Junkyard LS Truck Engine Hunting & Teardown for the Lamborghini Huracan 

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In todays episode were getting 3 engines! Because thats how many it takes..
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Huge thanks to the guys at Texas Speed for helping us with our engine, check our their website at www.texas-speed.com/ and give them a follow on instagram and see behind the scenes of my engine build at texasspeed
Also check out these Engineering Explained videos I watched to learn my way around the LS engine.
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Jun 14, 2019




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OLL13_85 4 months ago
Ok... when i saw "offroad lambo build" you got my total attention, i really like that channel much, and i'm ok with swapping engines of different makes, but turning a Lambo into something like a Corvette.... I'm a little "bored" to see LS engines swapped in everything that has wheels, and was expecting something different in such a special car...
Jonathan Pierannunzi
The 5.7L hemis are great motors to learn on as well fairly simple
John Smith
John Smith 9 months ago
Good afternoon like to know could i install an Lamborghini hurricane transmission to a LS motor bless day
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis 10 months ago
A rod failure is a no-no. The engine should be a running engine. Rarely will a rod failure result in a useable block or head.
Mariano Ruiz
Mariano Ruiz 11 months ago
That's why I love ur channel cause your crazy with it shit other people are scared to do
roar audacity
roar audacity 11 months ago
youre always happy.....love that
Tony Martin
Tony Martin Year ago
it would be great if you guys listed prices for these builds.Im trying to teach kids at an early age to get into this stuff so the budgets would be great to include please.great work guys!! love the builds!! And I would donate a logo design
plussinc Year ago
You are wearing very interesting Hoodie! I find my funny T-shut , printed funny Japanese. I like it!I'm always wandering that who make it(printed funny Japanese clothes).
Rope in a cylinder stops the engine turning to allow you to undo the crank bolt, works a treat.
Micheal Caldwell
It makes me happy that you are doing all this in that shop, with harbor freight tools. shows you dont need all the fancy stuff to make something cool
pvdl Year ago
blablablablablabla , putain tu parles trop mec , c'en est chiant !!! je regarde les videos en acceléré et sans le son !
Moe Hussein
Moe Hussein Year ago
That was scummy, I've watched a lot of this guys videos and he keeps proving over and over again that he's a leech; I feel like he used his US-first presence to imply bad press for the garage that's why they refunded - SCUMBAG
Maxximus Year ago
put some cardboard down, please. drives me crazy watching oil being dumped on the garage floor.
Robert Murray
Robert Murray Year ago
Do you still have the crank and cam out of the 6.0
Gunshy55 Year ago
What does LS mean???
Jerald Lifsey
Jerald Lifsey Year ago
Spoiler alert: from Texas Speed instagram.com/p/B4s8P1nhI1u/
God damn this dude talks alot
Jerald Lifsey
Jerald Lifsey Year ago
If you got Honey. Buddy then you get the money
rawkfist Year ago
intake is always bigger than exhaust not the other way around!! cool video though, really nice seeing you taking the engine apart
Jake Phelps
Jake Phelps Year ago
If they said it might have a blown rod why not start at the bottom and pull the pan...better yet...just look at the crack in the side of the block lol.
Kuruma Productions
“I’m not even going to guess” literally two seconds later. “Yeah I THINK this is the fuel return”
Ali Alrashidi
Ali Alrashidi Year ago
I actually have a cargo van with an ls engine, however it's the 8.1 liter engine.
Washington Briggs
intake valve is always bigger than the exhaust
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Year ago
Love your shows first and foremost , it’s crazy all the builds you do, things I could never imagine doing myself. What’s crazier is how you’ve never ripped a motor apart before until this .
Jayden Munoz
Jayden Munoz Year ago
Cheavy stand for chety
Wannabe Racecar Driver
I couldn't find anything on TV to watch, this is doing the trick.
Panic Farts
Panic Farts Year ago
this guy knows nothing and is trying to tell people... spreading ignorance. ffs.
Richard . W
Richard . W Year ago
Awesome project. Engine Build @ Texas Build below. us-first.info/player/video/ep2MlJCrio98jqM.html
Curtis Crawford
Dude next time rotate the crank a few times before u buy the engine
Markus Bishop
Markus Bishop Year ago
How do you not know which is the correct intake and exhaust valve
kevin auman
kevin auman Year ago
Hell you could have gotten most of your money back listing all the other parts you pulled off on ebay
Daniel Floyd
Daniel Floyd Year ago
buys Lamborghini Huracan buys everthing else at harbor freight i love it
jonathan murray
Youbneed to watch more wwe
jonathan murray
Ls motor is awsume motor heads flow like a big dog get a book or watch ytube for grinding heads
jonathan murray
Ls motor needs alsinment tools for front and rear covers
jonathan murray
Alloy block goneasy
jonathan murray
Broken bolts are easy weld bolts with washers and bolts unscree
jonathan murray
Intake plantum cover
jonathan murray
Wire harness and computer
jonathan murray
We like to see do the Elvis dance for entertainment allin fun Chris it's b fun
Ethan Koch
Ethan Koch Year ago
Everyone has to start somewhere, got a few chuckles along the way. Love the series man, just found it and now subscribed to follow it through
Jason S
Jason S Year ago
Your video editing is good.
Canuck Year ago
you say the 6.0 costs 3 times the amount as a 5.3 because the 6.0 is a prized racing motor yet you just confirmed you spent $500 on this 6.0 and $1500 on a 5.3. then you say the yard screwed you when you said times previously that you knew it as blown or damaged or had a thrown rod. you do this all the time, you must have smoked too much pot and forgot they told you it was junk, also the $500 sticker price for a "like new core" 6.0 should've been your next clue it was junk, and lastly you put the thing in your truck without giving it a once over or a quarter sized hole in the block. shame on you man, or bad mouthing the junkyard and or asking for taking a refund for your mistake.
Ivan Jovanović
That oil spill... two times...
Liam Jacob Clayton-Jones
Shit, look into how to remove head and crank, there's a order to take the bolts out to avoid damage to head and crank, just for future reference
Liam Jacob Clayton-Jones
Did you confuse a run bearing with a thrown rod???
Ofmyownvolition 0404
I’m sure what they meant by “brand new” was a vehicle with no body or suspension damage. What I’ve learned about these cars however is that if they look that good on the outside, but were parked for a long time,it’s cuz either motor or tranny are fucked. The best motors come out of crashed cars because if it’s crashed it means it was driving
Trey cotwright
That’s Wells Fargo for you man doing shit with your permission
xXHawkingXx Year ago
Should have sand blasted the cracked block and made it into a coffee table with a glass surface, and either kept it or sold it for a profit since you got it for free technically
Jody Green
Jody Green Year ago
I think your Huracan build is gonna be a bit everywhere I would love to have it if I had the money to buy it but as it stands in just an exthustuc old guy mechanic who love your channel.I have aR129 sl500 I want to turbo it with small the is and have no turbo lag just a little you uumph what do you suggest peace it's a daily driver.
Jody Green
Jody Green Year ago
Lkq shipe to you.
Jody Green
Jody Green Year ago
Lkqparts whole engines running.or Isuzu trucks 364 cu inches.
MRBLACK947 Year ago
Does Kyle ever talk or is he like silent bob? Also being from near Rainier Wa color me shocked that you got duped on an engine from a wrecking yard from there. Methheads probably sold that motor to you for some quick cash. I hope they made good on their end and did give you your money back!
Brad Stenger
Brad Stenger Year ago
Fuck Wells Fargo
Scott Gaskill
Scott Gaskill Year ago
Intake valves are always the larger ones
Anthony Vargas
I'll buy your old rods/ pistons for $100?
P-Cuba HG
P-Cuba HG Year ago
way to early to judge i was wrong . good build guys
P-Cuba HG
P-Cuba HG Year ago
to early for a comment ill post another comment once you guys are done working on the engine
P-Cuba HG
P-Cuba HG Year ago
im kinda confused here you guys said is a ls but till now thats not a ls thats a L96 6.0
jason nissen
jason nissen Year ago
what about the trans? i dont think they have an adapter for the mating of an ls to a huracan lol
Michael Montes
Should have taken off the Oil pan first off that first engine instead of finding out at the end.
Es4Forty Year ago
A core is just the trade in at a junk yard. When someone is there looking for parts they'll take the part they have to the yard and trade it in with a discount. Where I live the yard has a 30 day return on engines for yard credit.
TNnova Year ago
I think Copart in Oregon is open to public. Get the hole truck for 2k
Es4Forty Year ago
Damn man. I could have gotten you both those motors complete for 600 total.
Michael Sylvester
You won't see anywhere with those engines LS engines are 300,000 mile engines the bottom end is so good it's ridiculous on all of the different sizes
Michael Sylvester
A thing of engineering Beauty boy GM got it right with that block
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk Year ago
Blargh Blar Blarg Blargh Blar Bla Bla Bwaaaa = V8 Sound
I know its after the fact but somebody should have told you about the LQ4's successor, the generation four LY6 iron block 6.0L with improved LS3 type heads and stronger rods for about the same price.
cam872k3 Year ago
Those exhaust bolts break without touching them. So, just because they are broken doesn't mean they've been removed. Very common LS problem.
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Year ago
That guy owes you a refund, bigtime! What a crook!!!!
Ramrod fishing Outdoors
B is for bullshit ! 👎
gachi Year ago
Should've threw a 1JZ or 2JZ in there LOL
Ray Zimmer
Ray Zimmer Year ago
I cringed the entire breakdown watching you expecting it to be intact, when you were told it had thrown a rod! I'm not sure if you're really that dense or expert level troll
Cecil French
Cecil French Year ago
Does the stamp on the block say 6.0 or 5.3
Nacho Slave
Nacho Slave Year ago
Texas Speed & Performance: Assembling B Is For Build's New Lamborghini Huracan LS Engine us-first.info/player/video/ep2MlJCrio98jqM.html
Zack Casto
Zack Casto Year ago
This is one of the if not the coolest builds on youtube right now! Halltech goodies makes everyone wet in the shorts!
Tire Rack
Tire Rack Year ago
You get so creative with your builds! Keep sharing great, informational videos. We love watching them 💪
Crimson King
Crimson King Year ago
My O.C.D. is killing me! Please put some oil dry on that oil spill under the engine!
dballard74 Year ago
you should just use the 5.3 as the main motor to be built. you can easily make 1k hp.
Veeti Laitinen
replace the 2 valve cylinder head to 4 valve head to get extra power and reliability with higher power :)
Mexzcan Ninja
Mexzcan Ninja Year ago
Them standing on oil while disassembling the block gave me so much anxiety! You should've put some cardboard down or something.
krneki44 Year ago
Why not use this for mockup. What am I missing?
Censored 1
Censored 1 Year ago
Just started watching this channel a week or so back ..Why is it great Fab guys 90% of the time dont know anything about engines? One of the worlds great mysteries haha. Hey I have a 1970 442 going to start putting it back together would people watch a youtube channel doing that sorry wont be a lot of fabrication but engine building and other cool stuff? Dude when they say threw a rod run away unless you only want top end stuff eg cyl heads ect.. even head can get damaged so risky on any aspect. From a former engine builder
Hunter Lane
Hunter Lane Year ago
You need a drip pan for your engine stand... www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/80060/10002/-1?&mrkgcl=1239&mrkgadid=3341146079&adpos=1o1&creative=351512689152&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&jegspromo=nonbrand&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjMfoBRDDARIsAMUjNZoN6HPi_ha9QXljxUJCb2-abxFRZ3Boh_7FmrhIRcA99CX5ehLdM88aAsY8EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
D3M0320 Year ago
If you can swing it I would use car style accessories instead of the truck ones because it’ll save a little space and probably make it easier to fit the turbos. Electric fans would save space as well but you probably already thought that of that part.
json langton
json langton Year ago
Tiaan Wolmarans
Cleetus would be proud
Lee Simpkins
Lee Simpkins Year ago
About the block weight - I might be concerned about comparing the LS to the original Huracan motor, since suspension tuning/adjustments are bound to be affected by it.
nunya Year ago
Honey is a data collection and tracking application, it isn't free you give them data
nunya Year ago
You can turn off the daily limit using the wellsfargo website
shane haws
shane haws Year ago
You really need to branch out of the I5 corridor for parts.... I know of a you pull it yard with a shit ton of them damn LS motors in full size trucks
damonK Year ago
5.3 in a c4 corvette would be pretty cool
lscansir cured
How do you block a channel
German engineering meets American muscle?
Malte Spielt
Malte Spielt Year ago
chris: makes lambo also chris: buys truck engine from a gmc
Kevin Zeiszler
Just talk to Cletus MacFarlane he already knows exactly how to fix all that stuff and do everything that has to do with all that
Barry Macockiner
Am I the only one impressed by the absolute shit tier work this guy always does? I mean god damn how are you making this kind of money and still doing god awful work? Might as well work for Richard Rawlings ffs.
franko send it
radradroadbot Year ago
P is for PICKLE
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Year ago
Just find one of the universal 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 blocks I see them frequently in the wreck
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