Installing NOS And EFI on my V8 Swapped Lexus SC300 

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In todays episode, we're installing EFI & NOS on the SBC swapped Lexus SC300!
Thanks to Holley for providing us with the EFI system : www.holley.com/
Thanks to Ebay Motors for sponsoring the series :
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Feb 17, 2020




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KW Garage
KW Garage 5 months ago
Another mustang body swap!!!!
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 8 months ago
you did ruin the back pressure by removing the whole exhaust not an issue of turbo'ed cars but norm aspirated dont like it. I bet its a std 350 small block for its its overall results and previous owner scamed or you guys over fueled it with the massive efi system
Alberto Salvador
Alberto Salvador 8 months ago
cual es el octanage loko?
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 8 months ago
I love your mindset on this build to not ruin this car, but to revert what you did if you wanted to and the test drive after new fuel and nos upgrades was awesome with the flames!
Patrick Palmiter
Patrick Palmiter 8 months ago
Did you add a pressure regulator to your nitrous system or is the Holley sniper EFI system compensating for it? Those carb kits usually want 6PSI so if you run the ~60PSI from the EFI kit it'll run run pig rich. And if you do more test runs with a bottle between someones legs, or mount a bottle upright, put the bottle outlet facing the rear of the car so that the pickup tube stays submerged in fluid.
Wilfred _115
Wilfred _115 8 months ago
Is it just me or does that car seem insanely slow?
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips 9 months ago
Yes you do build ____ ____ ! No on would want what you build to because it is to custom ! Not able to reg in a lot of places!
Scrapper 9 months ago
went from a narwhal to a triceratops 🤣🤔😁
King H
King H 9 months ago
my dads 4 cylinder camry is faster than that. wtf
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie 9 months ago
I’m going to check out eBay motors because of you.
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie 9 months ago
Honestly, your videos are just so good. I really don’t know the reason, but you really do have an excellent channel. Please make sure to do whatever you want, you’re the expert! Thanks!
Tony M
Tony M 9 months ago
ALL you build is useless crap!
burrido111 9 months ago
He is in Florida , and he’s worried about getting pulled over Cletus drives Leroy on the street
John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer 9 months ago
that thing was so slow... like stock 350 or 305 slow.. either that or it was horribly assembled. like accidently 8.5 points of compression instead of 13.5 it'll be interesting to see whats inside when you take it apart. i wouldn't be surprised if you cracked or melted a piston with all that nitrous.
Taha .Y
Taha .Y 9 months ago
correct me if i am wrong, and i know am late but shouldn't he have selected a magnetic distributor instead of coil.... wouldn't coil mean coil packs?????
matrox 9 months ago
Lexus..?? ...why??😂🤣😜. Let me know when build a Chevy or something!
Shane Allen
Shane Allen 9 months ago
Sooo, did I miss something about what the plan is for the giant whole cut into the headers? 🤔
God Of Thunder Wood Works
so slow ?
Danny Rincon
Danny Rincon 9 months ago
Sniper efi is cool and all but it still needs an actual tune.
Danny Rincon
Danny Rincon 9 months ago
20$ ebay fuel pump for the win 😂.
B.R. HHH 9 months ago
I haven't even finished watching but I hope you keep it turbo'd @13.5:1 c/r ...JUST RUN 100/110oct!!!
B.R. HHH 9 months ago
can't edit for some reason but I see you are running race gas...should've kept the turbo on there. Wouldve made big numbers
Jason Chonev
Jason Chonev 9 months ago
when is b is for boats coming back rip
Brendon Bosy
Brendon Bosy 9 months ago
this motor seems pretty weak, makes a lot of noise but runs out of steam at 3000 rpm
James Murray
James Murray 9 months ago
Looks like a triceratops now
FATCATCITY TV 9 months ago
Theres no way that engine is as fast as it should be and l dont understand why he didnt drive it in the first place when he bought it before F ing with it because it was probably runing the way faster than that or there was already a problem with it but atleast you would know. After seeing all the work, money and top shelf parts l knew it would be to much compression. Im sick to death of hearing people putting down carburetors and the 350 small blocks ive owned and built including the 350 Bowtie crate engine l had way back in the nineties would leave that engine for blocks Its slow as f###k and the Nos is not working. And ive seen that Holley Efi on the dyno and the carby made more horsepower than the Efi setup and that wasnt the first time ive seen that done. And the holden 308 that l have makes more power on the street than that, way more and its only tree hundred and eight cubic inches, five litres. It spins the tyres every gear with a carby on it.
john coffman
john coffman 9 months ago
Is it getting 100% throttle? Seems really lazy
SavageW4A 9 months ago
Get rid of the horrible music
Nicolas James
Nicolas James 9 months ago
Holy header dent Batman!
MadVtec YO
MadVtec YO 9 months ago
8:20 boosted Boiz would be proud lol
MadVtec YO
MadVtec YO 9 months ago
High compression, just low boost and Super high octane race gas. But yeah 13:1 is high as fuck lol
Jason Day
Jason Day 9 months ago
Jarrod is the white Oscar
Peter Stergos
Peter Stergos 9 months ago
Flames are crazy, any way to run exhaust out the fenders?
KiGrind 9 months ago
lol he said blow a trans
louis stout
louis stout 9 months ago
13.1 compression? Seems like you're dragging a boat anchor during acceleration. I suspect the short block is stock.
Mas Motorsports
Mas Motorsports 9 months ago
Cletus would be so proud of this car 🇺🇲
Wangan280z 9 months ago
Locked out timing is fine, but the timing is too retarded, so it must feel like a cow, like it or not, you need more base ignition timing, advance that distributor! Also seems like that rear gear is low. Running an overall shorter slick would do the trick if you don’t have time to go in the rear.
Avetho Plays
Avetho Plays 9 months ago
Intro: _Flames exiting exhaust tips_ Me: _Flashbacks to Cleetus' Galaxie_ Edit: Why did I forget its not turbo? I remember the 13 to 1 compression but still thought turbo. That's what 12 hours of sleep this entire week does to ya
Nathaniel dunford
Nathaniel dunford 9 months ago
I'm not well versed in racing but I do agree that the transmission is going to be your biggest obstacle because that acceleration is just to rough
Go-Getter Garage
Go-Getter Garage 9 months ago
8:22 boosted boiz intro song ?
DJ TinyTim
DJ TinyTim 9 months ago
Happy to hear the return of the Weeki Wachee Mermaid to the time lapse scenes.
Reece Brutsman
Reece Brutsman 9 months ago
MrBertyboy1978 9 months ago
16:55 did he say "hear protection"?
Miles Davis
Miles Davis 9 months ago
Is everyone going to ignore the fact that a guy with a purpose built V8 swapped drag car just outwardly admitted to the entire internet that there is no way that his car as is is going to outrun a FWD 600hp Civic as-is??
Miles Davis
Miles Davis 9 months ago
Hate to troll you, but a turbo doesn't add "more air". It makes the air more dense. The air keeps the same volume. So when you turbocharge, it doesn't add "more air", it adds density, which means more oxygen per volume of air to which you can add more fuel. NOS does the same thing chemically without creating the heat turbos do. Good content though
Race Ussery
Race Ussery 9 months ago
something is not right, a 13:1 400 small block on a 250 shot on those drag radials should be hunting ditches on the street
Race Ussery
Race Ussery 9 months ago
and spraying 250 you dont have to question if its working or not
Johnny B
Johnny B 9 months ago
The car looks crazy mad fast, great build, eBay motors app not available in the UK 😕
kaminoshi713 9 months ago
Jared is the man!
EED Drums
EED Drums 9 months ago
Needs a rear gear and more stall
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe 9 months ago
if its really a 13.5:1 407ci and the aluminum heads are decent it should make a easy 600hp on motor. i havent finished the video to see the run though. lots of things in play though. trans, converter, gear ratios, afr. a rich condition alone will turn a monster into a pig. if i had to guess this car is probably close to 4000 lbs as well.
OGIE OGILTHORPE 9 months ago
no way in hll that engine has 13 1/2 to 1 compression u got bamboozled i think
Zahari Stoyanov
Zahari Stoyanov 9 months ago
"I don't think he heard us" :D
Minni 9 months ago
Chris, be prepared to lose this car to Tavarish. The civic gaps this car easily
red red
red red 9 months ago
mark shaw
mark shaw 9 months ago
Put a K&N velocity stack on top of the throttle body and get rid of that air cleaner you have on it now. That thing is killing 25 hp that you would have if you just had no air cleaner on it. The benefit of the Velocity Stack is that it kills little no horsepower and will still protect from getting stuff in your engine.
Indio Diaz
Indio Diaz 9 months ago
I really need that carburetors for my 76 Corvette. Thank you for putting me on I really appreciate it 👍🏼
Azael 9 months ago
22:48 No that's okay, you were correct the first time 😗
TexSquirrel 9 months ago
Blue is nitrous, red is fuel.
Longstring mafia
Longstring mafia 9 months ago
dude that’s a sad install
Water 9 months ago
at 25:16, yesss it does trigger it 😏😉
NotsaeEgavas 9 months ago
One thing you could do as well is shed weight by removing the things like seats and stuff to help with your power to weight ratio. It might just be worth it.
elco alex
elco alex 9 months ago
13:1 and 450 hp to the wheel...idk coach....v8 rule
kanyedian 9 months ago
That car is slower than a stock Honda Civic Si * *cries* *
Andy's Performance
Andy's Performance 9 months ago
Its getting a e85 tune right ? And does it really have some kinda cam in it at least
kanyedian 9 months ago
Totally expected to find the link to homie's channel in the description.
Curtis Valentine
Curtis Valentine 9 months ago
paul evans
paul evans 9 months ago
i no sum one that put a Holley on a ford 2.8 worked well. 😂😂😂😍.
Jonathan Quinones
Jonathan Quinones 9 months ago
Yeah you need that nitrous cuz your definitely gonna lose lol
Newbie Rendell
Newbie Rendell 9 months ago
Wontolla, Kasger and Limitless - miles away Incase any one wanted to listen to full version of boostedboiz theme song
Miguel PJ
Miguel PJ 9 months ago
need cut the center division of the intake or run a spacer !!
s10 mafia
s10 mafia 9 months ago
Good job ripping off boosted boiz on the music lmao jk
s10 mafia
s10 mafia 9 months ago
13.5 to 1 is fine for 12psi and under as long as you run e85
sunsweetsuitable 9 months ago
if they coulnt tell that was a high compression motor..............
Hollar For A Dollar
Hollar For A Dollar 9 months ago
Boosted Boi's intro music lol cheyea
Suhail Hamid
Suhail Hamid 9 months ago
You gonna get smoked by a ricer 🤣 that civic is so much faster
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 9 months ago
Haven't heard much about his Italian yacht in a while....
ShotsOfReality 9 months ago
That thing seems to be fu***ng slow.
Psychic Medium Jason
her name is redbull now
Top Shelf Innovations
Is that a damn ground wire going through the carpet?
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer 9 months ago
The best sounding Lexus I've ever heard!
Aidan Ryan 458
Aidan Ryan 458 9 months ago
The civic will best you
SHOOTERMAN253 9 months ago
A 350 small block Chevy is not a great engine for big power numbers... it’s cool but it’s not fast
KerBlamKing 9 months ago
you guys should have a Jared and Oscar build.
Pastechi 9 months ago
really slow tho...
AceCapin Gaming
AceCapin Gaming 9 months ago
What’s the point of a budget if your gona get sponsored on one of your more expensive parts?
Bald eagle wrangler
Bald eagle wrangler 9 months ago
That is the weakest sounding 13.-1 engine I have ever heard. Maybe more like 8-1
invex 9 months ago
I promise you it would be faster with a damn 1uz in it lmao shit looks so slow.
Scott K
Scott K 9 months ago
Flames are cool and all BUT One back fire BAM!! There goes the crank 🤷🏻‍♂️
Trebor Hutsell
Trebor Hutsell 9 months ago
Spark plugs are easy right now but when those headers are a 1000 degrees it’s gonna be a different story also that dent in your headers is an extreme restriction you could be forcing exhaust back into that cylinder
Taylor Kline
Taylor Kline 9 months ago
Cool car. But damn its slow
ricky Lawson
ricky Lawson 9 months ago
Man that thing is a dog, wrong combo,honda gonna put bus lengths on you.
Michael Dooley
Michael Dooley 9 months ago
"Needs a LS swap"
18t4motion 9 months ago
Using sponsored parts is sorta kinda like cheating? And that cars seems dog slow. Tavarish FTW
ARROWS00 9 months ago
At least mighty car mods was able to use an ebay turbo on a Toyota echo/yaris on there channel 😊
MDethCKR 9 months ago
That was my first thought when you said carb'd V8....it would be too high compression with wrong ring gap for boost. edit - Constant exhaust fire isn't a sign of a good tune...its a hotboi tune? No drop-in EFI self-tune is amazing...its supposed to get you started and down the road to actually get it tuned?
Joe Clow
Joe Clow 9 months ago
coward lol youre too attached
otaku yt
otaku yt 9 months ago
widebody lol
Quarantine Dad
Quarantine Dad 9 months ago
Has to wear ear protection at all times when motor is running. Wears them on top of his head. Y u no can't hear bro!? 😅
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
my money is on tavarish , not a civic fan but the power to weight , hes got you
Gummby Pokey
Gummby Pokey 9 months ago
That thing needs a big blower hanging out of the hood
Justin Evans
Justin Evans 9 months ago
SBC 13.5:1 compression and nitrous. Those pulls look pathetically slow.
I Can’t Beat This
I Can’t Beat This