Lowering the Huracan, Fixing Brakes, Testing Exhaust, All Sorts of Good Stuff! 

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In today's episode we jump into a ton of different areas like brakes, turbo cooling, turbo exhaust testing, suspension and more.
Big thanks to Extreme Turbo Systems for hooking us up with the stainless steel to make new exhaust manifolds if we need to. Find them at www.extremeturbosystems.com/
and follow them on IG! extremeturbosystems
Also thanks to www.aviontool.com/ for building our lowering perches, contact them if you need to lower your huracan.
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Tim Human
Tim Human 4 months ago
Damn Oscar!!! Great job bro!
Drew Gorman
Drew Gorman Year ago
Is it weird having two turbo sponsors? And one is waaaaay better of a sponsor and yet doesn’t have the turbos on the car.
Drax Mordante
Drax Mordante Year ago
killing a nice car
Kuruma Productions
Hey mate! You probably won’t get this but I hope you do. I love your channel, I found it by watching a Sema video and I had to track this thing down! It’s also giving me HEAPS of motivation for my own build when I was running low on inspiration. I noticed you’re getting into 3D printing and all that. I have a hack for you that you may enjoy haha There’s a video on US-first that shows you how to hack an xbox Kinect camera/sensor into a 3D scanning tool. I think this would be a great addition to your inventory of awesomeness hahaha Anyways thank you again so much for putting out these awesome videos and throwing your inspiration out to the world! 🙏🏼 Much love from Australia.
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia Year ago
This car needs an "OB" badge for Oscar Built
Brannon Truax
Brannon Truax Year ago
Chris you said it isn’t a show car, but you are literally building it to take to Sema one of the biggest car shows in the country
Sameerzx Year ago
Oscar The Monster
Chad Morris
Chad Morris Year ago
Chris says ‘plumb this Biotch!’ Ha! Ha! That’s what she said! 🤣 “B is for this Build this Biotch!” now! Hope your show car and hard work does very well,Chris!
Charles Carrell
(Front) reverse the stacked logo B IS FOR BUILD Taking it to the next level (back) Oscar did a great welding fabricating auto electrician mechanic... [etc(just list all the jobs he's done to bring BIFB to the next level)] job give credit where credits due like 50/50...or...60/40...you know and if you like this idea, its yours. Just toss me in a tee.
Mercedes SLSAMG
dude the amount of stuff you lose your next build needs to be a shop build
Jason Heller
Jason Heller Year ago
Oscar's the man, man...lol...lucky to have him in this build. Great work from u all.
Ricardo Heathe
hey you ,,B is for build guy. is that car still a Huracan LOOK at all u have done to it . what is it now .
Ryne Jackson
Ryne Jackson Year ago
Idk if this has been said or not but I think Oscar deserves this car
Howard Swing
Howard Swing Year ago
High speed make you sick and doesn't show anything...….
Sean Merrit
Sean Merrit Year ago
Put "Oscar did a great job." in the front and I'll buy one.
Jim Cook
Jim Cook Year ago
I support the "Oscar did a great job" shirt also but the quote needs to be on the back of the shirts because that's what we see the most of!
Jonathan Murray
Advanced Auto has Bundy flex brake line with fittings bring old one
HighaLevel Year ago
Shout out to Oscar!🤜🏽
Garage Rats
Garage Rats Year ago
Am I the only one wondering where the wastegates are..?
dudelol505 Year ago
Travish finished their Lamborghini for sema too
Jim Sharp
Jim Sharp Year ago
I support the “Oscar did a great job” shirt
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez Year ago
Has he mentioned if they're going to install waste gates on the turbos to control boost? I feel like I haven't heard him mention anything about waste gates.
Jimmy Larsson
Jimmy Larsson Year ago
So one turbo is going to run on hot water?
wickedtoast Year ago
what a down grade of a engine swap lol...?
reemas1983 Year ago
where did you source the couplers for the turbos?
ben hopley
ben hopley Year ago
I’m guns be that guy... the bonnet fits nicely to the scuttle panel
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Year ago
Donnie Laabs
Donnie Laabs Year ago
am i the only one that notices everytime that there are no wastegates???
itskarl1799 Year ago
I bet that's an audi wheel bearing, or at least compatible (looks identical)... can probably make a cv stub from an audi halfshaft too...
Golden Boi
Golden Boi Year ago
Petition to give this car to Oscar.
LeeJSA Year ago
B is for Boost.....all of it in fact #nowastegatelife - least it's probably gonna be a particularly epic burnout!!
It begin to look seriously insane ! Can't wait to see it finished
amari odom
amari odom Year ago
i just got drunk and decided i should watch the b is for build episode i missed a while ago 😂😂
Aaron Williamson
Mighty impressive so far, when are we gonna see the Z on track though?!😜🤘
Paoweezys Vlogs
I'd like to see if itll be anything close to all the renderings he made lol.. time is short and corners will be cut haha
Kade Austin
Kade Austin Year ago
Oscar the dog(stradman) or Oscar the car mechanic(bisforbuild)?
Brandon Grandgenett
Are you going to have enough time to get this bad boy painted????
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Year ago
I've performed the below procedure many times for two-wheel drive conversions off of four-wheel drive Jeeps I believe it'll work the same way
Nazaar Samuels
Oscar does a very good job
Alex Uber
Alex Uber Year ago
Please give Oscar some camera time, I need to thank this man in person.
Terry Fleming
Terry Fleming Year ago
I’ll buy any Oscar shirt!!
darkbearrider Year ago
so glad the exhaust worked out! looks like things are really coming together!! :D
Jesse Keefe
Jesse Keefe Year ago
Yep.. I'd buy a "B is for Build, Oscar did a great job" shirt!
MrKKUT1984 Year ago
B is also for Beotch 5:28
MrAznRonin Year ago
ETS, can I get a super charger for a 2011 Honda Accord EX Coupe??
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
This lambo is gonna be a monster
A. M. Gonzalez-Pabon
You guys are great. Oscar is an amazing “do it all” guy. Can’t wait to see the finished product and on the road. Good luck!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
of bounds build.
crook038 Year ago
Those front bearings are smoked. Any wheel bearing that needs lateral compression will be junk if you roll it around without the stub axle in place and torqued to spec. Change them out now to save yourself the headaches. I’m looking forward to seeing the car and crew at SEMA.
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
Oscar's Resumé: I do a great job.
Imsoevil99 Year ago
Rename this build “O is for Oscar”
Reid McDowell
Reid McDowell Year ago
Sometimes with exhaust manifolds the first time they get heat through them they glow and stain the colour. But after that they dont, happens alot with dirtbike exhausts.
Car_Ful Year ago
Incredible project and Oscar deserves a medal !!! 👏👏👏👏👍😃
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
How is this any different than a fully built kit car?
Yobbe Year ago
Oscar is your MVP. Make a shirt for that.
haggardcorpse productions
I've performed the below procedure many times for two-wheel drive conversions off of four-wheel drive Jeeps I believe it'll work the same way
haggardcorpse productions
You can actually make a stub from the old CV shaft that belong to the all-wheel drive all you have to do is cut it flush with a die grinder and both get back together
Jerry with a J
Make the Oscar shirts Chris
Gary Parker
Gary Parker Year ago
very nice.... but i wont need any of this on my new Tesla
Volta P.
Volta P. Year ago
Rain water's gonna get inside those exhaust pipes
Pan Year ago
I think the car would be my new favorite when its finished
Michael McDale
With all the work done to this car, What happened to installing or fabbing the rear axles????
Ryan Overkamp
Ryan Overkamp Year ago
I was very skeptic when you first said your throwing an American V8 in a Lambo...but this is totally an epic build that is so cool to watch come together. Love the creativity and out of bounds build.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
This lambo is gonna be a monster
BMWdavid Year ago
rebuilding an m3 on my channel if you guys would like to watch! thank you (:
Christopher Morr
your going to sema, that makes it a show car
TheDeamonKing Year ago
we need a shirt saying oscar did a good job!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
Good luck,love B is for brilliant 👍
Kansas Jayhawker
Where is your X pipe?
Brandon Simmons
How is this any different than a fully built kit car?
studdaman420 Year ago
Lol, don't you know, the real Lambo Jesus is GutterSnake!!! 🏁🏎🐍🏎🏁
Biff Tannen, Esq.
I feel so safe knowing Oscar is going to add some crumple zones.
Stephen M
Stephen M Year ago
should flip the turbos 180 degrees, could have a functional roof scoop into them. Needs a V12LS in it too :D
Lachlan L
Lachlan L Year ago
DONATE TO TEAM TREES!!! teamtrees.org
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz Year ago
Oscar shirt please
catfisher420 Year ago
Are you going to be done in time for sema?
Dylan J. Lombardo
wheres the boat
DD___DC Year ago
O is 4 Oscar did a good job
Luis Marquez
Luis Marquez Year ago
Why not put on zr1 wheels ? more aggressive and makes sense with the ls swap
Kris McLeod
Kris McLeod Year ago
You better take Oscar to Disneyland with you after this
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay Year ago
Hit us with the nerve wrenching crunch time! What else does oscar gotta do lol let's gooooo give us a update Chris!
Angel O
Angel O Year ago
Join #teamtrees , show people that the car community cares as well!
Craig Rodgers
Craig Rodgers Year ago
Good luck,love B is for brilliant 👍
Rev. David Willerup
I’m in for Oscar’s shirt.
Ben Oxley
Ben Oxley Year ago
Oscar did a great job shirts would sell out
Jason Harris
Jason Harris Year ago
Great work guys. It is coming along. Make sure you remember to eat.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Year ago
Gonna get painted?
Don’t forget to put clamps on the turbo pressure side plumbing.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Year ago
You should really consider putting egt sensors in your new manifolds
Cethe O'Hannion
Bro, exhaust fan You have to know a grower that has a spare high cfm inline fan you can put on baffled ducting
Garriett Menzies
Does Oscar have a patreon?
Danny Dougherty
ill take two!
Gilbert Franklin
I ran all the time-lapse high speed parts in slo-mo and I discovered something no one has realized yet: "Chris is doing a great job"! Spread the word! 😎👍🏆
Joe's Junk
Joe's Junk Year ago
Lowering the Huracan? I think you went low enough when you put a Chevy motor in it
Is the Huracan going to be in sema or just going down to sema? Beucause I feel like they are cutting it a bit close and might not make the cut!
CatRabbit499 Year ago
I hope your wheels are done, because a burnout on spacers seems like a bad idea...
apostate001 Year ago
O is for Oscar! Love the new name of this channel!
CatRabbit499 Year ago
“Bought some hosies, just gotta plumb this beotch” 5:30
Schnellfahrer Year ago
Shooting the exhaust manifolds with an IR thermometer would give false readings due to the high reflectivity. Best way of doing it without installing proper EGT sensors is to tie a thermocouple to the manifold and wrap it to keep the heat in for the test.
Nflorida ADV
Nflorida ADV Year ago
“Oscar did a great job” shirt. But money from his shirts goes to Oscar. It help out with his day job. #supportoscar
You should really consider putting egt sensors in your new manifolds
Detroit culture
Gonna get painted?
Cloverdale Rail
Oscar is a beast!
Jake Archer
Jake Archer Year ago
All cars have drive shafts they connect to wheels to the drive train The prop shaft is what connects the gear box to a diff An axel is a non powered set of wheels
Ryan Bernic
Ryan Bernic Year ago
Hay Chris, are you #teamtrees?
White Thunder
White Thunder Year ago
I've lost track or steam watching this build ...
Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas Year ago
Dude, I know its not your field, but you should deffinitely join the new tree cause by help raising 20mil usd to help plant 20m trees.
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