I Bought a FLOODED TOTALED Subaru WRX STI from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It! 

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In today's episode we jump into our budget flooded WRX STI
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Dec 19, 2019




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Cj the car guy
Cj the car guy 19 days ago
Can somebody plllleeeeeeaaaasseeeee tell me what's the name of that song at 0:48.. i knew it once but i forgot the name...
Cody Williams
Cody Williams 2 months ago
“Free plastic bag”
Bakım Onarım
Bakım Onarım 4 months ago
Very good man My subie restoration video channel follow
Felix Lazaro
Felix Lazaro 4 months ago
what website did u buy the car from
Kayla Dillon
Kayla Dillon 5 months ago
What sites do you use/trust for finding these cars?
DougieD 6 months ago
Love your vids man inspired me to rebuild a Subaru myself. Just uploaded my own video for the rebuild on a 2016 wrx.
guy from nowhere
guy from nowhere 7 months ago
Why did the previous owner took the intake manifold
Chris PLACE 7 months ago
Good luck
tom fiz
tom fiz 7 months ago
U r lucky.
Elmer Ermino
Elmer Ermino 7 months ago
Pure talking
faizan ali
faizan ali 7 months ago
tu sirf bhonkne wala kutta hai kam b to kar itna you are taking to mch
It will be fixed with some accessories and is the engine still run?Now had seen it must need a new engine that is the EJ20 or EJ25 engine to run the cars itself..
BRABUS B. 7 months ago
I hope u make it better!!
G9. 9G
G9. 9G 7 months ago
Good Jobs Dude!
Gio L
Gio L 8 months ago
When the fans came on with key on that is 1st sign of a code/codes stored
Manuel Farhat
Manuel Farhat 8 months ago
My dream car too Good luck 👍
SlyarK 8 months ago
This vid is really making me miss my wrx
Michael Lebert
Michael Lebert 8 months ago
I drove my car into a body of water like a dumbass to try having fun offroading stalled in the water and the level was about that high or higher, car ran right after we pulled it out and still runs only fried my electrical seats what i would do and what i did and what i would recommend is pull the entire interior and clean it and the connectors everywhere pull the door panels as well
Nihal Cassim
Nihal Cassim 8 months ago
Video made me dizzy
Almir Torres
Almir Torres 8 months ago
Video starts at 3:40
Michael L
Michael L 8 months ago
Talks more about honey than the fucking car. Doesn't even know what year it is. The auctioneer didnt realise the battery might be dead, ok that's believable 👍👍
John Vic
John Vic 8 months ago
Dee 8 months ago
In Some Countries You Cannot Repair A Flood Damaged Total Loss .
CarTub Detailing
CarTub Detailing 8 months ago
Can't wait to see the build! Love me a WRX STI
Adam Majkowski
Adam Majkowski 8 months ago
I had an impreza and it burnt oil bro. I think subaru engines aint great
Νικηφόρος Σιναπλίδης
Nice Noco Jump starter!
Xeb shujrah
Xeb shujrah 8 months ago
please buy a good camera with good auto focus, this is really annoying though your i like your stuff. (Y)
Mustafa Chandio
Mustafa Chandio 8 months ago
You talk to much bro
Clearsight 8 months ago
What Reader are you using can you send out a link thanks great video!!
Melissa Cowan
Melissa Cowan 8 months ago
my brother got one in perfect condition for 500
jesus castellanos
jesus castellanos 8 months ago
Really wish I never stoped working on cars
jesus castellanos
jesus castellanos 8 months ago
I want to build a car like this so bad
Soggy Gamer
Soggy Gamer 8 months ago
I can tell you why the “auction yard” or “Copart” as I’m sure that’s the place your referring to didn’t get the correct information on the vehicle. The yard staff there is over worked and under paid. As you said 10,000 cars. I use to work for Copart and Texas yard is the biggest by far, so you got the good ole “jump box is dead” car
FidoPapoi TV
FidoPapoi TV 8 months ago
You talk too much! More fixing, less talking
Jeje Keke
Jeje Keke 8 months ago
Too much of talking
Mario Mohenski
Mario Mohenski 8 months ago
luv this episode
Bernie Maes
Bernie Maes 8 months ago
Promo codes are just another way to see how overly inflated prices are and companies still make a mad profit after the discount
patrick eastling
patrick eastling 8 months ago
MR BASS YT 8 months ago
B is for belly button
Oleg Bondarev
Oleg Bondarev 8 months ago
Dude, you need a warm garage ;)
Zaps Zapper
Zaps Zapper 8 months ago
Service your battery, Real bad to stay flat
Zaps Zapper
Zaps Zapper 8 months ago
Get to any electronics below water line dry out and clean pronto. Quite often electronics still works for a while after getting wet and then fails later due to corrosion. Even rinse cct boards in boiled distilled water while water is still hot, dry with cotton wool.
Mel Appleyard
Mel Appleyard 8 months ago
And the outcome was?
Nathan Parfitt
Nathan Parfitt 8 months ago
13.32 please do not look for pictures of an Sti
Richard Ooko
Richard Ooko 8 months ago
My dream car.
Monica Brown
Monica Brown 8 months ago
I work for COPART, it kind of sucks that we can't buy any vehicles. Did you get it through COPART?
SoloAlex2005 8 months ago
This is just a barn find
Dustin Buckingham
Dustin Buckingham 8 months ago
I think you paid to much, but of it starts without to much work you may be ok
Daren Scadlock
Daren Scadlock 8 months ago
It’s ok BRZ isn’t a real Subaru
5anitybane 8 months ago
Would love to do something like this and learn as I go. Do you recommend starting with a cheap project (not necessarily flooded) and learning on the fly, or finding a car I want to work on, find an official technical manual and start then? Love DIY and learn quickly hands on.
Dane Wasserfall
Dane Wasserfall 8 months ago
What pisses me off the most.. You talk to much😂 just put on music and start building the car over man!
Brittney Christy
Brittney Christy 8 months ago
Engine can still rotate even if a rod is bent
Easily Trained
Easily Trained 8 months ago
2j swap it😌
Pavel Vanek
Pavel Vanek 8 months ago
The waterline on the doors is just a line ... might be right or not. But whe. somebody drove in in flood and the engine sucked the water ... well it might be completely damaget.
Drew Robertson
Drew Robertson 8 months ago
its still slow
KingHawryluk 8 months ago
For users of the "Honey" coupon chrome extension, you should know that it sends data about the sites you visit to their servers attached to a session ID which can identify all of that data back to you.
Forest Sun
Forest Sun 8 months ago
Damn it. US-first ! Professional! lol
jase brown
jase brown 8 months ago
Taxed worse.
Toiaat 8 months ago
What year was it?
Matthew Guilford
Matthew Guilford 8 months ago
As long as u can get that thing to run ur looking at like 13,000 for a 2006-2007 Impreza body. It's the most wanted body also they only made it for 2 years
Matthew Guilford
Matthew Guilford 8 months ago
I'm looking for a set of those wheels and the wind for the one I have
Brendan Marceau
Brendan Marceau 8 months ago
Got annoyed during rant about honey coupon system and moved on
alexyd 8 months ago
What website do you use for auction
Jesse McDonald
Jesse McDonald 8 months ago
Did... Did she get her car?
Gari Makaya
Gari Makaya 8 months ago
I envy you
deniz auto
deniz auto 8 months ago
Who else went straight to honey as soon as they saw it
Weetbix1969 8 months ago
mate of mine did that here in New Zealand where you normally cant import a flood damaged vehicle and register it for the road. because it was being turned into a rally car he was able to legally put it on the road as all wire harness, computer, seatbelts etc were replaced. airbags were removed. we striped it to a bare shell and rebuilt it. we even had to water blast inside the fuel cell as it had lots of crap in it. silly thing is after a year all the normal fittings could be put back in and it would be classed as an existing vehicle under the law.
Stephen Finch
Stephen Finch 8 months ago
Fans are running because the computer defaults them to run when there is no input signal from the temp sensors :)
tornsoul82 8 months ago
yeah rebuild it and go to another state to get a clean title so you can sell it as a "clean" car.. which is FRAUD
Christopher Hughes
Christopher Hughes 8 months ago
That looks like my friends STI that was destroyed in New Orleans during Katrina
Jose Sifuentes
Jose Sifuentes 8 months ago
Shit I used to sell Subaru engines for 1000 on eBay... 2 grand is a big risk for an engine that fails with ten miles at times lol
Estas Loco Ese
Estas Loco Ese 8 months ago
Killerboy76 Booyaaa
Killerboy76 Booyaaa 9 months ago
Sell for parts. Make more than 3000
2020 MT-09
2020 MT-09 9 months ago
Don't do it man. Don't waste your money.
charles sawallich
charles sawallich 9 months ago
That car is a nitemare
Garrie Russell
Garrie Russell 9 months ago
3 minutes in and I know an awful lot about honey, nothing about the car
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 9 months ago
The transmission alone will cost you $4000
Brandon G
Brandon G 9 months ago
Insurance auctions are a great way to get a hold of some potentially cheap deals. I bought a JDM 2002 WRX STI theft recovery for $2100 and all it needed was a new window and ignition.
minaolensiimpoiss 9 months ago
who put these things on the roof there?
Aaron Garza
Aaron Garza 9 months ago
Hopefully he actually takes the car apart, completely, and cleans everything as well as taking an inventory of everything.
Stefanos Orphanou
Stefanos Orphanou 9 months ago
Πολύ μπλά-μπλά
steve McQueen
steve McQueen 9 months ago
skip to 19:25 to avoid the ads
Colin Fraser
Colin Fraser 9 months ago
"previous owner may have had mobs" staring at a mishimoto rad...
James Roquemore
James Roquemore 9 months ago
Why order a Subaru engine from Japan? Is this Fast n Furious? You can get that engine here in America. Pay less in shipping. Or pull it to rebuild it out into a monster. Otherwise a good start and video.
Void Silence
Void Silence 9 months ago
What year is this car
Tadeo M. Cordova
Tadeo M. Cordova 9 months ago
First video I've watched... subscribed just because I love the energy 🤘🏿
Kidney Thief
Kidney Thief 9 months ago
This is hard as fuck
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 9 months ago
ahahaah 3 grand for that, here in Australia I could get a working one for like 3 and a half lol
ultan mc sharry
ultan mc sharry 9 months ago
Smell has NOT left the chat becouse it's not leaving that car
LaPulgaM 9 months ago
You should paint it gold with blue wheels, I think it fits the car.
clownage123 9 months ago
Ah! So thats what WRX stands for.
Micah Blasko
Micah Blasko 9 months ago
PNW!!!!! Best part of the country
Travis Featherstone
Travis Featherstone 9 months ago
Have you done a dogge challenger
REED MUSIC 9 months ago
MAMOT G HERRERA 9 months ago
Good quality 👌👍 sound
Danny Cottrill
Danny Cottrill 9 months ago
Love the STI please save it !!
Frank Castillo
Frank Castillo 9 months ago
With 1.2 million subscribers you couldn't just buy a new one
Şükür Şükür
Şükür Şükür 9 months ago
In turkey, that car are priced at 2000usd in that situation.
Hajj Herwani
Hajj Herwani 9 months ago
which year model ?
Michel Bissielou
Michel Bissielou 9 months ago
Talks too much!