Lamborghini Huracan is Back from Paint with New Wheels 

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In todays episode the Huracan is back from paint and getting new wheels!
Get 20% off your first order of Morning Recovery by clicking here www.morelabs.com/bisforbuild and using the code BISFORBUILD
Big thanks to VersionEx for all the hard work on the paintjob, find them here: versionex.com/
Thanks to Nitto for the awesome INVO tires: www.nittotire.com/
And huge shoutout to Rohanna for the help on the wheels, you can find their awesome selection of wheels here: rohanawheels.com/
Details: In today's episode we get our Nitto Invo tires put on our Rohana wheels and then head down to Eugene Oregon to VersionEx to see the Lamborghini Huracan with its fresh paint job.
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May 27, 2019




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stevego48 Month ago
5k unbelievable- 30-40 quotes on mine
Robert Klasson
Robert Klasson 4 months ago
Isnt the rear left panel a lil bit brighter than the left door ? Awesome build though
Crimson King
Crimson King 9 months ago
Panel fitment on the drivers side is awful...😬
A 10 months ago
I own a shop guys and a 5k paint job is not what I would recommend for that car, cause I don’t touch a car for under 20k and I spend at least 3k on ppg materials. You get what you pay for and that means cheap paint that won’t last long. It’s a scuff & shoot quicky. But it’s your car so besta luck!
Paul King
Paul King Year ago
Can you tell the guy who mounts the tyres on the wheels that the yellow dot on the wheel should be opposit the valve as it's the heaviest part of the tyre and therefore balances out some of the weight of the valve.
John Corbin
John Corbin Year ago
I think he cares more about the people he'll never see again driving by taking pictures of the lambo on the back than preserving the fresh $5000 paint job...
THE FALCON #1 Year ago
Who else lives in Sacramento👍
Luis Estefes
Luis Estefes Year ago
I love the Road trip part of the video, can you give me advice on how to record my own roadtrip videos? 😁😁
Peter Day
Peter Day Year ago
Can a glass shop cut and shape the driver's window to match the passenger's? Is Chelsea right handed?
Bessie Agnew
Bessie Agnew Year ago
I wonder how much the repaired Lamborghini has sold.
Lloyd Banks
Lloyd Banks Year ago
Just seeing this episode, is there supposed to a Lamborghini logo on the front and if so have u installed it since this episode?
Hi Chris , Mate I know nothing about lamborghini Huracan's let alone any Lamborghini but can you tell me if it is suppose to be like that or is there a problem . On the left-hand side of the car ,the panel just above the door handle seems to be about two inches above the door line compared to the right-hand side which is level with the top of the door where they are meeting the vinyl roof . Call me dumb or what but put me out of my misery if you think you need to .
DB Crypto
DB Crypto Year ago
5:45 That panel alignment sucks guys. Great rebuild, but that does not look good. Look Closer.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Year ago
Who will be first to rebuilt a 2mil dollar Pagani? Nobody has done it yet.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Year ago
Why does every Auto US-firstr own a Ford Raptor.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Year ago
Neon Green Lambo? It's been done to death. Put a custom wrap on it.
Wave to Wave
Wave to Wave Year ago
If the OEM Lamborghini wheels are solid, why downgrade to rotary forged wheels from a cheap brand? I think those Lambo wheels are custom made by Speedline for Lambo, 19" Kari?? That's a big downgrade.
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Year ago
Every boys dream... a Lambo pulled behind a Raptor.
Sixth Sanctum Media
Recovery nothing better than hitting it again lol
How the ####? Does one hurt their eyeball...lol
Ed Maguire
Ed Maguire Year ago
You need to a.) turn that hat around. What are you, a gangster? b.) stop waving you hands around. Are you Italian?
isaac shively
isaac shively Year ago
Hey! I'm from Sacramento, didn't know of any shops that work on Lamborghinis but then again I don't own one so....
MJ S Year ago
Ballin but staying at super 8?
Flash 🇨🇦
Where's the badge?
Jody Green
Jody Green Year ago
Hello I wish that I could help and work with you and your team.i live your show.down with you all the way so so awesome.peace
SwoleMofo' Year ago
Yuck you went with Kermit green! You should have gotten a sick wrap for it.
RichieT5 Year ago
Looks amazing by the way
RichieT5 Year ago
Love the music so much😎
Nick Ashby
Nick Ashby Year ago
Original wheels looked better.
Franz Franz
Franz Franz Year ago
i wish i had the patience and the hard work that you have !! ..
DIY The North
DIY The North Year ago
9:13 that tonneau covers in worse shape than mine on my 2005 f150, how do you not have a better cover on that beast.
nicholas whyne
I love this channel..best thing ever
DixonSwe Year ago
This is a 4-wheel drive vehicle right? be really careful with the size of wheels/tires since they need to be of equal circumference front/back or you might hose the drive line.
Hugo A
Hugo A Year ago
Yo I live in Eugene and every day on my way to school I'd see your lambo haha
Mopar Addiction
Black wheels!!!
Shon Fields
Shon Fields Year ago
Those rims are gross. The original wheels are much better looking. Definitely need a bigger tires on the back.
CarSceneKorea Year ago
0:51 😂😂😂
Jay DoesStuff
Jay DoesStuff Year ago
Mark Livarchuk
Door don’t match the quarter 🧐
swish1onu Year ago
Just my opinion but those wheels do not belong on that lambo...
Chad Whitaker
Chad Whitaker Year ago
see my comment below! I was right.
I've Never Done This Before
Door and quarter look off a bit.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Year ago
It looks like you put the wheels on the wrong side!!
Andrew Samy
Andrew Samy Year ago
Sorry but those wheels are hideous
Kathleen Powers
Door don’t match the quarter 🤢
Harlan T
Harlan T Year ago
Damn can't believe those places were gonna try and rip you off so bad, $18k dafuq.
Euresko Year ago
OEM totally looks like a different color. Should have just painted the whole thing once over.
Aspra Year ago
cool, another reason i dont want contacts.
Mr Potential
Mr Potential Year ago
If only the wheels were black
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed Year ago
The original wheels look way better because they look bigger
Brian van den Brink
Your lambo on the drivers side is missing a piece between the window and the rear fender
Rockport1911 Year ago
1:20 Like how the sponsor ties in perfectly with your personal story and some awesome good party photos :) Yes the lambo wheels dont look that great, but he couldnt use the stock ones and buying them even used would blow the budget alot. Maybe some paint can get rid of the cheap chrome look... Paint looks awesome...
R G Year ago
This channel is a joke, only decent paint job ever done without 4 goes and then tows it with no protection. Guys a goose and doesn’t belong near a vehicle. D is for dodgey
I told everyone about Morning Recovery!!
Darren Kelly
Darren Kelly Year ago
That viper green Lambo needs gloss BLACK wheels.. silver doesn't look quite right.
Cameron Mardis
calvinblinkee Year ago
The factory wheels are worth more than the "Rohana's" haha
M MiaDob
M MiaDob Year ago
Duck your ads
Christian Clark
Why would you put those ugly tires original were better just because of a stupid sponsor
spen1ghe Year ago
These wheels are 😂😂😂
Purplasmo Year ago
gross, why did you change the wheels?
Robert Luckowski
If it’s AWD, you have to have matching tire heights or it will stress your diff.
dolamyte Year ago
Ive rebuilt over a dozen cars and trucks thanks to recycle road! Also, I’ve painted numerous cars and motorcycles and can tell they used the wrong primer. They did a great job on the base and clear though, spraying, let alone blending metallics like that is an art.
Miguel Martinez
You should of gotten the Calipers painted and should of painted the rims and that green color is a bit ugly honestly but that’s just me and got to tint those windows
Ryan Connors
Ryan Connors Year ago
You need a larger wheel in the back not tire, that is the problem....
Bruno Manzi
Bruno Manzi Year ago
notice the difference between the two doors, the one you bought has like a peace missing on top when met with the convertible roof. At 6:14
Harlan T
Harlan T Year ago
Window on DS is laying on the outside of the convertible top and not on the inner seal too.
LeBanketlijn Year ago
what's the name of the song at like: 4;22
patel prince
patel prince Year ago
Where is lambo iconic symbol on fornt .... Its missing ..... Add it..... Without symbol it seems to be uncomplete
Antoine Thouvenin
in France the SP95 is 1€60/L
FatJeff808 Year ago
$2.97 a gallon for regular. In Honolulu. An island in the middle of the ocean. You guys on the West Coast are getting hosed hard on fuel.
Liam Year ago
That paint match, why on earth didn't he get the whole car done for the sake of how much work has went into it? The OEM panels are obvious and it's such a shame.
TheDennisShow Year ago
Those wheels are vomit inducing
Did that shop did high speed balancing? lol Btw those wheels look good on a civic, not a Lamborghini
Bratan Islamovic
Song Name at 04:07 Min please :)
Warummussmein Nameangegebensein
You cant put different tire sizes on and awd car, because the different tire diameter will confuse and then break the differentials
Benjamin Boxall
You keep these wheels and I will highly consider unsubscribing. Either take the oem rims and coat them black, or buy the other set of oem wheels (still black), and if your wheels look funky in the back it’s not because you don’t have big enough tires, it’s because your rims are small af.
Q R Year ago
Meat on both tires
John Binuya
John Binuya Year ago
That color looks awesome. Too bad the back wheels look real thin.
Edward Munteanu
Ask goozquad for the window
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy Year ago
The new wheels make it look cheap
Kelli Halliburton
Chris, what is the music used in the first half of the video? You didn't put it in the details.
John Doe
John Doe Year ago
My busted eye made me have the sniffles...lol, try Pepsi instead of coke!
Joshua Walter
Joshua Walter Year ago
Think a bigger rear wheel would look better then getting a bigger rear tire...
Orang Kita
Orang Kita Year ago
Hey everybody hates you wheel bro, but for me.. It's fine.
Upallnight Year ago
I think you have the rim/wheels reversed. The left should be on the right side of the car and the right should be on the left side of the car.
Story Time with Cisco
The wheels that were on it before look better should have just painted them black! New wheels are ugly and cheap looking sorry
Legit RP
Legit RP Year ago
Chris please reveal the next sema car plz
Phantastik Year ago
The car looks just fine. You dont need to change the tire.
Johan Lundin
Johan Lundin Year ago
Cool rebuild. The wheels are mounted on the wrong side though. A small piece on the driver side door is missing bridging the door to the convertible top cover, unique for spider door. Driver side door glass is for the coupe. But this car is just the mound for the next build, right?
Christmas Year ago
Just saying the original wheels looked better, just my opinion. Nice car anyways!
Neil Warwick
Neil Warwick Year ago
Sry wheels are awful 👎
Neel Nag
Neel Nag Year ago
Im not feeling it bro
Jose Cortez
Jose Cortez Year ago
When is the b is for broke key tag going to be available to purchase?
FaithlessM3 Year ago
OEM wheels in satin black would set that colour off, in my opinion. Loving your work though
chaseoes Year ago
Not liking the wheels at all. The chrome just doesn't flow with the green well.
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Year ago
Great build I love the outcome. Love ya
lucifer morningstar
where i live in the uk fuel is $8 a gallon ho lucky you
Average Floridian
Don't know if you mentioned it before, but is there a missing trim piece on the driver door back where the top cover meets it? Looks like there's on on the passenger side.
FoxboyMcFLY Year ago
The new wheels are a nope. 👎