Modifying Our $10,000 Lamborghini Transmission For Drag Racing 

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In today's episode we're cracking open our manual Lamborghini Transaxle to modify its drop gears for better gearing ratio and a better top speed.
If you're working with a Graziano Transaxle and looking for upgrades or a better clutch, head to hcfautoparts.com/
And huge thanks to xs_motorworks for helping us through the tricky parts of the gear install.
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Dec 13, 2019




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RyuujiZla Takasu
RyuujiZla Takasu 5 months ago
Was the build after this one the "build that must not be named"?
Howard Woods
Howard Woods 6 months ago
Why not just finish this car. Get it done, and get it done right please it has such potential
Ray 7 months ago
what a great mod, better gear ratios and reduced weight
Recreational_Shit •
VW mk6 GLI/GTI maybe parter with ECS Tuning again 😉😉
Rolani0306 10 months ago
just started watching your show have you thought about a pontiac solstice build with LS3
Sherky 10 months ago
Install a slippers clutch!!! It'll be a dam 1/4 mile monster
Tony Tiger1
Tony Tiger1 10 months ago
What do you do with the cars that you finish rebuilding???
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 10 months ago
*takes apart Graziano transmission* sorry, this probably isn't the most exciting thing in the world
The Sultan
The Sultan 10 months ago
Still not done
Rich Golver
Rich Golver 11 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/iLKhq22kopmFrmQ.html Have you seen this thing ?
AAVl80 11 months ago
Love you guys and. Your hard work my best wishes, but for me that's the ugliest lambo I ever seen
N03_N04H_N0 7
N03_N04H_N0 7 11 months ago
Make it a drifter
JoyRidaz 11 months ago
Chris!! Just saw your car on a motor trend show about sema! Dang that’s cool as sheet! Congrats
Ford raptor
Ford raptor 11 months ago
Get a 89 crx
Wendell Greenidge
Wendell Greenidge 11 months ago
I love that he uses harbor freight tools on a $10k transmission...
Andrew Spidell
Andrew Spidell 11 months ago
When are you stopping by Willow Springs?
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez 11 months ago
This build has run its course. Yawning
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 11 months ago
Kool vlog congratulations
Pauley 11 months ago
Stop starting and start finishing builds.
Edmundo Cunha
Edmundo Cunha 11 months ago
I have and idea for your channel, just review this entire thing, and make videos of all the stuff you did wrong and how to do it properly, get a local mechanic/eletrician/tuner to give opinions. should give you enough content for years!
lolknighi knight
lolknighi knight 11 months ago
Race dde
Josh 11 months ago
Just found you videos. I would subscribe but goddamn you talk to much.. You must really like talking to yourself.
R. Ovalles
R. Ovalles 11 months ago
How you learn to work on cars? School? Apprenticeship?
Broken Silvia
Broken Silvia 11 months ago
Hey Chris, I have a well documented wrecked R34 Skyline build! I can edit the whole video too and add it to dropbox if you'd like some fresh content to kick start the other channel?
HDSHANSEN GAMING 11 months ago
Brand we have never had before....oh?
Jason Will
Jason Will 11 months ago
Careful when u ship the car that far to ole Cleet, the suspension will take a beating and bolts will walk. Do a good inspection on arrival, Then let her rip tater chip Bog Deep!
Dan Donohue
Dan Donohue 11 months ago
Who else watches these videos at 1.5 speed?
Gerry Milidantri
Gerry Milidantri 11 months ago
Great video look forward to the new build
Gerald Whyley
Gerald Whyley 11 months ago
lets hope you took lots of pics chris
Lazo_ 30
Lazo_ 30 11 months ago
Where the boat video at
James Reeve
James Reeve 11 months ago
Anyone else bored of this build yet? Lol
techmaster242 11 months ago
7:06 - deez nuts
Ed Cias III
Ed Cias III 11 months ago
Shaving a $10,000 transaxle with a $12.99 Harbor Freight grinder and a death wheel...priceless!
Guilberth Bermudez
Guilberth Bermudez 11 months ago
Hmm so from my understanding, longer ratio gearing will not work at all for drag racing, shorter quicker shifts will increase acceleration ratio.
Tomek S
Tomek S 11 months ago
Chris time for a new build.
Jake Homer
Jake Homer 11 months ago
What happened to the boat
axlvandamme 11 months ago
It’s an amazing engineering feat doing what you did, but I’d still rather have the green Lambo.
david bretherick
david bretherick 11 months ago
That’s so crazy what’s your track date i live like 10 mins from bradenton I’d love to come down and check everything out
Umberto Gobbi
Umberto Gobbi 11 months ago
any plans on relocating the shifter forward?
Wilbert Yuen
Wilbert Yuen 11 months ago
Will Oscar be on the trip too??? Am I the only one wants to see an Oscar vs Isaiah fabrication challenges??
Y0Gzee 11 months ago
One day i will see my dream car being built on one of the guys channels xD it's a scirocco chris ;)
Frankyy 11 months ago
7:04 Deez nuts, hahhhhh got emmmm
096Landon 11 months ago
I still think you should bring back the beer koozies
ETIT 11 months ago
you had it apart and didn't do cryogenic treatment of the weakest parts. although maybe the gears you purchased were already treated. hmmmm
James Robinson
James Robinson 11 months ago
Oscar saves yer ass...again.
Nathan brooks76
Nathan brooks76 11 months ago
Are you going to sell or keept the Lamborghini
Musclecarczar IG
Musclecarczar IG 11 months ago
B is for buy yourself some time at a driving school.
Infinite Reality
Infinite Reality 11 months ago
HCF is the best!
Claudio Vargas
Claudio Vargas 11 months ago
Don't forget the gear oil lol
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 11 months ago
I feel the July slip was spot on. PS dont get Kirkeys, get some Tillets or a set of used Lotus seats.
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts 11 months ago
I’d like to see you invest in a bigger shop than more cars honestly
frass 2015
frass 2015 11 months ago
Would be great to meet you in Tokyo. I will be in tokyo on the 8th!
Ari Gold
Ari Gold 11 months ago
We need more BIFB Chris....you're rationing us man. 3 a week, 3 a week, 3 a week.......
udovdh 11 months ago
Pro-tip: test the burnacan on a quiet drag strip nearby first... It's a shakeout, getting used to the car at /speed/, etc.
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton 11 months ago
I've done Disney land, Disney world in florida, and Tokyo Disney! Just need France and China. You're going to have a blast! It's like a familiar culture shock
MARIO ALVARADO 11 months ago
Benoit Marchand
Benoit Marchand 11 months ago
not a tesla flood car please
Bad boi
Bad boi 11 months ago
Rob will be ready but what year ?
Keelan Thomas
Keelan Thomas 11 months ago
I do want to see y’all run in Bradenton if you make it I’d love to come meet the B is for build team and see this awesome build
Brandon Gaby
Brandon Gaby 11 months ago
Please post when the track day is I would love to see it run down the strip I live locally
Michael Dickey
Michael Dickey 11 months ago
This a sema 2020 build
Chris Barr
Chris Barr 11 months ago
Secondary channel "B is for Blog"
sparkyenergia 11 months ago
Flood car. Is it THAT Veyron?
IDtent33 11 months ago
stop coping others
Andre Horn
Andre Horn 11 months ago
ive seen enough rich rebuilds to know that if you talk about flooded cars, and getting a car we never seen in this show, it must be a tesla
nOtThIs GuYaGaIn
nOtThIs GuYaGaIn 11 months ago
Electric car build ?
Austin Caudill
Austin Caudill 11 months ago
Next build is for sure an Evo
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 11 months ago
Are you guys going to Japan to find TNT on Tokyo Disneyland?
Dr. Anuraj Sundararaj
Dr. Anuraj Sundararaj 11 months ago
Next build Tesla?
mark bithrey
mark bithrey 11 months ago
That’s going to be confusing for me there is a Aussie channel called built not bought too
Smaltze 11 months ago
I would really like to see lots of short series, like 6 videos per car filmed over a couple of weeks. All sorts of cars, every different type.
twitch moments
twitch moments 11 months ago
What happen to the yatch
DrGreenThumbNZL 11 months ago
Lol owns a lambo , e-begs on patreon, your fans must be tards
Hantu pocong
Hantu pocong 11 months ago
Please made a mercedes 190e for next sema
Hydeツ 11 months ago
Can u do another video of the boat?
John G. Adams
John G. Adams 11 months ago
SO ITS A CAR YOUS HAVE NEVER HAD ON THE CHANNEL,mmMm I think its going to be Nissan leaf mmmNOT, TESLA mmmm YES ILL GO FOR THAT
John G. Adams
John G. Adams 11 months ago
Chris Rainville
Chris Rainville 11 months ago
Anymore yacht videos coming?
MasterDrhd 11 months ago
Do a fummings
Chris Rosie1
Chris Rosie1 11 months ago
LZ's garage is so full he leaves the excess in other countries.
cartoons life
cartoons life 11 months ago
2jz swap a mk5 pleazzzz😆😆😆😆
Ali Youssef
Ali Youssef 11 months ago
Yusuf Ermis
Yusuf Ermis 11 months ago
He’s gonna go Japan? He is definitely importing a jdm car.
Deep Patel
Deep Patel 11 months ago
What about taking your lambo to dyno chris ?🤨
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord 11 months ago
Excellent news that you don't have to take the entire thing apart again. Looking forward to your next builds. Sticking to in the middle builds that are more attainable, is a great idea. People like cars that they can relate to financially, something the average guy could build on a budget. That's why K motor Honda's are so popular, they are cheap to build!
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 11 months ago
2020; B is for BUY ALL TEH CARZZ!!!
BetioBastardDoc 11 months ago
When are you coming to Bradenton Florida. I live here and want to come see the car please and meet you. SemperFidelis doc scott
Alan Male
Alan Male 11 months ago
Is there appetite for 12 cars not finished in a year, rather than see this one properly done, driving and raced? Get this one done first.
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke 11 months ago
Have you got Chelsea a new motor to replace the M5 or is she using the Aston.
Find It And Fix It
Find It And Fix It 11 months ago
B Is Bought= OSCAR Or Some sort of payment. Meanwhile, He has no clue what he is talking about most of time, While It is being scripted for knowledge. lol.
Rob S
Rob S 11 months ago
You literally have balls of steel tearing down that transmission
planecrazy29 11 months ago
B is for Balls is exactly what I thought when I saw this.
abdul alssof
abdul alssof 11 months ago
Next project is going to be flood Tesla
cac428 11 months ago
_LuisFarias 11 months ago
Please keep us updated on the boat
Michael Waddy
Michael Waddy 11 months ago
Chris plz do a built not bought episode with Kalvin Malli and his 2jz 300zx.
Ryan Ferreira
Ryan Ferreira 11 months ago
Drift build
wish bone
wish bone 11 months ago
a diablo engine over texas speed...for purity/sound reason's. i don't think there is a diablo engine swap in a hurracan?
Mickey Nelson
Mickey Nelson 11 months ago
I'm guessing a Tesla
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay 11 months ago
ijc1958 11 months ago
A transmission that can supposedly hold 1000HP behind and engine that can supposedly produce 1500HP cant see a problem there