LS Swapped Lamborghini Huracan Hits The Track For The First Time!! 

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In todays episode we go head to head on a private track. Burntacan, vs Body swapped 2016-1967 Mustang, vs 400WHP BMW E92 3 Series. Place ya bets!!
Check out our track prep episode on our second channel! us-first.info/more/uipK0SZuSqvtzM21LvxV9g
Huge thanks to Bridge City Autosports for the help at the track. www.bcautosports.club/
Autocross was the most fun we had all day on the track and were all really looking forward to attending more events in the future. Check out their site and come join us!
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Sep 2, 2020




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sethyooo sethyuuu
Finally a lamborghini that sounds right
Alejandro 2 days ago
B is for Big Bullshit Builds.
Kyle Fegley
Kyle Fegley 4 days ago
Try starting out in 2nd instead of babying the throttle in 1st.
A L Reed
A L Reed 5 days ago
Surge tank a must it sounds like.
Gabriel Montanez
Gabriel Montanez 5 days ago
twin turbos? yoked. insurance? yikes. hotel? trivago.
Anthraxx 9 days ago
Takata gang
tristan stapleton
Try down shifting when it it can buck at slower speeds because of having it at a heightened speed gear with and too lower of throttle engagement
Hunter MacDonald
Hunter MacDonald 17 days ago
Might I suggest that you give her a sesto elemeto rear bumper and transaxle cover?
Nick B.
Nick B. 18 days ago
Anybody know the weight specs on the Lambo motor versus the LS setup? Just curious the weight difference. BTW ABS is a must (at least for me) if you ever plan on driving it on the street. Videos R super entertaining though!
Nick B.
Nick B. 18 days ago
Can't wait to see this LS-ambo get a proper tune!! Need to get a dry sump setup so no oil starvation too! 3 series looks super dope now that its painted.
Martín Oporto
Martín Oporto 21 day ago
Please: Give us the 2nd part of the Door Build. Thanks! ♥️
Murphy Pendleton
Murphy Pendleton 23 days ago
You said track day, its just a drag strip with cones...
David Maye
David Maye 25 days ago
data log much? aldo ... open diff on that bimmer?
wooloongabba Month ago
clearly ABS doesnt work in that lambo , Seriously that lambo is a shitbox
Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire Month ago
I don’t know the background story of this car but why does it have a gm ls motor instead of its v10? Makes it sound cheap an ls Lamborghini lol
momo Month ago
The mustang doesn't have a torsen diff one of the reasons why you can't do a proper drift. If you got the pp edition then you'd have the torsen diff
Paul Moro
Paul Moro Month ago
All that work for a car you can’t drive.
natedogbfd Month ago
your a pro car guy!!!
The video feels forced...also this is not really a track guys 1/8 th mile also not really Rather just build leave the track days to others
Alex Rios
Alex Rios Month ago
What brand headlights in the OscarStang?
Paddy Murphy
Paddy Murphy Month ago
Next step ...just burn it out ...with gasoline...what a piece of crap 👍
dutchdna Month ago
Bad cars, bad drivers, bad times, bad gas, bad fuel pump, bad tires, bad brakes, bad suspension, bad looks, bad sounds, bad video.
Luke Aleckson
Luke Aleckson Month ago
That is one horrible tune man you need a new tuner no excuse for a tune like that.
Benr.y Month ago
This thing looks and sounds like the Tumbler
الباحث عن الحق
M3 engine when was on donuts is like that's how my tire smells
Autoshine Cars
Autoshine Cars Month ago
Soften the rear suspension, drop the tyres and that should help you get off of the line better in the harracane. Love the channel.. Putting your money where your mouth is and doing what you want to do. Screw the haters.
morphman21 Month ago
My good friend is the president of bridge city autosports and I have to say it really brought some foot traffic to our autoX group. Thanks again for the shout-out to our group
Edgar Correa
Edgar Correa Month ago
This guy builds like the most badass cars but can't drive respect XD
ChillCosmos Month ago
Hearing that poor engine chugging around like that with that awful tune is scary. Just get Jeremy @ Fasterproms
Dr.Asim Month ago
I bet Garrett is really happy with the sponsorship of the Hurracan haha Good choice Garret! It's not like you had other projects you could help... Like people who actually know how to build a car.
Robert Marx
Robert Marx Month ago
Now you know why Huracans have all wheel drive.
LunarVVolf Month ago
Pilot wanted to land just to watch the cars.
MindSET 2 months ago
I think it needs a spoiler.
Filthy Rodriguez
Filthy Rodriguez 2 months ago
Gee man did you get this new paint job done in Iraq or what. Looks like ISIL suicide car bombers did some modifications.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 2 months ago
fun to watch!
Nathan Crock
Nathan Crock 2 months ago
Of all things; why would you cheap out on a tune? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Robert Ordewald
Robert Ordewald 2 months ago
The day looked like fun. Oscar's car would benefit 150 to 200 lbs bolted down behind the spare tire. It shouldn't care about the added weight but the balance should be much better. Thanks from Virginia
Brian Keller
Brian Keller 2 months ago
Two words: Freedom Factory
Fastlane racing co.
Fastlane racing co. 2 months ago
Man you should finish one project before jumping to another... It would be nice to see these cars at full potential.
marco and the wolf pack
17:25 is the wide body on the bmw stock from factory
Lonnie Leu
Lonnie Leu 2 months ago
that bucking is from being in too high of a gear, the trans is fighting the engine, our dirt cars do it all the time when pace laps get too slow
Jadhiel Eliud
Jadhiel Eliud 2 months ago
You mean to tell me you wanted to do something cool and you ducked at it? Lol bro I love your personality and you got something to sell but you’re always behind cleetus, boosted bois or anything like it bro your shot sucks cuz you’re trying to follow a trend Make your own.
Drewby Doo21
Drewby Doo21 2 months ago
hey guys show me some love drewby doo21
eb110americana 2 months ago
[Tries to launch and stalls it instead] "NEWMAN!"
Robbie Gomes
Robbie Gomes 2 months ago
Why the fuck would you go through all the effort to LS swap a v10
Crimmson Varekai
Crimmson Varekai 2 months ago
What kind of rims and wheels are on the huracan? Great job on the bmw but the mustang is my favorite. Huracan looks sick like that.
Alex BeVirt
Alex BeVirt 2 months ago
I'm sorry but the rims you have on the Huracan are ugly, get some better tires as well.
Eco Slut
Eco Slut 2 months ago
plz stop doing "donuts" your not even doing them correctly :(
Steve IW
Steve IW 2 months ago
That thing needs a set of racing wheels and tires. Not donk wheels.
msimcox2 2 months ago
This is Leroy's Italian cousin
seanpratherful 2 months ago
Imagine spending $115k on a salvage Huracan just to put an LS in it.
Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!!
Jeremy from FasterProms is the best Los tuner in the game hands down!! You should go and let him do it bro.
Danilo Živanović
Danilo Živanović 2 months ago
0 reasons to destroy Huracan on that way
Richard Valdez
Richard Valdez 2 months ago
Nice build 👌 needs a good tune
Lance Tamplin
Lance Tamplin 2 months ago
First time seeing this car, and all i have to say is, *in Owen wilson voice* wow
Michael Deas
Michael Deas 2 months ago
As drivers.....😐
olddog 2 months ago
Too fast for it's tires! Yes, definitely. 👍😊
Scandal929 2 months ago
Like that Chrome bag.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 months ago
"We don't have enough traction, we don't have enough control , and we don't have enough traction control." - B is for Build (circa 2020)
Average forza player
The rear has the look of a 917k. It has the exposed tires, the taillights that make it look like the two wings on the 917. Take it to Le Mans (:
Nate Withem
Nate Withem 2 months ago
Dude I left a couple comments on other videos but I’m telling you you will have 100% better luck with the power on the bmw if you simply get a mhd adapter and a back end flash from mhd to go along with that jb4 I got around 50-60 hp gains and the torque is a lot better aswell
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 months ago
if its starving fuel than its starving oil save yourself a headache and get a dry sump
naelson rivas
naelson rivas 2 months ago
dam not even sounding like a 10
stitch Xmm
stitch Xmm 2 months ago
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 months ago
You need to have a meeting with ol’ Cleet so he can teach you how to race manual
Ion Trifu Vlog
Ion Trifu Vlog 2 months ago
This Lambo have seen better days!
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 months ago
I would have love to see the 240z Datsun and the GTR on the track.
Juho Kokkonen
Juho Kokkonen 2 months ago
Oscar's is the dopest tho
James Mason
James Mason 2 months ago
jeez man havent you ever driven a manual before? That bucking is what happens at the pedal. Its ur foot thats doin that.
James Mason
James Mason 2 months ago
@sehhi vooty I havent worn a cap since probably 05'. Tell me something. Hows ur channel got 572 subs with no content? Thats some trick.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 months ago
Probably 1st time You showed yourself with cap removed.
Spocko Spockon
Spocko Spockon 2 months ago
Cancer patient asking what is it like to have what ever you want?
ganoncollins1 2 months ago
Dear lord, before spending all the money on renting a track for a day, get a good tune. Not a tire issue.
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 months ago
You hurt that engine stupid finish the build get it tuned properly
Bob C
Bob C 2 months ago
You ruined a beautiful V10 Audi powered balanced sports car. You are going to need a bigger fire extinguisher also.
Dane Ferrari-Esias
Dane Ferrari-Esias 2 months ago
does that widebody bmw have an open diff.... LOLOL
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 2 months ago
Bro I swear I'd rather watch your videos on US-first than the car build shows on Netflix. You guys do an amazing job!
Basicallyabush 2 months ago
ace steel
ace steel 2 months ago
you didn't build a stick shift drag car not even close, bring BHC and spend a month with Cleetus and crew
Alistair Baben der Erde
That Hurracan looks fantastic!
John Gorgis
John Gorgis 2 months ago
if its starving fuel than its starving oil save yourself a headache and get a dry sump
pete00078 2 months ago
Nice, ...and also change the rear tires, the NItto Invo's are rubbish, I tried 2 different sets and nothing but wheel spin. Nt05's are much better once warm in the dry. This is in a v8 ute with light rear end, live axle. 305/30/19 tire size.
maverick buckley
maverick buckley 2 months ago
Cadence breaking sir. Please.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
Definitely made it way worse then stock
esteban 2 months ago
i challenge Damon From DDE to drift this beast!
čārlijs gulbis
čārlijs gulbis 2 months ago
that lambo runs like dogshit
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 2 months ago
Probably 1st time You showed yourself with cap removed.
michael bradford
michael bradford 2 months ago
You hurt that engine stupid finish the build get it tuned properly
Tendorak Solo
Tendorak Solo 2 months ago
you need a dead wish to drive that car ...frankenstein is not holding the road and ready to catch fire any sec
IFFY_TOO 2 months ago
It sounds like a fucking diesel truck.
Burnt Chicken Nugget
I feel like the main reason i dont see anyone try this with a Ferrari spider is due to thr fact they will sue you
Richard Browne
Richard Browne 2 months ago
This was a experimental interesting video. You all lost to a Fox body Mustang. Learning curve!
Rubin Hester
Rubin Hester 2 months ago
Shes a thicccc gal from behind
TheCamaro5 2 months ago
This car will always push in the corners with your current setup. That wide rear track and narrow front track is not gunna be good on any track.
Look Outside
Look Outside 2 months ago
You can scrap it for parts and metal
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 months ago
Not taking anything away from the other cars because they’re awesome, but I’d love to have that m3.
Leroy Noah
Leroy Noah 2 months ago
You may not be a pro drifter or a pro driver but you are a pro builder. Hence b is for build
Greg Machala
Greg Machala 2 months ago
Should have just stroked the LS to 418 and kept it naturally aspirated and get some Mamo heads and camshaft and you'll be an easy 650 HP and be much more controllable. You don't need a turbo on a big V8 especially in such a light car.
Andrew 2 months ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
Definitely made it way worse then stock
Virgile Deriot
Virgile Deriot 2 months ago
You should get that foam you put in the fuel tank to keep it from sloshing, the stuff they use for FD
Andres Dominguez
Andres Dominguez 2 months ago
What a trash
alain caballero
alain caballero 2 months ago
i dont understand why SEMA lets this incomplete builds go to the show, people that really bring complete cars do not get the recognition they deserve just because youtubers bring thousands of followers to the event, the idea was great but that car was and it is not ready just my opinion
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
i know. I will take precision German engineering and swap it with crap which will make it better!
Oles Garage 16
Oles Garage 16 2 months ago
Where is the blue Dustin
Tim 2 months ago
Lmfao this entire video looks like a shitshow
nova351 2 months ago
Things the Burntacan needs, - Traction - ABS - Air filters - Tune. Thins the Burntacan has - the ability to smoke the rims off