q" and I thought that was bad but this is worse.
Robby M
Robby M 4 days ago
I agree, the interior is really pretty
user 6 days ago
Half of these comments: This dude’s a fucking idiot and know’s nothing about boats. Me: I didn’t realize this many people are interested in boats or rich
Joel Lewis
Joel Lewis 7 days ago
Dude! this might be the coolest story ever #yachtlife
NJALLDAY 9 days ago
part 2 we now keep narcan on boat at all times
rhid1955 12 days ago
COOL fireworks in reverse
Adventureguy 14 days ago
call the boat the goos cruis i was a dream om my i told my friend i wone buy a boat one day and take gust on a cruis men must pay and girls can get on free
drdboiler 17 days ago
Love how he "built" everything he installed on this boat (especially those 'inset placeholders'). AKA had his buddies do most of the work while he stained a couple pieces of plywood. Sick skills
J. J. Breland
J. J. Breland 20 days ago
Cool yacht. Don't talk so fast. ☀️🌴👣🍷 Jacksonville Florida
boosted saleen
boosted saleen 21 day ago
Guess the LS swap is not going so well.. lmao I bet the storage of this thing has far exceed the worth of it.
tuff ute
tuff ute 26 days ago
You have no idea what your doing with boats Isn’t amazing how it can nilly Break you in 5 minutes As they say don’t jump in the water until you know how deep it is But guess what you did
Hendri Rosema
Hendri Rosema 26 days ago
120 gallon diesel !! You are so lucky your in the USA. USA : 1gal=$3.25x120= $390,- Holland : 1gal=€5.70=$6,86x120= $ 820,- Holly s#@t
Lord Stark
Lord Stark 26 days ago
I need this boat in my life
Charlie Chan
Charlie Chan 27 days ago
B is for build lol
Upland Dave
Upland Dave Month ago
Radar is very useful in the fog! Ohh that's right portland never gets fog my mistake!!!
Robert Galasso
Robert Galasso Month ago
Try changing the fuel filters and air cleaner filter.
jw11432 Month ago
30 mins of video just to showcase one ugly as shit table, some cushions, working lights and a name tag on the back? FFS, you are way too damn tedious for my taste.
Toby the Glen
Toby the Glen Month ago
So, what's the latest on the boat?
Beadle Boi
Beadle Boi Month ago
B is for bitches
K3nfloww Month ago
Jugaloking69 Dope
lol i guess you didn't get a survey and such i see that you have a crew but how much do they know about boats?
Rmaxx13 Month ago
try water based poly
EMH Month ago
How is anyone normal left in Portland?
RBn2 Month ago
needs smaller windows
Jean de France
Jean de France Month ago
You still have to learn Italian cuisine ... much healthier than many others, except pizzas lol
Villiam Month ago
hey, the brick phones still work, they never die, XD
2SaltyDicks Fishing
Surprised Portland would allow celebrating freedom. What a disgrace to America.
emily wtt
emily wtt Month ago
The gifted den additionaly print because invention endoscopically ban into a curved scanner. black-and-white, dysfunctional receipt
Anderson Bejai
Anderson Bejai Month ago
Love the voice comments
CalebGamer 16
CalebGamer 16 Month ago
This is awsome! I live in Vancouver so its awsome seeing this so close to home!
thejdog3030 Month ago
Bad luck to change a boat name😳
J B Month ago
love to video you had me rollin lol
ASFAR 1958
ASFAR 1958 Month ago
3:13 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂
This guy is hilarious
Colin garner
Colin garner 2 months ago
My understanding is that yachts have sails !?!?
Milan Fanas
Milan Fanas 2 months ago
Don't know why this was in suggested videos list. It's so disappointing to see how tasteless people can be. Benches, table, nothing is matching the style and spirit of that boat. And replacing the name was absolutely horrible.
Darth KEK
Darth KEK 2 months ago
Express Cruiser is a sub-category of yacht. Like how Cockapoos are a sub-category of dogs (but not all dogs are Cockapoos). A yacht is a leisure boat with facilities for overnight stays. You have a yacht, an express cruiser yacht.
chris morris
chris morris 2 months ago
B IS FOR BUILD. I am sorry about the Mustang.
Joe Sutherland
Joe Sutherland 2 months ago
"Boat parking spot". Good God. Did anyone else here smack themselves in the forehead when they heard that? Try the decaf, bud.
Towelie Towel
Towelie Towel 2 months ago
You live in Portland? I’m sorry for your loss
Sean Juan
Sean Juan 2 months ago
Has Antifa hijacked your boat yet?
DD2DL 2 months ago
Arrivarossa "Red has arrived" is a better name.
jeff deuparo
jeff deuparo 2 months ago
You do not park a boat. You Dock. You do not drive a boat. Pilot or Captian. Lines NOT Ropes and I love RIva boats!
James Smith
James Smith 2 months ago
Greedy people
doacarnage 2 months ago
I believe you're right about the turbos, probably time to rebuild or replace them.
Junk Man
Junk Man 3 months ago
What kind of smoke black smoke or white smoke?
Jon 3 months ago
This is the equivalent of buying an RV for your first car, then taking driving lessons while waiting for your RV to be delivered. Is your car bigger than everyones elses? Yes. Is your inexperience in driving a car going to be obvious? Also yes. Your screwed once you get caught in any midly bad weather.
Secured Party
Secured Party 3 months ago
Cool guy!
danny nimmo
danny nimmo 3 months ago
deasil engines will smoke a little and might not be too much of a problem. I'm not a mechanic but worse case I think there might be a little blow by from the pistons. if you take the oil filler cap off then start the engine, you will see smoke in the oil filling tube if there is oil getting around the piston. if you don't see smoke there I think your in good shape
Snowy Davis
Snowy Davis 3 months ago
Take a breath
Dave Engstrom
Dave Engstrom 3 months ago
Nice boat. BTW Diesel is not gas. Its fuel. Make the change to calling it that or one day you boat will get filled with the wrong stuff. Very expensive.
AJ 3 months ago
Oney boat was on sale un Mallorca (Santa María del Camí) 😂😂😂
Jeff Crafton
Jeff Crafton 3 months ago
why didn't you put a nice couch sectional in the back?
Jeff Crafton
Jeff Crafton 3 months ago
B is not for build sir lol
ronald farish
ronald farish 3 months ago
when cruising is underway
Condo Wasteland
Condo Wasteland 3 months ago
I give you a lot of credit, those boats were the biggest piece of shit when new..purely garbage
Nathan Harrison
Nathan Harrison 3 months ago
Radar spot woul be good for satellite TV dome
ALAN H 3 months ago
that table looks like shit.
Bradly Miller
Bradly Miller 3 months ago
I’m tired of being poor
Bert Safor
Bert Safor 3 months ago
Of course it is good to do cosmetic improvements e. g. upgrade the interior but... the most important thing is the outside.. check the hull for visible / hidden osmosis under the waterline Remove the propellers for a thorough ndt intercristaline corrosion test and surface corrosion check of the shafts. The problem with buying a 30 years old boat is that you fall in love with the thing. Boats require a huge amount of maintenance and money.
A grave misunderstanding
italian boats amiright
Tommie Brown
Tommie Brown 3 months ago
Your photograhy really sucks. It is all over the place or just shooting your face. You can't keep the camera still long enough to see whats going on. LAME
j johnson
j johnson 3 months ago
Week one buy boat, week 4 receive and sign divorce papers
j johnson
j johnson 3 months ago
Check out these authentic Italian German dishes 11:30
j johnson
j johnson 3 months ago
120 gallons of diesel gas. GAS
j johnson
j johnson 3 months ago
Just a little smoke? Git it bro.
j johnson
j johnson 3 months ago
Wait you live in Portland? Ha ha idiot. Antifa, BLM, Democrats, defund police? That Portland? Wow move now dude
Bruce Nelkin LMT
Bruce Nelkin LMT 3 months ago
smokin huh, don't check the oil or anything... LOL ;)
Corey Adams
Corey Adams 4 months ago
Man you guys get straight into this doing everything you possibly can in 3 days
hmk. 4 months ago
the table is in the way. should have used a side table instead...
Macca Mac
Macca Mac 4 months ago
Portland the Shithole of America run by ANTIFA Terrorists.......
Gabriel Miller
Gabriel Miller 4 months ago
I would have replaced everything broken with matching parts including all the navigation equipment... The iPhone is only an emergency tool for me when the main equipment fails.... And if I was the coast guard I would have given you immediately a ticket for giving that name to the beat... I hope you were trolling us with that name 😂🤣
Gary G
Gary G 4 months ago
All diesels smoke
mala 4 months ago
just to know u never say park boat, u say park car only if u come w 13 knots n dock like boss in tht case u cn say i park a boat :P
James Richard
James Richard 4 months ago
This guy is a Portland pussy. All hat and no cows
Rich McIntyre
Rich McIntyre 4 months ago
Learning to "steer" a boat at idle speed using just the engines is difficult for new boaters. The boat steers from the aft which is different from your car so most folks take a while to get the hang of it. Bravo for getting it in your slip w/o crashing.
S T 4 months ago
I thought b was for boner?
Tj Anderson
Tj Anderson 4 months ago
Portland reppin! Except the lower Willamette right there is the worst quality water in damn near all of Oregon. Columbia out towards Fairview at Chinook Landing is one of the better spots for the Columbia. The K Line car ship look like it’s right in St Johns
Carl ahrens
Carl ahrens 4 months ago
I wouldhave put epoxy layer on the table high gloss
Slapp Ness
Slapp Ness 5 months ago
Z Fly
Z Fly 5 months ago
Wow..... love your enthusiasm....but this is a boat, not an apartment with a balcony using IKEA furniture. Geeze....all that wood crap furniture....then you want to BBQ on your wood table. Good way to burn your whole marina down. You seem like a smart guy..... and would enjoy boating with more experience....good luck and enjoy.
Strike M
Strike M 5 months ago
You need boat bumpers to keep the sides from scuffs and damage
Seth Hilt
Seth Hilt 5 months ago
Love the 903 cummins but its getting hard to find parts for them
Joe the pedo Biden
Joe the pedo Biden 5 months ago
I’m sorry you live in that liberal shit hole of a city
Phil Rudd
Phil Rudd 5 months ago
Bloody freeloader. Patreon is a pseudonym for begging bowl. You want a Yacht pay for it yourself.
Slobodan Brnjic
Slobodan Brnjic 5 months ago
Guys funny as fuck
Jacqueline Oldhaver
Jacqueline Oldhaver 5 months ago
What you don't know about radar and navigation will cost you your life. Put the radar back on. It doesn't work on obsolete bands. It transmits it's own signal.
Bobby Biship
Bobby Biship 6 months ago
Shopping bag/garbage bag on door nob.... I love it
fakiirification 6 months ago
more like B is for Bankrupted by Boat.
Frederick Martin
Frederick Martin 6 months ago
Dumber than a box of rocks
lseul 6 months ago
Should consider side thrusters and a stabilizer
Brandon Pepin
Brandon Pepin 6 months ago
My Ferrari 308 had the exact same alpine cassette deck
Brandon Pepin
Brandon Pepin 6 months ago
My DREAM!!!!
Milian Trimino
Milian Trimino 6 months ago
any news?!?!?!??! I wanna see what’s going on!!!
ianrkav 6 months ago
This is awesome. You went and bought your first boat, a 44' Riva, without ever even sailing a rubber duck before? That's jumping in at the deep end. You don't do things by half do you? What was this boat licence you got in rapid time and which authority issued it?
Adam Swartz
Adam Swartz 6 months ago
your one of the funniest narrators