I Bought Kyle a TOTALLED 2008 BMW 335I at AUCTION for $2300!! 

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In todays episode were fixing up Kyles new project car!
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Jun 16, 2020




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Ricky Grice
Ricky Grice 2 months ago
I almost spit my fucking drink out when he said air fuel and spark yea fucking right go back to 1960
Sjors van rijswijk
Sjors van rijswijk 4 months ago
lovin this, cool car to work on!
Carl ahrens
Carl ahrens 4 months ago
Is Kyle taking over the shop?
Richard Baxter
Richard Baxter 7 months ago
Got one on Craigslist with very minor front end damage for $1500
Chris Mifsud
Chris Mifsud 9 months ago
13:40 I have not seen past this yet but I would say its the BST (Battery Safety Terminal) which needs replacing or bypassing.
Gary Emery
Gary Emery 9 months ago
I'm just gonna throw this out there....I've tried to use honey several times, and it's ever found me a valid coupon...literally not ever once
Family Guyz
Family Guyz 10 months ago
$2300 dollars for wrecked car is not an insane deal for bmw 335i. BMW cars price depreciate every year. i personally own 2012 5 series and my current car value is 7k and it has clean record and no issues. even the kbb price for good condition car is around 5-6k. so just for number of views you people are lying.
Kanye Twitty
Kanye Twitty 10 months ago
What a deal. The car went from $2,300 to $23,000 in one day.
IMNOTA 10 months ago
Uh... 2300$ would be a steal for a 335i in my country, but I just looked on autotrader and found a couple of mint ones in the us for about 3500$... Not really worth it to get that crashed one. Granted if you're gonna apocalypse it, it's probably better for it to be a crashed one tho. But seeing your two "apocalypse" projects are a 67 mustang body on an s550 mustang chassis, and a 335i with a bodykit worth 3 grand, I feel like they're not gonna be apocalypse builds at all...
Kpippen 8
Kpippen 8 10 months ago
what happened to this build?
Jody 10 months ago
Where is the rest of the build vids for the 335i??
Kula Hawaii
Kula Hawaii 10 months ago
Nice Beamer it's got my vote can't wait to see the body kit on it👍🏽
HotRodder47 10 months ago
What auction site do you use I’m looking for a couple of parts cars so I can run less insurance on my cars
Anthony Maravillas
Anthony Maravillas 10 months ago
U should pay more attention to this bmw more I wanna see more videos🔥🔥🔥
WhatLuck 150
WhatLuck 150 10 months ago
when i was on a hunt for the OEM speakers for my car, i eventually found them on autozone for a total of 170 and saved 25.50
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 months ago
$2300!!! Seriously. I definitely need to go to the auctions you go too.
Eric 10 months ago
You should name it Eleanor?
Bit Stream
Bit Stream 10 months ago
Boring adverts
Daniel Ripley
Daniel Ripley 10 months ago
Ya'll need to go get honey!! Saved me $350 on an engagement ring🤙🏻
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy 10 months ago
What happened to the supra?
eddie tsurkan
eddie tsurkan 10 months ago
This is my old 335i if you want to know the story to it dm me
Outdoor Tech Trek Guy
Outdoor Tech Trek Guy 10 months ago
its awesome to see how the rest of the team are getting involved on camera and doing their own projects
Traian-Madalin Popescu
Any updates on the Riva part 2?
KingConBeatz 10 months ago
Funny , Honey is from my town 🤙🏼
Justin Kroeker
Justin Kroeker 10 months ago
Got the cover off, what index injectors does it have?
Canada 10 months ago
“F” for the Eleanor project guys. I actually was so excited to see it but now we can’t.
Giovanni Isaza
Giovanni Isaza 10 months ago
Walnut blast !
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 months ago
fuel cut off switch might of been hit in accident
Fahim Uddin
Fahim Uddin 10 months ago
Take off the paddle shift i think its tacky original paddle shifts are better
Kerry Lane
Kerry Lane 10 months ago
I want to build a apaculiptic semi truck, any advice
Luke Hampton
Luke Hampton 10 months ago
Please get Kyza to do a rendering on this
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 months ago
Zombie car. Blood splatters on the front section of Kyle's car.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 months ago
Subscribed and watching intently!!
th3c0mm0nc0Id 10 months ago
You should do a project with Chrisfix. I would be amazing.
TJ's Channel
TJ's Channel 10 months ago
Did I miss the other two cars????
RANDALL Foster 10 months ago
I LOVE THAT YOU SAID THE PRICE PAYED buying and fixing cars i want to do
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 months ago
and you to chris love what u doing
Janrel Mapue
Janrel Mapue 10 months ago
These episode is so good. I love watching when kyle and oscar is talking too... i hope in another video they still say what the progress is❤❤❤❤
sham sham
sham sham 10 months ago
less talking more action pls
GlocksNthings 10 months ago
Where do u find cars like these
kendon proctor
kendon proctor 10 months ago
Really dope videos but idk why your heavy inhale after literally every sentence bothers me so bad. I dont understand why you always seem so out of breath when you're just talking.
GloC 10 months ago
Ahhh man I could have got you a non crashed one for 3500 😂
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 10 months ago
"My shoes aren't that clean" Oscar, the voice of understatement; yep, that's the reason to apologize the previous owner... Also every other apocalypse nonsense that they do. O is for Oscar!
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 10 months ago
Great idea, just maybe stop wearing the same shirts at the same time. It's not like either of your are hurting for /Bisforb merch after all...
kolim jone
kolim jone 10 months ago
"is it out of fuel?" Gauge reading zero and gas warning light on...
Cnoevo Adventures
Cnoevo Adventures 10 months ago
that one is gonna be a sweet build cant wait
Thomas Gillot
Thomas Gillot 11 months ago
Whatever you do, do not say the “E” word.
genxer39 11 months ago
Zombie car. Blood splatters on the front section of Kyle's car.
kolim jone
kolim jone 10 months ago
I would love to see a kinda DTM inspired build, but it would not fit with the post apocalyptic theme so probably not the best idea
Mark G
Mark G 11 months ago
Make them all clean, mock distressed but clean.
Audience003 11 months ago
Hey Chris, since you own the place, is it easy and possible to do a huge roof open garage outside your shop? Just a suggestion cause everyone can do stuff at same time with less worry of rain
- BeerCav -
- BeerCav - 11 months ago
C.O.P. Coil Over Plug
ahmed ali
ahmed ali 11 months ago
Hi guys i watch a vid form another Chanel and they have the same thing for oscar Vehcor and the other one is vtuned garage i hope it ill help oscar cause he's an awesome guy and you to chris love what u doing
Garrett Cooper
Garrett Cooper 11 months ago
I think this will be my fav of the 3 builds.
American by choice
American by choice 11 months ago
Full support for this channel! I'll never watch Gone in 60 seconds again, and damn that bitch for stealing your mustang!!!
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 months ago
www.change.org/p/denice-halicki-give-b-is-for-build-his-mustang-eleanor-back sign this petition to get mustang eleanor back
Zach Renzo
Zach Renzo 11 months ago
Paint it with house paint!
Unknown ??
Unknown ?? 11 months ago
Would you guys consider selling the bumper?
Kelvarian_Gaming _
Kelvarian_Gaming _ 11 months ago
Ideas. Armor plating. Metal strips over the windows can't remember what they are called. A roof rack for supplies. Ram bar. A tombstone on the back kinda like in the death race movie.
Phyllis Todd
Phyllis Todd 11 months ago
I do too much man I SUBSCRIBE on all my devices bro different account s and I make sire people be knowing about please just a promise BMW 335I show car man please
Phyllis Todd
Phyllis Todd 11 months ago
Tariq Walters
Tariq Walters 11 months ago
4 Cylinder-Turbo didn’t start till 2013 with the F30
TayTay 11 months ago
I would love to see a kinda DTM inspired build, but it would not fit with the post apocalyptic theme so probably not the best idea
chad slagg
chad slagg 11 months ago
Are you replacing the stock turbos?? If so I'd be interested in buying them. I have a 335 i bought for 1300 with blown turbos.....let me know
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 11 months ago
Great having all the B Team talking on the show.
Lazlo Miskolczi
Lazlo Miskolczi 11 months ago
Its too nice not to be restored to be honest.
Mark Lashko
Mark Lashko 11 months ago
e92 never came with a 4 cylinder turbo btw
Ethan Domantay
Ethan Domantay 11 months ago
Are Kyle and Oscar on a salary? Is it their full time job as well?
Fabio Amaro
Fabio Amaro 11 months ago
@bisforbuild Can we see more of your previous builds that you still own? Like where are they parked? How often do you drive them? What do you plan to do with them? What happened to the FJ? Does Chelsea get to drive any of your cars and which ones and why those? What do you drive the most? ... Can we have an episode where you literally drive all your cars to the wash one at a time and we get to see a walk around each one once its washed with you talking about what unfinished on that vehicle and what you plan to do with it in future? Etc etv etc.... that's what I call behind the scenes...
Fabio Amaro
Fabio Amaro 11 months ago
Please can we see all the cars you own again? I've been here since beginning and we see so little of all your builds I've almost forgotten what you have. P.s who cares if they dirty! Let's see em!
Kolin Stallman
Kolin Stallman 11 months ago
Isnt that what they go for not totalled? lol
mclehed77mtb 11 months ago
Wow u know Chris fix niiiice👍🏾, I'm thinking collaboration on a build. As for Kyle build "it's done" 😂
jeffro70 11 months ago
great show,, appreciate the details in troubleshooting, its what other channels ignore..awesome damage control and recovery from the elaeanor(although it was badass) thnx!!!
Chugaaa !!!
Chugaaa !!! 11 months ago
Hey Bro where is the Supra from Japan 🇯🇵? Thanks
Kevin Takalo
Kevin Takalo 11 months ago
inerta switch? tripped from the crash?
John Malak
John Malak 11 months ago
does every 335I have fuel pump issues??
Jamie Quesenberry
Jamie Quesenberry 11 months ago
I know some cars and trucks have a crash relay in the kick panel on passenger side or in the trunk in one of the panels with a rest button. But you found out it was the fuel pump and some times it kills it. They put these in to stop fuel from pumping out during a crash
Matt Wright
Matt Wright 11 months ago
I think there are a few 335i examples in my area that arent totaled for about double that amount
Car_Ful 11 months ago
Very curious to see the body kit installed! Great video guys 👍👍👍😀
Turbopickle 11 months ago
500hp to this car is easy.
markcovka 11 months ago
As a bmw owner, run while you can, leave the bmw community 💀😂
fightmeirl 11 months ago
..you know you could probably buy a good condition one for not much more than what you paid for that? And probably invest your time in something better. Not that I don't like BMW's, I have an E92 just like that, and an F82 M4 They're just really cheap now
B******_ M******
B******_ M****** 11 months ago
Those blue book for $4500 in nice condition. Horsepower bang for buck ? It’s not an M car.
markiangooley 11 months ago
My instincts say “part it out” but...
Ezequiel Palma
Ezequiel Palma 11 months ago
For that money in latam the only thing you can buy is crapy indian motorcycle. Only in the 🇺🇸
lill monster
lill monster 11 months ago
Do a single turbo kit it would have about 750hp
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 11 months ago
Good vlog ones again love from U.K. Mr. Wig.
James Te Huna
James Te Huna 11 months ago
It also comes in diesel & V8
Rockport1911 11 months ago
15:40 thats odd: It definately ran when it crashed and just a few months later after the auction the fuel pump is dead? My first guess would have been one of those crash sensors that disable the fuel pump, but no airbag fired so that would have been strange too....
johanan veles
johanan veles 11 months ago
are you passed in Oregon?
Alexander/Александр S/С
I am really happy to seeing these guys all getting cars. Good feeling!
Krzysiek PFS
Krzysiek PFS 11 months ago
Check timing chain conditions. While first start was playing some noises.
Alvin Ha
Alvin Ha 11 months ago
YASSSSSS! Finally a 335i build! im super stoked to see the results:)
Zane Rasmussen
Zane Rasmussen 11 months ago
"is it out of fuel?" Gauge reading zero and gas warning light on...
MOSK Productions
MOSK Productions 11 months ago
hope it is a rocketbunny body kit
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 11 months ago
Ps super excited for the next ep when is it
David Kennedy
David Kennedy 11 months ago
how much you want for that front bumper? and never mind on that battery pyro. lol
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 11 months ago
Loved watching this it really resonates with me. I'm in the market for an e92/e93 bmw. This one i saw recently has a sick body kit on it. vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=202988966908&category=9837&pm=1&ds=0&t=1590233710000&ver=0&cspheader=1
Kevo Thomas
Kevo Thomas 11 months ago
David Kennedy
David Kennedy 11 months ago
The battery has a collision pyrotechnic deployed witch is why it wont start...maybe...pretty sure
RacingfortheSon 11 months ago
These cars seem more like dystopian future cars than apocalypse cars!
Robert Shortley
Robert Shortley 11 months ago
Had a 2007 328Xi 2dr. You need to make sure the battery is programmed to the car. The car increases voltage as the battery ages.
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 11 months ago
Why does Kyle look like kyle from 1320 video