I Bought A Raptor at Auction with a BIG Secret No One Saw! 

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In today's episode im unveiling our new work truck!
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Apr 18, 2019




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Comments 100   
Thomas Babcock
Thomas Babcock Month ago
hell yeah........
Boating with Cody
I have a 2014 F150 Limited, and I still giggle when I shut the doors and they ripple.
Luke V
Luke V 3 months ago
I just bought a 2010 6.2 raptor with 154k miles, theyre tanks.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker 4 months ago
previous owner probably lived in a place where other drivers didn't know how to turn down their brights to on coming traffic so there
theghostwiththemost beetlejuiceee
Gets in truck... whats all this space for?? People???
keith lamarre
keith lamarre 5 months ago
Fox shocks come stock on a raptor
Sal Greco
Sal Greco 6 months ago
What’s your promo code for the honey app? It wouldn’t find honey/build
jack swartz
jack swartz 7 months ago
How much did he pay? he didn't say, or did I miss it?
E S 7 months ago
Why do you keep referring it to as a car lol
T-Roy Vlog
T-Roy Vlog 7 months ago
I have a hood with a little damage on the front for very little money
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho 7 months ago
Does not mention the big secret at all.
Hilltop2212 7 months ago
After 5 mins of video he finally called it a "truck". WOW!
Belaze S
Belaze S 8 months ago
nice car. You should look into trucks.
Cole Stebbins
Cole Stebbins 8 months ago
I love the truck guys crying in the comments
phil Rob
phil Rob 8 months ago
that guy knows nothing .... that truck comes with those shocks and supercharger lol
Dennis 8 months ago
Cooper Copper
Cooper Copper 8 months ago
Bring back the boat
Albert Devitt
Albert Devitt 8 months ago
kvh 8 months ago
Us numbers doest make sence "us" 15 FEET! "eu" 4 meter
Mohsen Raghian
Mohsen Raghian 8 months ago
How much did you pay for it at auction?
Allen Walton
Allen Walton 8 months ago
Did'nt know Ford Raptor came in a " car" configuration!!! So when you buying a truck????....lmao
Willey Poboy
Willey Poboy 8 months ago
Put the winchie winch thingy around your neck when you figure out how to operate it!
Brian W
Brian W 8 months ago
It’s a friggin’ truck, not a car for shits sakes.
Maura Davis
Maura Davis 8 months ago
B is for buggered
Nevin Whitis
Nevin Whitis 8 months ago
Host:“This truck is huge!” Truck guys: “You must be new here”
Solid Ferret
Solid Ferret 8 months ago
Nevin Whitis laughs in international lodstar
Rob Rahmlow
Rob Rahmlow 8 months ago
Hes not a truck guy but he owns a truck and calls it a car. Doesn't get better than that folks. Doesn't have a clue about it man that guy is clueless. I have own three trucks one Ford f-150 flairside with a 3.6 I want to say. A chevy silverado 1500 lt 5.3. and. Now I own a dodge 3500 6.7 Cummins. But I have grown in the country and I love my trucks chevy and dodge are the most soft seats than ford but all American made trucks are the best. But this guy has no clue to anything. You better off dude to stick with your little sports car before you make you self sound like a fool. But you are made you self sound like a fool. Good video though thanks for the free entertainment 👍
lunatic 8 months ago
Well B is for Build but T is for Truck is which what a Raptor is
lunatic 8 months ago
IT's A TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang it
David Thaa Bag chaser
F 150s have 4x4 my dad has a 01 f150 and it has 4x4
Bob Blue
Bob Blue 8 months ago
It's a truck It's obvious this guy know absolutely nothing about vehicles!!!!! That TRUCK came with a super charger!!!!!
Benjamin Lambert
Benjamin Lambert 8 months ago
You called the winch and wench... twice! Haha
Eric Lugo
Eric Lugo 8 months ago
Your just one dumb af huh😂
MyCrippledWings 8 months ago
Has vehicle based channel, calls a half ton Truck a CAR. 🤔 Well, you sorta aren't wrong, cuz the raptor is a fucking joke. 😂 Next to no off-road ability (other than high speed desert running), sad as fuck tow capacity for how much "power" the glorified piece of shit has (cuz suspension Is too soft) called a factory "trophy" truck, when it has a weak as fuck frame. But guess the "trophy" part is right, because like a trophy. It sits around, looking important, as it collects dust. 😂😂😂 Doesn't matter how much you paid for it at auction bro, you overpayed for it. Just sayin.
Aglassact77 8 months ago
After he calls the raptor an SUV I was done .
Jim Burg
Jim Burg 8 months ago
stop calling it a car, it's a truck.
Kyle Earle
Kyle Earle 8 months ago
That's supercharged from the factory.....that wasn't a secret, or a special find...
Greg Pruett
Greg Pruett 8 months ago
I find it hilarious you think 150k is high mileage. 350k+ is high mileage. Granted I drive classics not new junk. I'm the sports car guy you were. If I get a truck It'll be a c5 swapped box s10. In 90% of all vehicles I wont drive anything newer than 95. OBD2 sucks.
TimB4305 9 months ago
State Farms had to detail the interior, not to increase the sale price but to remove all the blood so that it could be sold at all.
Chance Belcher
Chance Belcher 9 months ago
That’s not a lot of a miles for a truck
Thomas Shue's World
Thomas Shue's World 9 months ago
Didn't even start it;(
Steve Harrod
Steve Harrod 9 months ago
You must be used to little SUVs . This is not a big truck by any means . It's an F150 ..lol
Matt Allen
Matt Allen 9 months ago
I swear to god if he calls that thing a car one more time, he claims it has been well taken care of but if you look at the air filter that thing is old truck aficionados are probably pulling their hair out right about now listening to this guy talk about trucks
Charles A Townsend
Charles A Townsend 10 months ago
Your house? That box on the side of the freeway?
Bradley Dunagan
Bradley Dunagan 10 months ago
Timothy Gaits
Timothy Gaits 10 months ago
I stopped listening at fj cruiser...
Robert Maki
Robert Maki 10 months ago
It’s mind blowing that people will jump these trucks.. just because you can.. well you can jump with anything if you want.. but really.. if you do, your dumb..a70k truck and treat it like that.. I just can’t respect a person that does it..
Tyler james
Tyler james 10 months ago
Do you think someone put the supercharger on it? The roush charger isn't hiding under this. TRUCK!!!! NOT CAR!!!! Anyways, it's a roush dumb dumb....... no like, no subscribe. Sorry this is not my kind of vehicle build video.
Trevon Spencer
Trevon Spencer 10 months ago
Bunch of dumbasses in the comments here. NO THE RAPTORS DID NOT COME SUPERCHARGED UNLESS THEY HAD AN AFTERMARKET PACKAGE. THEY HAD 2.5 INCH SHOCKS NOT 3”. Ive owned one for 4 years now.
Robert LaMarr
Robert LaMarr 10 months ago
the reason it wont start cables not right and the other truck has to be at high idle jumped a lot of cars and truckes
BlackDragon 11 months ago
Gotta watch that low ceiling. (LOL)
Baden Fleming
Baden Fleming 11 months ago
If you don't want it!! I will take it😁😁
Avery Yancy
Avery Yancy 11 months ago
It’s a truck
Blue Collar Boys off Road
It’s a truck not a fucking car.
Raptors come super charged stock 😂
Cobra Strike Down
Cobra Strike Down 11 months ago
Swing and a miss.
Cody Martin
Cody Martin 11 months ago
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 11 months ago
Like so many youtube videos lately, these people like to hear themselves babble about nothing for more than half of the videos.
John Hubble
John Hubble 11 months ago
~WARNING~! Auctions Set the mileage back ! (Called ‘CLOCKING’ ). Federal offense but quite a paper trail on Auction sales ! CAREFUL !
timber 11 months ago
I thought I was watching tv. Not interested in commercials. Moving along.
outtymike 11 months ago
It’s a truck and not a car!
Chuck Cantwell
Chuck Cantwell 11 months ago
People at Walmart photos
Jacoby Jackson
Jacoby Jackson 11 months ago
If he had the carfax he would’ve seen that it came like that...flipping idiot!
Commander Zavala
Commander Zavala 11 months ago
michael5point0 11 months ago
another secret it has is the frame is bent just by looking at the gap between the cab and bed, the gap is wider at the top, i'm willing to bet this truck was jumped and had a hard landing.
Ronnie Redding
Ronnie Redding 11 months ago
Never heard what the secret was👎👎👎
Chilly Willy
Chilly Willy 11 months ago
Anyone know how much he paid for this truck?
PJ Wells
PJ Wells 11 months ago
Sneaky little supercharger.
Body Count
Body Count 11 months ago
It's a truck not a car !
Thaen Watkins
Thaen Watkins Year ago
A R Year ago
Rick Rick
Rick Rick Year ago
This dude is a pussy...truck is too big...so high... towing too much....
Jesse Manson
Jesse Manson Year ago
Have you sold the FJ?
red raidd
red raidd Year ago
That thing that was driving me insane this entire video was that the Raptor’s front right and back right wheels aren’t matching.
Lyn Hill
Lyn Hill Year ago
It's a truck not a car.
HarleyJay 86
HarleyJay 86 Year ago
Its not a car, its a fucking truck. You have good information but holy crap. Using improper terminology that is SO simple makes it hard to watch. Use your words crroectly dude, it just sounds ignorant.
David French
David French Year ago
I wouldnt recommended the Rapor to tow anything lol. My uncle hates his when we go on trips
Thomas Jeffers
You've called it a "car" about 20 times past my tolerance. You may have some good information but calling it a car is simply too ignorant to keep watching.
Kevin Kboy
Kevin Kboy Year ago
First of all that is not a car
C. Star
C. Star Year ago
So many ads..... no more
Chase Gambrell
It’s not a car dumbass
omar perales
omar perales Year ago
Dude can you change your face i and your voice
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey Year ago
12:55 Hoovie has a Raptor...you have a Raptor....take it down to TX to race in The Texas Raptor Run with Matt with OffTheRanch
Izzy M
Izzy M Year ago
That's a truck guy not a car
Rousseau Year ago
150k miles? Bro my fiesta has 200k those are rookie numbers.
uriel0002 Year ago
What the hell did a just watch? Lol
pouria yazdanfar
Something not right, with that impact on the wheel why there is no sign of deployed airbags?
Jonny Hung
Jonny Hung Year ago
Fyi please stop saying "car" it's a "TRUCK" makes you sound ignorant af just saying
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Year ago
Bruh the whole truck is stock that’s how it’s built supercharger and all lol
Craig Clark
Craig Clark Year ago
"SVT" Says it all..... jeez.
Demitri Yannitsos
lol when you realize you're ford raptor came with everything it should come with hahaha
Sevin Storey
Sevin Storey Year ago
My advice would be to go over your truck after you find a good mechanic as a friend to show you all these tricks before trying to run your video camera and wasted and watch of time
Sevin Storey
Sevin Storey Year ago
I made it to six minutes and 50 seconds guys. Right after the tailgate “incident”.
Sevin Storey
Sevin Storey Year ago
Yeah it’s pretty obvious you’re not a truck guy and you are the guy that drove a car to High school for sure.
jose Caliman
jose Caliman Year ago
It's a total (salvage) I built mant of those. This guy was a total green horn.
christph3118 Year ago
This guy doesn’t ride in trucks much.
christph3118 Year ago
Somebody thrashed that poor Raptor.Some schmuck is probably driving around in it unknowingly.
christph3118 Year ago
Did you just say Car??Dont call it a car!!!
Al Semi -Back-Up
After 0:40 seconds That is enough about someone keeps on saying CAR.!!!!! Next Video!!!!!
Al Semi -Back-Up
It's a TRUCK not a CAR!!!!
Desi J Richert
You Suck.
Joel Miller
Joel Miller Year ago
Shops of Civica
Its not a car, it's a truck.
Last Name First
When you can fit more people in the cab then you can in the bed.....it's a car.
Jo C
Jo C Year ago
A raptor can’t tow as much as a F-150 but I thought it was an F-150 but according to this video it’s a car so that’s a thinker!
Caleb Surgeson
That truck came supercharged cause it's an svt