I Bought a Crashed JDM Supra In Japan! 

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In today's episode we are in Japan checking out the crashed 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo that i bought before its imported into the United States. Importing this vehicle is made possible by JDM Buyer if you're interested in importing a JDM car to the USA head here: lp.jdmbuyer.com/bisforbuildsupra and join mailing list to see whats available.
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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 100   
JustRobertCZE 8 days ago
if you would just repair it and wouldnt do any mdos, the car would be much more valuable
Ted H
Ted H 10 days ago
Is this still gonna happen?
A-I Garage
A-I Garage 25 days ago
What is happening with this car now? Have you bought it or not. You have not filming anything more about it.
JustRobertCZE 8 days ago
he bought it (if he havent, the video wouldnt even exist)
Justplayer 25 days ago
A supra with skyline wheels?
John Ez
John Ez Month ago
The state of things when you have to scavenge internationally for something wrecked for a deal. Big business these days.
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson Month ago
#me forgetting this car exists
Black tiger gaming
Bruh who ever used to own this is an idiot Bec WHO PUTS R24 STOCK RIMS ON A SUPRA BYE WT-
Mrigz 27
Mrigz 27 2 months ago
*Any status of the Supra??????*
Cameron Kelly
Cameron Kelly 2 months ago
Stop wrecking supras America .......
Benedek Szonda
Benedek Szonda 2 months ago
Calvertron 2 months ago
Lucky fuck..show us the finished car please!
adalberto ramirez
adalberto ramirez 2 months ago
Zahid raihan
Zahid raihan 2 months ago
I wonder what happened to his car?🤔
Itz Lucifer
Itz Lucifer 3 months ago
Bro where are more parts of this video
Jim Walsh
Jim Walsh 3 months ago
Still waiting on the Supra a year later.
p 3 months ago
Its the first time i saw a Supra with stock R34 stock rims
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 3 months ago
That's am stupid investment wreck it car for 2,5000
Danny Hopkins
Danny Hopkins 3 months ago
What happened to this project? Was looking forward to it
[PR] Impreza
[PR] Impreza 3 months ago
The thumbnail looks jarringly similar to Forza Horizon 4 crashed car texture
Nick D
Nick D 3 months ago
What are the balls from the vending machine? Asking for a friend
JewelsVEVO 3 months ago
What's the point of buyin it from Japan if you're just gonna LHD swap it away
D33p Six
D33p Six 3 months ago
This guy: “Left hand drive conversion” Me: *click to another video.*
Yousuf Kothawala
Yousuf Kothawala 3 months ago
We're is this car you haven't built it yet its been 11 months
The Pro1
The Pro1 3 months ago
U went in Japan to buy a damaged supra for 25k🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Black Snipe
Black Snipe 4 months ago
Toyota Celica, 1e Gen OCC
Great video, make more video's. Pls support us
Cossieman 05
Cossieman 05 4 months ago
r34 rims!
Ateeq Rao
Ateeq Rao 4 months ago
where it is now ?
bfighter125 4 months ago
Sorry, but the second he said "Left hand drive conversion" I left.
Edgardo Espinosa
Edgardo Espinosa 4 months ago
Why the Supra have skyline gtr wheels?
Siti nurahmah
Siti nurahmah 4 months ago
Supra is trash
Alexandru Gabriel
Alexandru Gabriel 4 months ago
Nice 😂😂😂 Supra With GT-R Wheels 🥊😂😂😂
Mark Roger
Mark Roger 4 months ago
Hi, we are used vehicle exporter based in Japan. We regularly export JDMs to the US. Our company is G-7. Crow. Trading We have a Skyline in stock www.findcarjapan.com/japanese-used-nissan-skyline_1564.html as well.as a Toyota Chaser and Impreza.Please feel free to contact me at markr@crown-trading.com
Nathaniel Banjo Lewis
I love the fact you can get a 800hp supra for 13k in the uk
Br un
Br un 4 months ago
I wonder when he’ll make an update. interested in making mine lhd aswell
Michael Murphy CPT
Michael Murphy CPT 4 months ago
Chris, is this an abandoned project or will we see a abandoned crashed supra build
Filip René Bajla
Filip René Bajla 4 months ago
Where is this supraaaaaaaaaaa ? Wanna see a update
Day Breaker
Day Breaker 4 months ago
TOYOTA KE55 RESTORATION us-first.info/player/video/sKyEfXqapJiXaYU.html
Bálint Nyulászi
Bálint Nyulászi 5 months ago
My carguy homies gonna call Trevor to ask if they import to our hood in easter europe 😂😂 Edit: I'm happy for you because you could buy this car at a good price and I wish you a lot of luck to convert it and put a cool wide body kit on it. This is my dream car and I hope that I could also buy it one day.
KIDDOS YT 5 months ago
B is for bought and build
Tom Mp
Tom Mp 5 months ago
0:20 really big dog or......
Konstantinos G
Konstantinos G 5 months ago
Where is this ,
Andrei Baritchi
Andrei Baritchi 5 months ago
u still havent uploaded smh
Chief rrz
Chief rrz 5 months ago
I'd say the car has got a few scratches on it
Taruna gultom
Taruna gultom 5 months ago
S:For Supra
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 5 months ago
Me still here in December 2020 👁👄👁
Thecrev 5 months ago
25k for a crashed supra? i was looking for supras in uk over a year and found a lot of them for like 10/15k clean title and rly good looking and working.
ryanwashere21 2 months ago
Too many rich assholes overpaying for these. They're great cars but not worth the retarded high prices some are fetching.
Jake _104
Jake _104 5 months ago
I would buy it its mint to me
K- Tomo2
K- Tomo2 5 months ago
R34 stock wheel...
Nate perneroski
Nate perneroski 5 months ago
They are cheaper in Canada
Y a s h
Y a s h 5 months ago
I'm drooling
BuzzyBro Army
BuzzyBro Army 5 months ago
Left hand drive please
Jack Suddeth
Jack Suddeth 5 months ago
yo tf happened to this build??
jonkarsy pm
jonkarsy pm 5 months ago
R34 wheels
sachind shan
sachind shan 5 months ago
What happened to this car??
Liam J Production
Liam J Production 5 months ago
whens this car coming to the channel?
Bilal Anarwala
Bilal Anarwala 5 months ago
Still waiting for this build to start
Built 06 STI
Built 06 STI 6 months ago
B is for Build, where is this supra at? keep them coming....
vicvary 6 months ago
I have a 2 door gc8 if anyone keen 1997
vicvary 6 months ago
Crazy the prices paid for these care now
StuntCox 7 months ago
“I said a ten second car not a 10 minute car”
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris 7 months ago
What ever happen to this
Roman Kuchevskiy
Roman Kuchevskiy 7 months ago
And where’s the Supra go?
Devir Kesici
Devir Kesici 7 months ago
What happened to this car mister B?
Phillip B
Phillip B 7 months ago
8 months later ....no supra :/
Scandal929 7 months ago
Anyone try that Nexgen ceramic spray?
Marcello Nascimento
Marcello Nascimento 8 months ago
Any predictions on when you'll start working on this one, Chris?
George Novak
George Novak 7 months ago
Good question
Sisu salonen
Sisu salonen 8 months ago
Thats the crosswalk that han drifted in the chase scene. And the mai dude but i dont remember his name
Sisu salonen
Sisu salonen 8 months ago
Sisu salonen
Sisu salonen 8 months ago
Ohh it was filmed in la. But was supposed to be filmed tere
Pauly Wings
Pauly Wings 8 months ago
What’s going on with the Supra bro???????????
Dru Lessman
Dru Lessman 8 months ago
Most have come in on the ship recently
DJ TinyTim
DJ TinyTim 8 months ago
So, it’s September - where is this car now? Did you at least get it?
Radgaming11 Otis
Radgaming11 Otis 8 months ago
"We can expect this to be here around march" me in september: are you sure about that?
Bradley_Jemison 4 months ago
Me in January 2021??
George Novak
George Novak 7 months ago
Hmm maybe we'll see it soon
Matt Baxter
Matt Baxter 8 months ago
im a LHD 1998 TT MKIV owner myself. i wish you all the luck putting her back together. ive had mine 8 years and do all my own repairs. they can be a real SOB to work on....cant wait to see your progress.
Bur-D 8 months ago
So what happened to the Supra
Mohamed Al Hosani
Mohamed Al Hosani 8 months ago
What is the update in the supra
Ibruh_Pabz 8 months ago
What happened to this build
tilingas tilingas
tilingas tilingas 8 months ago
bigv69er 8 months ago
Lose me at : 1. LHD conversion 2. Says wants to keep it as a collector price, then proceeds to mention a ton of engine mods.
bob 9 months ago
Talk about alcohol poisoning
RaiinyDayZ 9 months ago
Gtr rims tho
mayke cabrera
mayke cabrera 9 months ago
Has this been completed? I can't wait to see what you do with it.. this is by far my favorite car..
My Cool
My Cool 9 months ago
Whatever happened to this car?
no grease garage
no grease garage 9 months ago
😢 supra
AMD Piggy
AMD Piggy 9 months ago
im sure he doesnt anything if you want a 100k you need it to be stock
Binkleyme 9 months ago
Why get one of the few RHD ones just to swap to LHD when you could just, you know, but a LHD?
tyler9mm 10 months ago
I want the skyline in the background
Bio Flame
Bio Flame 10 months ago
Why hasnt he posted a video about the supra?
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 10 months ago
So has the Supra still not made it into the states ? 6 months with no update
k gd
k gd 10 months ago
Been away from this channel for a while now and today I decided to spend my whole shift watching your videos to reconnect with the channel and Im legit pumped because youre building a Supra. HUGE DEAL
JDM Viking
JDM Viking 10 months ago
you can get a r154 or bmw 530d gearbox if you dont have the v160, bmw box is better and only costs around 700 bucks
Alexander Glinskiy
Alexander Glinskiy 10 months ago
Supras were imported to the US officially. Why buy it from Japan?
loanwolf720 10 months ago
what happened to this car i don't think i heard anything about it since this video
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 months ago
This car is 25 yrs old and still one of the best looking cars in 2020
I wonder what happened to this build it probably got stuck in port because of the virus
AMD Piggy
AMD Piggy 10 months ago
you better keep the rhd dashboard
nick denton
nick denton 10 months ago
What's the plan for this. I've been dying to see it
Adam Moore
Adam Moore 10 months ago
Time to get started on this, Chris!
Vlad Vivchar
Vlad Vivchar 10 months ago
B for build 5 months later nothing yet 😅😅
Rjay Pantojan
Rjay Pantojan 10 months ago
Where is the rest of this video???
Josh m
Josh m 10 months ago
What's going on with this build
DeadByDash 9 months ago
This is what I want to know. I feel like he never got it into the country, maybe stopped by customs or something. This would be a really interesting car to build too.