Last To Remove Hand, WINS Subaru WRX STI Challenge 

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In todays episode, last to take their hand off the WRX STI wins it!
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Jan 28, 2020




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Comments 100   
bob 3 months ago
Who else thought this was Mr beast
Anthony Akers
Anthony Akers 5 months ago
Tesla’s are dumb af
Fabio Amaro
Fabio Amaro 5 months ago
Please can we see all the cars you own again? I've been here since beginning and we see so little of all your builds I've almost forgotten what you have. P.s who cares if they dirty! Let's see em!
beniaminv 5 months ago
Felicitari Adrean! Making Romanians proud everywhere! 🤣😂🤣😂
Panic Farts
Panic Farts 5 months ago
dump her
Shawn Lim
Shawn Lim 5 months ago
#SubaruPalmChallenge LOL
BRAVE HEART STI 6 months ago
@16:40 I saw it coming! I knew he wasn’t focused on the task, he was distracted by the food. 😋 GREAT VIDEO! You guys need to do another challenge like this!
thatser 6 months ago
votes for a wrecked tesla 👍
ArtistJohnPaul 6 months ago
Enjoyed that, great little video, well done to the winner!
mario cordova
mario cordova 6 months ago
great guy! I would love to have friends like him. Congrats by the way for the Subaru!
Muhammad As-sadiq
Muhammad As-sadiq 7 months ago
Rasam is not that spicy. Come on guys.
Raymon28581 7 months ago
I was under the impression a viewer was getting the car.
Baltico 7 months ago
OMG thats the funniest vlog of bifb, u made me laugh hard man! love how u having fun in the shop!
Mitsos Tech Tips
Mitsos Tech Tips 7 months ago
Did he prefers the Tesla instead of the Impreza? Tf bro TF !!!
DS Rai
DS Rai 7 months ago
Adrians flips were questionable.
joe kathembe
joe kathembe 7 months ago
This has been absolutely the best episode on the subbie rebuild series😂😂😂😂
Cynane 8 months ago
mr beast challenges are fun for kids. couldve done a drag race mate haha. we men out here
GingerBread Man
GingerBread Man 8 months ago
PJ Dennis
PJ Dennis 8 months ago
I truly have no clue why I enjoyed this episode so much. Keep doing your thing Chris, Adrian, Kyle, and Oscar. You guys have inspired me to go back to building and tinkering on cars again. Thanks so much.
markcozzie 8 months ago
A salvaged Scobby sti worth 10k in the USA? , madness,in the UK this car worth £3000 £4000 max... Crazy price's in the USA 👍.🍻
Scott Irvine
Scott Irvine 8 months ago
7/11 at 4.20am? Kind of a silly brand name really 😂
Scott Irvine
Scott Irvine 8 months ago
I’d rather have the old English!
Jim Wallace
Jim Wallace 8 months ago
TEE BONE 8 months ago
Tony M.
Tony M. 9 months ago
Car is sold?
raptor2569 9 months ago
total scam of a show.
raptor2569 9 months ago
starting to feel the last 2 during that speed reel lifted their hands off that car MANY times
Julius Razanauskas
Julius Razanauskas 9 months ago
Such a good episode:DDDDD
Brandon G
Brandon G 9 months ago
All that fresh paint.... and those mongoloids are just bumping and grinding and rubbing shit all over it.
R ik
R ik 9 months ago
Painfull to see al that stuff on the new clearcoat CRINGE
Elder PlayGames
Elder PlayGames 9 months ago
Kyle did not finish the lunch. He never finished the Indian lunch. He should loose on that alone.
Jesus Bmx
Jesus Bmx 9 months ago
Bruh put me on some type of this give aways,n give me a pill to have diarrea n I will still winnn! For a car I’ll do crazy stuff no going to lie
Brandon Dorcas
Brandon Dorcas 9 months ago
If I could get one item from the garage, I'd ask for tape, tape the shit out of my hand onto the car, and lay down and sleep. Also, who needs to 2 hand a taquito? What a lame way to go down
Lamar Oglesby
Lamar Oglesby 9 months ago
were in oregon do you guys live in oregon?
Ragnar R1
Ragnar R1 9 months ago
Damn the joker laugh 14:00 lol
Maher 9 months ago
13:08 a missing person !!! that was cheating!
neveragain 9 months ago
How I wish I could afford a car.. And even more so a WRX. You all don't get it. So hard to be older and needing a car. What a cool project. I wish you all well.
Angel 9 months ago
Poor guy just wanted his taquito lol!
Bbot C
Bbot C 9 months ago
B is for Build nice Subaru
Chadman 9 months ago
I enjoyed watching you guys bring this Sti back to life. One of my all time favorite cars. I had an 04' WRX but never the Sti. Hope the new owner loves it!
Ali Youssef
Ali Youssef 9 months ago
Buddy id literally glue my hand to the car tf
Surya Mothè
Surya Mothè 9 months ago
Yay!!! Rasam
Julio Flores
Julio Flores 9 months ago
Danny Cottrill
Danny Cottrill 9 months ago
That's hilarious great job!@
Ej Icon
Ej Icon 9 months ago
Awesome.... Simply AWESOME. You mean to tell me that no one needed a bathroom break in 11 hours!? You guys are truly real dudes!
ebrahim khalil
ebrahim khalil 9 months ago
Rebuild a tesla!!
ace steel
ace steel 9 months ago
you lost me at Tesla
Terry Fleming
Terry Fleming 9 months ago
Damn. I was pulling for Oscar.
James Griesbaum
James Griesbaum 9 months ago
Where can you buy the car?
Derek Gascon
Derek Gascon 9 months ago
@B is for build we need shirts that say “if I had 3 hands I would’ve used 4 hands!” Lmao
Florin Adrian
Florin Adrian 9 months ago
screamitinstead 9 months ago
HAHAAHAHA this episode is awesome
screamitinstead 9 months ago
HAHAAHAHA this episode is awesome
CustomBike 9 months ago
totaly fake !
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 9 months ago
Great idea.....when hoovie did it!
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 9 months ago
Content thief!
Frank Bk
Frank Bk 9 months ago
Rasam is the South India originated herbal soup. Indian mum's special for some kind of sickness prevention.
Razmanian Restorations
What's he eating??? "Rasmussen" 😂😂😂😂 that's my last name
Eli Herman
Eli Herman 9 months ago
6:00 you know Chris has made 7am beer runs since he knows exactly when they start selling again
DD___DC 9 months ago
10 hr lapse evey1 wore a diaper 4 diz challenge 🤔🤔😂😂
CountryBoy96 9 months ago
Chris: Where could I buy those ear protection you use that had bluetooth and you could listen to music aswell?? Please give me a link to em.
damascusblade 9 months ago
Any word on how much longer the channel is going to keep going at this breakneck pace of one episode a week?
Leo 9 months ago
What happened to the yacht you bought
batwood 9 months ago
Going from a paid for car, to a non-paid for Tesla does not make sense. Oh well. Enjoyed this contest! Congrats.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 9 months ago
13:25 they are all wasted af😂
Toronto Tuners
Toronto Tuners 9 months ago
How about yall do this again but bring me 😂
Nate 9 months ago
Lol that's my dream car
QLA'S AUTO 9 months ago
The thing is we got to hear everybodys real voices ❤
Brylle Mendoza
Brylle Mendoza 9 months ago
This episode made me laugh a lot. Hahaha!
Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson 9 months ago
You should do a build for Oscar, just for the appreciation, for all of his hard work
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 10 months ago
Interesting contest and congrats Adrian!
Aaron Velasquez
Aaron Velasquez 10 months ago
My dream car. I want to buy
James Koenig
James Koenig 10 months ago
JF1GD70636L504703 here is a perfect example of value... I sold this at around 110k with LOTS of suspension mods, and a stage2 protune 5 years ago.. It since has gotten flooded, repaired, and resold with 170k on the clock for over $13k !
Edwin McMillan
Edwin McMillan 10 months ago
YouStanceBro 10 months ago
First person to like his LHD supra dies . And FR Oscar should just get it your a idiot and a drunk go LHD your Japanese supra idiot 😂
Diego Serpa
Diego Serpa 10 months ago
Mohamed Seada
Mohamed Seada 10 months ago
check this for carbon fiber and the material in it us-first.info/player/video/i8yAqXupYXpoZHU.html us-first.info/player/video/fsuneZh9dKh8rJM.html
Steinsteen 1
Steinsteen 1 10 months ago
Im sorry but selling the sti for a tesla leave me no choice but to unsubscribe
Pranesh Ga
Pranesh Ga 10 months ago
Rasam is good for health guys and also makes you being fit 😅😂
c 10 months ago
D0od noo this is not Mr. Beast, not that he isn't great but that's not why I watch B is for Build.
Nehemoth 10 months ago
OMFG I didn't want to see this Vídeo. 3 days ago saw the notification and didn't want to see it and it began to play after a random Vídeo. OMG OMG OMG so much fun 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I really really enjoyed this episode, amazing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm still laughing
Jake Cruz
Jake Cruz 10 months ago
kevin auman
kevin auman 10 months ago
@3:04 that tis a nice 🐫🦶
Grpanos2000 10 months ago
thats so good some ppl buy electric cars and let the fuels for the rest that wants to go around with an sti
joe taylor
joe taylor 10 months ago
...or he could just request a chair?
Youtube Tv
Youtube Tv 10 months ago
Is there any free gift car, 😢 I hope their is a fairlady give away car😢 how I wish dude... Sub from Kuching Sarawak Malaysia
advlogs dez
advlogs dez 10 months ago
Moral of the story is... never order a taco in a car challenge. Food got you killed
ANEESH RAVIKUMAR 10 months ago
Rasam !! WooW!
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 10 months ago
So after all that he doesn't like the car but wants a Tesla 😂 Some people have all the luck .
Dylan Lujan
Dylan Lujan 10 months ago
Why is this the best video. One word genuine.
KidLogieTV 10 months ago
Video not for me thanks, reminds of the stupid Morgz and Mr Beast videos my kids watch.....get back to building vids please
socoffingsource 90
socoffingsource 90 10 months ago
Hi there mr beast Oh shi* wrong chanel
WAvy 10 months ago
Nice copy
Michelle Grossman
Michelle Grossman 10 months ago
Kyle deserves to win bc his name cant be kyle without a Subaru
Ali Shammari
Ali Shammari 10 months ago
ShuffleMasta 10 months ago
Call off the wedding bruh lol jk
Daniel Lundin
Daniel Lundin 10 months ago
This what this channel is about now?
James H
James H 10 months ago
Ghost pepper got no flavor at all,just kicks u straight in the mouth!
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins 10 months ago
haha, that could be the best slow-mo I've ever seen !
Angel Matos
Angel Matos 10 months ago
Do a corvette