I BOUGHT 3 of the FASTEST ELECTRIC GoKarts from CHINA ($5,300 NEW) 

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In today's episode we've got some fun new electric gokarts to try out!
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Feb 17, 2021




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Dain S
Dain S 18 hours ago
Please mod the go carts. -Dain
sportykev Day ago
I'd love a set for my boys but holy $$
steelarmor 3 days ago
What are you doing??? Who cares about go karts? This channel used to be good
Sand King
Sand King 3 days ago
MariKart goes EV
Ønísslí 888
Ønísslí 888 3 days ago
Upgrade the electric motor and battery thatd be dope
dj kritical
dj kritical 3 days ago
Definitely check to see what voltage the hokarts run on and upgrade it i.e 12v to 16 or 18volts. That's if the motors can handle it
pangrac1 4 days ago
Bit annoying background music. 🙉
grand04gt 5 days ago
There is a go cart place around here that is so much fun....you can easily get 37 mph on a small indoor track
grand04gt 5 days ago
If its only rear wheel drive would you be able to put 2 together and make all wheel drive faster version 😉
TheMattbrownbill 6 days ago
Lol, my wife's mobility scooter does 18mph....
Futrell Garage
Futrell Garage 6 days ago
You need a jockey sized dude to reach top speed.
Jorje Pablo
Jorje Pablo 6 days ago
Why in da f**k are you buying junk from China, you're part of the problem and not the solution..
Jay Man
Jay Man 7 days ago
Use the speaker and play the Mario Cart songs then the fun begins!!!
Jay Man
Jay Man 7 days ago
They are fun we got ours around the end of December. It's definitely fun but could be a bit faster.
Paul Meijer
Paul Meijer 7 days ago
Hey Oscar I love your truck man. I had a 1987 Datsun in nz. Damn I miss that thing. It was 1.6l column shift. You need to do a build on it
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 days ago
That includes automatic transmission. Hahah
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 days ago
@Paul Meijer pretty much. If it’s to complicated for me to fix, I don’t need it.
Paul Meijer
Paul Meijer 3 days ago
Hahaha other people see cool technology that makes life easy. All I see is more shit to go wrong and more money at the auto electrician
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 days ago
@Paul Meijer I have always seen it as big truck= big money. Everything is way more expensive and it just seems like a waist.
Paul Meijer
Paul Meijer 3 days ago
Nah man it's awesome. Your looks Alot better than mine did. I would much rather have it than the raptor
k33elly 7 days ago
Pretty lame performance. That is maybe just a fraction better than the go karts at Bullwinkles. Head down to Pats Acres and see what a 40 mph Kart feels like. Or go to K1 Speed and try their electric karts. Better yet, find someone local with a shifter. These wouldn't be worth $50 to anyone other than a 10 yr old kid.
Marvin Green
Marvin Green 7 days ago
I wanna see you guys build a go kart lol or build one out of a riding lawn mower
Caeser613 7 days ago
where did you buy them
Epic Squirrel
Epic Squirrel 7 days ago
I think you should build a budget go kart from scratch, engine or battery I don't mind, but the process would be super cool 👍
TheDLZ72 7 days ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Nuff Said
DJay157524 8 days ago
Not gonna lie I might buy one of those off y’all 😂 just depends what you’re asking...
Leo V.
Leo V. 8 days ago
You can B is for Build an electric cart too!
Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent 8 days ago
Def do a build of a gas go cart the bike motor one sounds cool too
Jason Spradlin
Jason Spradlin 8 days ago
I think those rear axles are way too short. Too bad they didn't have some sort of telescoping axle to widen it.
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 8 days ago
Maybe they can be de-restricted simular to e-mountain bikes?
Jeff Savage
Jeff Savage 8 days ago
B is for BOAT need an update
Are there any chance to bring back the costum single seater supercar?
M120D Boyz
M120D Boyz 9 days ago
De-restrict it brudda🤣🔥
RiceChrispy 9 days ago
def should swap
Henry 9 days ago
wouldn’t a company offering money/ the product in return for a positive review just be considered a sponsorship? loll
Nestor Velazquez
Nestor Velazquez 9 days ago
Screw China!
SAVAGE TUNER 9 days ago
*Those are NOT the fastest, at all, you got jipped HARD my man* The *actual* fastest go karts are the kind they sell to indoor go kart racing circuits, they're called scudiera go karts. Those hit well over 70mph ungoverned
Nagata 9 days ago
Why would you support China?
God Is good
God Is good 9 days ago
Lets keep buying and supporting communism and a country that likely released a virus that will possibly kill millions your a true patriot my friend
Peter Canarelli
Peter Canarelli 10 days ago
These have been out for a long time now at least 6 months
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 9 days ago
make it like a P1, gas and electric together
The Scout
The Scout 10 days ago
They are $800 on Amazon
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 9 days ago
"Teres this shady chi-com company... so we gave them $5k" come on man...
Killergrip Offgrip
Killergrip Offgrip 10 days ago
For me many of the new technologies are useless I can way better do everything with my legs and body......HAHAHAHA BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A SWAP ON THESE THINGS SURE GONNE AWESOMELY USEFUL
Enmanuel Gomez
Enmanuel Gomez 10 days ago
I wanna see the swapp
Solomon kitumba
Solomon kitumba 10 days ago
Did I just hear my country being mentioned ? #UGANDA
Leonardo Junel
Leonardo Junel 10 days ago
This kart is amazing i am a segway autorize dealer here in Puerto Rico and that kart is super cool anything you need im here to help. Also the x260 electric bike is a cool bike. I have a few other toys your gonna love .
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 10 days ago
I still think its crazy how i started watching your videos when I was 16 about to get my first car. I remember that first brz resurrection series and I was hyped on it and I've been hooked on this channel since.
Abdul 10 days ago
Okay, I enjoy normal videos but this was just awesome. Really enjoyable guys 😂
Steve 1961P.
Steve 1961P. 10 days ago
What is going on with the boat????
Damian Boswell
Damian Boswell 10 days ago
cool little things
ohMalachee 10 days ago
i work at a warehouse, and there was like 20 of these things waiting to be shipped. they are pretty heavy too
roro 10 days ago
I’m pretty sure Segway ninebots are the best out there
Starr Fpv
Starr Fpv 10 days ago
Get the worlds fastest scooter 🛴 it’s like 100mph
DJ WRAITH 10 days ago
Definitely want to see motor swap with motor cycle electric motor on the cart if you can swap it!
Johnny B.
Johnny B. 10 days ago
I watch too much stradman lmao everytime he says "Hey oscar" I imagine a big floof coming out of nowhere haha
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 10 days ago
"Teres this shady chi-com company... so we gave them $5k" come on man...
Iordaniss Googlis
Iordaniss Googlis 10 days ago
make it like a P1, gas and electric together
Kevin Rojas
Kevin Rojas 10 days ago
What happened to the mustang coupe
Peter-John Cupido
Peter-John Cupido 11 days ago
Lol motor swap first time yes please
Peter-John Cupido
Peter-John Cupido 11 days ago
Lmao 1sec slower then an lambo
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 10 days ago
Let’s see it’s man
M. Bowman
M. Bowman 11 days ago
I'm thinking power chair conversion!
andy altinma
andy altinma 11 days ago
We need a mod video for the karts
Curtis young
Curtis young 11 days ago
Not bad for China 🇨🇳 bull shit. Where's the Japanese stuff that's the GOOD stuff.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 11 days ago
Now we need to see a Giraffe on an oval track with these.
RideThe6 11 days ago
Wtf are you buying sh*t from china ?
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson 11 days ago
I am really loving your builds. This video was a bit of a let down, but everyone needs some time off. Have fun.
matt griffin
matt griffin 11 days ago
you 3 should drive them to the closest AA meeting
henryrherringjr 11 days ago
Would love to see you ls swap a BMW i8
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 11 days ago
Prob not a good idea throwing money into the pockets of the ccp
HexNutNicky 11 days ago
So where's the single seater content???
Christopher Ladwig
Christopher Ladwig 11 days ago
Put sticky tires on them
Juan C
Juan C 11 days ago
I wonder how he will feel when he sees the same go kart is $1800 on best buy 😂
Demi404 11 days ago
A Zero swapped gokart would be sick
Stuart fox
Stuart fox 11 days ago
Definitely put bike motor and battery's in the karts
JamieMadrox213 11 days ago
Let’s see it’s man
Raverick 11 days ago
Well, you can paint them in various neon colors... Add some basic protection, better tires, breaks, rollbar, flag (for visibility), even some lights, and that would be great city dweller. Plus, you could make Baja-bot (offroad version) for nature picnics...
GIDO74 12 days ago
Are you guys still busy with the boat engines???
Kolin Smyre
Kolin Smyre 12 days ago
We honestly don’t want anymore builds seems you start 1 and never finish it 17:12 hence the motorcycle, the dragster, the yacht, etc....
Ervin Beci
Ervin Beci 12 days ago
Can tell me the ref..about gokart
Erik Renner
Erik Renner 12 days ago
This would be perfect for my 8-year-old.
DaveDavis126 12 days ago
Good job
Jean-Paul Reece
Jean-Paul Reece 12 days ago
I would defo like to see you somehow take a better battery and out it in the cart. That would be fun to watch. Upgrade the brakes ect lok
J cReW
J cReW 12 days ago
Prob not a good idea throwing money into the pockets of the ccp
Andrew1995bah 12 days ago
When is the next boat update?
Reece Martin
Reece Martin 12 days ago
they are $1000 dollerydoos
Silas S
Silas S 12 days ago
Shoutout from Uganda 😂😂😂
Steve McNamee
Steve McNamee 12 days ago
China copies everyones products.
eelis tohkanen
eelis tohkanen 12 days ago
Yes tune them!
Rahoz 12 days ago
you should try and see who builds the quickest go-kart within a set budget. like a competition.
djsonicc 12 days ago
Tonight on B is For Build...Oscar tows a truck, Kyle almost dies, and we...go to bar.
Joshua Olsen
Joshua Olsen 12 days ago
Use the Kohler KD440 turbo In your B is for Build go kart!
J Otterson
J Otterson 12 days ago
Ccp infiltrated b is for build
Wholly Mindless
Wholly Mindless 12 days ago
If that was a "supercar" run, those calls would have been 35, 35, 50...
Clayton Galea
Clayton Galea 12 days ago
Just get a zero bike and make the swap. They will fly.
FlexFinder 12 days ago
whoever owns that d21, can you guys please do a vg33er swap to it? I would watch the hell out of that series.
call meme
call meme 12 days ago
LMAO I could build an etrike for 2k that tops 23miles ez. Yeah 2.3 miles is nothing for an etrike lmao. P42a cells for the win!!!!!!! also look intio vesc's as for the brains of the gokart. They are configurable and u can tune them so u can set custom stopping parameters speed parameters, etc....
james schramm
james schramm 12 days ago
Send it back to China.........................
jeff Fiscus
jeff Fiscus 12 days ago
I live in Hillsboro where is your shop I’m starting a business and wanted to talk with you
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 12 days ago
23 mph? That shall not stand!
Donnie Johnson
Donnie Johnson 12 days ago
really f86king Mario kart
Jeremy Caesar
Jeremy Caesar 12 days ago
Swap it!
Lee Garrett
Lee Garrett 12 days ago
What’s happened with the boat
Y T 12 days ago
looks like you guys are rolling over snow melt pretreatment which can be slippery to begin with and they'll probably leave white marks on your carts. looks like so much fun
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall 12 days ago
I'm starting to think Chris doesn't plan on selling the green lambo... anyone else remember that plan? haha
Jett Westfall
Jett Westfall 12 days ago
Doesn’t Lamborghini sell a go cart?
wake up
wake up 13 days ago
Cool tip if you race these carts on astroturf u will have a drift track. Even tho they have drift mode try racing them on astroturf and see what happens
border411 13 days ago
Suspention lift and off road tires......and....GOOOOOOO! Do it!
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