Introducing the Worlds First Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan Build 

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Its the #JUMPACAN!!
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Nov 26, 2020




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Lee 4 days ago
My mate suggested ur channel and I'm subscribing
Everyday Outside TV
Haha i was just watching you can I shout me out everyday outside tv
AE29 entertainment
AE29 entertainment 15 days ago
This gonna crash the innernet wen it's done
My goal is to get a Ferrari and do twin turbo kit and long travel suspension 👌🏾 wrecked ones are still a little steep for me rn😂 sweet build bro.
scott plourde
scott plourde Month ago
Put a duramax in it
Jeremiah Rios
Jeremiah Rios 2 months ago
You never disappoint
THATSMYNAME 2 months ago
Little bit late to party, but ain't over yet, This going be Sick, great age we live in yer loads' of crapping going on around us all but we have ppl and ideas making epic S*it!!!! MINT 2021 WE HOPE!!!!
Jordi lopez
Jordi lopez 2 months ago
With those ball joints how many maximum degrees can the wheel turn?
Free America2020
Free America2020 2 months ago
OMG brilliant idea 😂
TV NOTÍCIAS 2022 2 months ago
Ta maluco muito top VIROU ATE NOTICIA NO BRASIL🇧🇷
rbxstrobe 2 months ago
It looks like an rc car
JAKE STEEZ 2 months ago
This got me thinking I should off-road my 240sx. Like if you think so 😂
Ike Andoit
Ike Andoit 2 months ago
What happened to the single seat supercar?
Keith Williams
Keith Williams 2 months ago
Adrian Jimenez
Adrian Jimenez 2 months ago
Tom Roach
Tom Roach 2 months ago
I live 10 min from Mullins. I didn't know they had this type of stuff...
Ian Chan
Ian Chan 2 months ago
Drew Goody
Drew Goody 2 months ago
This has the potential to be the sickest truggy build on US-first ant wait to see the progress
Shawn P
Shawn P 2 months ago
Its a chevy now that its powered by the LS engine
Elsewhere 2 months ago
Jak X car
Jake Green
Jake Green 2 months ago
Alex choi
Noble Lundberg
Noble Lundberg 2 months ago
As a bonafide college student, I quite appreciate socks
Jody Stevens
Jody Stevens 2 months ago
Still a shell man are you going to have a real product this time or is it going to be another Eleanor
Chutney Ink.
Chutney Ink. 3 months ago
I wonder how a bara engine would've been in this build
jodydolphin79 3 months ago
Where are you located in the pnw
Joshua Felix
Joshua Felix 3 months ago
B is for Build: I am building the world's first off-road Huracan. Huracan Sterrato: Am I a joke to you?
Richrd Lewis
Richrd Lewis 3 months ago
How if you are going to lower the final drive ratio to accommodate the big tyres
minorclothing 3 months ago
is this the one for DDE?
mike dunn
mike dunn 3 months ago
I checked out Raycon headphones and bought a pair.
audiv8q 3 months ago
This is NOT "the World's First Off-Road Lamborghini". It may be the first off-road Lamborghini Huracan, but not the first off-road Lambo. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamborghini_Cheetah
Альберт Пайк
Completely copied the idea from the Russian channel "Машинаторы" 🤦‍♂️
Michael Hopkins
Michael Hopkins 3 months ago
Cant wait! Glorious fellas!
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 3 months ago
i believe thats a great idea not depending on the frame of the Lambo to deal with the stress by building your own frame and letting the Lambo body hang in suspension as if it were a baby bassinet suspended from hooks though the hooks are your exo-skeleton frame
46wireboy 3 months ago
You gotta buy the right socks...
Chris Trahan
Chris Trahan 3 months ago
So happy life of Apollo's introduced me to your channel I'm curious to see if dde actually going to Build-A-huracan off road car now
Jared Solis
Jared Solis 3 months ago
Cool stuff
zdonahue1987 3 months ago
Should have called it the Hurdlecan
Faust Von Barley
Faust Von Barley 3 months ago
Glad you didn't go with Ferrari, because they would sue.
Reck Less
Reck Less 3 months ago
DDE is doing the same thing. Kinda shitty they took the idea.
LukeTheJoker 3 months ago
Loving that an actual professional designed the suspension, this might actually work!
Terje Ringdalen
Terje Ringdalen 3 months ago
Why dont you make bike style fenders attached to the suspension that hugs the tire?
Andrew Weninger
Andrew Weninger 3 months ago
I thought Lamborghini released a limited edition 4x4 in either the Japanese market or Italy?
MovieFamily 3 months ago
Bro, How can i make my car lock like a sports car, can you suggest any full-body replacement part?
NG Army
NG Army 3 months ago
Is not first on world
Dayalu Atapattu
Dayalu Atapattu 3 months ago
another great series to watch like the GTR back then
i will turn into a convertible
Ok I'll ignore Alex choi's car for a bit
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 3 months ago
Excited for this build, especially the suspension install!
igor de wit
igor de wit 3 months ago
Haha...just 2 wheels,and the thing already looks wicked!!! Cool stuff.
Kelt Thomas
Kelt Thomas 3 months ago
We need to go back to the old.days where are the maga crashes car re builds we have seen customs builds over the past year or so we need rebuilds now
Godfroi s
Godfroi s 3 months ago
I'd love to see the build but at 5:48 I'm gone coz of the endless bullshit. Cheers
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan 4 months ago
How can you design an off road or any suspension from an already bent body and chassis? Surely the measurments will be out.
poop guy
poop guy 4 months ago
Nobody has ever done this before
Praise LordCthulhu
Praise LordCthulhu 4 months ago
First thing i thought of when you said off road lambo was this www.pinterest.com/pin/537898749229633627/ Saw renders of off road p1 and laferrari
Valentine Lynam
Valentine Lynam 4 months ago
Chris always gets the job done great job new build can't wait to see you figure this out
One more question, how wide is it going to be when you're finished? I love the idea and can't wait to see it done. Appreciate your time
Calumeup 4 months ago
Fuck yeah!
Steve Williams
Steve Williams 4 months ago
This isnt the worlds 1st the unicorn was the 1st
Kettu Perkele
Kettu Perkele 4 months ago
You should make an steel or aluminium what is connected tp front and rear subframes. Just because it makes the bpdy stronger along with rollcage
A 4 months ago
Looks like a cool endeavor. But get your credit cards ready.
K M 4 months ago
Channel went from "hey this might be a cool build im interested. Lets see where this goes" to "this guy really bored and just doing gimmicky things now"
riltjd 4 months ago
Awesome build! Will the f1 type racecar also continue? Or did that project get abandoned?
MOFLEX MUSIC INC. 4 months ago
Dude , if you ever want to sell it , I will buy it
FaithfulMC 4 months ago
Thanks Samcrac for the suspension planning.
Aldo Medina
Aldo Medina 4 months ago
Exterior would look great as a italian styled batman tumbler car like from Dark Knight
Rickjaymz 4 months ago
The raycon affiliate link only gives 15% off, not 20% like you state in the video.
The Hungry Hunter
The Hungry Hunter 4 months ago
this is gonna be sweeeeet but is 4 wheel drive/
I don’t like talking
This video is sponsored by raycon: 10>10>10>10>10>10
Zeus .Edwards
Zeus .Edwards 4 months ago
add a fender design to the suspension , so when the suspension moves the fenders move , not like an entire fender but enough to width to know it have fenders ...
Charles Troutt
Charles Troutt 4 months ago
tube door like a jeep would be cool.
der Jack
der Jack 4 months ago
Rostyslav Sambuk-Nagornyi
Hold my beer... us-first.info/player/video/n9V4d29riIx0gXU.html
TechCast 4 months ago
Best build on YT ever!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 months ago
Idea for the next Huracan: aircraft.
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva 4 months ago
this one got me subscribed again, exciting
king boy
king boy 4 months ago
Name should be B build for try
Feint 4 months ago
If I had to describe you in one word, it would be Fearless.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 months ago
make some massive fenders that attach to the suspension arms, then they'll move with the wheels?!
Peter Punch
Peter Punch 4 months ago
FENDERS?! Mad max boi.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 months ago
make some massive fenders that attach to the suspension arms, then they'll move with the wheels?!
pen15 club
pen15 club 4 months ago
Invested 👍
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 months ago
Put a V 10 in it
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 4 months ago
DDE is looking too go off road with a super car. Build it they will buy it. lol
0 Subscriber • 15 years ago
Finally a Lamborghini that can drive in our country 😂🤣
Rob W
Rob W 4 months ago
Are you forgetting the LM002 truck and Lamborghini have recently created the Huracán Sterrato which is pretty good off road 😉
Dan 4 months ago
Lamborghini is the right choice. If you did this to a Ferrari they’d send you a cease and desist order.
Erick Rhoades
Erick Rhoades 4 months ago
“B is for We shouldn’t BUT we’re gonna!! “ 😂😂 excited to see this
mr_jsb_07 4 months ago
Awesome 👍
Itz Rebel
Itz Rebel 4 months ago
What happened to the single seater car??
олег олег
олег олег 4 months ago
Jason Sievers
Jason Sievers 4 months ago
WOOT! New car build!
Albert Hart
Albert Hart 4 months ago
DAMMIT!!! ..the wife is gonna kill me. another car added to my to-do list! but dam is it gonna be fun to drive during these northern winters 😁
Frederick Parker
Frederick Parker 4 months ago
Or do a Diesel Cummins or powerstroke
Frederick Parker
Frederick Parker 4 months ago
Any v10.. dodge,Ford,bmw,Lamborghini, Ferrari
Frederick Parker
Frederick Parker 4 months ago
Put a V 10 in it
ForcedCarnage 4 months ago
make some massive fenders that attach to the suspension arms, then they'll move with the wheels?!
Matthew Migda
Matthew Migda 4 months ago
Why not get a exoskeleton roll cage like Alex Troy has on his hauracan
Adam Zimmerman
Adam Zimmerman 4 months ago
I guess one man's crashed supercar is another man's awesome build lol
bUd D Dove
bUd D Dove 4 months ago
You should name it Forest Jump
Joshua Bouchereau
Joshua Bouchereau 4 months ago
I like how he said “don’t get someone socks” all I want is some new Nike socks 😂😭
Demonpriest -
Demonpriest - 4 months ago
The BEARD recommended you and I heard Off-road Huracan, WHAT!!!!
MeMe GuY
MeMe GuY 4 months ago
Haha I did that when I was like 6 in extreme car driving
HazardsofEverything 4 months ago
So..."B is for Try"? hehe
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 months ago
Such a missed opportunity to call it the “Dirtacan”
Headles Norseman
Headles Norseman 3 months ago
It’s really not that good of a name lol
Lisa Gravells
Lisa Gravells 3 months ago
Meh I say call it a “bertacon” cause in Alberta that’s all we drive !
Atmosphere31 4 months ago
Why isnt this Called the Trophycan?
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