LS V8 Swapped Huracan FIRST START UP! 

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In today's episode we start the V8 Huracan for the first time! Sponsored by War Dragons
Download War Dragons on your phone or tablet by hitting “Install” below and find out how breeding your first dragon helps donate to Stack Up’s cause! bit.ly/WarDragonsBuild
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Jul 12, 2019




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Brian D
Brian D 5 months ago
eye and ear protection is cheap. Injure your sight or hearing and it may be premanent.
Freddie Slaughter
Freddie Slaughter 6 months ago
You need to buy some Varsal or similar to clean metal parts. makes things a little easier.
Comfortably Numb
Comfortably Numb 6 months ago
Yeah, u be playin so much War Dragons, I'm sure 🤣🤣🤣
Sam maxwell
Sam maxwell 8 months ago
sir thank you saved me 100grand
Darrell Baker
Darrell Baker 10 months ago
Awesome watching the process of the build!!💪😎
Assassin 11 months ago
ahh a better lambo other than that shit v12
Deepdirty South
You may be the first person to swap an LS in to that particular model of Lamborghini. But I know a man that did it 35 years ago to a Lamborghini! Yes a small block Chevrolet swap. St. Petersburg Florida the car still exist to this day.
Kingster Sreejit
Your simply downgrading your engine porformance....what is the purpose if you can tell me Thsnkyou
Bill H
Bill H Year ago
Noticed your 240Z flag. I had a 1970 240Z. Loved that car. Drove the hell out of it.
Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
I wouldn't say this a very common swap but if you have the money buy Pagani Zonda and LS swap it
Louise Byrne
Louise Byrne Year ago
Kan you do a R34
The engine is not in the front, you did it wrong.
This guy needs to join a Lambo rally
Shooter on the grassy knoll
This hurts. I understand taking out an engine and putting a bigger one in, but yea this swap is questionable
Sound like a monster 😳lol
tzxsr Year ago
What transmission is that?
racing1g Year ago
Need to swap in one of these LS V10 engines floating around lol.
Blank Pocket
Blank Pocket Year ago
Why 🤦🏽‍♂️
hamza maken
hamza maken Year ago
thanks for wasting my 30 minutes
Pro Viper
Pro Viper Year ago
ha ls swapped now your slower!
Scotty Cox
Scotty Cox Year ago
The C-8 corvette 😐
Cartropica Year ago
I feel like this video is gonna offend more people than satisfy 😂😂 just LS everything 💀
Pro Viper
Pro Viper Year ago
fuck no hemi swap everything
Alex Glez
Alex Glez Year ago
Should of put a 2jz lol
John Davis
John Davis Year ago
What ls engine is that. I see the cathedral ports
chargedup hellcat
can i have that junky ls engine you guys tested for my 97 camaro swap?? XD
Tucker Helm
Tucker Helm Year ago
There is a LS swapped Lamborghini in my town @bisforbuild
Waylon Myers
Waylon Myers Year ago
Build a car with a bunch of subs it it
Yohannes Bayray
Why am I so abnormally obsessed with this huracan
temp errr
temp errr Year ago
Injector packs👌
ItsTemporary Year ago
Wait wat makes it a lambo now besides the shell
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura Year ago
What you going to do with it ...not streetable ...emmissions tampering I cant adjust my 14 " 5 yr old chainsaws fuel needles but you csn go crazy on a sports car
Jonathan Murray
Put airbags maybe air shocks do they make air coilovers
Abu Nation
Abu Nation Year ago
Which LS Engine is he using?
Xatxitor Year ago
In my opinion, this just feels right. V10 are aberrations. Ridiculous high end torque but lacking in every others aspects. Love this built
Rupesh Gupta
Rupesh Gupta Year ago
You are legend your work is inspired me for this type work can you train me i am from india
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz Year ago
Is this even a Italian car anymore?
Smoky Year ago
So it’s cool to get a Lamborghini and put an LS in it, what about buying a replica Lamborghini with an LS in it?
Raymond Mendez
SMH y'all are cheap af
A H Year ago
Number this damn Episode dude
Max McHugh
Max McHugh Year ago
The Hillbilly Huracan!
Keyton Year ago
What LS motor is that?
smooov nyc
smooov nyc Year ago
how could you
Bart G
Bart G Year ago
When come’s a new boat video
Reginheraht Weiß
What if you take the old LS (the one in the video), knock two or four pistons off of it, and add them to the new one? LS-v10 / v12?
Romero Munoz
Romero Munoz Year ago
A lambo that make sense
jay rios
jay rios Year ago
*Builds expensive corvette* *sees this shit*
Zephairein Year ago
Nice your making a 2021 C8 before Chevy :)
Zephairein Year ago
War Dragons Jesus haven't heard that game name in like 3 years
MrJMO78 Year ago
Aren't you too old for stancewars?
Adrian Price
Adrian Price Year ago
Does anyone else hear Texas Speed as Texas Pete? :D
Nomercy 661
Nomercy 661 Year ago
why tho
Gilbert Franklin
The beast lives -- and it wants to run. It is so angry to be shut down. This son of Christine needs to be freed!
tEhecAW Year ago
I love how that company uses “vets” and supporting them to fuel their own propagative. Smfh.
Hriddhi Debnath
LOOL good job on the startup!! Must've been insanely loud haha
Ali Rahem
Ali Rahem Year ago
في عربي ازمال من السعودية
NoQuemaLIVE Year ago
Just use rtv gasket filling
Bobbyjoe Haskins
That's not the Texas speed eng
Marketing james
That thing sounds insane can’t wait till it’s finish
fakeshemp44 Year ago
Sketch Chevroghini is sketch :)
George Smith
George Smith Year ago
That gear box is huge bro
George Smith
George Smith Year ago
Henry Schmalzried
Chris, when you're ready to sandblast those parts let me know. Eclipse Surface Technologies, in Hatfield Pa. can ship you a vapor blaster for free or we could blast them in our shop for free. Check us out, man. We manufacture some of the best, portable vapor blasters. eclipseblast.com
Chaise not Chase
I guarantee he has never once played that garbage mobile game
Prince Tubby
Prince Tubby Year ago
I don’t get why u didn’t just twin turbo a hurican and make more power???
Liam G
Liam G Year ago
Rhys Thompson what’s the fun in that😂
Juan Lule
Juan Lule Year ago
Lol so where does that engine go
I hate low ground clearence u should raise it so it can go over speed bumps its so cringy having car rip parts off going over bumps
Wasnt there texus speed on side ?
Mee sees him swap engine already * him saying he awapping engine what happned
Ifbit was was me i would have mad sure every thing was ready
MrBlaze256 Year ago
holy hell at the ad in the start of the video
Noor ul huda Khan
Want see start engin 21:45
Kieran Penrose
Vincent V
Vincent V Year ago
will this mod affect the weight and balance/handling of the car?
Area 51 Gaming
Damn. Im jealous! I've always wanted to build a v8 Lamborghini! Looks sick! You really wanna stand out? Put a blower on it eventually ;)
Varken Good
Varken Good Year ago
Always ballsie without a fire extinguisher on hand !
Randall Wyatt
Randall Wyatt Year ago
B is for bitch ?
J Q Year ago
Yak yak yak
Div Eski
Div Eski Year ago
Danger alert! Ear rape
inslowmotion Year ago
What a travesty to drop that 5.2L V10 for a bullshit American block.
Mark Juan
Mark Juan Year ago
ls swap everything
David P Edwards III
When you gonna realize he's a Decepticon your bringing back from the DEAD?? He sounds EEEEVIL
Drew John
Drew John Year ago
Yall created a mid engine corvette lol
shenanigans alv
no mass air flow sensor thats why rpm is too high
DangerDave Year ago
I love how that company uses “vets” and supporting them to fuel their own propagative. Smfh.
g Year ago
Why would you put an ls in that car it's like putting a 4 cylinder in a g63
Tex Valentino
Tex Valentino Year ago
First 2 minutes of your vid is ass. Stop selling yourself out for advertisements. It's bad enough US-first makes you watch ad's on just about every video. Now I gotta watch a car guy bullshit about a dragon video game? Right. B isnt for Dragons.
Michael Washington
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Daniel Immeyer
Please do this to a Ferrari they deserve it. Something like a k20 with boost in a 355. It would be a better car
Micheal Barnes
Congrats on the million subs Man 😎
Brandon Zhitnitsky
I would bet money that the incorrect/bent control arms came from ECS Tuning 😂
vincent lonbird
Where's that TSP fresh engine at though?!
Aaron Cutts
Aaron Cutts Year ago
Dude, Haltech ECU's allow you to turn off things like injectors at the click of a button, no need to go pulling the connections. I'm hoping you're going to spend some more time researching the Haltech software, with the popularity of this build you have the opportunity to show your followers how amazing our Aussie engineering really is!
glastornjet73 Year ago
Just seems like a slow car with extra steps
snvff xxx
snvff xxx Year ago
oh no..
Kblou Htoo
Kblou Htoo Year ago
Congratulations to B is for build , 1M sub
Sonico Talons
Sonico Talons Year ago
I just didn’t like the whole “the episode’s ad campaign” but I do love the Stack[¡] WarofDragons, which I agreed was a pretty solid app. So, will see you on there. -Sonny [sonico.talons]
Far Reach Engineering
That first START. One of the Best on US-first. Totally overran the mic. nothin' but noise and POWER.
Jonathan Tullberg
You and your so called mechanics, have no idea wtf you are doing