Installing a Triple Radiator Setup in the LS Powered Huracan 

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In todays episode were installing 3 Mishimoto radiators in the front of the Huracan.
Big thanks to mishimoto.com for supplying us with the radiators. Check them out for all your cooling needs.
And thanks to finishlinefactory.com for providing us with all the AN fittings and hoses for our cooling system. Be sure to give them a visit.
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❱ Shop - bisforbuild.com/
❱ Patreon - www.patreon.com/user?u=3364742
❱ Facebook - bisforbuild
❱ Instagram - bisforbuild
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Sep 12, 2019




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Daniel Guinn
Daniel Guinn Year ago
I know Mishimoto is well known for good cooling systems. Especially for high performance vehicles! Nice that they sponsored you
Zachary Reagan
I bought 2 hose kits from them both had holes within 6 months.
J Flores
J Flores Year ago
China crap on an awesome build like this?? 🤔
Bobbywolf64 Year ago
@Patrick C The 3 of them should. Build quality is certainly in question, but for cooling area, he should be fine.
Chad Varnell
Chad Varnell Year ago
A Griffin may be better...
First Last
First Last Year ago
EBAY china soft as butter rads, with a stencil sprayed on...
mark silcock
mark silcock 17 days ago
OEM Oscar equipment manufacturer Huracan. lol
A I R M U S I C 8 months ago
The guy oscar always do Oscar winning performance 🙏🇮🇳
Delontae Starks
Delontae Starks 10 months ago
Why would they put an ls in a lambo a new one at that smh they should have let that car be
Casey Colclasure
What is the music/artist the last 3rd of the video?
Elliot Beggs
Elliot Beggs Year ago
The ole safety squint, a tried a true method for sure.
Darcy Year ago
Why didn't you get custom heat exchangers to suit your application?
Aziz HACHIMI Year ago
Great Job Fellas! You are magicians...especially Oscar the Wizard!
Austin Hail
Austin Hail Year ago
Hope you don’t need to get the auxiliary rads out, have to cut the plate out
hersheytemple Year ago
weird, for some reason havnt got these vid suggestions for like 2 wks... just remembered about these vids now, good thing i looked at my subscription vids
steven Culbert
Chris, would you be interested in doing a review on your quick jack? thinking of buying one but not sure.
DBK Productions
This youtube thing is broken, I saw the new video but only accidentally discovered this one 😡 Love your videos, amazing stuff! 🔥
Mason Bauer
Mason Bauer Year ago
I'd be worried about hard mounting those radiators, if you bump into anything and tweak those corners of the frame you're gonna dump your cooling system.
JonEilertsen (HellsatanX)
"Auxilerators" did you just invent a word?
Rafael A
Rafael A Year ago
mishimoto for real sent you a honda radiator!
Williams family
Should be o for Oscar built
Luis 1013
Luis 1013 Year ago
8:48 yooo calm down five minute crafts
xnypt Year ago
Oscar is a damn welding god!
Ricardo Alves
Ricardo Alves Year ago
Acompanho do Brasil, muito bom parabéns!
Antonio mazariegos
Gavla evs
Gavla evs Year ago
us-first.info/player/video/i76pdmp-l6Jia5c.html have a look at the lambo 😲
Richard Williams
No way that main radiator will be enough for a v8 twin turbo 1000whp car. I have a huge radiator on my 4g63 running 28psi and 3 pulls in I'll see 230° temps.
Matthew Branco
Oscar is a beast. You need to wrap the hood with a picture of his face
Jacques Lacoursiere
When is b is for boat coming back again?
Robert mansour
Come on guyz!!! We need videos every few days!!! Not every 2weeks!!!
huzaif mohd
huzaif mohd Year ago
For me.it is better for you to order custom radiator special for this car. coz,cut and weld (in and out water) at another position will be disastrous. By the way,good idea and good measure,and persue the idea of research and development.
Danish Ahmed
Danish Ahmed Year ago
I see that DNA motoring box sneaky sneaky.
Ed Maguire
Ed Maguire Year ago
You need to stop waving your hands & arms around in front of the camera. You're making me dizzy.
Wellz0382 Year ago
Are u guys gunna leave it raw aluminum or like powder coat everything ?
Sara Smitz
Sara Smitz Year ago
As others have mentioned, are those -12 fittings going to flow enough? What about adding a bleeder screw at the highest point on the central radiator to help get the air out of the system?
I need some B is for Boat soon 😐
Brogan Johnston
When is the yacht going to start? After the hurrican
Rex Year ago
Just wanna see this build already!!Chris is milking this one hahaa jk
Josh Lewellen
Josh Lewellen Year ago
This build has gone full send on fabrication!
Kevin Plunk
Kevin Plunk Year ago
Oscar should be the first to drive it!
Isaiah Bourgeois
hey are you gonna put a front trunk in your car??
Alexander Ghouri
Don't you guys needs to put crumple zones in on the front frame? Same happened to Vtuned on samcrac lambo. They put little dents in so it'd crumple if it was to ever crash
Randall Christiansen
Do you feel that having the Inlet and outlet in the same side of the radiator will make the radiator useless and the coolant would just flow in one fitting and right out the next without passing over the cooling coils? Unless I'm missing something with the radiator design?
Lowell Hargreaves
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Year ago
B is for Build - “I want to challenge myself to learn how to build an exotic” B Is For Build - (Hires Oscar who literally does all the technical jobs)
einar Year ago
puting a ls in a hurucan is like putting a volvo diesel 4 cylinder in a corvette
Will Cambridge
When's the yacht making an appearance?
Alex Mathias
Alex Mathias Year ago
Why do I feel like Oscar has built this entire car
FORD L Year ago
Seems so heavy
Mohamad Itani
Mohamad Itani Year ago
everything mishimoto i ever owned always disappointed me or leaked
Mick_ Salinas
Mick_ Salinas Year ago
I've been waiting on my finishing factory stuff for a while. Seems like a decent product
Goblenator Year ago
I love it when things get "triangulated"
william bennett
Boat content !!!
InfiniteAce Year ago
Da_ Nick_
Da_ Nick_ Year ago
Don’t get me wrong I like most of the content but you mounting 3rads is just pffft should have save the clip to combine with another.
Dido Meira
Dido Meira Year ago
Mishimoto: How much cooling do you want? BIFB: Yes
Cptmorgan Year ago
When are you guys going to finish welding the front end of the car?
Furree Year ago
How cool was this episode? 😄
Gilbert Franklin
They probably won't know how well those radiators work until they run the car hard. At this point I'd say it's a 70% chance they will cool fluids sufficiently - but since they look pretty good, might as well move on. Chris is the Engine for B is for Build. He is the Mojo! The Boss is measured by his ability to recognize and utilize talent. He can make Oscar famous. 😁👍
Ricky S
Ricky S Year ago
Do you guys remember when Chris actually did work?
adict3 Year ago
Oscar, MVP! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Josh Year ago
Hahaha Honda Civic radiator in a Lamborghini with a LS engine
madmax2069 Year ago
None of those are Civic rads
MrBogie4646 Year ago
Can we get Oscar explaining the process. If its B is for Built it shouldn't be B is for Bought; direct the skilled tradesman what to do.
Oscar Arverud
Oscar Arverud Year ago
What happened to the boat
Edan Hale
Edan Hale Year ago
When are you going to do another video on the boat
lindsay storm
lindsay storm Year ago
Just discovered your page 2 days ago, and can say it's kept me extremely occupied and entertained, I would love to see an in depth behind the scenes of your workshop and get to know a bit more about yourself Oscar and Kyle
Ethan Macheras
Great fabrication and setup!
glenn repstad
glenn repstad Year ago
NICE !!!!:)
Roderick Adams
Hi. Have you considered letting the turbo inlets facing each other allowing yourself to have a roof cente air inlet. The exhaust can then exit on the sides.
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane Year ago
You want some air guides on them radiators. Guide air into them, and guide hot air out of the area
tv tv
tv tv Year ago
G. N.
G. N. Year ago
Brett Surber
Brett Surber Year ago
Time lapse city!! What a cool episode and Oscar is a welding beast!
Chyna Mane
Chyna Mane Year ago
headlights goona need a good buffin
Brandon Dimmitt
Hopefully all the aluminum shavings in your radiator dont destroy your water pump.
Rush Snipez
Rush Snipez Year ago
Really hope you’re paying Oscar some serious money
GOLDEN Year ago
Awesome guys continue the great work🙋🏻‍♂️🔥
Man Oscar’s sema build is coming along great
Zac Wicht
Zac Wicht Year ago
so how much storage for stuff is this car going to have without the frunk space now its got a radiator mounted in the middle of that space?
Geovanni Pink
Geovanni Pink Year ago
You can tell after he finishes there is going to be no trunk space and that's a real race car
Archer and Dexter Gaming
B is for Oscar
George Dickinson
Oscar is a genius.... Mass props.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Year ago
Lik. Wvevw. This kf u also kisy skip thoright the wh ole thing
Fernan2s Year ago
Oscar for President.
Richard Gray
Richard Gray Year ago
AN12 is far too small for the main feed and return!! That’s the sort of size you run on crank breather! I’ve got a professionally built cooling system with crimped ProGold lines, That’s AN30 for the mains.
Esteban Lopez
Esteban Lopez Year ago
Looking good!!
Todd Stuckey
Todd Stuckey Year ago
Dude has 2 Lambos but no 3/4" drill bit. Dang
madmax2069 Year ago
You either loose it, or it broke.
Philip Hare
Philip Hare Year ago
As a welder and fabricator, please go back and finish welding all the cross bracing, so much just tack into place.( the bar which has the headlights on it, small pieces which are on the bottom of the rad support) but really good job Oscar nice fabrication.
W Williams
W Williams Year ago
What equipment are you using to do the aluminium welding?
dwhxyz Year ago
Next episode - Chris and Oscar relocate all the radiator inlet and outlet feeds after realising the cooling system won't work 😉
Brian Brown
Brian Brown Year ago
B is for Bung.
Damian Schofield
I noticed that the plate you cut a hole in for the air flow to the radiator was moving when Oscar was grinding it to allow for the radiator brackets, that will move for sure and maybe vibrate when you drive the car, it could be prudent to do a few spot welds to keep it in place otherwise you maybe looking for a vibration that you might never find. good luck with the rest of the build
Maxmaniac Year ago
You have to try Wagner coolers from Germany Custom stuff www.wagner-tuningshop.de
Jonathan Wheatley
OB is for Oscar Built...
William C
William C Year ago
Wow! You guys are extreme (in a good way).
Sebastian Kokx
Just had a thought looking at the radiator modifications, have you put a blanking plate in the middle of the tank between the input and output fittings? if not you could get issues with inefficient cooling because it can bypass the fins and not cool properly. Epic build, impressive fabrication work
Time Lapsable
Time Lapsable Year ago
Those poor headlights
Khalid Edros
Khalid Edros Year ago
Wtf. Amazing how u guys knw exctly what u need. Oscar is on another level.
James Gunn
James Gunn Year ago
What about the crumple zones on the frame?
Kansas Jayhawker
You to shout to Oscar!!! None of that is usable without him!!! What a stud!!!
chad muellner
chad muellner Year ago
Awesome build,Oscar is the man!
Brian Year ago
I just wanted to point out that the headlight is being used as a mounting point. With the weight of the rads while going over bumps, you could get some flex and bust some headlight tabs. Or they may just looks odd wiggling around while driving. Otherwise looking pretty rad and can't wait to see how it turns out!
Jeremy Collins
Sounds like B is for Oscar damn that man can weld LOL
Dreamscape Year ago
Did Oscar build more of the entire car than u?
Bobytrap .J
Bobytrap .J Year ago
Wow, super job 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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