Installing a Stand Alone ECU on the LS Powered Huracan - Haltech Elite 2500 

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In todays episode were installing our Haltech Elite 2500 into our LS powered Huracan. Huge thanks to Haltech for all the support!
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Jun 28, 2019




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The HitMan
The HitMan 8 months ago
Hey quick question has anyone ever seen twin Mexicans I’ve been alive for 24 years and have yet to see one
quatre5555 2 months ago
Darrell Baker
Darrell Baker 10 months ago
I like how you explain some of the simple stuff for people. I have been building cars for years. But always learn something new every day. No such thing as a dumb question. The basis are most definitely the foundation for any greatness. Thank you for the insight for the cheapest way around all the most expensive parts, like chevy LS. Great job!
Bill Klement
Bill Klement 10 months ago
Guys, Mad props for doing the wiring! I follow a lot of engine swaps over the years and the part that scares folks the most is the wiring! it's a lot of the reason people chose older style engines so they don't have to figure out the electronics! I have an electronics background and doing the wiring sounds like fun to me. I'm not sure I'd take on a Lambo... Thanks for the build! It should be really amazing! I know you're done already, but I wanted to watch the build first!
stuebal629 Year ago
This episode is dizzying... shout out to Oscar for being emphatically meticulous...
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism
This was super ambitious. There's professional shops with two dozen employees that wouldn't take on this build, let alone with a 5 month time frame.
conrad testamark
B is Build if i want the same car Lamborghini built with the V12 two twin turbos would you built It For me.
Panic Farts
Panic Farts Year ago
if he ever sells it and gets more than like 10k... ill be shocked. such hackery. anyone can see that.
Tyler Bramblett
I run an elite 1500 in my dsm these are pretty bad ass ecus
Tom Ray
Tom Ray Year ago
I used a ECU out of a fleet/commercial GM truck for a stand alone ECU in a FJ40 swap I did in college. Back in the day (2002) when 400hp was impressive in a #2800 vehicle.
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia Year ago
You need a better volt meter. Try fluke
SfL Me
SfL Me Year ago
Comment. Cause it helps :-)
This thing is an absolute disaster. I couldn’t imagine trying something like this... ever
John Doe
John Doe Year ago
We are going to move these electronics closer to the heat source. I kid. Enjoying the content, the music - bleh.
simon Smith
simon Smith Year ago
My brain hurts just watching this video,respect dudes
mick hodgson
mick hodgson Year ago
Adam when are you gonna do something with Marty, Moog, Alan and Benny from Might Car Mods. You could do some sick project car swap like they did with Hotrod garage years ago.
MsMrglenn Year ago
Who is this Oscar guy. He is unbelievable. But you never give him any time to speak.
Gary McCoy
Gary McCoy Year ago
These guys must have been computer gurus In another life. Total Greek to the average guy.
watahyahknow Year ago
its not allways a good idea to mix and match ecu's between the cars as they can jump intoo limp mode , i have a smart fortwo (not exactly a lambo by a long shot ) but it stores the milage intoo the dash and the ecu , mix those two trows it intoo limpmode and you need to connect a dealer computer to make everything play nice again
William Stark
William Stark Year ago
Wonder if the people at Lamborghini think this is great or are more like WTF. Ferrari would have sued by now
J Ko
J Ko Year ago
Oh my God,... the amount of work involved.. You guys are hard-core.
vkturbo Year ago
Looking at it just thinking, what a head fuck
Bruce Jarrett
Bruce Jarrett Year ago
Oscar is the BEAST! Hope he's well compensated. Fun to watch you guys thrash.
mick coomer
mick coomer Year ago
I’m a little concerned with wiring going on with the inlet ports uncovered.
Carski1986 Year ago
I think you need to number your episode so be easy to find them
TRD_SR5 Year ago
As Adam LZ would say, nice Ferrari bro
Hassan Nader
Hassan Nader Year ago
Love it the engine GM v8 swap idea but I don't know exactly what kind of the transmission maybe zf ?? But definitely it's not G50
RichieT5 Year ago
Lambo purests will be spitting their Chandonny out 😂 they forget it’s an Audi product so meh. Also Hoovie LS swapped a Porsche 😂
519crx Year ago
You should build a Factory five GTM supercar next! 🤙
Evolution Garage
How to piss off every Italian; guy put an Ls in it
Justin Jesus
Justin Jesus Year ago
Oscar is MPV doing all the hard work with a smile on.
Ezekiel Cc
Ezekiel Cc Year ago
B is built i hope this lambo smashes gm’s new corvette !
HOLLYWOOD 809 Year ago
Lamborghini with a LS engine? What's the point?
BossaNossa1 Year ago
OSCAR! He is the Man! I hope you are taking care of him... Without Oscar your build would be in boxes... On the shelf...
Danny S.
Danny S. Year ago
Oscar the BEAST!!
RA Kaiser
RA Kaiser Year ago
Why don't you cover the intake ports while you're working over top of them? Jeez
amari odom
amari odom Year ago
i swear the outtro music either brings me to tears or extreme happiness, bring me too tears is how im feeling right now 😭 tears of joy done finished a whole video of bifb
I don’t even know how you guys can fix all this. I’d be making anxiety attacks just by looking at it if i had to fix this.
HildorVideo Year ago
Hey that "on" position is set on a timer and will probably turn off after a while, killing the power to the ECU?
M D Year ago
Check out Specialized ECU Repair US-first channel
Sean Leach
Sean Leach Year ago
I'm sure someone has offered but if you send the wire diagram for the Lambo and the Haltech I would be happy to see if I can find a way to wire the factory switch to start the car. Might take a relay or three...
Tony Pitale
Tony Pitale Year ago
What is he using to rewrap the wiring harness? Doesn’t look like electrical tape 😂
Haltech Year ago
This is so cool
Lovell Mills
Lovell Mills Year ago
B is for Burntacon
Norman Patterson
probably ask the one who worked on alex most hated lambo
Haute Real Estate
next Gen corvette to be mid engine
Tom Roest
Tom Roest Year ago
this car is asking for the holley dual tb intake
NigaCuuska Year ago
Song at 9:40 ?
John-Murray Hofmeyr
1Kurgan1 Year ago
Why not axe all of the Lambo wiring? It seems like it's just being kept to run that speedometer display. There's so many wiring harnesses from Lambo there, seems like a lot of weight, complication, and cost to keep that stuff. Put in an aftermarket gauge into the old cluster bezel and make a CF panel to fill the gaps. And just remove all that Lambo wiring. The build looks great, I'm just curious why stick with all that Lambo wiring.
Young Grizzly
Young Grizzly Year ago
20:10 That wire stripper is a tool made by God himself. I got one a while back and have not looked at my other wire strippers since. i did a review on the one i got because i was so excited about it. Sometimes I have to work on 22-24 gauge wire so this makes it easier.
9K_ALLDAY Year ago
I think you have to swap the cluster over as well, at least in VWs the dash cluster is also programmed to the vin. Check the coding with your vag com.
Frank’s Garage
Oh I didn’t know it did canbus. Endless opportunities
Frank’s Garage
Why don’t you use the starter wire from the lambo? Hit button ignition on hit again starter engage.
Frank’s Garage
Great video. But I would run O gauge OFC under car and 4 gauge OFC to starter.
Louis Feraca
Louis Feraca Year ago
I wouldn’t know where to start with all these wires harnesses ecu etc etc .... kudos to you guys lol stuff looks like a big headache
rixtrix11 Year ago
Nice to see you're using hi-tech diagnostic equipment to help trace your Huracan wire paths, courtesy of free DVOM from Harbor Freight!
Gravitycat24 Year ago
Crispy Bull comin' along piece by piece.
Rev. David Willerup
I can't get my phone to talk to my printer. Little help?
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Year ago
JJ auto wrecking for all exotic cars parts and domestic
Use caution when probing random wires with the volt meter. If you attach a new circuit to an existing circuit you need to know more than if it is switched power. You can fry or disrupt/disable modules or a modules function. very dangerous.
The immobilizer is in the cluster pal
You can shoot me a dm if ya need a 🖐🏻
maemiranda Year ago
Start button should be the Red one on the center console
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans Year ago
I might sound like a noob but can he not use the ecu that he’s installing right now for the key?
Antonis P
Antonis P Year ago
Get the "Tuning Fork" to tune it!!!!
Jinn Nuestro
Jinn Nuestro Year ago
Lambo Doors please!
Clayton Smith
Clayton Smith Year ago
Totally dig your build brother I’m an old school gear head love it
vlodpg Year ago
Putting a GM motor in it you might as well get a kit car!
greg simpson
greg simpson Year ago
The ECU may not have to physically installed. The data lines may pass through the modules in series and you may just have to connect the data lines together to bypass the missing modules.
Ru13en12 Year ago
I don't know why going all the trouble of using the lambo keys (if you can just remove the keys and use the car without it)... But if you want that working, you will need a bcm2, a key and a ECU EDC17 that has the security codes syncronized. I think that even if you buy everything from the same car in a savage, you will need to connect the ecu to a computer and perform the resync of the security keys.
Richie M
Richie M Year ago
can you talk to the gays Sam crac used in his recent Ferrari video
Ilya Kharkovskiy
All that wiring gave me a headache and anxiety
ratrod gus
ratrod gus Year ago
If any parts of the engine run into the body panels you should cut the panel so it would work, it would look cool
Ally Said
Ally Said Year ago
Im not that smart on car and I have advice do you think of body panels so that you don't have to remove them when working on those connection or something else on the rear
Quick Mind
Quick Mind Year ago
It still looks like a Smart Car without the rest lol
mohamad firdaus
how about you try buy proton iriz and rebuild ..that car very awesome after modified bro..
Matt Pratt
Matt Pratt Year ago
Haltech is all I run in all my cars
NotoriousBAY Year ago
Put some subtle flamrs on the car when its finished 🤙
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan Year ago
At what point do they have to start thinking about fuses and circuit breakers....or are they going to install a fire extinguisher system? I bet Oscar gets that job too!!
Joe Nason
Joe Nason Year ago
Will this swap not underperform the car stock?
Carter Heavy Industries
Frame rails through the cabin tho
Bas e
Bas e Year ago
These cars are really big multi computet systems😳 quite interesting!!
A Toaster
A Toaster Year ago
Seriously guys make this a racecar or drift car for your channel or something like dont let this thing live without turbos or superchargers guys come onnnnnnmnn
Refirrus Year ago
This wiremess looks like nightmare.
Ellis Carey
Ellis Carey Year ago
1mil sub special needs to be a drift build
sbirdranch Year ago
The car that Oscar built
Rokas Nauseda
Rokas Nauseda Year ago
Can you create a playlist for this build?
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Year ago
i wold have mounted the Haltech in the engine bay
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Year ago
This is coming really good Congts..
Jan V
Jan V Year ago
Why not use Audi stuff for the key problem. Probably way cheaper and mostly the same.
Brett Year ago
19:44 "We know exactly kind of what they do." Classic confidence inspiring statement.
Throttle Grotto
If you have a copy of Vag-Tacho you can read the key codes, which then get programmed to the cluster, ecu , and modules with a copy of VCDS.
Afwill Year ago
Awesome build y’all are doing! Can’t wait for new content.
Clayton Yates
Clayton Yates Year ago
Holy hell almost a million people subscribe to this channel!
Onoff314 Year ago
Taking a car with one of the best V10's in modern history and putting in the most plain jane V8 known to man. Odd choice
Leo V.
Leo V. Year ago
Anyone think of Stranger Things at 21:40?
Big Tasty
Big Tasty Year ago
Australian rep for the haltec if you like this channel check out mighty car mods its and ozzie channel and they work with haltec all the time tuning fork is amazing thats what they call the tuning guy
Mitchell Gildea
B is for Burntacan
Manuel Marungo
Hellll yeah boi!
robert brunt
robert brunt Year ago
You should contact the place called specialized ECU Repair, from what I’ve seen of their US-first videos they could probably help with getting everything to talk to each other, and they can make keys
BrittleSpeed Year ago
Saw your block at Texas Speed yesterday....looks great!