I Bought Oscar His Dream Car(s) And It's Time For Another Body Swap! 

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Jun 12, 2020




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Zachary Archbold
Zachary Archbold 15 days ago
Isn’t that mustang the parts car from the Last Build?
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 6 months ago
I'm watching this from the play list. The episodes seem to be in reverse order.
Ruckus FPV
Ruckus FPV 8 months ago
Should have named it "Lanore" just to shove it in their corporate pie holes.
TheMattbrownbill 8 months ago
How many takes, to make the intro legal?
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 8 months ago
Anyone else here from Donut?
JohnnyDonny 9 months ago
Who is here from donut media?!
John Barron
John Barron 9 months ago
*The poor crowd that mustang ran into didn’t stand a chance.*
John Barron
John Barron 9 months ago
*The poor crowd that mustang ran into didn’t stand a chance.*
Kaleb Cosgrove
Kaleb Cosgrove 9 months ago
you should do a fast and the furious Tokyo drift mustang
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Chance Colwell
Chance Colwell 9 months ago
Is he going to register it as a 1967 mustang or a 2016 mustang
The Bros Rebuild
The Bros Rebuild 9 months ago
Hey chris your videos are the reason why me and my brother started our youtube channel your a big inspiration for our channel we abput to show our 5.0 ranger we are in the process of swapping from a explorer please check us out thanks
Please enter a name.
Please enter a name. 10 months ago
Uhh, what happend to the other mustang body swap?! All the videos are gone. Did it not work out??
T F 10 months ago
I wish you put episode numbers on your builds so they would be easier to watch in order
B is for Build
B is for Build 10 months ago
they’re in a playlist
David henson
David henson 10 months ago
I'm still calling BS on the Eleanor, if I name my dog that they can come and take it??? Something smells.....
Peter Day
Peter Day 10 months ago
Awesome. Could be called the "E"pocalypse Mustang?
thunder wolf
thunder wolf 10 months ago
Watch someone try to sue him again 😂
ShrtKtz1 10 months ago
Sell me the 200 and T3!
Henning Andersson
Henning Andersson 10 months ago
Yeah, and Simplisafe can also be bypassed by a $2 device... us-first.info/player/video/i9GDnoh8qqxmo3E.html
The Wondering Welshmen
The cheek of Omaze to then all of a sudden do a giveaway of an official eleanor
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 10 months ago
So glad you brought this type build back again!
Okcircus 10 months ago
Called it ronaele lol
Tech481 10 months ago
Name it the ewhore
1true 10 months ago
I think you should call it Denice and trademark it. And sell Denice kits.
ford351user 10 months ago
I got a manual transmission that I can trade you for the automatic
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 10 months ago
Also, since no one else has said it, the affiliate links spell my favorite tool brand "/Bisforb Tools"
rob e
rob e 10 months ago
the salt life with micheal sarcia
Copyright your unique hurricane Not fair i was looking forward to the paint on the stang 😩😩
Freeman Alba Woodtink
Freeman Alba Woodtink 10 months ago
Love it "The Middle Finger 500"
MM OK 10 months ago
Nice , looking forward to the results, just don't cut oscar off next time. He can speak for himself, can't he?✌️
Mike Ripley
Mike Ripley 11 months ago
I sent you at least 20 emails telling you to stop using the word on the last build that got you in trouble. Should have listened
fnyildirim 11 months ago
I would call this one Delanor, just to stick it to them.
AI hustle
AI hustle 11 months ago
Did they make you take down all the mustang video over the Elinor name
Jeepsterdaddy 37
Jeepsterdaddy 37 11 months ago
I love that we still get to see a modernized Mustang and live the new energy.
William Grant
William Grant 11 months ago
A horse with no name !!!
jerri0401 11 months ago
The new Ford automatic (10speed) is amazing. German quality
Randy Fin
Randy Fin 11 months ago
Drink a truly and let Oscar talk! He's like a little kid that can't talk.😂
KrisRaps 11 months ago
SimpliSafe Award Winning? Guy! :D :D Guy :D:D:D Dont Make Yourself ASoo DUMB On Video Bro :D Its Not NOTHING Winning, its a piece of JUNK !
KrisRaps 11 months ago
DONT USE SIMPLI SAFE. Its A Trash Crap Product...
Jarod Miller
Jarod Miller 11 months ago
mohammed habib
mohammed habib 11 months ago
Can this man let Oscar speak ffs it’s so annoying him butting in over and over again
Jay's Eye View
Jay's Eye View 11 months ago
Nobody say the E word!
macelius 11 months ago
You guys should watch the movie Cherry 2000 for post-apocalyptic mustang inspiration!
Mark Drewitt
Mark Drewitt 11 months ago
I know Oscar has some insane skills but damn, that is a mess.
Chris Fortney
Chris Fortney 11 months ago
Name this one Eleanope
Jose Pallares
Jose Pallares 11 months ago
Hey I want the wheels of the GT
john doe
john doe 11 months ago
Lol! No way! I'm The guy who sold Chris the subframe on eBay. I should have caught on when he said "my employee Oscar will contact you". 😆 Simple_autotrade. I still have both front rails and passenger apron but I'm pretty sure they already built the tube frame considering how fast they work. 😎
spartamx71 11 months ago
I’m so psyched to see the body swap mustang being finished
steven davis
steven davis 11 months ago
A mustang time and true crowd killer in the wild thats how that damage happened 😆 hope it turns out great
AcePlatinumOG 11 months ago
I like the snarky comment about doing something similar but different in many ways. Yeah we're talking about you Carol Baskins of the Auto industry!
Tyler Bogaard
Tyler Bogaard 11 months ago
Evan's Garage
Evan's Garage 11 months ago
I own a 2016 mustang and a 335, good combo lol
nstorm390 11 months ago
So sorry to hesr about the first build being stupidly taken over copyright but I hope you will feel closure when you finish this one. Good luck!!
Brad Mottishaw
Brad Mottishaw 11 months ago
Would you get in trouble if you referred to this notchback build as the "Cherry 2000" build? Never know with hollyweird I guess.
André Paixão
André Paixão 11 months ago
If the front end is unfixable make it a trailer! 67 pulling a 2015 trailer... would be awesome no???
Nifter 11 months ago
I seen the thumbnail and I was like “fuck yeah!” Glad to see your still going to do the swap. I was so pissed watching the video where you spoke about the legal issues with the other car. Can’t wait the see this one!!
Chris 11 months ago
I think this is what is called "Stickin' it to the man", or in this case, the mean ol' woman. What a great comeback, Chris and Oscar!!
Viper Fritz
Viper Fritz 11 months ago
Let's watch this 1,000 times, but NEVER mention the name of that infamous movie Mustang. Greedy widows are disgustang.
George 11 months ago
why not keep the shell of the 67? and cage it so it's strong enough? that would be super cool
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 11 months ago
Another episode of ruining a classic.
Lyon E
Lyon E 11 months ago
Ummmh off road tyres & 4x4 suspension pleeeease Oscar!!!!
TechGaming45 11 months ago
Should of but a motorbike engine in it instead...
Will Roman
Will Roman 11 months ago
If oscar does a tube chassis like on the bmw swapped datsun, and keeps the body of the classic stang, it could make his build a lot cooler and simpler
Bruce parrish
Bruce parrish 11 months ago
You NEED to make it look like the iconic car and call it the apocalypse mustang
ItzNate99 11 months ago
id like to see all the new put in the old stang
Don Draper
Don Draper 11 months ago
You guys are in for a MOUNTAIN OF WORK
Mike Upton
Mike Upton 11 months ago
This is gonna be another great ELANOR build
Aedrothica 11 months ago
Chris, one day could you please do an insane engine swap build using a classic VW Golf MK1/Rabbit? I would love to see how you would tackle one of those tiny light weight tin cans, I am currently building and restoring, engine swapping my own. Thank you.
TISTO 11 months ago
Could be a cool wagon
Bobby Brummett
Bobby Brummett 11 months ago
You would think that if you were going to make an apocalypse car you would make one that would be some kind of EMP defensive you know like an old car they will survive EMP new cars will not
IlMonkeyy 11 months ago
usualy you want to keep the bent parts to use them as anchor point to pull out the dmg out 70% then you remove it now you can't pull it straight anymore..
Darren V
Darren V 11 months ago
Less Y for yapping and more B is for building
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez 11 months ago
hi does anyone remember when chris said that he was going to a drag strip in colorado?
Talal Hatko
Talal Hatko 11 months ago
I feel like we as fans didn't do much to help him get his car back, is there anything we can do? sign a petition or something?
Ruben s50b32
Ruben s50b32 11 months ago
APOCALYPSE....thank you Jesus.
Vince Cloudchaser
Vince Cloudchaser 11 months ago
Hey man, can we name the car "HAGliest" Pls? Nothings I just like the name "HAGliest"
54raceman 11 months ago
Your hell of alot nicer than me able the other mustang that b!tch would’ve had to get a company come cut it off the tree it was literally wrapped around
David Blalock
David Blalock 11 months ago
Touchstone is touched in the head. I hope they lose millions do to boycotting of their films, they suck donkey balls.
Nicolas T
Nicolas T 11 months ago
Name it KAREN
Ryan Vandiver
Ryan Vandiver 11 months ago
What are you guys doing with the pedal assembly out of the 67
Jaz Buh
Jaz Buh 11 months ago
No body say the "E" word!
Cnoevo Adventures
Cnoevo Adventures 11 months ago
i was like waaaaaaaa another 69 mustang for the gone in 60 sec crew
chas hastings
chas hastings 11 months ago
Thank you .... I was looking forward to seeing this build ...
Tyler Mccloud
Tyler Mccloud 11 months ago
So it will look really stupid good to know.
Mando Tellez
Mando Tellez 11 months ago
Denice halicky is the carol baskins of the car world. 🖕🖕
Tomas Hennler
Tomas Hennler 11 months ago
Dude! Dont have the headunit for the alarm by the door! It gives a potential thief the ability to turn it off och wrek it IF they break the front door. Bin working with alarmsystems like yours for about 10years, that kind a like rule nr1. Love the show!
Gergely Záruba
Gergely Záruba 11 months ago
Mustang build is back!
T Hilde
T Hilde 11 months ago
Look over your shoulder for the Mad Max people................
Silentt Ivan
Silentt Ivan 11 months ago
simon losberger
simon losberger 11 months ago
Didn't Oscar do a great job?
Modern Muscle 180
Modern Muscle 180 11 months ago
you should be able to sue the "gone in 60 seconds" people for stealing your car. Car cosplay is legal.
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 11 months ago
i see what you kinda did there....
tg bs
tg bs 11 months ago
Go get your mustang. See us-first.info/player/video/a9SfpYOrgIF_fYE.html. Car Cosplay is illegal? | B is for Build gets bullied over a car?
Cameron Bosman
Cameron Bosman 11 months ago
"B is for Build: Legal Advice" - Lol, THAT was classic!!
Tim Woods
Tim Woods 11 months ago
Cant wait to watch this one
Lloyd Wamai
Lloyd Wamai 11 months ago
I cant get over the GT500 rebuild. I am still too scarred to watch...I was really looking forward
raged lore
raged lore 11 months ago
Gt...ugh why a mustang gt? Like why not aim higher like gt350 or smrhm
Alison19 Ghost
Alison19 Ghost 11 months ago
I'm sorry what happened to Eleanor we are part of Barnacules twitch fan's
Travis Dunn
Travis Dunn 11 months ago
Call this one "Elli"
Jeff A
Jeff A 11 months ago
Copyright or not I would of preferred something different. Besides that a mustang apocalypse is not a good idea. You should of done a jeep or truck.